Mia pearl in workout fucked in pool hardcore big tits

Mia pearl in workout fucked in pool hardcore big tits
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Chelsea closed the door to her room. The smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye showed her excitement. She could not believe that Jason Brown, a senior, captain of the football team, and every girl in the schools dream, had asked her out. She rushed to her vanity and sat down and began to prepare herself. It was an honor for every freshman girl to be asked out by a senior, and not only was she going out with a senior but "THE" senior.

Chelsea was a beautiful 15 year old girl. She had the sparkling blue eyes of her mother, and the dark complection and black hair of her father. She was a little on the short side, at only 5', but her stature fit her. Her body was tight and toned from her many years of competitive cheer, and was blossoming in all the right places.

Her breast were firm and stood high on her chest. Over the past few months they had grown from just bumps on her chest to a 34B, but her most noticeable attribute was her bubbly butt. Her friends would tease her that she had a ghetto butt, she didn't like the comments but she loved the attention the boys gave her as she walked by them. She stood from her vanity and took off her aeropostale tee shirt and unbuttoned her American Eagle jeans.

In her bra and panties, she went to her closet and searched for something to wear. She slipped the tight black tank top over her head. Then stepped into the short red skirt. She knew her parents would not approve of her attire, but her parents were not home. The had won a weekend trip to Las Vegas and had left earlier that morning. She also knew that they would not approve of her going out with Jason, but what they didn't know would not hurt them.

She applied her make up and scrunched her hair. She stood at the mirror, turning from one side to the other. She gave her butt a slap in approval. She left her room and ran down the stairs and out the door, heading to the Bear's Den, a teen hangout, where she was to meet Jason. Jason was a good looking guy by any measures. He stood 5'10" and a hair under 200 pounds. He was a natural born leader and his talents had landed him the starting quarter back position on the high school football team as a freshman.

Now a senior, he was being watched by several Division I colleges, and also MLB scouts due to his 98 A backseat undressing leads to some erection issues fastball.

His social life was just as successful as his sports life. All the girls in the high school wanted to be seen with him. When he walked into a room, the girls literally threw themselves at him. He had deflowered many girls and now he planned to add Chelsea to his list of conquests. He sat down in his normal booth, surrounded by his crew and several girls. Chelsea took a deep breath, and put on her best smile as she pushed the door open to the Bear's Den. She walked in and went straight to Jason's booth.

She knew he was there, even though she could not see him for his entourage of friends and admirers. Jason seen her, and pushed his way through the people to meet her. He announced to his friends that he wanted privacy and they vanished. Young mum facked sex anal a continuation here could sat and talked. After a while Jason suggests they go somewhere where they could be alone.

Chelsea quickly agrees and they get up and walk out hand and hand. The couple gets into Jason's Mustang and they leave the Den. After a few minutes Jason pulls into the drive way of his house. His dad was a very successful attorney and they lived in an elegant mansion. Jason moved into the pool house at the beginning of his senior year.

His Dad had given him that freedom as a sign of him being so proud of his son. Jason's parents allowed him to come and go as he pleased and did not monitor his actions as long as he continued to perform on he playing field and class room. Jason held Chelsea's hand as they walked past the pool and into the house.

'You want to go for a swim?" Jason asked as they walked into the house. 'I don't have a suit." Chelsea replied nervously. She knew Jason's reputation, and knew that there was a very good possibility he was going to attempt to get her into his bed.

She was a virgin, but she knew if she had any chance of being Jason's special girl, she was going to have to make a decision. He would not stick around long, if she would not give him what he wanted, and right now, she was not sure if japanese anri hoshizaki enf cmnf party subtit could go through with it. She nervously played with her hair, a habit her mother scolded her for on many occasions, as Jason disappeared into his bedroom.

He returned, wearing only his swimming trunks. In his hand he had a girl's suit. He tossed it to her. "I think this will fit you. You can go into my bed room and change if you want, I promise not to peek," he said as he handed her the suit.

"I will be in the pool waiting on you," then he walked out, leaving the front door open. Chelsea walked into his bedroom and fumbled around taking her clothes off. The suit, to her surprise, was a one piece. She had not worn a one piece since she was a baby, but under the circumstances, it would probably be best.

She slipped her panties off and slipped the suit on. She looked at herself in the full sized mirror on the wall. She thought she the suit fit perfectly, except that every time she walked the bottom of the suit tried to ride up into her butt, but it would do, so she quickly picked up her clothes and placed them on the bed and headed for the pool.

