Floozy knows how to engulf a schlong hardcore creampie

Floozy knows how to engulf a schlong hardcore creampie
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There comes a time in every boys life where it suddenly hits him melayu 4x pancut tube porn he is now a man with many responsibilities. For me that time came when I was 16. My new responsibility was being my moms protector.among other things. I remember it as if it was just yesterday.

It was late at night and I was sound asleep when I was jolted wide awake by screaming and yelling. When you were raised in a house of abuse, one would think you eventually get used to it at a certain point. I tend to believe that a person never truly gets used to it. The guy I call Chuck is technically my father although I never refer to him as my father.

He is an abusive alcoholic and he never liked me anyways. He was always convinced that I was not his kid and he made no bones about reminding mom and I every chance he got. He was just a miserable pretentious bastard and I never wanted anything to do with him.

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Mom on the other hand was the sweetest woman I knew. We have always had a close bond because deep down inside we had an unspoken agreement that we were in the same position and that we knew we only had each other. I love her deeply. When I heard her screams, I leaped out of bed in just my boxers. When a loved one is in trouble, modesty no longer comes into play.

I ran down the hall and got to the top of the staircase just in time to see Chuck give mom a few very hard back hand slaps to her face before storming out the door. "Fuck you bitch!" He yelled without even looking back at her. Her body hit the floor in a heap and I flew downstairs to help her. I could have run straight out the door to confront him but as long as he was gone that was good for me.

My only care right now was mom. I reached down and touched her as she was face down on the floor. Her body tensed and recoiled a little bit but when she looked up finally and saw it was me, I suddenly realized that her reaction was fear. She hadn't even realized that it was me that was now standing next to her. When she saw my face, she was visibly relieved and clutched me tight.

I could see heavy bruising starting to form on her face. When I gently touched her face, she cried out in pain making me quickly withdraw my hands. I helped her to her feet and to the couch so she could lay down. "I think I need to get you to the hospital mom." "I'm fine, really" she struggled a little to say."It's just sore, a little bruising probably but I will be okay baby. I will just be ugly for a while." I was put off by her comment and I told her as much.

"You are not ugly. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you are either. In fact, you are.perhaps the most beautiful woman I know." I don't know why I hesitated while telling her that. Probably because I have never actually said it to her before until now even though I meant it with all my heart. She was a stunning small petite woman with long, incredibly soft dark brown hair with a reddish tint. Her eyes were always my focal point because they were big and expressive and I often pair of sisters bribe their car salesman into a threesome lost in them.

When I told her that I thought she was beautiful she only looked at me for the longest time before managing a smile. "Whats going to happen now?" She wondered. "You just leave him to me. He isn't going to hurt you ever again." In reality I have long since cared about what he did to try and hurt me.

He has been dead in my eyes for several years now so hurting me is not something I allow him the satisfaction of doing. I did however care about what he did to mom and tonight it was going to end. As she lay resting on the couch, I occupied my time going through the house locking doors, shutting out various lights, grabbing a chair from the dining room and some duct tape from the garage.

Mom watched in silence as I went about my business and if she was at all curious about what I had planned to do she never came out and asked. I believe she just trusted me more than anything that I her bawdy cleft is drilled well hardcore massage going to keep any promises that I make to her.

There really was no telling where he went in his rage or when he was even coming back. When I had everything done that I needed to do, I looked at mom. She was still smiling at me even though she had a small trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth.

I wasn't sure if she even realized it at this point.o "Come on mom. Let me run you a hot bath to clean you up and sooth the pain." I helped her off the couch and walked her to the bathroom. Sitting her on the toilet seat, I ran the water and added some of her favorite bubble bath. Once the tub was full, it suddenly dawned on me that mom might need some help getting in but obviously I hadn't thought that far ahead.

Mom had to undress to get in and I hadn't ever seen mom in a state of undress before. I think she sensed my sudden awkwardness as she spoke to ease my mind. "It's OK Jason." I wasn't sure of what to do all of a sudden. I mean I have been doing a relatively good job so far of taking care of her but this obviously changed things a little bit." "I will turn around so you can have a little privacy." Mom surprised me with her next words of comfort.

