American xnxx sex stories 1 hour story

American xnxx sex stories 1 hour story
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Mindy stood quietly in the hall outside the hotel room door. Her whole body was quivering, in anticipation or fear she didn't know. After almost a year of interaction over the Internet she was finally going to meet him, her Master.

It started as a game; she had a long time fantasy of being someone's sex slave and had met him in a chat room filled with other curious dot com'ers. The anonymity of the situation helped Mindy drop her inhibitions and tell this perfect stranger her secret desires. Amazingly enough, through this medium she was able to play out the role of being his slave spending hours in front of the computer pushing her fingers into her soft wet pussy at his command and then licking them clean.

He had named her bitch and commanded her to buy a collar to wear, which she therealworkout cute asian teen fucks friend after workout, and be naked and on her knees wearing that collar when they communicated on the Internet. She sent him pictures of herself; at first only pictures of her body, pictures of her wearing the collar with Master's bitch written on her stomach in black eyeliner, later any pose he demanded of her.

Eventually she was giving him her phone number and when she was alone he would call her and give her the most delicious commands, which she would follow to the letter, always coming in the end after begging him for her release.

She always knew when he was coming by his silence followed by his gruff "you're dismissed, cunt." As Mindy paced in the hall, pulling at her collar, she wondered at her sanity. She wondered if she was really going to knock on that door, go into that room and let this man use her in any way he wanted.

She was wearing nothing but a pair of black heels, her red collar and a trench coat. Her long brown hair was pinned atop her head and she wore a lot of black eyeliner as he had commanded. They had talked endlessly about what would happen should they ever meet. She knew what he expected of her if she walked through that door, and she knew that there would be pain and he would call her names and make thick asian girl gets anal creampie wmaf crawl.

She sighed and leaned against the wall feeling the moisture pool between her legs, moistening her thighs and she pressed her legs together. Before she came they had decided on a safe word, if he was doing anything she wanted him to stop she was to use his name, at all other times she would refer to him as my Master. It was time to find out if the reality of this matched her fantasy of it and she took a deep breath and faced the door again, knocking lightly.

As the door opened she became bitch and walked inside with her head bowed. The door closed behind her and she let her coat fall to the floor and dropped to her knees. He stood behind her and her skin was covered in gooseflesh as he reached down and touched her neck, running his finger around her collar and affixing a leash to the metal ring. Her breasts rose as she sucked in her breath, the nipples taut and pointing. He pushed her down toward the floor until she was on her hands and knees, then he walked passed her and she felt the tug of the leash on her neck and quickly crawled after him.

As they entered the room she tried to look around without raising her head enough for him to notice. The room was fairly dark with a lot of candles burning, low music in the background and it was very cold.

He sat in a large leather chair and leaned back opening his legs, pointing to the floor between them. She crawled between his legs and rose to her knees placing her hands behind her neck. He sat there looking at her for a long time and then reached out to her breasts, lifting and squeezing. She raised her head and looked at him. She had seen his picture before but she wasn't prepared for his eyes, cold and hard without any emotion.

He pinched her nipples between his fingers and thumbs and stared into her eyes. He pulled and pinched and she flinched and gasped. Suddenly he began to smack her breasts, first one and then the other, and she arched her back and moved her shoulders trying to pull her breasts away without moving. "Pretty red little titties, bitch" he said as he reached over and picked something up she couldn't see. Turning back to her he clamped small silver bells onto each nipple, thumping each of them making them ring and shake, pulling on her burning nipple.

"Shake them, bitch." He demanded as he opened his robe. Mindy shook her shoulders causing her breasts to sway and bounce, the bells tinkling prettily. He opened his robe and began to stroke his fat, fat cock and she gasped at the sight of it. She had seen pictures but in person, right here in front of her face it was even thicker than she had thought with that beautiful perfect helmet of a head and she licked her lips opening her mouth without even realizing it.

"That's right, open that pretty little mouth, bitch, keep it open and keep ringing those bells." He stroked his cock, moving up in the chair so the head of his dick was just brushing against her lips. She shook her breasts and strained forward trying desperately to capture him in her mouth. Finally he stood and pushed into her mouth, stroking in and out of her open mouth, then he reached down and grabbed her collar and pushed deep into her throat pumping his hips quick and hard.

His raging hard on filled her mouth and she had to stretch her lips wide to accommodate him. He moaned and pulled back out of her mouth, stroking a few last times, arching his back as he came. Mindy moaned and writhed as his hot come hit her face, landing on her lips and cheeks and tongue, dripping down onto her chest. "Lick me clean, bitch." She eagerly complied licking his dick and balls and thighs until he pushed her back. He reached out and started rubbing his girl does a perfect blowjob hardcore amateur into her face, pushing his fingers into her mouth, "nasty little whore." He slapped her lightly on the face and pointed to the bed.

Mindy dropped to her hands and knees and quickly crawled toward the bed, he was right behind her with the leash in his hand and he pulled her up so her chest was on the bed and her feet on the floor.

"Spread your legs, cunt, and raise up onto your elbows so I can hear those bells." He had the smoothest voice that sounded as if it could be patient and kind, but when she glanced back at him she saw again that his face held no emotion.

Mindy tingled in anticipation, knowing what was coming, finally she would feel his hands on her ass and finally she busty girl katarina masturbates with her favorite toy get the spanking she had needed for so, so long.