The couple swam and played for almost an hour. With only a few gentle, innocent touches, Jason was a perfect gentleman. Chelsea was having so much fun. When they were tired, they laid side by side in chairs around the pool. As time past, Jason made the comment it was getting late and he should take her home. So they got up and went into the house. Jason allowed her to change first, and when she was dressed, he retrieved his shirt and they headed for his car.

The drive to her house was pleasant. They talked about school, their activities and just stuff. Jason pulled into her drive and put the car in park and walked her to her door. At the door he pulled her close, and lowered his head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. " I had fun with you Chelsea, I want to see you again. Are you free tomorrow night?" he said as he smiled and looked into her blue eyes. She only answered with a nod, as she was too excited and nervous to say anything.

He gave he another quick peck and then turned and walked back to his car. Chelsea went into the house and closed the door. She turned to make sure he was gone, he was, and she began jumping and shouting. The night had been perfect, and although she was surprised, she was very pleased that Jason had been a gentleman.

Maybe all the stories were just rumors. Maybe he did like her, for her, not just as another conquest. She ran upstairs and changed to her sleep clothes, and booted up her lap top.

She had to message Tina, her best friend, and tell her about the most amazing night of her life. Jason had a mischievous grin on his face as he pulled into his drive.

Jeff and Derek, his best friends, were sitting on the tail gate of Derek's truck, waiting on him to get home. He got out of his car, and gave high fives and assured them, his plan had be set into action. The boys walked into the house.

Jason grabbed the remote and pressed a few buttons. Instantly Chelsea came onto the screen. The boys watched as she pulled her tank top over her hair and her arm reach around her back and unhook her bra. Cheers erupted as her perky breast were exposed. Her dark brown nipples resembles miniature Hershey's kisses as they protruded from her dark brown areolas. The boys watched as her hands rubbed across her nipples before dropping to unfasten her skirt.

Jason leaned and placed his elbows on his knees to get a closer view. The skirt fell to the floor. Now Chelsea was standing in only her bight green thong. She turned her back to the hidden camera giving the guys a nice view of her firm, meaty ass. They watched as her thin fingers hooked into the waist of her panties and watched as she slowly pushed her thong down her hips and legs.

Bending over, she showed them a good view of her smooth pussy. Jason licked his lips when he watched her turn and sit on the bed and pull the suit up her legs. The boys booed and complained as the suit covered her body and she walked out the door. 'Dude, that is one prime, grade A, piece of ass," Derek said as the screen went black.

"You have to let us get a piece of that." Jason leaned back on the couch, and crossed his legs. The bulge in his pants gave his approval of what he had seen.

He brought his right hand up to his chin as he smirked. Saturday morning was a beautiful morning. Chelsea got up and did some chores around the house before getting on her lap top and surfing. She was so excited about going on a second date with Jason. She surfed on the net until lunch, then she showered and put on some shorts and a t shirt and met Tina as the Den for lunch.

At about 2pm she headed back home and started getting ready for her date. She figured that today would be like last night so she decided to wear a pair of shorts and a tank top. She also put her new bikini in her purse, so if the opportunity arose, she would be able to show Jason a little more of her body. At exactly 4pm, she heard Jason pull into her drive. She patiently waited at the door for him to ring the doorbell and waited a minute or two before she opened it, she didn't want to look overly anxious.

When she opened the door, she was met with Jason's smiling face. He took her arm and pulled her to him. He leaned down and gave her a kiss, much different than last nights.

This kiss was longer, she felt his tongue trace her lips, she slowly opened her mouth and let it slide in. Their tongues gently grazed each other as she felt her nipples harden and press into his chest.

When Jason released her lips, she was mesmerized and stood there frozen for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes, Jason was looking at her smiling. He took her by the hand and led her to his car. He backed out of the drive and head toward his house. When they arrived at the house, Jeff and Derek were there, but she didn't think anything of it because she knew the three were inseparable.

They got out of the car and headed inside. They guys were playing video games, and drinking soda. Jason sat in a chair and pulled Chelsea onto his lap. She placed her arm around the back of the chair and watched the games. While sitting, Chelsea could feel Jason's hands on her butt. Occasionally, he would squeeze it. His other hand crossed his body and was on her lower, bare thigh.

Chelsea's body was on fire. She was hoping that the wetness growing between her legs would not seep through her shorts and panties. It would be totally embarrassing if she left a wet spot on Jason's lap.

To assure this wouldn't happen she asked Jason if she could go for a swim, which he quickly okayed. She stood up and walked to the bedroom, taking her purse with her. As soon as she closed the door, Jason switched the TV from the game, to his hidden camera.

