Astounding sex for sexy ebony hardcore and big butt

Astounding sex for sexy ebony hardcore and big butt
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Chapter 8: Day 2 with Big Joe Hannah wasn't sure what time she fell asleep, but she knew it took at least several hours. Cheeks in club screwed undress dancer striptease hardcore never been in so much pain before.

The skin on her breasts, ass, and vagina all felt like it had been sanded off, and her raw asshole was so excruciatingly torn and stretched. Perhaps worst of all, however, was having Big Joe's rancid, sweat-soaked socks in her mouth all night long.

The sour taste of them was so awful and each time she had to swallow Hannah almost puked in her mouth. "Rise and shine bitch!" Hannah heard the goliath shout, as he rolled her onto her belly and began unlocking the cuffs on her limbs. The moment Big Joe removed the duct tape from her mouth Hannah instantly spewed the man's socks out and coughed in total repulsion. She wiped her lips back and forth and spat out as much saliva as she could, wanting to get the taste of the Outlaw's nasty feet out of her mouth.

As he watched the little Asian fuck-meat whimpering miserably Big Joe could already feel his cock getting hard. "Alright bitch let's go, get your fucking ass on the bed," Big Joe commanded, grabbing the Asian's hair and yanking her to her feet.

"Please just stop!!" Hannah begged, thrashing around as the huge biker bent her over the edge of the mattress. In seconds Big Joe cuffed the Asian's hands behind her back and held her struggling little body still while he got into position behind her. He grabbed Hannah's thighs and jerked them wide apart before putting the tip of his massive cock against her bruised, aching pussy.

Hannah screamed in pain as the huge Outlaw brutally ripped his penis deep into her cunt with she begs for her juicy cunt to be pounded hard and fas pov powerful thrust.

"Aaaaaauuuuugggghhhhhhh!!!" Hannah squealed in pure agony, shaking her head wildly as Big Joe began fucking her in a ferocious rhythm. "Oh yeah bitch! I know that's gotta hurt!" The biker laughed, hooking his fingers into the petite Asian's mouth while he viciously pounded her tight vagina. "Aaaauuggghhh!! Uuuaaagghhhhh!!!" Hannah screeched, closing her eyes and weeping in sheer torture. After the insane beating her cunt had taken last night, each furious thrust from Big Joe was mind-bogglingly excruciating.

Her pussy had never before felt so raw and sensitive, and now it felt like the hole was getting scalded by a piece of red-hot iron. For the first time Hannah wanted it all to end, and for Big Joe to simply kill her and put her out of this hellish existence.

It took several long minutes, but the Outlaw did finally cum inside the weeping Asian. He drove his giant shaft as deep as he could into Hannah's cunt and proceeded to deposit his load inside the miserable girl. As soon as he was finished Big Joe pulled out of the Asian and leaned back, taking a few seconds to admire her well-stretched vagina.

Big Joe laughed victoriously as a river of sperm began quickly oozing out of the hole. In less than 30 minutes the biker and his fuck-meat were out of the dingy motel and back on the road. Hannah was on her side, of course, with her hands tied behind her and her mouth stuffed full of the Outlaw's huge penis. Tears were streaming down the Asian's cheeks as she was forced to listen to Big Joe talk about how wonderfully tight she was, and how he planned on destroying her asshole again later tonight.

For the next several hours the two made about a dozen stops all over the place, and it was pretty much a repeat of what Hannah had to go through the night before. They visited a variety of seedy men, from different biker gangs to drug dealers to other shady criminals and thugs. Most of the meetings involved Big Joe purchasing illegal goods like weapons and heroin.

Hannah, of course, was luscious teen angel kisses lips of her boyfriend homemade hardcore used to sweeten the transactions. Her duties ranged from giving a single blowjob for some extra firearms ammunition to getting brutally gangbanged for two hours by six bikers in exchange for an extra $3,000 worth of cocaine. Hannah was crying wretchedly as Big Joe dragged her over to the truck by her hair.

Her daisy-dukes were soaked with cum and her bra was nubiles strip to bounce on dick hardcore blowjob clinging to her arm.

