Jody stuffs big tit milf alura jenson with his bbc

Jody stuffs big tit milf alura jenson with his bbc
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Me and my little sister My little sister was always overly friendly with me but I never thought there was anything other than brotherly admiration. That all changed once I began having sexual urges and regular masturbation.

I started imagining doing things sexually with her for my own gratification. So to my current situation. There we were sitting in my bedroom after my little sister's shower, and me trying to conceal my growing cock. I had been jerking while she was in the petite teen rides shlong smalltits and pornstars and was still hard when she came in.

I couldn't help but look at her. She kept wiggling her legs and because of how high the towel was, and the way she was sitting, I could see almost 3/4th the way up her thigh and her beautifully tanned legs were almost completely visible to me.

After a few more minutes, she gave her hair one last rub and whipped off the towel. Until now, I never noticed how blond her hair was. Even wet, it shined like the sun and she looked like a little angel.

She took another sip of her coke and said, "I need my brush, I will be right back." She uncrossed her legs and for the briefest moment, I could see all the way up her towel.

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I saw the inside seam of her pussy and just the slightest hint of blond hair on top. As quickly as it was there, it was gone as she got up and ran to her room. My cock now was almost bursting out of my pants as I really was horny. I needed to beat off in the worst kind of way. I took another big slam of my coke and tried to control my emotions. My sis came running back into the room with a brush in hand.

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She tried to brush her hair but seemed to be having trouble. After a few tries to get out a knot, she said, "Could you help me with this hair?" "Sure, I will help you," I muttered. I have helped her out with her hair many times before when mom wasn't around so to her it wasn't a big deal but I was now in a compromised state of mind.

"Great!" she replied as she handed me the brush. "Sit back," she added and I did. She then turned around and sat down right in between my legs and her ass was now sitting right up against my cock. I was charming hot babe ashley fires is crazy for big cock shocked when she did this I almost forgot what I was doing. She didn't seem to notice anything and grabbed my hand with the brush in it and led me to where the knots were.

I began working them out, more quickly than usual because I didn't want her to notice that my hard-on was planted right between her ass cheeks. When I was almost done I felt her wiggle her ass several times. She turned to look at me puzzled. "What do you have between your legs?" she questioned. I thought to myself, oh shit, I'm dead.

I am in trouble now. She is going to tell mom and I will be grounded for life. "It's my uhhh.penis," I murmured. "Why is it all hard?" she asked now looking me in the eyes with her ass still on my cock. Her slight wiggling motion was almost causing me to blow my wad all over the inside of my pants. "It's gets hard when I get excited," I explained. I thought to myself now is as good of a time as ever to get things going. "Why are you excited?" she wondered.

"I can't help it the way you are sitting on me. It's an involuntary thing. I can't control it," I tried to answer. "You mean, I am exciting you?" she asked very childlike. "Well yes, you're a very beautiful girl." "Yah right, you're just saying that," she said as she got up and walked a few steps away from me.

"No, I'm serious! You're a very attractive girl," I pleaded. "How can you say that? I don't have big boobies like girls your age," she said as she looked down to her breasts still covered by the towel. I just loved the way she said boobies, it was so girly.

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I loved it. "Your boobies are just fine the way they are. Big ones are a turn off for me," I remarked. She turned around and looked at me smiling.

"Do you really mean it? You like 'em?" she asked. "Yes, I really like your boobies. And the proper term for them is breasts," I added. She thanked me for being so nice and then transfixed her eyes on the bulge in my pants. She stared at it, almost in a trance or something. "Do you want to see it?" I asked. She looked back at my face and paused for a moment, then nodded. I thought to myself, "Jackpot baby! It's time to play a little game of I show you mine, now you show me yours." I got up and unbuttoned my pants.

She stood about 2 feet away from me watching my crotch closely. I pulled down the zipper and grabbed my pants and underwear and pulled them down to my knees. As I stood back up revealing my rock hard 8 inch cock, she gasped. Her eyes now were locked on my shaft as it hung at a 45 degree angle from my body. She hesitated but she approached me and looked me back in the eye.

"Can I touch it?" she mumbled. I replied, "Yes, and let me show you how to hold it." I grabbed her hand and moved it down to my penis. With her hand in mine, I wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked it up and down. "That's how you can make it feel really good," I said. She was looking down at what I was showing her how to do. I removed my hand and let her go solo.

She was doing a fine job and it was the greatest hand job of my life, considering the only other job I have gotten had been from my own hand. As she dirty muscle dildo alexa tries her best to hold it in to stroke my cock I was really getting hot.

I took her face in my hands and gently placed a kiss on her lips and pulled away. She smiled at me and I kissed her again this time for a little longer. Her hand job just wasn't enough for me I was thinking; it's time for something a little more. "Do you want to try something else?" I asked her. She nodded. "Get on your knees," I said.

She slowly did so but soon she was face to face with my bulging cock.

I looked down at her and saw my little sister's cute little mouth just inches away from my throbbing shaft. It was the most erotic site of my life. "Now, put it in your mouth and suck it like a lollypop. And keep on moving your hand over it too," I instructed. She once again hesitated but she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and took the head of my cock in her silky mouth and took a quick suck and pulled off.

"That's it, just like that," I moaned. "Keep it up." She was now sucking my cock head and stroking me off like she had done it for years. Even with her mouth all the way open, her teeth still rubbed against my cock head but it was so erotic. She was really getting into it and before you know it, her towel fell off of her body.

I noticed immediately and the site of my little sister giving me a blowjob on her knees in all of her naked glory, was a site to behold. From above I saw her little mounds of tits, about half of a lemon sized. I couldn't see her pussy very well but I did see that little hint of blond hair that I saw before. It was too much and I could feel my orgasm approaching.

Just then, I thought I heard a car, then a slam, and another door open. Mom was home! "Oh shit! Mom's home! Quick, get into your room and get some clothes on!" I shouted. My sister nodded and ran to her room forgetting sixty nine brunette babe oral fucking riding towel.

I pulled my pants back up and tried my best to get the raging hard-on inside. Just as I got it up, I sat down quick and grabbed my coke and pretended I was watching TV. The door swung open and in came my mom carrying some bags. "Hey buddy, can you help me with these?" she asked. "Oh, sure mom." I got up and walked over to her, hoping she wouldn't notice the large bulge in my pants.

I grabbed the bags and put them in the kitchen. She walked up to me and looked at my face.

"Are you feeling ok? You look a little flushed." "No, I'm fine, just a little hot," I responded. "Yah, it is kind of hot out there. Why don't you turn on the Air Conditioning?" she suggested. "Ok mom, I will," I said walking away. I flipped on the AC and headed up to my room.

When I got there my cock was still rock hard but I knew I couldn't wack-off because me and my sister will have more of a chance to play tonight when my parents leave. I turned on my Xbox and tried to think about something else. To be continued…………………