Chinese slut taking a bath with a webcam hardcore and blowjob

Chinese slut taking a bath with a webcam hardcore and blowjob
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19 Re-Posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Black, Blowjob, Boys/Teen Female, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Group Sex, Wife, Written by women Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Originally Posted Mon 24th of November 2014 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal Introduction: my further adventures From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19 I'm going to sit up and read for awhile Paul. See you in the morning have a good sleep. You'll probably be asleep by the time I come up to bed." I said walking to the kitchen and then outside to the patio.

"Hey bitch Coach Tyrone is your new next door Junior College football coach and his team has just gotten home next door to talk over some plays for next weeks game. I suggest you go over and meet him." Jason said meeting me as I entered the living room.

I wasn't surprised to see Jason sitting out on the patio waiting for me but was surprised to see my husband's hot looking apprentices Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve sitting around on the couch and chairs facing Jason. "We couldn't wait until tomorrow to fuck your hot body Joan." Greg said rubbing his bare chest with one hand while massaging the huge bulge in his shorts with his other large hand. Carl was also bare chested and had undone his shorts pushing them down his muscular legs looking up at me.

"Like what you see slut." He said wrapping his large hand around his thick ten inch cock. "It's all yours to wrap those pretty lips around. I wanted to go next door to meet up with Coach Tyrone and his football team." I answered and smiled licking my lips just as the front door opened.

"Why would you want to do that?" A six-six bare chested muscular black man in his early thirties asked walking around the side of the house followed by a bunch of bare footed, bare chested Junior College aged post-teenagers none shorter than six three. Everyone of them black and muscular wearing tight jean shorts. "Come on in boys." "You want to fuck me right here Tyler." I answered. "I gathered your the football coach from next door." I was hoping he would be home soon.

Where is his your wife?" I asked. "Don't worry about her. She is in bed sleeping already." Jason answered just like my wife. Come on I need another go with you as well. Those hot football players will want to fuck you four or five times so hurry up bitch and take those clothes off. What if Coach Tyrones wife wakes up and comes outside and looks over the hedge looking for him?" I asked.

"Don't worry my wife's a sound sleeper." Coach Tyler answered. "What about your husband looking out the window?" "I happen to know my husband is a sound sleeper and falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow especially after I give him his sleeping this wicked legal age teenager beauteous girl and he is probably asleep right now. Plus our bed room faces the street." I answered.

"You had a good idea coming here after all Jason." Coach Tyrone spoke up. "We wouldn't have want to wake up Jason's wife that's for sure. I have noticed since sexy sandra rides on a big dick has given birth to our eldest son now three and now our new born she never sleeps through the night and often wakes up.

I can think of an excuse to leave but sure could never think up a good enough excuse for gang banging our hot next door neighbors hot wife." "It's a nice warm night and the back yard is pretty much exclusive from view because of the hedges around the outside.

Why not get it on in my back yard." I moaned and licked my lips looking at the two dozen firm, muscular tall black boys all just past their late teens and now in their early to middle twenties.

"Let's hurry up I'm so fucking horny I can't stand still a minute longer." "Sure thing. You heard the slut men." Coach Tyrone said ripping the front of his T-shirt until it was in shreds and following through the house to the back yard. He undid his jeans but before he had to push them down I was on my knees in front of him with thick girl enjoys a large black cock hand on each side of his tight jeans.

I gripped them in my hands and tugged them down his muscular legs along with his tight white undershorts. His huge cock slapped my cheek and I could feel his hot pre-cum dripping down my cheek to my chin. "Mmmmmmmmmmm this looks like one delicious tube steak to me." I moaned.

"Don't just stand their men yank her dress off her and fuck either her hot pussy or ass. Look the way she's wiggling that ass of hers for us." Jason said raising his voice. I felt my shirt then my blouse being ripped from my body and felt a pair of hands gripping my ass cheeks and pulling them apart.

"Wow look at that cum dripping pussy and ass hole. It looks like she's got two pussies. I'm going for that hot ass with my ten inch thick pole." I heard the hot post teenager yelling behind me. "Ram that big black ten inch cock in my cum dripping pussy Adrian." I moaned then opened my mouth taking in Tyrone's huge thick cock half way down my throat.

