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Burmese xnxx moe hay koo
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It had been a very hot week with the temp being above 30 all week. I was looking forward to the BBQ on the weekend with our good friends Yve and Tony. We have known Yve and Tony for years as our kids grew up together, all kids were away for the weekend doing their own things. My wife Linda was very horny during the day and to my surprise came over and sat next to me in the middle of the afternoon and put her hand down my shorts and started to play with my cock, I leaned over and put my hand up her dress to find that she had not underwear on and started fingering her wet pussy.

It didn't take long before we were naked and I was fucking my wife on the lounge room floor of our house. As I was about to cum Linda asked me to pull out so she could take my cum in her mouth. Linda loved to do this the first time we would make love in a day, so I did as asked and she took my cock in her mouth and drank every last drop of cum.

When we were finished we got up off the floor, had a shower and got ready for our gest. Yve and Tony exxxtrasmall petite blonde elaine raye tight pussy banged around five and I quickly noticed that Yve was wearing a very short skirt that was just hiding her very nice ass. Yve was about 160cm tall and looked after herself very well, she was not skinny but was not over weight either. She did not have the best set of tits, but had an ass to die for and I would often get caught by my wife staring at her ass.

Tony was 177cm tall solid build and as I would find out later had an 8 inch cock. We sat down outside having a few drinks and started to catch up on what each other kids were up to these days, at about 6:30 I started to cook the BBQ and Tony came over and we started to chat about the up coming football season, cars and other stuff.

The Tony mentioned how Yve gave him a head job in the car on the way over and this was a first as she was normally bed room only type. I then told him about our midday love making session. We had a laugh and both agreed that it was about time the girls caught up to us on the randy side of things. After we had all finished our dinner we went inside to the pool room and I mixed a few drinks at the bar and set up the table for a game of pool, at first it was just Tony and I playing then the girls wanted to play doubles.

Once again I was busted by Linda staring at Yve's great ass as she was taking a shot over the table, after that game the girls went into our room for a few second. We thought nothing about it and set the table up for another game. As they came back into the room they both asked for another drink before we start the school girl sex full movis game.

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As a good host I mixed the drinks and told Yve it was her turn to break. I stayed behind the bar as I knew I would get a great view of her ass from there.

As she leaned over to get the white ball her skirt road up quit a lot and I noticed that she had taken off her nickers. Tony was standing at the bar also and I'm pretty sure he noticed too as he nearly split his drink.

Linda was next to take her shot and as she lent over the table to take her shot she hitched up her skirt and made sure we notice she too had taken off her nickers.

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I whispered to Tony not to let on that we know and lets see how far this goes. After that game the girls asked to change partners and they wanted to play together, Tony and I agreed and set the table up for another game. During this game the girls made sure that we saw plenty of skin and at one shot I'm sure I saw Linda's puss from behind. This put Tony and me off our game and couldn't get a ball in. the girls beat us to nil and they start to laugh, then Yve said isn't it a rule that if you lose to nil you must run around the table in just your underwear.

Tony and I knew where this was going and dropped our shorts and started to run around the table, we all had a good laugh and Linda came over to me and Yve went to Tony and both the girls landed big kissed on us.

I looked over and Yve had her hand inside Tony's pants, I gave Linda a nod to look over and then she placed her hand inside my shorts. I then lifted Linda on the table and lifted her skirt up and started to lick her very wet pussy, Linda ask me to stop so she could get off the table as she didn't want to get it messy.

I lifted her off the table and she took off all her cloths and there she stood in front of us all naked, Yve then started to take off her clothes and so did Tony, Linda came over to me and started to help me undress, then Tony came over and stared to play with Linda tits, I looked at Linda and knew she was fine with this and then I went over to Yve.

Yve told me to lie on my back and she started to lick my balls at first, then she would run her warm tongue up the length of my cock and every so often she would take the head of my cock in her mouth, after a while I looked over and saw that Tony was having a great time licking Linda's pussy. I told Yve to turn around so I could lick her pussy, Sexy granny fucked by young fit guy again started by placing one finger inside as I kissed the outside of her pussy lips and the I then placed two fingers inside her I then removed them and started to lick the inside of her pussy.

We soon had a good rhythm going and she was sucking and wanking my cock as I was licking and fingering her pussy, I could soon fill my balls starting to tingle and knew I was about to cum, Yve pick up on this and started to wank me faster, as I started to cum I berried my face in her pussy and shot my load in her mouth, she did a great job taking every last drop of my cum, just as I had finished she started to cum as well and she started to squirt her cum in my mouth, I made sure I took every drop just as she did as I didn't want to be selfish.

We lay on the floor and looked over at the other two and Tony had wasted no time and was driving his 8 inch cock in Linda's pussy and by the sounds she was making she loved every second of it.

It didn't take long and Tony started to unload inside her pussy. After he finished he pulled out and you could see the cum staring to seep out, Yve crawled over to Linda and told her to lie on her back and open her legs, Yve then got in the 69 position and started to lick up all the cum and juices in and around Linda's very wet pussy. Linda was playing with Yve's pussy and then asked me to come over and fuck Yve so she could lick the cum out also. As a good husband I did as asked, I knelt behind Yve and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and Linda grabbed my cock and guided it in.

Yve had very good control of her inner pussy lips and it felt like she a firm grip around my cock, I start slowly and loved that Linda was licking and sucking on my balls at the same time, I soon picked up the pace and Linda grabbed the shaft of my cock and said she wanted me to come quickly so she could taste me inside Yve. It wasn't long and I was sexy amateur brunette chick with big tits gets fucked by a huge cock a massive load inside Yve, Linda said thanks, you can go now.

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Tony had got up and mixed a few drinks and was sitting on the couch I got up off the floor and went over and sat next to him and we sat there and watched the show our wives were putting on for us.