Doggystyle loving babe gets banged pornstars and european

Doggystyle loving babe gets banged pornstars and european
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Marsha was drop-dead gorgeous. She had beautiful golden-brown hair, sky-blue eyes and a wonderful ass that she loved to flaunt with tight outfits. She loved male attention but she was not too bright. Thailand sex story love story men could not take their eyes off her when she was in tight jeans.

They all had the hots for her from the very first day her husband Hutch introduced her to his new friends. Hutch knew he had a trophy wife and was keenly aware of the sexuality she exuded. Their marriage, however, was almost done for when his government job posted him to Germany. Marsha could not pass up the opportunity to live in Europe for a couple of years.

They agreed to stay married and enjoy the overseas tour together and see how things developed between them. Their new community consisted of military and civilian families stationed at a US Air Force base in southern Germany.

This was a tight group of thirty-something friends that liked to party whenever they had an excuse. They were young, in Europe, with many new experiences ahead of them. Most of the time Saturday night was good enough reason to get together and party.

One warm summer evening Hutch and Marsha joined two other couples on a short blair williams tiny lovehole pounded by stepdads across the German border to France. Dinner. at one of their favorite restaurants in a little place named Forbach. It was home video hot girls partying on a lake in missouri hours drive so they started out early in the afternoon after cocktails.

Ted was the designated driver because he drove a Buick Sportwagon that could accommodate all six.comfortably close. They enjoyed a marvelous nine course dinner with wine, cheese, and pastries late into the evening. It danish nikita is gloryhole and bukkake fun much later when they piled back into the station wagon for the drive home.

Except for Ted, they were all feeling their drinks. Ted gathered speed on the dark autobahn north back into Germany. Marsha, in the middle between him and Hutch, made herself comfortable.

They were all feeling good and there was a lot of laughter, horseplay and meet and fuck games queen milf grab-ass. Three in the front seat and three in the back with at least an hours late-night drive home. Dot was in the back seat with Jan and Bob. He was in the middle. They were all enjoying the great company. Then the mood simmered down and turned amorous.

Bob turned left toward his wife, kissing her and feeling her up under her dress, fondling her thighs. On his right, Dot leaned into Bob and grasped the bulge in his pants. In the front seat, Hutch had his left arm on the backrest with Marsha cuddled up under it.

Because of the transmission hump, Marsha could not stretch her legs. She placed her right leg next to Hutch and moved her left knee up, foot on the hump, next to Ted. Her skirt slipped down her left knee to her thighs. She felt randy with her bare leg next to Ted. She caressed her exposed left thigh and turned her head right to kiss her husband passionately. Hutch turned his attention to the back seat where he watched Jan and Bob in their hot clinch.

Hands everywhere. Bob's hands, Jan's hands.Dot's hands too. With only the dash and passing lights on the highway he saw Dot's hands fumbling with Bob's zipper. She reached in and pulled his cock from his trousers. Hutch's suspicions were pleasantly confirmed. The two couples were sexually involved. He was watching intently as Dot knelt on the seat and bent over into Bob's lap.

She leaned her hips up against the back of the front seat, her buttocks within Hutch's reach. Her head began to move up and down. Bob's right hand was between his wife's legs rubbing her pussy outside her panties. He moved his hand to the back of Dot's head. Hutch watched Bob's hand caress Dots blond hair as it bobbed up and down. Dot's right hand replaced Bob's between Jan's legs.

As Hutch watched them he reached to fondle Marsha's breasts. He loosened her bra then felt her nipples inside. His erection grew and so did her nipples. Marsha moaned to her husbands caresses and the new bulge in his pants. Her hand found his erection and grasped at it. She loved being horny. When she turned her head up to find her husbands lips again she realized his interest was in the rear.

Dot's rear to be specific. Ted was trying to keep his eyes on the road. He could see Marsha's left hand rubbing her exposed thigh in the dim light wife orgssm while looking at cam her husbands crotch in the other. He shifted slightly to increase the pressure against Marsha's knee. He knew what Hutch was looking at in the back seat. Dot was busy sucking Bob's cock. Dot loved Bob's cock. It was bigger than Ted's and very filling she said.

She loved Jan's pussy too. Dot loved Jan's pussy and Bob's cock together best. Bob was a tall handsome chap, but very docile, quiet.went with the flow. Whatever Jan wanted.Jan liked it that way and so did he.

Marsha sat up, turned and brought her knees up on the seat to look rearwards into the back. She opened her mouth and started to ask, "What's going.oohhh.oh!" Her mouth stayed open as she watched the hot scene in the backseat. Jan and Bob saw her looking and they both gave her lecherous smiles. Jan's fingers rubbed against her labia and her right hand held her husbands cock at the base. Dot was hungrily sucking and slurping at it. Marsha could hear it too. "Do you like, ma cheri?" Dot thought Jan was asking her.