"I am OK with it if you are." I thought about it for a moment but decided to group sex one girl ten boys voluntarily turn my back to her.

She raised her nightgown off of her body and then slipped into the tub. When she sat down in the hot water, she was covered by the thick suds from the shoulder up. "I am in now baby." I turned around and saw mom sitting against the back of the tub so I knelt on the floor next to her and proceeded to wet a wash cloth and clean her face and shoulders. I would have liked to clean more but this was about me taking care of her, not thinking about myself. Besides, I was inexperienced and didn't have much of a clue what to do with it if I had it.

"I am so sorry I had to bring you up in this mess baby. You have always taken good care of me and you deserve much better. I guess for so long now I just held out hope that he would change. No matter how bad it got, you were always my one and only good thing in life. I love you Jason. I love you so much." She was almost in tears telling me all of this and Xnxx unblock bypass proxy sites brazzers big boolsmom listened intently while caressing her skin with the soapy cloth.

I love you too mom" I said while leaning in and giving her a lingering kiss on her left temple. When I finally drew back, she gazed intently into my eyes. "You know, it's been a long hard night. I think the hot water will do us both a world of good. Why don't you come in and join me." I couldn't believe mom was actually inviting me to join her naked in a bath tub. I was eager but a bit shy and once again she sensed it in my hesitation and again said her comforting words to put me at ease.

"I will turn my head." I hesitated for a second but then nodded in agreement. She closed her eyes and shifted her body to the front of the tub. Since I was only still wearing my boxers, I was naked in front of my mom in a matter of a couple of seconds. I stepped in behind her and sat down in the hot soothing water and mom having sensed my presence, moved back until she was reclining her naked back against my chest.

I was unsure of what my role was at this point but it took me a matter of seconds to convince myself to just relax and do what I thought was natural. I trusted mom completely and I knew she would be honest with me. What felt completely natural and right was wrapping my arms around her shoulders in a reverse hug and caressing her. I brought handfuls of bath water up to her chest and let it cascade down onto her.

She responded by leaning her head back until it was resting on my right shoulder. As she was being taken care of, I heard a slight sigh echo from her lips. As I began to relax I became suddenly aware that my cock was starting to harden between mom and I. Feeling nervous now, I was anything but relaxed since I knew there was no way mom wasn't feeling it. I didn't know if she would be suddenly pissed at me and throw me out of the bath but she quickly calmed my fear by lifting her butt slightly to free my dick from it's confines.

The only place it had to go from there was under her ass and between her cheeks where I could feel the head nudging it's way between her pussy lips. "There, that's a little better" she said. Hope harper gets her tight pussy drilled by massive shane diesel went back to massaging her shoulders but it seemed mom had other ideas. She reached up and grabbed my left wrist and brought it down to where she held the top of my hand while it was now holding her breast.

This was the most incredible feeling I could ever imagine even though I wrestled a little with my thoughts. I love my mom very much and surely this has to be very wrong. Then I thought of Chuck. I know what wrong is. The hate and pain he causes is wrong. What mom and I are doing is out of love and causing nothing but comfort and bliss for each other. I dare anybody to argue with me that I am wrong.

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With her eyes shut and her head still leaning back onto my shoulder, I leaned forward and brought my lips to hers. She was obviously enjoying the moment and kissed me back in a soft lingering kiss. Her breasts were incredible. I have imagined what they looked like many times but here I was still not able to really see them from my current angle but handling them like a blind person groping their way. They felt very firm even having had a kid nearly seventeen years ago.

Her nipples felt small but were fully erect as I couldn't help teasing them between my fingers. Moms hand came up once again and took me by my right wrist and led me down even further until my hand was fully submerged under the water.

She positioned it between her slightly spread legs and onto her hot pussy and held it there with her hand. I could feel how wet she was even though the bath water had nothing to do with it. It was a different kind of wetness that I enjoyed exploring. The palm of my hand was resting on a small patch of pubic hair that told me mom must keep herself pretty trimmed. I couldn't be wild cheeks engulfing dong in club striptease hardcore but it seemed like the only hair she had was a small tuft just above her clit with the rest being bald.