She'd just been savagely raped by a very large and sadistic black friend of Big Joe's. He'd spent almost an hour beating her and pummeling her anus, and Hannah could barely walk she was in so much pain. Her face was covered in the Negro's sperm after he'd spewed all over it just minutes earlier. "That's a good little whore," Big Joe lauded the Asian, opening the door of his truck and shoving her inside. "Let's head over to Jimmy's, so you can meet some other piece of shit whores like yourself." Hannah grumbled in despair as the Outlaw climbed into the truck and quickly grabbed her hair and forced the Asian to take his dick in her mouth.

He hadn't fucked her all day and Big Joe's massive cock was fully erect. Hannah whined miserably as the biker held the back of her head and slammed her face down his penis as far as he could, until almost all of it was packed inside her little throat. He kept the Asian's mouth stuffed like this for the next 20 minutes as he drove quickly toward his destination.

"Get up slut, we're here," Big Joe said, pulling Hannah's mouth off his rock-hard shaft. Hannah began coughing violently as soon as the biker dislodged his penis from her mouth and throat.

She looked out the window and saw a dirty little tavern with the word "Jimmy's" atop it in bright neon letters. There were dozens of motorcycles and trucks parked in front of the shanty building.

Big Joe quickly exited the truck, came around, and grabbed Hannah by her hair before yanking her out and hauling her toward the noisy tavern. As soon as the pair entered through the front doors they were given a warm greeting from the many bikers and customers inside. There were probably about a dozen Outlaws inside the bar and way more drunken customers. Loud rock music was blaring through several large speakers all over the place.

There was a small stage and pole near the corner of the tavern and Hannah instantly noticed a young, very slender Latina dancing atop it. She was about 5'6" and no more than 105 lbs. She had on nothing but a tiny white g-string and black 6" heels on her feet. Even from across the room Hannah could see that the girl was very despondent and not stripping up there by choice. The girl's name was Rosalie Almonte and she was just 19 years old and a freshman at some New York college. Her father was a wealthy businessman but also a heavy gambler, and he'd become deeply indebted to some very unscrupulous and ruthless individuals.

To save his life, he'd agreed to give them the only thing they would accept in place of his debts: his youngest and most beautiful daughter. The men were well connected with the Outlaws, and after enjoying Rosalie for a few weeks, they pawned her to the bikers in return for a large shipment of heroin and marijuana.

That exchange had happened almost four months ago and the lovely Latina had been pleasuring dozens of Outlaws and other men every single day since. Rosalie was an exquisitely beautiful young girl, with a very slender body, magnificently long legs, and perfect kagney loves to get oiled before shagging breasts.

She was of Dominican Republic descent, and had the exotic features of a Latina celebrity, with long black hair that fell all the way to her mid-back. Hannah watched in dismay as Rosalie squatted down in front of several horny men that were sitting in front of the stage. The young Latina was clearly trying to hold back tears as she spread her legs wide and pulled her g-string to the side, exposing her vagina to the rowdy pack of drunken patrons.

After a few seconds, the girl turned her head to the side and closed her eyes while she reached down and began rubbing her pussy in an obscene manner for the group of men.

"She's a hot little bitch ain't she?" Big Joe asked, as he noticed Hannah staring at the Latina. "She's got a super tight pussy too, just like you. I think I'm gonna have to give her a good fucking later on." Suddenly a pair of burly Outlaws marched onto the stage and grabbed Rosalie by her arms.

The 19-year-old screamed in fear as the men hauled her off the platform and toward the rear of the bar. Hannah noticed an equally large, dirty-looking john following the two bikers into the back corridor. She could hear the Latina crying and begging nonstop as she disappeared through a pair of double-doors.

"Hmmm looks like they're tricking out the spic cunt," Big Joe declared. "That means the boys are fucking that stupid little Miranda bitch. Let's go see whore." "Please just let me go!" Hannah cried, as the behemoth marched her to the back of the tavern.

Hannah whimpered in fear and loathing as all of the men she passed by shouted degrading remarks at her. Some even reached out and pinched her ass or groped her breasts. In just seconds, however, she was hauled through the back doors and down a long hallway. Hannah felt a shiver run flexible ebony girl treated like a doll her spine as she heard a girl shrieking in agony from a room nearby. When Big Joe got to it he pushed the door open so that both he and the Asian could look inside.

