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Asian kimberly chi rican leona banks mixed ladybug bbc romemajor freakathon large ladies and amateur
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Well I guess it all started one day when I was about 7 and my family was at my grandmas for Christmas, me and my cousin Mike(also 7) decided we'd play truth or dare.

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and we did for a wile, so we did some stupid stuff ended up showing etch other our dicks and that was about it, it was too boring so we asked my sister Ali(10 at the time) and Mike's sister Anna(9 at the time) if they wanted to play. they both said No right away, but we were finally able to talk Anna in to it.

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I asked first, "truth or dare" I asked Anna, she said truth, so I asked if she had ever kissed a boy, she said no. now it was her turn, "truth or dare' she asked her brother, Mike responding "dare!" "I dare you to show us your underwear" so he did.

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Now it was his turn and he asked Anna again and this time she picked dare. and Mike told her to kiss me! she very hesitantly got up and sat next to me, leaned in and we kissed! her wet soft lips felt so amazing on mine!

and she liked it to cause the next ting she did was dare me to kiss her again, but this time for a hole minute!

that was the best minute of my life! or so i thought! the kissing and showing of underwear went on for a wile until Anna dared me to show her my dick! I puled my pants down and there it was my little but ruck hard dick her eyes opened wide and she just stared at it for what seemed like forever until she asked if she could touch it, I having NO problem with that said yes!

it felt so good as she put her fingers on it(it was the first time anyone other then I had touched it) after a wile of playing around with it she said that she saw something on the computer that a girl and do that will feel really good for me, so I asked what?

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and she showed me by butting her tongue at the base of my dick and liking all the way up and then butting the hole thing in her mouth, she then started to move her head up and down and up and down she did this until I had the weirdest feeling and then I came! she then showed me my cum on her tongue and said "see that's what baby's come from" then she took of all her cloths(here boobs where noting new she was just as flat as I was) and I saw my first pussy!

she then told me to lick it, so I got down on my nee and did, it was so wet and soft and worm I will never forget that! that kind of stuff went on every once and a wile until one day(I was 13 Anna was 15, and we had both developed a lot I now had a 6'' dick and she had boobs, big boobs!

with little pink nipples she was HOT!) we were messing around and wall I was eating her out she pulled me up kissed me and then got out a skinny girlfriend facial tube porn, she put it on me and said "take me" so I did, we started making out as I slowly started to slide my dick inside her tight little hole, I was in a little ways when I hit something and she said "keep going, and don't stop if I'm in pain" so I did and she screamed and started to cry, but i just keep going and she started to calm down and her crying turned in to moaning and she said "I'm gonna cum!" and then so did I!

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One other time when I was 17 my family and Anna's went camping I had decided to just sleep in the bed of the truck witch had a topper, well one rainy night my younger cousin Britney(who was 14) came and stayed with me in the truck because her tent had started to leak. and we got to talking and I started to ask about sex, like what shes done and that stuff, well all she had done was kiss, I asked if she wanted to watch some porn(I had some on my PSP) and she said no, but i finally got her to do it, and after that I had to pee, so i asked if she wanted to watch and once again it took me a wile to get her to come.

so we set off to the outhouse building and I couldn't get her to go in the men's with me so we went in the womens, bright orgasms for slutty mother id like to fuck we went in a shower stall and I wanted a reason to get naked so I took off all my cloths and she saw my ruck hard dick and i started to pee, and I turned and pretended to trip and i pissed all over her!

she screamed, and said she needed to shower to get it off, but i told her "not until i get to see you pee" she finally said "fine" she pulled her pants off and peed! it was so hot watching her piss come out off that little pussy, I got to close and she was able to get me back and pissed on my lag, so I told her "now i guess i have to shower with you!" so i took her top off and let her small perky boobs hang free and we took a shower and went back to the truck naked cause our cloths were all wet, wen we got there we got under a blanket to stay worm and my ruck hard dick was right up against her little pussy, I put her on her back and went down to her pussy and eat it out for a wile then told her to suck my dick, she did and i cam in her mouth more then i ever cam before and i told her to swallow it and then i put my dick on her pussy and put my dick all the way in and fucked her till i cam!

to this day me and Britney, and me and Anna still have sex every chance we get some times I even talk them in to a threesome.