Chelsea closed the door, laid her purse on the bed and went to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she was carrying her shorts in her hand. She laid her shorts on the bed and opened her purse pulling out her black bikini from it. She laid the bikini on the bed and slipped her white thong down her legs. Then she took off her tee shirt and bra. Naked she turned and laid on the bed.

On her back, she opened her legs and her right hand moved down her stomach through the neatly trimmed V above her slit. Her middle finger traced her opened lips. She laid there rubbing her clit, while her other hand squeezed her breast. Her head tossed back and forth as her finger stroked quicker. There was no bisexual dad fucks son and daughter real incest tabotrailer park on the screen, but all three guys were rubbing their cocks through their shorts as they watched the young girls legs open wider.

Her body tensed and her butt lifted off the bed. Her body convulsed a few times and then she collapsed on the bed. Her chest raising and falling quickly as she tried to regain her breath.

After recovering she got up and went to the bathroom and washed her hands. Then returned to the bed room and put on her bikini. She loved how the bikini hugged her body. She had a feeling that once it was wet, it would not leave much for the imagination. She modeled it for herself in the mirror, noticing her nipples were still hard from her little release. She put her fingers on them trying to press them down, to not avail.

She couldn't let Jason and his friends see her like this. She fumbled through her purse, and got her phone and tried to get her mind off the desire she had. She was startled by a knock on the door. "Chelsea, you ok in there babe?" It was Jason. How sweet she thought, he was concerned about her. "Yea, I am about to come out,' She answered.

She placed her phone in her purse and went out. She headed straight to the pool and dove in. She swam alone for a while, before the guys came out. Once sexy bigtits camgirl have fun with sextoy masturbation privateshow were all in the pool, they played games, raced and just sat in the water and talked.

Chelsea loved the attention they were showing her, but most of all she loved the way Jason looked at her, and how he would pull her to him and kiss her. She thought once, that she felt something hard pressing into her thigh.

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That thought didn't help the desires she was feeling. Chelsea felt so comfortable in his arms. After swimming for what seemed like hours, Jason pulled her to him, and they sat on the steps at the entrance of the shallow end. As he sat down, he pulled her to him. She straddled his lap and sat down facing him. He placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her face to his. They kissed for several minutes. Their tongues feverishly brushed together. His hands moved to her back as he pressed her closer.

This time she knew she felt the hardness in his trunks pressing into her, and if she had not already been wet from the swimming, she knew she would be leaking onto it. Only the thin fabric between their swim suits kept her from becoming a woman.

The desire to have him inside her grew. Jason's lips moved from hers as he kissed her neck. His hands cupped her butt and he squeezed it tight. He kisses traced her jaw, to her ear. He sucked shes a freak masturbation session starring kiera winters on her ear lobe before moving his lips to her ear canal. "Oh Chelsea, you are so hot, I am falling in love with you," he whispered. Those words were music to her ears.

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She took his face in her hands and kissed him hard, driving her tongue deep into his mouth. As they kissed, she felt his fingers slipping into the bikini bottoms and touching the skin on her butt. She wanted this, she wanted him, she had to have him now.

Chelsea stood and took Jason by the hand and led him back inside. Still dripping with water, she did not stop until they were in his bedroom. She turns to him and they kiss. Her hands were all over his back as he kissed her lips and neck. She felt his hands move up her back and felt the strings on her top loosen.

She pushed away from him as the top fell to the floor between them. She looked at Jason, and his eyes were glued to her perky breast.

She stepped closer and her hands went to the string that held his trunks tight around his waist. She looked him straight in the eye and pulled the string. Jason helped her by hooking the waist band with his thumbs and pulled it loose, it would have fell to the floor, if it weren't for his erection. Skinny girl has fun with a friend pushed the trunks paste his hard cock and they fell.

Chelsea's eyes widened. She had not ever seen a real cock, sure she had looked at porn on the net, and seen pictures in her health book, but they were nothing compared to the real thing. Jason's cock was hard and standing straight up. She watched as it jumped every time his heart beat. She wanted to touch it, so she reached out and attempted to wrap her fingers around it.

Her fingers barely met at she began to rub it. She was amazed how something could be so hard, but soft as the same time. Then she remembered that in all the movies she had watched, that the girl would always suck on a mans cock before he put it inside her. Chelsea dropped to her knees and looked up at Jason.

The smile on his face gave her the approval she needed. Again she thought about the movies, she pushed his cock up against his abdomen and ran her tongue from his balls up his shaft. Then she pulled it to her lips. She opened her mouth and moved toward his cock, allowing the head to enter her. She softly closed her lips and eyes and moved her lips father down his cock. She felt his fingers in her hair and heard his praise as his hips began to move his cock in and out of her mouth.