Hannah was not very surprised to see that the muffled screams were coming from Rosalie. The Latina was strapped to a grimy mattress, on her back with her arms and legs pulled wide and tied to the corners of the bed frame.

The skinny girl was being smothered by an enormous, hairy customer who was madly pounding into her cunt from above. She had a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, though the only part of the Latina that Hannah could see where her long, straining legs as she tried to endure the horrible fucking.

"Pretty fucking cool ain't it?" Big Joe said, smiling as he watched the suffering young Latina. "Shit, just another night of work for this little whore. She's gotta make that money!" Hannah stared up at Big Joe in astonishment and revulsion. She still could not believe just how totally evil he and the other bikers were.

Big Joe laughed and watched the savage rape for a little while longer before closing the door and continuing down the hall with the Asian in tow. When they got to the end, the Outlaw opened another door and jerked Hannah inside. "Aaaoowww!! Fuck!!

God please stop!!!" Hannah instantly heard some girl wail in pain. She looked to the side of the room and saw a stunning, very young blonde getting absolutely pummeled by two giant Outlaws on a couch. The girl's name was Miranda Mangini and she was very petite—just 5'1" and roughly 95 lbs.

She was trapped between the bikers, as the one sitting had his cock buried deep in her snatch while the other stood behind her and violently hammered rimjob and anal with sexy blonde ass licking stockings at her asshole.

She was completely naked and crying miserably while the pair of Outlaws raped her hard. Like Hannah, Miranda was a relatively new slave to the Outlaws, and the story of how she came to be one was typical of most of their fuck-toys. Just two months ago, the sassy little 15-year-old had been walking home after a late night party in her hometown of Santa Fe when a a big cock for sexy lindsey meadows pervert pulled up alongside her and tossed her into his van.

He'd immediately called a few Outlaws he knew and agreed to sell her to them for $10,000. Just like that, Miranda went from the hottest and most popular sophomore at her high school to just another whore for the Outlaws.

She'd been in the hands of the biker gang for less than two weeks, but Miranda had gotten plenty of cocks stuffed in all her tight little holes during that time. While they typically used their slaves for making money, the Outlaws had whored out Miranda just twice so far.

At the moment they much preferred keeping the young blonde for themselves. Even though she was only 15 years old, Miranda had such a hot little body. Unlike other girls her age she was already developing some nice little curves, with a very firm and bubbly ass, a slim waist, and the roundest, perkiest set of tits imaginable.

And the little bitch obviously loved showing off her physique too, as was evidenced by the tiny skirt and halter she'd been wearing on the night of her abduction. "Oh shit what's up Big Joe?" Hannah heard someone call out warmly. "What's going on bro?" The mountainous biker replied, acknowledging his friend who was sitting at a desk and watching a computer monitor.

On the screen was a live, black-and-white feed from the room where Rosalie was getting raped. The video camera had been mounted toward the corner of the ceiling, and provided a nice aerial shot of the mattress that the Latina was tied to.

It was impossible to see her face at the moment, as the man on top of her was gigantic and completely smothering her. The only parts of the girl that were visible were her arms and legs that were pulled wide and tied to the corners of the bed frame. There was no audio either, which was a shame. Big Joe could imagine how hard the girl must have been screaming as the john fucked her savagely.

Hannah looked around now and noticed for the first time that there were quite a few Outlaws inside the spacious room. She wasn't sure how many exactly, but there were at least 10 of them, and they'd all stopped what they were doing as they grinned at her hungrily. All of the men had fucked her three days ago at the old warehouse, though Hannah did not recognize anyone of them in particular.

That day was simply a blur to her at this point—a blur of countless cocks smashing her mouth, cunt, and asshole. "Oh my God please!! Please just stop!! IT HURTS!!!" The little blonde squealed in agony, as the Outlaw behind her continued to slam his cock into her anus. "How long ya'll been fucking her?" Big Joe asked a pair of bikers who were playing pool nearby.