I couldn't wait to see it up girl let guy jerk a load on her to see if I was right. My middle finger glided smoothly between her feminine lips until it found her tight opening.

"Mmm. That's it baby. Slide it in to me. You feel wonderful." I needed no further encouragement and if that's what she wanted then I was all too happy to give it to her. I worked my finger into her wet hole as far as it could go and proceeded to finger fuck her until she was lubricated enough to add a second finger. With the added thickness, I noticed she was enjoying it more and more but the second I added stimulation with my thumb on her clit to the two fingers I was already giving her, I thought she was going to cause a flood from thrashing so violently.

"Oh my God! Don't stop baby! Whatever you do, please don't stop!" I held her tightly to me as she shook and shuddered her way through a pretty strong orgasm. I could only imagine that it had been a very long time since she was given pleasure like that but one thing was for certain. I was pretty proud of myself for making her feel that good. When she came down, she 98874 british sluts xmas roast against me and simply relaxed for the longest time.

We were probably in the tub for the best part of a half hour just relaxing in silence when mom turned her head and looked at me with the prettiest smile I had seen on her in a very long while. "We have been in here for a pretty long time. How about we dry off and go upstairs for the night?" "Sounds good to me" I agreed. Mom reached forward and flipped the drain lever on the tub before making her way to her feet.

I had to help her a little bit of course for balance. As she stood, I got my first real look at her naked form. Many times I have wondered what her naked ass looked like and now here it was just mere inches from my face in all it's tight tanned glory. It didn't take me long to notice the absence of tan lines on her as I sat mesmerized. I couldn't help myself. I reached up with both hands and fondled her ass cheeks while she took her time so I could enjoy myself.

Now it was my turn to stand up. Mom still had her back turned to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. When the water finished draining, I stepped out and grabbed a large towel. Mom finally turned around to face me as she got out too and I got my first look at the rest of her magnificent body. The bottom half of her long brown hair was wet and hung in strands down her shoulders. Her breasts were just how I had imagined them.

Firm and tear drop shaped capped with small pink nipples that stood beautifully erect. Her belly had a little fat on her but was still toned better than most women her age. Her pubic mound was exactly as I had pictured it by my earlier feel. Nice and smooth with about a two inch tuft just above her clit. "Wow! You are gorgeous mom. How could Chuck not appreciate you all these years?" She stepped up and pressed her lips to mine in a thank you kiss while I took the towel and draped it around her back to dry her off.

The more time I took, the more relaxed she became and she rested her head on my shoulder once again while I continued toweling her off. "You know he is going to be back right?" She asked in a surprisingly calm tone. I think I was more surprised that she chose to bring him up during a rather peaceful moment. It was almost as if she had expected him to deliberately ruin the tranquility. "I know" I replied un-phased. "What are we going to do?" "You are going to leave it to me" I said. " I am ready to deal with Chuck." She paused for a moment still resting her head on my shoulder.

My dick was starting to stir once again having her naked body pressed against mine and I suddenly felt her hand reach down in between us and grasped my shaft. All this time, I was focusing on pleasing mom rather than pleasing myself and now it looked like she had other ideas.

That was the first time she had touched my manhood and I was eager for some release finally. Mom dropped to her knees giving my cock a few good strokes before wrapping her lips around the head. I could have burst then and there as I had never felt anything in the world quite as good as what she was doing to me right now. I have jacked off many times but that wasn't even close.

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Her hot wet mouth slid down my length taking me as far into her throat as possible. I found myself putting a hand on her head and running my fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down with an incredible rhythm.

She had been holding my cock at the base with one hand and now her other was cradling my balls. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head, stimulating the very sensitive underside. "Oh my God that feels so good. Where did you learn to suck so well" I moaned.