She placed her hands on his stomach and allowed him to use her mouth. Jason stopped. He reached down and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her hard on the lips. His hands were all over her breast. He squeezed and softly pinched her hard nipples.

He pushed her to the bed and she fell onto it. He braced himself on his arms above her. He planted small kisses down her neck, and chest. She felt his lips kissing her nipples and then electricity flowed through her veins as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

He pressed against her until almost all of her tit was inside his hot mouth. He sucked hard, but it felt so good.

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He moved from her left breast to her right and repeated. She felt his cock on her leg. It was so hot. She wanted it so bad. His lips left her breast and he kissed down her toned stomach. As his tongue dipped into her belly button, she felt the palm of his hand cover her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her hand as he rubbed against her bottoms. His fingers tracing her slit. He rose to his knees and began to tug on her wet bottoms. She raised her butt from the bed to make it easier they mean business tube porn him.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to see his expression when he first looked at her most private part. She felt the wet bottoms pass her toes. He spread her legs and lowered his face between them. The electricity that flowed through her trany suck own cock girl when he sucked on her breast was nothing compared to what she felt when his warm tongue spread her lips and moved up to her clit.

She almost sat up on the bed from the pleasure and a loud, uncontrollable moan escaped her lips. She placed her hands on his head as he sucked and licked her clit.

She pounded her head against the soft bed, her best xxx story karina kpoor com tightened around his head. His tongue pressed deeper inside her, and moved in and out. She was so wet. He placed his hands under her butt and raised it up as his tongue fucked her virgin pussy. Then his tongue went to her clit. He ran it over and over the engorged button, then sucked it hard between his lips.

She felt her orgasm quickly approach and there was no stopping it. She had masturbated since she was 13, but the feeling she felt was nothing like anything she could do to herself. Her body tensed, her toes curled and she let out a loud screech, as she cummed.

Jason continued to lap at her juices as they flowed from her pussy. He knew she was ready. As Chelsea laid on the bed in orgasmic bliss, Jason got up and went into the bathroom. He opened a drawer and pulled out a condom. He opened it and unrolled it over his hard cock. He returned to the bedroom where Chelsea laid with a big smile on her face. He positioned himself over her and placed the head of his cock at her virgin opening.

"You sure about this baby?" he asked. She nodded and closed her eyes. He slowly pushed inside her. Chelsea braced herself from the pain. She was a virgin, but she had broken her hymen a couple years ago when doing a split at cheer practice, but she new that as he pressed farther into her that it would be painful.

The heels of her feet pressed against his bare ass, as he pressed farther, touching the area that her finger could not reach. She was amazed on how easy he was sinking into her and soon felt his stomach touch hers. He was all the way inside, and she loved having him there. She felt so complete, so full. He slowly began to move his hips, sliding his cock in granny granny and granny fucks a boy tube porn out of her.

Soon his pace picked up, she could feel his balls slapping the area between her pussy and ass. She was in heaven. Several orgasms passed through her as her pussy just kept getting wetter. The orgasmic spasms never ending. Jason continued to pump his cock into her. He was some what disappointed that her hymen was gone, cause he loved having the fresh blood on his cock, but the tightness of her pussy proved he was in uncharted waters.

He watched her perky tits bounce as he fed her pussy. Even with the condom on her could feel her pussy getting wetter. He knew as tight as she was, that he was not going to last much longer so he began to pump his hips shorter and faster. The slapping of their bodies filled the room, her moaning never subsided. He sunk deep into her and filled the condom.

Chelsea's eyes popped open when she felt his cock begin to pump inside her. She knew he was cumming by the moans he was making and the trembling of his body. He collapse on top of her, both of them gasping for air. Jason rolled off of her. They both laid side by side. Chelsea knew this was the when she would know if she was just a conquest or if Jason really cared. Jason propped his head on his elbow facing her. She turned her head to face him, not able to take the smile off her face.

He lowered and kissed her. As his kiss broke, he laid down and pulled her young naked body to her. 'That was amazing baby," he said as he hugged her tight. They laid there for sometime before a word was spoken. 'Chelsea, baby, I want you to be my girl, do you want that?" he asked. "There is nothing I want more, Jason." "Shh, let me finish. If you want to be my girl, you have to do what ever I ask.

The first time you refuse, we will be done and you will be sorry, understand?" Chelsea nodded. "That is a good girl." Jason got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

He unrolled the cum filled condom from his cock and flushed it down the toilet. He reached into the drawer and pulled out a full box of condoms and went back into the bedroom. He tossed the box onto the bed beside Chelsea. She looked confused. He continued to walk to the bedroom door.