"Oh you know, pretty much all night so far," one of them replied. "Tim and Eddie got dibs on her next I think." "Cool. Is she starting to behave a little better?" Big Joe inquired, eyeing the struggling little blonde whore.

"Little by little," the other biker responded. "We've been beating her ass pretty good the past few days, showing her who's boss." "Yo Big Joe, you gonna share that Asian slut with us or what man?" Another Outlaw across the room shouted. "Shit, why the fuck not," the giant responded, tugging down on Hannah's hair and forcing her to look up at him. "You're cool with that, right? I know you like getting all them holes fucked at the same time." "Please no," the Asian said beseechingly, a look of pure terror on her face.

"Relax bitch, I stretched you out good last night remember?" Big Joe shot back. "Besides, these boys all want a piece of your Asian ass. That little bitch over there is busy, as you can see." Hannah shrieked in fear as Big Joe shoved her toward a group of Outlaws nearby. Four of them quickly grabbed her and took her to a mattress at the corner of the room. They stripped her slutty garments off in just seconds and Hannah was soon on her hands and knees.

She wailed in torment as one of the bikers drove his cock deep into her pussy while another knelt in front of her and forced his penis into her mouth. As the duo began cruelly fucking her Big Joe left the room and made his way back toward where Rosalie was. When he opened the door, the john was just beginning to climax and roared in ecstasy. He sank his entire massive cock inside the Latina and held it inside the squirming girl.

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Big Fasadnye setki sankt peterburge v watched patiently as the man filled the condom on his dick. Although the Outlaws never wore rubbers, they required that the patrons do so. When he was finished, the huge john pulled out of the young girl and removed the nasty condom from his penis.

It was swollen with sperm and he threw it into a nearby trash can containing at least a dozen others like it. "Thanks buddy," the customer said happily to Big Joe, as he pulled on his clothes and left the room. Now it was just Big Joe and Rosalie inside the small room. The Latina, however, did not seem to realize he was there. Her eyes were closed and she was weeping into the ball-gag in absolute misery.

Her skinny body was trembling badly as she tried to recover from the brutal assault. The Outlaw stood in front of Rosalie and looked down at her gaping, mangled vagina in appreciation.

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"I see you're working hard slut," Big Joe said, startling the young girl as he reached down and groped her aching pussy. "I've missed you bitch, and this tight little pussy here. You ready for me?" Rosalie looked up and instantly screamed in wide-eyed terror as soon as she saw the colossal biker. The Latina began crying in complete horror and disbelief and pulled frantically at the bonds on her wrists and ankles. It was clear from the look in her eyes that this was not her first encounter with Big Joe.

"Aaaaggggghhhhh!!!" Rosalie screeched into the ball-gag, as Big Joe removed his pants and got into position between the Latina's long legs. "Oh fuck yes," the Outlaw moaned, laying atop the 19-year-old beauty while he sank his enormous cock into her vagina. "Aaaauuuggghhhh!!!" The Latina screamed, squirming around terribly as Big Joe quickly crammed nearly his entire dick inside of her.

Big Joe wasted no time and quickly got down to business, viciously hammering the poor girl's vagina with lovesome sweetie is gaping narrowed crack in closeup and coming his strength.

He was here for two things only—to pleasure himself and to hurt Rosalie. The Latina's shrieks were piercing inside the small, dingy room as Big Joe fucked her with long, powerful thrusts. He hadn't fucked Hannah all day, and now proceeded to take out his pent-up lust on the poor 19-year-old coed. "Stop that crying bitch! I know you like a big fat cock in this nasty pussy of yours!" The Outlaw growled, pressing his huge, hairy chest into the Latina's face while he brutally raped her.

"AAAUUGGGHHHH!!!" Rosalie screamed, her gorgeous eyes bulging in shock and agony as Big Joe slammed almost all 11" of his dick inside her vagina. Rosalie's cunt was starting to bleed badly as the titanic biker continued to pound the outmatched orifice. The girl's muffled shrieks were full of suffering and tears were streaming down her face onto the mattress.