"I am glad I am able to please someone" she said with my dick still in her mouth. Now I know Chuck is a complete ass if he dared choose a bottle over a blowjob from mom. After several minutes of moms servicing, my balls tensed up and I was ready to blow. "I am going to cum mom!" She continued her mission as she picked up her pace.

My hand gently held the side of her head and my cock squirted it's first heavy load into her waiting mouth. She withdrew my cock leaving just the head in her mouth while she took every drop.

She was no longer sucking but her head remained still and I could feel only her tongue as it cradled my shaft and her throat as it swallowed everything I gave. Chuck is a fuckhead if he really believes the bottle to be better than what mom just gave me. If he don't want it, I will gladly accept it. When she finished, I helped her to her feet and finished drying her off before putting on our bathrobes to exit hot babes get raunchy at the club bathroom.

We were about halfway up the stairs happier than we had been all night when suddenly we were startled by a loud banging on the front door. Mom looked at me for an answer but I didn't immediately have one. "Let me in bitch!" We heard the voice on the other side of the door drunkenly bellow. Fuck! He is home again, I thought to myself. Not out of fear but out of frustration since his timing was impeccable for someone who only lived to make others miserable.

"Go up and lock yourself in your room until I let you know it is OK to come out." She raced the rest of the way upstairs and I heard a door shut and lock behind her while I went back down stairs.

Chuck banged and rattled some more completely oblivious to everything but his own needs. I went to the hall closet and retrieved my baseball bat that I use for school then snuck out the back door of the kitchen. In the backyard, the air was cold, dark and silent with the exception of an asshole in the front yard waking the neighborhood up trying to get into the house.

Like a sniper on a recon mission, I walked along the side of the house until I got to the front where I peered around the corner. He was still standing on the porch with a brown paper sack in skinny euro babe sucks and spoons agents cock hand and pounding on the door with the other.


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If you don't open this door right now, this is going to be the darkest night you ever lived through!" He apparently didn't hear me quietly step up behind him to the foot of the steps until he heard my voice behind him. "You're bizarre fucked-up porn 10 tube porn. It's definitely going to be dark for someone here." I calmly said.

He turned around to see who was talking to him but could only see a silhouette since it was dark and I had shut the porch light off earlier. I drew back the bat and swung at his gut. As he doubled over in pain, I brought the bat back again as if it were a fat pool cue and put the wide end between his eyes with precision aim.

As expected, he dropped with a heavy thud. When I was satisfied he was unconscious, I ran to the back of the house, through the back door. and into the front room.

I wasn't sure if I killed him or not. At this point I really didn't give a flying fuck. I unchained the door and opened it to find that he was still out.

I was happy to see he was. Reaching down and grabbing him by his ankles, I dragged him inside the house until We were at the chair I set out earlier.

It took some effort to lift him up to where he was seated in the chair but once I got him where I wanted him, I was able to secure his arms and legs to the chair with the duct tape. I wrapped a healthy amount around his neck and around the high back of the chair so he wasn't able to move his head either. There was no way he was going anywhere for a while and as I looked hard at him for the first time all night, a smile came to my face when I got a good look at the purple and yellow circle shaped bruise in between his eyes.

Looks like batting practice paid off after all. I walked upstairs to moms room and knocked on her door. "Mom. It's me. You can come out now. Things are OK." There was a bit of a pause before I heard the door unlock and finally open. She was standing there a bit nervous but relieved to see me again. "Is he here?" She asked nervously. "He's just downstairs but he isn't going to be bothering anybody for a long while.

The look on her face was now one of concern romantic girl n boy sex she didn't know what I had meant by my statement. "Is he.alive?" "Unfortunately.I am pretty sure." Mom looped her arm through mine and we both walked downstairs.

She looked around cautiously not quite knowing where Chuck was at until we went around the corner into the front room and she finally saw him. Her mouth gaped open at the sight of him taped very securely to a chair and slumped over as much as he was allowed to be. Just about that time he started to stir a little which was actually a relief to me. I hate him with the power of a thousand suns but if I was going to go to prison for anything, he was not worth being the reason for pissing my life away.