"Uh,ummm!" Dot responded without stopping. Jan laughed, and said, "Not you, Dot, I know you like it." With a sucking motion and an audible plop, Dot raised her head to smile at Jan and with her thumb and forefinger gave her friends pussy lips a good squeeze. "Marsha likes the show," Jan said to Dot. Hanging on to Bobs hard penis, Dot turned her head to the front to see Marsha's chin resting on crossed arms, watching them. Dot leaned forward and brought her lips close to Marsha's face then slid her tongue across the young woman's lips.

Marsha felt a shock. She licked her lips and knew that she was tasting love potion, as she referred to sex juices. She was immediately aroused. "Wanna see more, sweetheart?" Dot asked her, then turned back to Jan. Jan and Dot locked lips and tongues as Dot inserted two fingers past Jan's wet panty crotch and into her pussy. Marsha had not uttered another sound. She was beguiled, transfixed by lust. She had also arched her back when she felt Hutch tease her cunt between her buttcheeks from behind.

She began to feel the dampness in her panties. Ted caught glimpses of the backseat antics in the rear view. Most of his attention was on the road and Marsha's beautiful ass humping back into her husbands manipulations. Ted looked at Hutch's face to see him enjoying the threesome in back and Dot's buttocks.

Bob pulled Dot's dress up and exposed her to Hutch. When Ted caught Hutch looking, he smiled at him, and made a tilting motion of his head towards Dot. Hutch recognized his cue and reached back to fondle Dot's buttocks with his left hand. Ted moved his right hand from the wheel to grasp at Marsha's ass without taking his eyes off the road. Marsha only felt the pleasure in her loins. Ted moved his hand down between Marsha's knees and squeezed her thigh as it traveled up to her pussy and found Hutch's fingers too.

They both laughed. "Ooooh!" Marsha grasped the top of the seat and beeg com gai xinh han quoc herself back. "What are you guys doing to me?" She looked at both men and then smiled and kissed her husband giving him a fierce tonguing. Ted's fingers were sliding around between her labia and it felt so good! Then she turned her face toward Ted.

She cuddled closer to him kissing his neck and licking his ear. Fumbling around his crotch she found his prick and milked it in his pants. She loosened his belt, opened the zipper and drove her hand in to release it into the open. Marsha turned herself and lay facing the back of the seat with her head in Ted's lap.

Her right knee, on the bottom, pressed against the seat underneath and her left resting on her husbands legs. She moved her mouth closer and began a slow sucking to Ted's cock head and felt her husbands fingers in her pussy. Hutch inserted two fingers into her, then three.

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. He put his hand under her bra moving it up around her neck to squeeze her breasts. Ted tilted the steering wheel up and his right hand joined Hutch's at Marsha's swollen breasts. They laughed again, "We have to stop meeting like this," joked Hutch. Jan could no longer see Marsha, and curious, asked "What's she doing up there?" Dot straddled Bob's lap facing him and was trying to get as much of his cock between her legs with Jan helping her.

Jan removed her hand from between them to look over the front seat and quipped, "Oh! She's sucking Ted's cock." Dot turned her head towards her husband, "Ted.oh!'d better.uh.stop somewhere, schatz.ahhhh! We don't.oh.want an accident.uh, uh.if she makes you cum.oh, oh, her mouth.uh, we?

Oh god, Bob, I love.uh, uh.your c-cock!" They were doing eighty miles per hour down the autobahn till Ted eased off the accelerator and managed to find an exit into the dark countryside.

Not far from the main highway he found an unpaved forest road and stopped in a grassy clearing. "Oh! Fuck, Marsha! Oh! Ohhh, I'm cumming!" Ted had a death grip on the steering wheel as he jerked and tossed his head back. "Oooh, uh, uh, uh. Oh, Marsha!" Marsha did not let go till his spasms stopped. Hutch watched in the bright moonlight streaming in the windshield while finger-fucking his wife when he felt familiar cunt spasms when she had an orgasm.

Ted switched the ignition off. "Whew!" Hutch had never seen his wife with another man until now, but the way their marriage was working out lately, and given her sexual appetite, she would probably stray sooner or later. She certainly had plenty of volunteers. He said he had been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a long time.

She was bored with the marriage. This was quite an experience for him. He was not opposed to the idea but he did not expect this evening would develop into a moonlight orgy. Hutch humped his cock against Marsha's leg when the door opened next to him. Jan wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her mouth to his in a deep tongue-twisting kiss. Jan had an open bottle of Rhine wine that she handed to Hutch.

She tugged his legs out the door so his feet rested on the ground. She dropped to her knees on the grass and with her arms draped over his thighs proceeded to swallow his engorged cock. Marsha heard the passenger door open and felt the cool air on her wet crotch as her husbands fingers left her pussy.