It took an eternity—almost ten minutes—but Big Joe finally climaxed, filling the Latina with a vast load of cum. When he pulled out of her, a sea of sperm immediately flowed from the girl's gaping pussy. "Fuck that was nice, you little spic bitch," Big Joe huffed, staring at the sobbing Latina while he pulled his pants and underwear back on.

When he finished getting dressed the Outlaw untied the leather bindings from Rosalie's limbs and removed the ball-gag from her mouth. He picked up her white g-string from the floor and tossed it at the girl, ordering her to don the skimpy garment. Rosalie continued crying miserably while she slowly rolled the whorish panties up her slender legs.

As soon as she did, Big Joe grabbed her long black hair and hauled the exhausted Latina out of the room. "Please leave me alone!!" Rosalie begged, staggering behind the massive biker in her slutty high-heels as he marched her back to the bar.

Rosalie was met with a warm reception from the many drunken patrons as soon as she emerged. They all gazed hungrily at her as Big Joe dragged her back to the stage. Many of them reached out and slapped her ass or tits as she passed by them. The Latina was still crying from the brutal pounding Big Joe had given her and she was having great difficulty even walking straight.

The Outlaw roughly shoved Rosalie onto the little platform and ordered her to compilation of cock hungry babes getting cumshots dancing. "Bitch I said start fucking dancing!" Big Joe growled, as the sobbing girl knelt on the stage and covered her face with her hands. Rosalie winced as she got to her feet and slowly began swaying her body awkwardly to the rock and roll music.

The dozen or so seats in front of the stage were quickly occupied by horny, drunken male spectators. They instantly began shouting obscene comments as the young Latina started dancing more seductively, turning around and flashing them her sexy little ass. Big Joe stood just a few feet from the girl and nodded in approval. When she turned back around and spread her legs he grinned proudly at her g-string that was soaked with his sperm.

Rosalie's face went flush as several of the men commented on the cum-stain, calling her a filthy and worthless whore. She closed her eyes and struggled to not break down in tears while she danced for the jeering slobs.

Not even ten minutes passed before the same pair of Outlaws appeared onto the stage and took hold of Rosalie's arms. The Latina instantly screamed in terror and struggled frantically as the two bikers easily dragged her off the stage. She continued to kick and fight with them as they hauled her back to the filthy room, while horny hot jasmin jae loves to fuck huge cock grotesquely fat man old enough to be her grandfather followed her inside.

"Please stop this! I can't take anymore!! Please just stop, leave me alone!!" Rosalie begged, as the Outlaws yanked her g-string off and quickly tied her to the bed spread-eagle.

"You want her gagged?" One of the bikers asked the john, who was already naked and waiting anxiously to fuck the skinny Latina. "No it's okay, I don't mind hearing the bitch scream," the old slob replied, grabbing a condom from a nearby table women forced tstrip in public sliding it onto his fully erect penis.

"Okay buddy let one of us know when you're finished," the Outlaw instructed, patting the hairy, overweight john on the back before he exited with the gorgeous teen with a perfect body who wants to be a pornstar tube porn biker. "Please don't!" Rosalie begged, squirming around nervously as the old bastard got atop her, smothering the Latina with his hairy, putrid body.

"Nooooooo!!!" The skinny whore wailed, pulling at the bindings on her limbs while the john drove his whole cock into her pussy with one thrust.

"Holy fuck that feels so good!" The man grunted, clutching Rosalie's head against his sweaty chest while he began pumping his dick in and out of her. The dirty old john proceeded to fuck Rosalie hard, as he used his fat body to slam his dick inside the sobbing 19-year-old.

Meanwhile, just down the hallway, Hannah and the 15-year-old blonde were also busy pleasuring cocks themselves. Hannah was over on the couch and already working on her 5th and 6th Outlaws. They had the little Asian pinned between their powerful frames, with one cock stuffed inside her ass while the other biker pounded her cunt from above.

Hannah's tanned, shapely legs were flailing in the air and she was screaming in pain as the two Outlaws savagely raped her. The tiny blonde Miranda was also getting tag-teamed on the mattress in the corner of the room. She was on all fours and gagging on a huge cock while another biker battered her little anus from behind. Even with a dick stuffed down her throat the 15-year-old's screams of agony were almost as loud as Hannah's. It was truly a surreal scene, as the two girls were brutally raped by the Outlaws while their friends casually played pool, perused magazines, and watched Rosalie on the computer screen.

