Jenny ferri deep drilled by a black cock

Jenny ferri deep drilled by a black cock
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Standing in the shower, I let the warm water run over my body. The hot water seemed to help relax the sore muscles.

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Bending, I decided to run the water in the tub so I put the stopper in the drain and added some shampoo to make bubbles. I let the tub run full, and I twisted my hair up, leaning over to the sink I picked up a hair clip and stuck it into my hair.

The tub filled with a warm floral scent that permeated the room. I loved to take relaxing bubble baths. And I had to say I was so sore from the last 24 hours of unrelenting sex I needed a break.

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I sunk down into the big deep tub and had bubbles up to my neck. Only my hard little pink nipples poked up through the big white foaming bubbles.

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I sat and closed my eyes, first wetting a cloth and wringing the water out and putting it over my face. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Dozing for a short period of time, I could feel sleep drawing me down, I was somewhere between awake and asleep when I felt a hand on my thigh I moved the cloth off my face, it was my Mother.

She smiled at me and put the cloth back on my face. She worked her soft hands over my thigh I could feel the soap in her hand she was washing me as if I was a little girl. I relaxed and let her take me away. Her hands worked over my knees down to my ankles and my feet.

She gently massaged my legs as she washed. The feeling was wonderful. She worked her hands over both legs and my feet. I felt her long nimble fingers on my arms washing and rubbing, she washed my hands and my arms. She had a soapy wash cloth and ran it over my neck and down my chest I felt her wash my breast, taking time to wash each nipple gently and thoroughly.

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I was aware of the aching in my groin as she rubbed my nipples gently. I was also aware of what felt like wetness between my legs. She moved down my flat belly and just above my mound. Once she reached it she lathered her hands up well and pulled my legs apart so my pussy was well exposed. She rubbed my outer lips gently and moved her fingers sharing a lusty and tough cock momsandteens threesome my slit; I loved to feel her fingers over my wet pussy.

I spread my legs as far as the constraints of the tub would let me. Her fingers pulled apart my little plump lips. I felt her ring finger begin to gently move small circles around my clit. She moved her finger in a clockwise position barely touching my clit. I began to circle my hips to match her little finger movements over my pussy.

My legs began to shake as she continued to rub me; she would take her fingers and move just into my waiting throbbing hole, and back out to my clit. The feeling was driving me wild. I kept the cloth on my face and I began to rub my nipples that were sticking out of the water. She continued her endless circles of my clit and into my hole; I could feel myself nearing orgasm as she eased in her whole finger into my waiting pussy.

I swallowed it and began to rock my hips against her hand; she inserted another finger deep inside me.

I felt myself explode on her hand; I squirted a stream of cum on to her hand and her arm. She liked the feeling, she told me it was hot and she wished she could squirt this way. I told her that Daddy had shown me how to do fucked latina nympho gets a cum shower. She told me that he always fucked me much better than her.   She continued to wash me after I came, I left my legs open for her, she rubbed my thighs and back and across my outer pussy lips.

I felt my needs arising again; she reached down into the water to my asshole and began to finger it. I could feel myself getting more and more excited. It was then I heard the door opening. I didn't move Momma would take care of whoever it was. There were not words exchanged maybe I had heard things. Momma continued to fuck my asshole with her long fingers; she had worked two into my little puckered hole. I lay very still as she fucked me, I felt another hand on my nipples, I recognized the hand it was Daddy, he rubbed ever so gently on my nipples he told her to keep fucking my asshole.

She did as she was told, his hand moved onto my clit and he began to gently rub. With my asshole being finger fucked and my clit rubbed I squirted again, Daddy sighed he loved for me to squirt. I came two more times before the shaking stopped in my thighs and my lower abdomen. I hadn't felt this good in a while. I continued to lay very still for my parents as they fucked me, at 19 I didn't question it, I knew that my circumstance was unusual and I enjoyed it greatly.

I lay quietly and they stopped touching me. I could hear them breathing and I knew that they were doing something. I moved the corner of the cloth off my face, I could see Daddy he had Mom bent over the sink, and he had her jeans pulled down around her ankles. He was sitting on the floor with his tongue in her tight pussy.

I watched pushing my fingers down to my clit. He pushed his tongue up and into her cunt, as she moaned. His tongue moved over her pussy like a pro, I loved for him to do this to me, and I knew how good she felt. I continued to stroke my clit under the water as I watched him. He moved his hand up and held her pussy lips open and he licked and sucked at her clit. She came with a hard shudder, her thighs shook as she came on his face.

He stood and pulled his hard big cock out of his jeans as she was bent over the bathroom sink he entered her from behind. From the angle I was at I couldn't tell if he entered her ass or her pussy. It didn't matter she moaned loudly and came again. I too was nearing an orgasm as I watched them. His firm nice ass moved back and forth as he pumped his cock in and out of her. He xxxxx sex stories story movi hismotherin nearing an orgasm, he moaned and pulled out took two steps over to the bathtub, pulled the cloth of my face and stuck his hard cock into my mouth, he spurted his hot cum into my throat.

I gagged simply because I had not been expecting it, he realized as he came that I had been fingering my tight little cunt in the bathtub, he reached down and moved my hand. He pushed three fingers into my waiting snatch and pumped me hard. I was nearing a big orgasm when with his other hand he lifted my ass out of the water, I came as his tongue hit my hard little clit, and I squirted in his face and his hair all over the tub wall.

The orgasm was so strong I nearly fainted, my legs quivered and I couldn't breathe, the cum dripped from my wet pussy. He lowered my back into the hot tub and he kissed me. The next time I opened my eyes I was alone in the bathroom to finish my bath.

I had to hurry and get out I had more chores to do in the barn, I had to feed the dogs, and I still hadn't done the dishes from lunch always more chores than I could finish.