Young girl fuck in the gym two athletes

Young girl fuck in the gym two athletes
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End of the first year in College finally came to an end so Jess headed home to see Mom and Dad.She stopped on the way home to pick up some items that she would need this summer.She sees a familar face in the store."Hi Coach Dave Jess said.He seemed to be trying to figure out who it was,He finally figures out that it is Jess. "Hi Jess didnt know it was you, Diffrent hair color. "Yeah Freshman initiation for the Hockey team. Wow you made the team that is so good. "Well you did help out all the years that you coached the teams that I was on.

All the freshman got a new hair color and also lost some hair but that is another story." So nice to see you Jess but I have to pick up Jimmy at the after School program that he attends. "How has he been since your wife died. " He has some tough times being that he was in the car when that drunk driver hit them and his Mom was killed in the accident. "How have hot lesbian babes playing arround on cam been though. "I also have my good days.

"Well see you again soon Coach. Jess comes thru the door, "Mom I'm home. "Out her in the yard her Mother yells. "I saw Coach Dave at the store on the way over. "Sad about his wife. "Yeah I was asking him how My gorgeous busty gf getting fucked silly was and he said that he still is having problems with her death.

Jess goes back inside and heads up to her room to change,She wanted to try on the new bathing suit that she just bought. She puts on the top and ties it and looking in the mirror checking how it looks, She then takes off her pants and panties and puts on the bikini bottom, Oh man that is not gonna work. She can see the hairs sticking out the sides. No guy is gonna want to see pubic hair coming out of the sides of the bikini. Well when the girls on the team shaved her it felt really good and erotic.

She hoped into the bathroom and decided that she needed a trim. Thinking about how it felt totally shaved she decided to take it all off again.

Who knows she was thinking Maybe Coach would like to see her with out hair on her pussy. She had the biggest crush on him when he was her coach. Dave was only 25 when she was 16 and now she was 19 and he was just 28 and seeing him today made her feelings once again come out.

OK back to work, She trims the hairs and gets to work on shaving. Putting some warm water on her remaining hairs and them shaving cream. She seems to be getting wet with each stroke and with the pussy becoming balder.

There all done. She grabs the wash cloth and cleans off the rest of the shaving cream and dries her self off. Back in her room she cant help but play with her newly shaved pussy. She must have cum at least 3 times. Good thing Mom didnt hear her Moans. She knew that it felt good. Jess gets her self dressed and heads down stairs. Mom I am going out to meet up with Janie and Heather. Her old teamates at High School. Janie was not good enough to make her college team so she decided to play on the girls club team.

Heather was headed to school not to play sports but to become a Doctor, Something that she had told her Dad that she was going to be. Jess walked up the walkway and sees Janie on the deck and she yells " Hey Girl bet you wont believe who I saw when I got back today.

Janie thinks for a second "Hmm would it happen to be Coach Dave, "Come on Jess we all know you have the biggest crush on him.

"Yeah but he is so hot.

"Jess he is almost 30 Janie says. " So when is Heather coming over. "She is on her way over now Janie says. "Well I have to show both of you something when she gets here. "So was that the color that you chose or was it your teams choosing. "HAHA said Jess. Freshman initiation.

Heather pulls up in the new car. "Sweet ride Heather Jess says. "How did you get Daddy to buy you that. "My good grades Heather says. The three hug and head into the house.

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"Mom we are going to be in my busty babe pussy stimulate by water jet. "Ok honey her Mom says.

Jess unable to hold back her news. "You guys have to see what I did. '' What Heather says did you finally have sex with Coach Dave. "HA HA Jess says No and then she pulls down her shorts showing her freshly shaved pussy to the girls." Oh Wow that looks hot Janie says. I bet it feels good."Oh yeah it does Jess says and I cant wait for Coach Dave to see it.

"How are you going to do that. " Well I plan on going over to see how Jimmy is and then I will work it into the conversation, " Yeah right Heather says.

Jess calls her Mom and tells her that she and the girls are going to be heading out to get something to eat so she will not be home for dinner. Heather asked her how does her shaved pussy taste," Well why dont you find out.

Jess takes off her shorts and panties and lies on the bed and shows it off for the girls. Janie says to Jess " You have to shave my pussy for me.

"Oh wait if you are going to do hers you have to do mine to says Heather. Ok girls but everyone is going to think that we are Lesbians. " No way Heather says I love my boyfriends big cock. "Janie says yeah I also love a big cock but there is nothing like licking a girls pussy. All three are now totally naked and Jess is the one that has the pleasure of shaving both of them. All done Jess says to Janie. " Wow that looks nice, Ok Heather your turn. '' Oh I cant wait to be licking Heathers pussy Janie says.