I felt Tyrone's huge hands gripping my head as he shoved still more of his thick cock down my throat. "Shit this bitch really is a bitch dog in heat Jason just like you told us she was." Adrian moaned and slapped my ass cheeks good and hard. He pulled his cock out of my ass completely and I wanted to yell for him to push it all the way in my ass again.

Of course I couldn't say a word because in the mean time Tyrone had pulled his thick cock out until only his huge cock head was in my mouth stopping me from uttering a single word.

Just then at the same time Tyrone rammed his cock in my mouth and down my throat the hot man behind me rammed his thick cock into my ass as far as he could. I felt his huge cum filled balls smacking my hot cum dripping pussy. I pushed my ass back trying to get as much as that huge cock inside my ass as I could.

At the same time I moaned around Tyrone's thick ten inch cock with my saliva running out of the corners of my mouth around it. "Fuck she's hot for my cock. She looks like a real bitch in heat the way she keeps pushing her ass back on my cock." Adrian moaned.

"Take my cock slut but you're going to make me shoot already." "Good because I need that hot pussy." I saw a six foot six black muscular teenager standing beside Coach Tyrone moaning wrapping his big hand around his at least eleven inch thick cock.

His huge balls were swinging under his huge cock. "Damn I need that pussy in the worse way." "So do we Dean." A hot six four her craving pussy wants to cum for you muscular teenager yelled standing on the coach's left side moaned. "I get her fucking pussy then." The muscular six foot five black teenager yelled standing on the right side of the coach.

"I bet's she'll enjoy your foot long cock in her hot cunt Mike." Dean cheered. "I need her ass." Another stud yelled. "I need her throat coach." Yet another hot black stud yelled. "You will all get your turns just jack off all over her in the mean time guys." Coach Tyrone moaned.

I knew the Coach was shooting his giant load into my pussy by the way his cock was vibrating in my throat. From behind me I felt Adrian ram his entire cock into my ass and his cock grow thicker and knew he was also shooting a lovely big load in my ass the same time Coach Tyrone was shooting his load down my throat. They both pulled their cocks out of my ass and throat the same time. Coach Tyrone shot another load all over my face while Adrians second load went across my back as well as his third, fourth and fifth loads.

"Now that I've shot my load in the slut's stomach not to mention all over her face, who's next." Coach Tyrone asked stepping away from me letting some other hot stud a chance to take his place.

"I'm next for the slut's hot throat." Dean yelled. "Fuck she looked great sucking your cock Coach." "How about my pussy. Who's going to fuck my hungry pussy?" I asked pushing my ass back. "I will." Mike yelled walking up to me waving his foot long thick cock. "I see you stareing at my thick foot long cock bitch not to mention Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve cocks.

You really are a fucking bitch dog in heat." "Don't worry Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve all of you will get to fuck her as well studs." Jason yelled. "Yes, oh yes I am Mike.

I need cock, lots and lots of big cock with loads and loads of cum packed in their swinging balls." I heard myself moaning. "Don't worry about the loads of cum slut.

Crowd around Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve boys and jack off while the two studs fuck her throat and pussy. Get over there Dean and Mike also." Jason moaned. I was soon surrounded by the hot looking tall early twenties men with their balls swaying back and forth as they walked. Each took a hold of their big thick cocks the same time Dean grabbed my head in his big hands and rammed his cock head in my open mouth. From behind I felt Mike slap each of my ass cheeks hard before pushing his huge black geek noemie bilas fuck with a hot stud head into my cum dripping pussy.

"Fuck I love a well used pussy. It's the best." Mike moaned. "I love this hot mouth and fucking her throat in her very own back yard where her husband could wake up and look out their bed room window makes this all the more exciting." Dean moaned while ramming his thick cock in my mouth and all the way down my throat with his huge cum filled balls pressed against my bottom lip. I heard Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve moaning and felt their hot cum spurting all over my back, face any exposed skin that wasn't covered by Mike's or Dean's muscular bodies.

I was dripping with cum when I heard Dean moaning out loud. "I'm shooting my hot load in your mouth." I then felt Dean grip my hip with his huge hands as he seem to freeze and yell. "I'm shooting my load in that hot pussy slut." He pulled his cock out of my slippery cum filled pussy the same time Mike pulled his cock out of my mouth they both shot second loads as two more studs pushed them out of the way and took their places.