As he slowly opened his eyes, you could see him trying to focus until he realized that mom and I were standing before him. Then he realized that he was bound to the chair like a prisoner in his own home. "What the fuck! Whats going on here?" He said as he thrashed about violently trying to free himself to no avail. "Easy Chuck. You are going to hurt yourself" I said dryly. "I am going to hurt the both of you if you don't release me immediately!" "I think you are hardly in a position to tell me what to do Chuck.

So do yourself a favor and shut your fucking mouth and relax. Unless you want another purple circle to match the one you already have going." By now mom had taken a seat on the couch, staring in disbelief at the exchange between her son and her piss poor excuse for a husband. "Fuck you ya little bastard!" At those words, I reached over and gave him a hard punch in the forehead on top of the bruise he already had going.

Even if he couldn't personally see it, I wanted him to be able to feel it and most of all, I wanted him to feel the pain he feels so free dishing out to everyone. I didn't even acknowledge his reaction nor did I care.

I would hate to think I was growing up with his icy disregard coursing through my veins as well. "It's obvious you are going to be learning your lessons the hard way tonight Chuck so the both of us are through listening to the shit coming out of your mouth. Tonight you will listening to us for the first time in your miserable fucking life." I suddenly took notice once again of the paper bag he had with him and when I picked it up from the floor beside him, I pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey.

My eyes met his as he was unsure what was going to happen. The look on his face was one of a drug addict who was having their fix confiscated by the police at a time when they needed it the most. Nice beauty likes cock in her anal hardcore and russian never took my eyes off of his as I twisted the cap off. He looked more nervous by the second when I forcefully grabbed him by the back of the hair and yanked his head back.

Bringing the constant source of our misery quickly up to his mouth, I jammed the neck into his throat and emptied the bottle into his mouth. He choked and sputtered violently almost drowning in the process. Most poured out around his mouth or was coughed up while some sprayed out his nose.

I could only imagine how painful that was but again, I didn't care. "AAAHHH!! FUCK!" Was all Chuck was able to get out as he was starting to rethink how good his alcohol always made him feel.

I grabbed the roll of duct tape and tore off a small length while slapping it over his mouth to shut him up once and for all.

"Welcome to your intervention Chuck. This is now where you have a seat and shut your fuckin hole while we do all the talking and tell you how sick of your shit we really are." I said while having a seat next to mom in the middle of the couch. Mom suddenly started to grow more comfortable with the way things were turning out. I think she started to see where I was going with it and started to finally join in as I started the dialogue.

"Ya know Chuck. Mom and I were sitting here tonight after you left. We came to the agreement that you just don't know shit about how to please a woman because if you did, you wouldn't be the abusive prick that you are now. So, I plan on teaching you the right way to please a woman." Even with the tape on his mouth, he was still coughing and fighting his way through the burn.

"Ut uhh uck yoo ohh out leesing uh ohman?" He two matures anal sodo orgasm french amateur masturbating and rubbing through muffled voice. Even mom understood what he said as she now addressed him for the first time. As she was sitting very close against me, she reached over and untied the tie to my robe letting it fall open.

After what happened earlier, it didn't surprise me but Chuck's eyes got sober wide. She took my cock into her hand and held it up for her husband to see it. "I would say with a dick like the one on your son, he probably knows plenty about pleasing a woman. No doubt about it. He is much bigger than you. Maybe all these years you were right Chuck. Maybe he really isn't your kid." She studied the look on his face as she said that and I could see him turn red with rage even though he wasn't able to really say much.

One would think that her verbal bitch slap would be more than most men could take to their ego. Me, I would have thought that he would have just been happy hearing someone admit that he was right. After cutting him with her words, she stood up from the sofa directly in front of me and turned her back to Chuck. With a slow motion of her hand she undid the tie on her robe and held it wide open. He may have not been able to see her but I had a front row seat to the most beautiful view my eyes had ever seen.

I was staring directly at her pussy since it was at eye level with me. Her labia hung down slightly while looking ever so inviting and delicious. Just then it occurred to me that I had never tasted pussy before so what came natural was leaning forward and fingering her to get her nice and wet.

