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Ssex afrikan shakira woman yes 18 xxx wasmo
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That eye -opening evening had shaken my sexual diversity to the core. One day I was happy squeezing my little pecker to any old internet porn, the next evening I was being spooned with an experienced cock jabbed in my back mentally preparing myself that in the next day or two I wouldn't have an anal virginity.

What was certain though, whatever happened this week would have to be confidential and I would never forget it.And with that thought I fell into a heavy sleep I woke up the next morning to Joes lips kissing my neck, his hard cock poking into my lower back and a wet finger moving up and down the crevice of my ass as he said, "did you enjoy last night baby?

Because I did and we are going to have so much more fun today." Turning onto my front I noticed my crotch felt odd, I just lifted up mom son hot porn storys mom inspect my cock to see that I had a morning wood at full mast. I could not believe it, what was odd was the feeling of my mom's soft panties rubbing against my exposed cock head which had swollen to a size so much that it was pushing out of my foreskin causing it to get a constricting grip on it.

As he too peeked with me I saw his eyes widen and spoke 'hmmm, well I take it you did then, right?' I could only nod with agreement as he reached over and pulled then skin down. To his shock a spurt of precum shot out with his touch and landed on the head, as he worked it in and over I felt tiny, amazing spasms pulse through my body as if it was on fire and I could only let out a whimper of a noise, which he took as encouragement.

At last just when I could feel myself building up like the night before I managed to put my arm across his and tell him to stop. I spoke in a confident tone 'I need to save myself Mr. Babysitter, if you're going to show me how yours lola fae ges her pink fucked on the couch until the stud is ready to blow inside me' and with that he smiled and slid his tongue in my mouth for one last time before getting up.

I lay there for a minute or two, just so I could settle down before getting dressed. I felt the need to go into my mom's room and put on her undergarments.

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I have to admit the silk pieces felt amazing on my body and it somehow felt so much dirtier in a subtle cross-dressing state. I felt like a new person walking down the stairs to breakfast. I was greeted be Joe in only a pair of tight briefs; he did seem flaccid though which surprised me.

We sat opposite each other like the night before and ate well. As we got up to go into the lounge for some r and r, he mentioned that I had watched the gay porn that he had left on the TV the night before to which I replied 'yes'. He questioned if I liked all of it and again I responded with a simple 'yes'.

He just smiled at that and then came to sit down with me but I could tell he had all sorts of ideas brewing in his mind.

We quickly became bored of mid-morning television then I asked if we could watch something a little more 'interesting' and of course he obliged. About 5 minutes in we were both solid and miakhalifa sitting on big cocks with big tits facing forward compilation our undergarments which prompted us to remove them.

Joe had something in his character that was underlying dominant so when he asked for me to 'get on all fours and stick my beauty hole in the air' I didn't argue.

He then came round the front to my face and lowered his cock in front of my face and said 'suck'. I was starting to like this side of him more and more. He then, without asking put his finger in there too which in my naive brain I saw as a little strange.

I stopped when he asked and spat on his finger before moving round again and pushing down on my back making me press my face against the sofa. Then everything became clear, a sloppy wet digit ran against my anus and probed slightly, then was swiftly followed by his magical tongue. He asked more like himself half way though about 'how are you enjoying your first rim job baby?' and I just moaned a 'yes Joe.more'.

To which he complied. Tweaking my balls slightly he then got to work on my balls with his hands as his mouth withdrew from my ass. I could feel my sperm warming as he sucked with force.

After I was practically squirming with pleasure he picked me up and took me to the bedroom where he lay me down on my back and layered on a lump of Vaseline all over his throbbing cock.

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Joe then rubbed my tight hole with his lube coated hand as he kneeled between my legs. I nodded to him in security that I was ready for him and in one movement he grabbed me so that my feet were on either side of his shoulders and his cock was touching my hole.

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I nodded again and he penetrated me. The whole length. I let out a cry as his face was inches away from mine. He steadied himself for a moment and let me accommodate his girth stretching my hole before starting a gentle grinding against my ass cheeks. The shooting pain faded as my anal V slid away and the warm lube turned the grinds into gentle thrusts at which point he started to rock his hips turning into larger thrusts . When he got into fucking of proper magnitude I was moaning with every jerk, my cock was tingling, my asshole was intense with every feeling possible and I was about to cum when he stopped and asked where I wanted his.

I was so held up in everything I didn't mind that he cut my climax short but I quickly responded with 'inside'. He said 'you dirty little boy' and carried on. He was close at that point and so started to jerk me with his large man hands until he came inside me.

His cock throbbed on my prostate for at least a minute causing me to blow my milky cum all over my belly. Joe became flaccid inside me then dropped out of my freshly creampied hole. He said 'you aren't girl fuck fuck of his blind husbend that go to valentina rossi gets nailed in a threesome are you?' in reference to our cum and I looked at him confused.

He went away for a second and came back with a short red butt plug. He rubbed it all over his coated cock and inserted in me with ease. He said I had to wear it until he wanted my insides again.

I loved that idea. Then he bent down to my dick, sucked the shrinking head and licked up to my chin. Kissing me on the lips with his cum stained lips he repeated the process then finished off by sucking my cum off my stomach.

I was putty in his hands He asked after everything, 'did you like that young man?' and I said 'that was amazing babe' he then told me about another treat he has for me right now but we needed to go in the bathroom. As soon as he said that I caught on immediately.

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The last porn we watched had a scene where the dominant boy shot his piss all over his freshly fucked sub. I asked him 'so are we recreating that porn scene then?' 'You are too clever baby, that's exactly what we are going to do, then for a twist how about you do the same for me?' my eyes lit up with excitement at this prospect as we made our way into the bathroom. I climbed into the bathtub with anticipation and he limp cock released all over my face, down my chest and back and past my crotch.

I couldn't believe how erotic the aroma of his urine was but I became hard yet again. Switching places still dripping, I released with some hesitation due to my erection but finally got a fast stream going.

To I aimed away from his eyes and followed the same path as he did but he asked for it further up and then to my amazement he opened his mouth and started to swallow my piss. I couldn't help but get harder and after I had finished he darted towards me and sucked my tongue. I could only continue the kiss before he turned on the shower head.

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We kissed all throughout our cleaning session and then we dried off. Without a word he carried me back to the bed and we fell asleep out of pure, overwhelming exhaustion yet again.