She moaned deep in her throat as the first blow landed. His hands were smooth and long, his fingers covering the span of both cheeks. He reined blow after blow onto her cheeks and the backs of her thighs and she twisted and writhed under the stinging punishment. Harder and harder he slapped and Mindy could feel the welts beginning to rise. "Stop Master, please, my Master, stop," she cried as he landed smack after smack onto her hot, hot ass.

Tears were pouring down her face and he watched in the mirror across from the bed as she cried and begged so prettily. Her eyes met his in the mirror and she started to come as he slowed his swats, taking time in between to squeeze her burning cheeks before slapping them again. He reached up and grabbed her collar, pulling her back toward him. "Are you coming, bitch, did I tell you to come." Mindy was gratified to hear the gruffness creeping into his voice.

"I'm so sorry, my Master." Mindy breathed, the collar pulled tight around her throat, his hand rubbing and squeezing at her stinging cheeks.

Mindy moaned again as Master's fingers slid into her pussy and he roughly fingered her, tightening and releasing the collar, cutting off her air momentarily then easing his grip, matching the rhythm of his fingers in her pussy and again she started to come. Mindy was shocked when he dropped to his knees behind her and shoved his face between her legs licking at her thighs and pussy, pushing her legs as far apart as they would go he opened his mouth and sucking as much of her pussy into his mouth as he could started biting and chewing.

She moaned and squirmed under him and he started pulling her ass cheeks apart, pushing his fingers against the tight dark pink opening. Mindy moaned loudly as his tongue slid into her ass. Master pushed it as far as it would go, licking and sucking at her ass. Then he slid his finger into her ass and continued to tongue her and finger her at the same time. She pushed back against him just about to come again, when he abruptly stopped and stood continuing with the punishing spanking.

"Knees, bitch." He growled and pushed her to the floor.

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He went to the table and came back with a large silver spatula. "Go, bitch." "Yes my Master." Mindy dropped quickly to her hands and knees, crawling briskly across the floor.

Master followed her with the spatula reaching down and stinging her ass with the cold metal. Mindy crawled around the room as Master followed her, warming the cold metal to a hot brand, tears streaming down her face. The only sound in the room was their labored breathing, the slaps on her ass and the bells ringing frantically. Finally he stopped and stood in front of her, slapping the spatula on his palm.

His robe was open and he was breathing hard, his rock hard cock bouncing in front of her face. "Sit." Mindy knelt, her burning buttocks resting on her heels, hands behind her back.

He threw the spatula down and grabbed her hair, stepping close to her rubbing his dick on her tear streaked cheeks. "Pretty little whore." He began slapping his cock onto her face. "Speak, bitch." "Woof, woof, my Master, woof." She barked in the high, dainty voice he loved as he slapped her with his hard, hard dick.

"Ring those bells, bitch." Mindy shook and woofed while he thumped her cheeks and mouth. She was wet and aching, desperately wanting him inside her. He pushed into her mouth, deep into her throat and then back out, again slapping her face with it and then pushing it back into her mouth.

He pulled away from her and picked up the spatula.

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Pushing her down to all fours again he swatted her back to the bed, smacking her buttocks and thighs until she was again positioned bent over the bed with her feet on the floor. Turning the spatula around, he pushed the wooden handle up into her dripping wet pussy, stroking her with the handle of the spatula while he rubbed and squeezed at her red, welted ass, which would surely be bruised tomorrow.

As Mindy's orgasm built Master pulled the spatula away and finally shoved his throbbing cock into her. "Don't you come, don't you fucking come, bitch." He reached under her and pulled on one of the bells and she cried out. "Please, Master, please fuck me harder!" She writhed against him, gritting her teeth at the burning, pulling of her nipple.

On the verge of coming he again pulled out of her. Mindy groaned in frustration, and then in pleasure, as she felt the bulbous head of his cock pushing between the cheeks of her ass. "Open for me." He commanded and she reached behind herself pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, pushing against him as he began to slide into her tight, tight ass.

He slowly pushed all of his fat cock into her and held it still, stretching and filling her completely. She moaned and writhed against him. He reached around her with both hands pulling at the bells and releasing them. Suddenly he rose up and pushed her down holding her down on the bed as he began to stroke roughly in and out of her bringing her near to orgasm and as soon as she started thrashing her head he stopped again, holding himself still.

She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her. Tears began to stream down her face as she screamed in frustration. "Please, Chad, please. Make me come, oh God, fuck me Chad, make me come." At lesbian vegetable sex story download sound of his name he grabbed her hips and gave her what she wanted, he pumped in and out of her hot tight ass and she came and cried.

He groaned loudly, and thrust again and again, shooting hot streams of come into her ass. When he finished he pulled her down off the bed to her knees and he sat on the bed.

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"Clean me, bitch" and Mindy once again licked him clean then knelt there at his feet leaning her head against his thigh as mom cheat dad bed room pet her.

In that gruff, satisfied voice, he released her. "You're dismissed." Finally they rose and without another word walked to the door, he lifted her breasts and let them drop, smiling at the tinkling of the bells. He removed the clamps and put her coat on her then pulled her to him kissing her roughly. He started to say something else but Mindy put her fingers over his lips shaking her head. As a single tear slid down her face she turned and went out the door, closing it firmly behind her.

She knew it wouldn't be the last time they saw each other but wanted to leave him wondering. She smiled as she walked to the elevator hoping she had pleased her Master as much as he had pleased her.