Mom threw her head back the more she was getting into it and her legs parted some more for my easier access. Once mom was well lubricated, I brought both of my hands to her firm ass cheeks that I was rapidly falling in love with. I could see trails of her juices running slowly down her inner thighs as I brought my mouth forward and started licking up those trails to get my first real taste.

If that's what the source tasted like, I was loving it. When I lapped up her flowing juices, I started to slowly kiss my way up her inner thighs. Once I reached the top, I ran my tongue around the inside and outside the folds of her lips. She moaned out loud when the tip of my tongue found her stiff clit and I gave it a series of loving flicks before taking it between my lips and sucking on it. I could feel her hands gripping my head tight as I was bringing her to the edge and I decided to mix things up a little by inserting my middle finger deep into her tight hole as I sucked.

The feeling was becoming too much for her, being orally serviced by her son while her husband was a few feet directly behind her watching the whole thing even if it was against his will. I couldn't see him with my face buried in moms pussy but I found myself briefly wondering just what was going through his mind right about now.

Mom suddenly put a halt to what I was doing and put her hands on my shoulders to ease me back against the couch. Once settled, she climbed up and sat into my lap straddling my legs with hers while putting her arms around my neck. Her lips met mine in a passionate kiss as she slid up and down in my lap.

My hard cock never entered her but she was sliding my cock between the lips of her wet pussy. I was in heaven as I couldn't resist grabbing a hold of moms ass cheeks once again with both my hands to meet her slides with my hip thrusts. Even though we both still had our robes on, to Chuck who was undoubtedly still watching us most likely thought we were actually fucking.

I was wanting so much to be inside of her that she probably read my mind. On the last slide, she raised up a little further than usual and paused at the top long enough to line the head of my cock up with her wet opening. Once she found her place, she slid down with ease taking my entire length deep inside of her. Our lips were still pressed while our tongues danced together and with the initial entry, she moaned into my mouth. "Oh fuck. Your big dick feels so good inside me Jason.

Fuck me baby. I didn't need much encouragement to continue what I was doing and mom seemed intent on cutting Chuck even more than he already was. With my hands still massaging her ass, I felt her reach back and raise the back of her robe up to gross xxx story film made porn her ass to Chuck.

He was now able to get his first real look of his sons cock sliding in and out of his wife's pussy. My cock was being squeezed with every thrust as moms pace quickened. If anything, this was a perfect example of turning a negative into a positive because the sensations she was giving me was more intense than anything I had ever felt. I had the sudden urge to open my mouth and take one of moms luscious tits inside since it was right in front of my face.

My tongue swirled her erect nipple trying to perk it up more than it already was before my lips surrounded her aureole to suck on her pink bud. "Oh yeah baby. You know exactly what you are doing." Said mom as she looked down to watch me nursing on her breast. A sight she hadn't seen for about fifteen years.

She leaned in close to my ear and whispered. "I can't believe we are doing this. I have never felt so sexually alive as I am right now. I love you Jason." As the night wore on, mom seemed a lot more comfortable than what she was a few hours ago. It was like she had discovered a new found sexual freedom she had either never had or had impure slave beautiful girl squirts hardcore bondage it years ago.

What was even better is that she was discovering it with her son who was giving her the love she needed to be herself. As she climbed off of me, my dick seemed like it took forever to slide out of her, still rock hard and glistening from her juices. I was a little confused at first wondering what mom was going to do next.

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However I was able to finally get another look at Chuck since mom and I had started having sex tonight. Until then I wasn't sure if he was even still alive or if he had finally choked to death since I hadn't heard a sound from him for a long while. He apparently was fine as his gaze was fixed heavily on the both of us.

His face was still red as there was a storm of mixed emotions japanese aerobic teacher get raped across his face. I punished teen he know where the taco shop is swear I actually saw a tear streaming down his face and for a very brief time I actually felt a little sorry for him for the first time in my life.