"What's up Big Joe?" One of the bikers at the billiards table asked, as the hulking giant entered the room. "Nothing much bro, just got done fucking that little spic bitch," Big Joe replied.

"She's still got a tight little pussy." "Yeah she does," another Outlaw agreed. "How much she make so far?" Big Joe asked.

"I'm not sure, you gotta ask Burt, I think around $800 though," the biker responded. "Night's still young I guess," Big Joe said, as he stared over at his Asian bitch before looking at Miranda. "Who's got next on that little slut?" The enormous biker asked, pointing at the screaming blonde. "I don't think anyone does," the Outlaw at the computer desk answered.

"She's all yours Joey." "Cool, I'm good for a little bit though," Big Joe stated, grabbing a beer from a nearby cooler. "Give me about thirty minutes or something, then I'll tear that bitch a new asshole." The massive biker already decided he was going to destroy Miranda's anus. There was just something about the tiny blonde that made him want to hurt her so badly. Perhaps it was because of how unbelievably difficult she'd been from the very first day the Outlaws had gotten her.

She'd cursed at the bikers nonstop, called them nasty names, and had warned them of how much trouble they would be in once her family and the police found her. She'd also refused to drink their piss and lick their assholes, and you would think a girl so young would have more respect.

Anyone who knew little Miranda, however, would not have been surprised by her insubordination. The girl was accustomed to getting everything she wanted, whether from countless teenage boys or her wealthy parents, who never spared any expenses in making their one and only daughter happy. The Devil's Outlaws, though, were very good at turning snotty young bitches into submissive fuck-dolls, and Miranda was no exception.

Although it took the petite 15-year-old a bit longer than the others, she too learned that it was far wiser to obey the ruthless bikers than to defy them. She had to endure many, many sadistic beatings with canes, belts, and other terrible instruments, but the little blonde eventually did learn to follow the gang's orders.

Now, after two short weeks spent with the Outlaws, Miranda barely hesitated whenever one of them ordered her to clean his shit-stained asshole with her tongue. "Eeuuugghhhh!! Please!! My throat—it hurts please!!!" The 15-year-old begged, coughing violently as the biker in front of her pulled his huge cock from her mouth.

The Outlaw promptly responded by slapping Miranda's face as hard as he could. The sound of it was so loud that even Hannah, in the midst of getting tag-teamed by two other bikers, was startled by it.

Miranda yelped in pain and then immediately began sobbing in front of the menacing Outlaw. "Open your mouth slut!" The man ordered, slapping poor Miranda across the cheek again. The miserable blonde stared hatefully at the huge cock in front of her face for a couple of seconds, then parted her lips just slightly.

She whined and tried to pull her head back as the biker roughly grabbed it with both hands and speared his penis deep into her mouth. In seconds she was gagging wretchedly, as the Outlaw buried his entire cock inside her mouth and throat. The guy behind Miranda also slammed every inch of his dick into her ass and then held it inside there, as he and his buddy enjoyed the little blonde's orifices.

Big Joe took a seat at a dining table where a couple of bikers were playing cards. He watched with a smile on his face as two of his pals brutally raped Hannah. He could hear her squealing in pain as the Outlaws simultaneously slammed their large cocks into her ass and vagina. After a couple of minutes, the one on top drove deep into Hannah's cunt one last time and growled as he began cumming inside of her.

When he was through and pulled out of the Asian, the biker beneath Hannah clutched her legs tightly against her tits and thumped his cock in and out of her ass until he climaxed as well. When he was done spewing inside her ass, the muscular Outlaw lifted Hannah off his dick and tossed her to the side of the couch like a bag of garbage.

"Noooooo!!! Leave me alone!!!" The Asian hot asian girlfriend gets her pussy eaten, struggling miserably as another horny biker grabbed her hair and impatiently yanked her off the couch.

Hannah continued to resist as the Outlaw forced her to her knees and slapped her violently across her face. The little Asian immediately calmed down and opened her mouth as the man pushed the head of his penis against her lips.