She sat chrissy fox and daphne klyde play with each other on the bed by sapphi could only see her husbands back and knew something was going on so she leaned towards him and rested her chin on his shoulder. From there she saw Jan's head in his lap.

She whispered in his ear, "Is she sucking you good?" He turned his head to her. "You seemed to be having a good time with Ted. I assumed you wanted to get into it." "It's okay, honey. It's okay.yes, I want to.

Is she good?" "Oh, god yes! She's very good, honey." She kissed him again. Marsha noticed Dot's foot on the top of the backrest and turned to see the couple writhing on the back seat.

Dot had her left leg on the back of the front seat the other wrapped around Bobs back. Bob was between her legs fucking furiously. "Dot is getting a good fuck back there," Marsha said to nobody in particular. She watched and heard Dot's cries of passion and grunts from Bob. Marsha wanted to fuck too and Ted's fingers in her pussy were about to send her over a cliff. She turned herself toward him and locked lips. He removed her blouse and suckled her nipples.

"You wanna fuck now, Ted?" "I want to eat your pussy," he told her. Ted opened the driver door. She slid under the steering wheel and out where Ted was waiting to embrace her and they kissed passionately again. Ted massaged her ample buttocks and pulled her skirt up so he could slip his hands under her panties and into her crotch from behind. "Fuck me," she told him.

Ted led her to the back of the Sportwagon. He unlocked the tailgate and it folded down. Ted lifted her onto the tailgate where she was able to sit, her feet dangling. He parted her legs and gently lowered her back onto the carpeted floor of the rear compartment.

He dropped to his knees on the ground and then pulled her wet panties down her legs. Ted was an accomplished my wife fantasises about others tube porn. He watched his wife do it many times.

He lavished kisses on Marsha's legs as he worked his way up slowly. Dot and Bob had their orgasms with much commotion and cheers from everybody. After laying quietly for a minute Dot pushed him off and looked around to see what the others were doing. When she saw Marsha in the back she told Bob to get out of the car. Dot pulled a couple of levers and the back seat folded down into a flat surface cargo space, from the front seat out to the tailgate.

She could tell Ted was giving Marsha a good cunt sucking from the sounds she was making. On the carpeted surface, Dot crawled, hands and knees, toward the tailgate. She was head to head looking down at Marsha. Marsha's bra was wrapped around her neck and her blouse hung open as she pinched her own nipples. Marsha looked up to see Dots inverted face above her and felt her friends hands on her breasts. Then Dot mouthed her nipples.

"Oh! Oh, Dot!" then, "Um, ummmm," as Dot's mouth closed over hers. "Is he doing you good, sweetheart?" Dot whispered into Marsha's mouth. "Oh yes! He's very.oh.oh.good, Dot. You're very lucky.Oh! Oh, yessss.he's sooo good!" "Will you let me eat you too?

I taught him everything he knows." Dot reached down to where Ted was sucking on Marsha's clit and rubbed her fingers on either side of his tongue. "Oh! Ahhhhh!" She heard Dot's question as her pussy convulsed under Ted's tongue and Dot's fingers. Looking up at Dot's face above her, Marsha opened her mouth to receive the woman's tongue again. "Yes.oh, oh.please Dot. You.uh, eat me too!" Marsha had never experienced sex with another woman.

Not that she had never thought about it. Loving sex the way she did, she thought about sex all the time, and sex with one man for the last two years of marriage was boring.

Not like when she was single and had her choice of cock whenever she wanted it. She had come close a couple of times but she never found a girlfriend willing to take her all the way and she could never be aggressive with another woman.

Now she had found someone to take her there and she busty ghetto nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop drunk. horny, and getting laid.her idea of a good time. Dot lifted her left leg over Marsha's face and toward Ted. He looked up over the mound of flesh in his face to see his wife come close. Marsha saw Dot's nakedness, a flash of thighs and the aroma of sex.

Ted knew what his wife wanted so he backed off and let Dot cover Marsha's cunt with her open mouth. He stayed between Marsha's knees where he could watch his wife work her magic. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh god, yes.oh, oh, oh.yesss, love me! Eat me Dot!" Marsha felt Dot's pelvis pressing close to her. Her hands left her breasts and fondled Dot's legs and thighs. Dot felt her friend's hands and moved herself over Marsha.

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She pressed her mouth up Dot's thigh then cautiously found her pussy. This was her first such experience. She felt completely uninhibited and determined to enjoy it. First with her palm open up she covered Dot's cunt and held it, felt its warmth and wetness. Se explored with her fingers till she found Dot's clit.

Using her thumb and forefinger she held it like a tiny penis and stroked it. Dot spread her kneee and lowered her pussy closer to Marsha’s face. "Yes, schatzi</i?, that's it. Now move your fingers, sweety." Marsha shifted, her arms up and over Dot's hips and pulled down on Dot's buttcheeks.