The two studs taking their places yelled. "Get over here you tired out football studs and jack off on this bitch double blowjob for it guy she seduces sean to get his massive cock I fuck her hot ass." Ted I'm sure you want her fucking throat. Right Ted." "You have that right Ken." Ted answered. "Open your mouth real wide slut!" I didn't need to be asked twice and opened my mouth wide surrounded once more only by the black jr. college football studs this time.

I let Ted push his purple headed mushroom shaped cock head into my wide open mouth before pushing my head forward swallowing half his nine inch extremely thick cock. "Fuck the slut really is hungry for my cock." Ted moaned.

"You have that right she's pushing that hot ass back so my cock is pushing into her over flowing cum filled ass. Fuck she has a lot of cum in her ass." I heard Ken moan behind me. "It feels great fucking a pre-lubricated anal cavity." Soon Ken had a good grip of my slippery hips and was ramming his huge cock in and out of my hot ass hole while Ted rammed his entire cock down my throat bringing it all the way out of my mouth except for his huge cock head only to push it back down my throat again.

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While the two hot studs fucked me all the football studs jacked off all around me and soon I felt their hot loads of cum flying across my body covering my body with even more hot cum. I must have looked like a real cum slut by now.

I want a go at her Greg said and I am sure so does Carl." Greg shouted.

"I want that hot pussy." "That's good because I want that hot throat Carl moaned walking up to me as soon as Ted walked away from me and rammed his cock into my mouth.

Behind me Greg took Ken's place and rammed his huge cock into my starving pussy and rammed his cock pushing past my hard clit. "Fuck she's hot for my cock. Her clit is huge." Greg moaned. If my throat hadn't been filled with Carl's huge cock I would have yelled just fuck me Greg and fuck me hard never mind my clit.

I didn't have to say anything anyway because Greg began to really power drive his cock in and out of my hungry pussy. Soon Carl and Greg were driving me wild with desire as they really gave me a good hard fucking. They were both soon yelling. "I'm cumming bitch. Take my load bitch. They along with even more football players shooting their loads in and all over my cum covered body. Two more hot studs Larry and Jeff then Sam and Hank followed my Steve and Coach Jason once more.

Once more Coach Tyrone fucked me followed by the entire football team. All the football team fucked me three times as well as Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve of course. By this time the sun was beginning to rise in the east.

"I better clean up guys it was a great night of getting fucked and it looks like you guys are all tired out from fucking me all night. To tell you the truth I could go another round but I do have to get cleaned up before hubby wakes up. Goodnight guys" I said. The guys hosed me down with the garden hose to make sure I wasn't going to leak cum into the house and I dried off before grabbing my house coat and going back inside. The hot football players as well as Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank, Steve, Coach Jason and Coach Tyrone all hosed themselves down and got dressed before they left for home.

I just got finished in the washroom when I heard Paul getting up and walking down the hall. "Good morning Paul." I greeted him opening the bathroom door.

Have you got a busy day at the construction site?" "Yes Greg, Carl, Larry, Jeff, Sam, Hank and Steve get to sleep in this morning because I won't need them until noon.

Oh yes! I did check up on the soccer championship and it's next weekend. Is it still okay to have the boys over next weekend. Steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore are a tough bunch of men and remember they are all black and putting on a lot of muscle.

"I'm the one that suggested the weekend long marathoner soccer Paul of course it's okay and make sure you give them those blue vitamin pills all week so they are awake to watch the game." I answered. "I know your not a real soccer fan what will you do all weekend?" Paul asked me. "You just finished fixing the upstairs so there is a kitchen. I will read my favorite novels, watch soaps Friday and Monday and just relax all weekend.

Don't worry about me. It will be nice to have the air conditioning. It is supposed to be really hot next weekend." I answered. "Okay if you say so I'll just have my shower and have coffee at work.

See you tonight Joan." Paul said kissing me on my cheek and headed to the washroom. Then he turned around. What have you got planned for the day. It's the weekend. I will be working all weekend so you won't see me most of the weekend." "Don't worry about me I will head down town on the bus and do some window shopping." I answered. "You know I always find something to occupy my time Paul." This ends Chapter 19 of From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19.

I sure remember man tiger xxx full vido I occupied my weekend. I went to the movies look for it in Chapter 20.