"To answer your question from earlier. He knows a lot about pleasing a woman. I am not sure where he learned it from because he sure as hell didn't learn it from you." I was taken back as mom just seemed to enjoy driving the knife in even further. She turned her back towards me and sat in my lap once again while guiding my cock back into her waiting pussy.

Once I was all the way in, she reclined against my chest and spread her legs wide as if she had her feet in stirrups. The stirrups in this case being myself holding her by the back of the knees as I fucked her. I think the particular position that she chose was more for Chucks benefit so she could give him an up close view of what he most likely will never be seeing again after tonight. It was rather her farewell fuck you to him. I took my right hand off of her knee since she was able to support it on the arm of the couch instead.

It allowed me a little freedom to use my hand elsewhere such as fondling her soft beautiful breasts while I pumped her with all that I had. Moms cunt was gripping me tightly with each thrust and I moved my hand from from her tit to slide it down her belly and to her clit. She jumped a little when I made contact with her little love nubbin and was now going crazy as I furiously massaged her.

It soon became a fun masturbation race with us as she reached down and gripped the bottom half of my cock and stroked me while the top half was still inside of her. The moaning in the room was getting louder and louder and I thought mom was going to spontaneously combust before she suddenly tensed, lifted up and withdrew my cock from her hot snatch.

What happened next still blows me away to this day just thinking about it. Chuck was directly in front of her maybe five feet away. When she lifted off of my cock, she quickly held it to the side and released a huge gush of fluid from her pussy.

Fuck me!! Mom is a squirter! I had often heard about it but have never actually seen it. Nor did I know if it was possible. Chuck, who had been directly in her aim was quickly soaked from head to toe and if he was dumbfounded, I was utterly speechless.

It was not only the coolest and funniest thing I had ever seen but it was also the ultimate "fuck you" for the years of abuse she had endured at the hands of this asshole.

He was going to get no pity from me and if I didn't know any better I would also say she deliberately planned to do that. When the last of her fluid was expelled, I sat in silence and when I glanced over at the drowned rat that was Chuck I burst out into laughter. Not only was he humiliated but his son found it hilarious fake public agent bus stop juli there wasn't a damn thing he could say or do about it.

Mom leaned back against me once again and took my cock back into her grip. She was still shaking from her massive orgasm but managed to re-insert me like a skilled pro as my cock slid back into her with amazing ease. Instead of masturbating me like before, she caressed my balls until I was now ready to cum. My own orgasm was just as powerful as moms. My incestuous seed filled her womb with more force than I had ever cum before. It was one thing to get yourself off but another when you are cumming inside a pussy for the first time like I was.

Mom stopped fucking with me to let me finish off inside of her as she threw her head back against my shoulder to enjoy the feeling. I could not only feel it but I am sure Chuck was actually seeing it. His own son's cock still buried in his wife's pussy but now with a thick load of cum oozing out of her and onto my balls. It had to be an obscene sight to witness but it's one I will never forget. I don't think either of us really expected tonight to happen the way it did.

Chuck will be Chuck and I just think Mom and I had spent so many years not knowing what love was but we found it lucky starr wants a nice cream pie in each other with no shame or regrets. Whether or not it really made any difference to Chuck, I could give a damn but I know mom and I made a difference to each other and that was all that mattered to me.

Mom and I made it a point to clean up while leaving him where he was at. We called the police who showed up rather promptly. Because of the statements we gave, the bruises on mom and the alcoholic evidence on Chuck, they believed me about self defense and took him to jail. Sure, he was out the next day and was given a court date but not before Mom and I were granted a restraining order on him.

That all happened about five years ago. We don't know whatever happened to Chuck but mom quickly divorced him. We heard through the grapevine that he found another woman gullible enough to put up with his shit. She may or may not know it yet but her life is bound to get a lot more interesting. As for mom and I, we have been much happier since. I had graduated from high school and support the both of us with a decent job.

Mom gave birth about four years ago to our beautiful daughter Emma. She doesn't know the truth yet about her mom and dad but I had long since made a solemn promise to myself and Emm that I was going to spend the rest of my life being the best dad I could possibly be to my little girl so she would never go through what I went through.