She puckered her lips between Dot's labia majora then eagerly probed her inner folds. Dot's pussy was hot and wet with Bob's cum. She licked and sucked earnestly at Dot's marvelous cunt.

"Oh, yeah baby! That's it! Suck, me sweetheart," Dot encouraged her then went back to Marsha's pussy. Bob and Ted stood at the back of the open Sportswagon with Jan between them. They were both gropling her as they watched Dot and Marsha. Hutch sat on the edge of the tailgate fondling the girls with one hand and drinking from the wine bottle with the other. He was really enjoying the sight of his wife getting off with Dot.

Jan lovingly stroked Ted and her husband's cocks. Dot and Marsha were oblivious to their audience as they hummed into each other's cunts. They had multiple orgasms before Dot came up for air. She lifted her head from between Marsha's legs and found Hutch sitting next to her stroking his cock. She shifted her hands to one side of Marsha's legs and leaned to put it in her mouth. "Don't make me cum Dot, I want to fuck you." Dot moved and sat up with her legs dangling from the tailgate.

Hutch moved in between her legs and placed his cock-head up against her pussy lips and felt the wetness. His cock slipped into her with no effort whatsoever. Marsha moved and sat on the tailgate next to Dot. "Jan? Can I borrow your husband? I need to fuck now." Jan had already given her husband a gently shove, "Go, [i]cheri. Ted and I are going in the front seat for a brunette dirtabg amy fair getting fucked on massage table bit." Marsha looked to see Bob step up.

Bob was bigger than the other two. Marsha reached down and wrapped her fingers around it stroking and admiring it lovingly. Thick asian girl gets anal creampie wmaf Marsha spread her leg to let Bob in between them she leaned toward her husband and they sucked on each other tongues. She lay back on the carpet and placed her feet on the tailgate, knees spread wide. Jan stepped behind her husband and shoved her pelvis into his naked ass.

"Fuck her good, honey. I'm going to get some from Ted." "Oh.oh.fuck, fuck.oh,oh,oh.ooooo, good cock! Fuck meeeee! Oh, ,Bob! Fuck me, yeah!" Marsha was hot. She had never had such great sex and had never been so hot for it like this. She felt Dot's hand on her pussy feeling between Marsha's wet cunt and Bob's cock as it slipped in and out. Marsha's hands were busy with Dot too.

Dot also lay on her back next to Marsha as Hutch began long slow strokes into the long legged blond. But he talked to his wife, "Do you like this, baby? Do you.uh,uh, you like getting fucked.uh, this, huh? Did you like Dot.uh,uh.eating your pussy? Do you like.uh, uh.eating pussy? From.uh,now on you can eat pussy.uh, uh, uh.and fuck anytime you want." "Yes, yes, yes!

Oh, oh.oh, thank you honey.ahhh yessss.thank you! But.oh, Bob, keep fucking! I want.oh, oh, oh, I want to f-fuck all night baby!

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Yeah!" "Ooooh, yes.Ted! Give it to me!" He easily inserted himself deeply into her and fucked hard. Jan's orgasms were coming continuously and she did not want it to stop.

She was on her back on the front seat and had her legs tightly around Ted's waist. Ted pounded her hard and did not last long. After depositing a load in her, he backed away with a limp dick and slid down the seat to suck on Jan's cunt.

"Oh, Bob! You fill m-me up soooo good!

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Come.oh.on.big guy.ahh fuck me!" She was completely aroused and insatiable. Her pussy lips disappeared then spread to let his cock back out.

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Dot turned to suck on her nipples and Marsha held Dot's head to her breasts. "Oooh! Oh! Oh! I can't stop cumming!" Bob fucked her slowly. Long, slow strokes to tease her then faster. The car rocked as the three couples fucked in a drunken frenzy. Jan left Ted and came around to the back of the car. She stood behind her husband with her arms around his waist. She toyed with his cock as it slid in and out of Marsha.

He slowed, trying to hold back his building orgasm. Marsha lay panting and heaving. He finished with a loud groan and pulled out of Marsha. Jan took his semi turgid cock in her hand then bent down to suck it into her mouth. She stood up again, "Ummmm, cheri, that's good, but I extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy some of her too." Lifting her head, her legs still spread on the tailgate, Marsha saw what Jan was about to do, "Oh my god!

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Oh, Jan! Oh, Jan! Oooooooooowwww, Jan!" At the same time Dot was pulling on Hutch's buttcheeks with both hands and screaming, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, baby! I'm cummmmming!" It was long after dawn before they got home. Jan's daughter Brooke was at the table drinking coffee.

"Well? What have you been up to all night?" she asked her parents. Jan promised, “I’ll tell you all about it later, honey,”