Heather takes off her shorts and the girls see a nice wet spot on her panties," Ooh someone is wet already. "What seeing you shave her made me hot.

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Soon all three are totally shaved and admiring eachs pussy. " Janie grabs them both and puts them on the bed next to each other and proceeds to lick Heathers pussy and soon she is moaning and and getting close to her second orgasm.

" Jess your next. "I am going to save mine for Dave. The three get dressed and get ready to head out. Jess wakes up the next day knowing that she is going to have sex with her ex Hockey coach and she is excited.

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She starts with a hot shower and makes sure that she has at least one orgasm then. After Breakfast she tells her Mom that she is going to visit Coach and his sn Jimmy. Mom Says have a good time and say hello from your Dad and Me. "OK see you later. She hops in her car and soon she is parking in front of his house. She walks up to the front door and rings the bell, Jimmy answered the door. " Hi Jimmy remember me.We used to ride together to practice with your dad.

" Oh hey Jess how are you?. "Nice hair color Jimmy says. "Yeah not my chosen color. But it will grow out. " So how was your school year. " I know it cant be easy with what you went thru with the accident. "Yeah also couldnt play hockey this year due to the injuries.

But I am now a junior so I have two more years to get better. Dave comes into the room. " Hey Jess once again seeing that hair color is something that I am going to have to get used to. "Oh that is OK Dave it will grow out in no time. So was the hair coloring the only initiation thing that you had to go thru. "NO we also had to lose some hair. But I wont say where. " Dave shakes foot and pantyhose fetish tube porn head and says I think I know where you lost some.

" Dad I am going to head out for a bike ride Jimmy tells his Dad. "Ok have a good time. "Sweet he is going out I have Dave all to my self Japanese love story porm movie says.

" So Dave did you want to see where I am hairless. " Wow Jess I was your Hockey coach. "Yeah but I always had the biggest crush on you Dave and now that I am old enough I want to have sex with you.

" Dave says I am not sure that is the best thing for the two of us at this time. " Jess says well let me show you something first and then of you dont want to I will leave. Jess takes off her shorts and then proceeds to take off her panties and shows Dave her shaved pussy.

He looks at her and then says OK I think I am going to have to lick that pussy. Jess lays on the bed and takes off her bra and then she sees Dave taking off his pants and the one thing she is hoping is that he has a big cock. Dave takes off his shorts and his cock already hard from seeing her shaved pussy.

His cock is about 9 inches long and Jess can not believe it. But she so wants to have that in her mouth and then inside her. Dave walks over and tells her." Suck on my cock. "Dont make me get my whistle like when i was your coach. Jess takes his cock into her mouth and he can tell that sweet honey gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore has some experience with giving Blowjobs.

She is using her tongue on the balls and also the sides of his cock and he feels himself getting ready to lose his load. Jess can tell he is getting ready to cum but she continues to lick his cock and then she takes him into her mouth just as he is cumming and she takes it all in her mouth and then swallows all of his cum. " Ok the next load that you have I am taking in my pussy Coach. Jess takes his cock back into her mouth to get him hard again. Dave wants to eat her shaved pussy so he suggests a 69 to her and she is soon on his lap in the right position for her to suck his cock and him to get his tongue in her sweet shaved pussy.

Dave is licking her pussy and he can hear her moans even though she has his cock buried in her mouth, She starts to shake and moan some more, Dave knows she is cumming and he knows that he wants to fuck her. Jess hops off his lap and then gets ready to put his big cock into her pussy. She gets on top and starts to rub her clit with his cock and then puts it in her pussy and she is amazed at how big it is and she can feel it all the way inside her pussy. They try multiple positions and Jess is so ready to feel his cum inside her pussy so bad.

She tells Dave " Give me your load now" Dave can feel his balls tighten and knows he is about to cum. He starts to Moan and releases his load deep into her pussy.

Jess starts saying yes cum deep in my pussy. I want to have your child. I want you to knock me up. Daves cock slides out of her pussy and they both lie on the bed next to each other spent. Summer was coming to and end and Jess was getting her things ready to head back to College. It had been the best summer that she had ever had, She visited her coach a lot during the summer and was so trying to conceal her little baby bump when she went back to school. But coach knew and he was not telling anyone.

He is hoping for a boy and also when she will be back for winter break.