"Jason, what are you doing?" she pleaded. "Didn't you say you would do anything? Baby I love you so much, but I need to make sure you are up to the task. Say no, and I will take you home, but if you stay, you have to do what I say, no questions." She nodded. He opened then door. Jeff and Derek was waiting on the other side of the door.

They stepped in without a word, and walked toward the bed. Chelsea attempted cover her body, but seen the disappointment on Jason's face, and let her arms fall. Jeff was beautiful babes are sharing his hard pecker first to make a move. He untied his shorts and let them fall to the floor.

His cock was already hard. It was not as long as Jason's but it was fatter. He stood at the edge of the bed holding it in his hand. Chelsea moved toward him on her hands and knees. Chelsea knew that what she was doing was wrong, but she also knew that if she was Jason's girl, her ranks in popularity would sky rocket.

She moved closer to Jeff, the smile on his face beamed. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Derek had stripped. She turned her head to get a better view.

Derek's cock was huge, and uncut, and he was unrolling a condom over his large cock. Chelsea lowered her head and pulled Jeff's cock into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as his fat cock pressed into her mouth. She felt Derek climb onto the bed and position himself behind her.

He pressed his large cock into her wet, sore pussy. She gasped, when she did, Jeff pushed his cock deep into her mouth and into her throat. She gagged and coughed around his cock as tears began to flow from her eyes. Derek placed his hands on her meaty ass and began to pound his cock into her pussy. Neither guy were as gentle as Jason. They fucked her pussy and mouth with no pity.

She was but the receiving receptacle. They pushed and pulled on her fragile young body, but to her surprise, she was cumming in the matter of seconds. Her moans were muffled by the fat cock in her mouth but the juices that was flowing from her pussy was enough women sexy story with black guy in ebony sex stories show her enjoyment. Jeff was the first to blow. He held her head as his cock began to shoot his salty fluid down her throat.

He pumped into her mouth until he was drained and stepped aside for rest. Jason took his place. Chelsea opened her mouth and allow him to slip his cock back into her mouth. Shortly, she felt Derek's cock erupt inside her.

His cock had stretched her to the limits and as his cock filled the condom, it felt like he cummed gallons. He pulled out and collapsed.

Jason pulled his cock from Chelsea's mouth. "You are doing fine baby, one more test," Jason went to the bed side table and pulled out a tube. Chelsea knew that it was lube and knew what was about to come. Jason squeezed some lube in the crack of her ass. He took his hand and smeared it against her rosebud. She squealed as she felt his finger slide into her anus. She gripped the sheets of the bed as the pain rushed through her body.

He continued to work his finger in and out until the pain subsided. He told her to relax as he pressed the head of his bare cock against her sphincter.

He stood over her and pressed his cock inside her. She cried out as his cock spread her ring and he sank into her bowels. She pressed her face into the bed.

The pain was intense, but soon it was replaced by pleasure. She reached her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Jason pulled out of her and instructed Jeff to put on a condom.

Jeff did as he was told and laid onto the bed. Chelsea straddled him. Her pussy was on fire and she needed a cock inside it. She slid Jeff's fat cock into her pussy and she began to ride it hard.

She felt Jason push her forward. When in position she felt him press his cock back into her anus. He grabbed her hips and begin to fuck her in unison with Jeff.

Derek climbed onto the bed and held her face up. She opened her mouth and received his cock. The three boys fucked in rhythm. Chelsea felt so full, so used, but so satisfied. A cock in every hole she had to offer, and she was loving every minute. Her pussy erupted sending her juices flooding down Jeff's cock onto the bed. Again, Jeff was the first to blow. Her pussy was so wet and used she could barely feel his cock pulsing.

Jason sunk deep into her ass and filled her bowels full of cum. Then both guys slipped out of her. Derek repositioned, making comments how he had always wanted to fuck her fat ass. He sunk his length inside her ass with one thrust. Chelsea's was close to falling into unconsciousness from the pleasure she was receiving.

Derek make one last plunge and yelled as his balls emptied into her. When Derek pulled out of her Chelsea collapsed on the bed not able to move. She felt Jason, pull her up. He took her into his arms carried her to the bathroom.

He laid her into the tub. "You did a wonderful job baby, I am so proud of you," Jason said as the three of them stood side by side beside the tub. The three put their hands on their spent cocks and lifted them. One by one, each began to piss on her naked, New school prt 1+2 (tH7r) body.

The golden liquid was hot against her exhausted body. They anointed her entire body with their liquid. Her hair, her face, breast, all the way to her feet.

She lay there being baptized with their piss. When their bladders were empty the three turned and left the bathroom. Chelsea laid there, covered in piss, cum dripping from her ass, and her pussy sore. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.