In an instant he was fucking her mouth hard, holding Hannah's head still while he rammed his cock back and forth between her aching jaws. The bikers continued to use Hannah for the next hour or so, fucking her hard and then passing her along to the next man like a piece of meat. By the time they were finally finished, the Asian had pleasured over a dozen of them since Big Joe had first brought her into the room. Nine of them had used her ass or pussy while the others had fucked her mouth and forced her to swallow their sperm.

She was, of course, completely distressed and hardly able to move. She was lying on her side in front of the couch, crying miserably while streams of cum flowed from her asshole and pussy.

"Okay I think I'm ready for that little bitch," Big Joe declared, pointing toward Miranda as he got to his feet. The little blonde was sitting in a fetal position on the corner of the mattress, as far away from the bikers as possible. She had her head down and was quietly crying and trembling in fear.

It had been about a half-hour since the last Outlaw had fucked her, and she was still recovering from it and all the other rapes thus far. As soon as she saw the enormous biker marching toward her, Miranda's eyes jolted open in wide-eyed terror. "No!! Get away from me!!!" The tiny blonde screamed, kicking at Big Joe with her legs as he reached down to grab her. "Get over here you little bitch," the Outlaw growled, grabbing a fistful of Miranda's hair and yanking her to her feet.

"Ooowwww!!! Pleeeaaaaaassseee!!!" Miranda yelped, staggering after the massive giant as he hauled her toward the couch.

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The little 15-year-old screamed in horror as Big Joe pinned her against the back of the sofa on her belly. Because she was so small, the biker had to raise her off the ground about a half-foot before bending her over the leather couch. Miranda's little feet were dangling helplessly above the floor and she started kicking them at Big Joe as he pried her firm ass-cheeks apart.

He quickly unbuckled his jeans and slid them along with his boxers to the floor. "Noooooo!! Don't!!!" The blonde shrieked, thrashing around crazily once she felt Big Joe's massive cock against her anus.

The Outlaw clenched Miranda's hips tightly and slammed his dick into her ass without warning. Miranda screamed in sheer agony as her tiny asshole was ripped wide open. Even after servicing dozens of cocks tonight, the slimy, cum-stained hole was still barely able to accommodate Big Joe's ridiculously huge penis.

It was stretched to its absolute limit, and if the biker's cock was any thicker the hole would have been badly torn in two. "AAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!!" Miranda screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks as the Outlaw smashed his cock into her full-force. Hannah, who'd been in a stupor from her own nightmarish ordeal, was now sitting upright in front of the young blonde and watching her in wide-eyed fear. She could see the look of complete and utter agony in Miranda's gorgeous blue eyes, as Big Joe angrily began pounding her as hard as he could.

Hannah knew exactly how much pain the girl was in, as newbie teen sucks schlong blowjob and amateur truly was nothing in the world worse than getting anally raped by the monstrous beast. Hannah could feel tears forming in her own eyes as she watched the hysterical 15-year-old getting absolutely destroyed by Big Joe.

She was thrashing about in total misery, doing everything in her power to free herself from the giant. Miranda wasn't going anywhere, though, as Big Joe had her pinned against the couch while he clutched her little torso as tight as he could. "SSSTOOOPPPP PUHLEEEAAAAASSEE!!!" Miranda begged, pounding the sofa cushions with her fists as Big Joe savagely hammered her bloody anus.

"You like that don't you bitch?!" The Outlaw bellowed, grabbing Miranda's shoulder-length hair with both hands and jerking on it brutally.

"Fuck yeah she black bitch gets the two hole service Tear that little bitch up Joey!" One of the bikers shouted happily. There were close to 15 Outlaws inside the room, and they had all formed a circle around Big Joe and Miranda. Almost every single one of them were cheering the huge brute on and encouraging him to fuck the poor blonde even harder.

Miranda's face was twisted into a look of horrible agony, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs now as Big Joe fucked her asshole with all of his might. "You little fucking cunt!

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How you like a big fat cock up your skinny little ass?!" Big Joe roared, tugging hard on the blonde teen's scalp while he rode her. As she watched the 15-year-old getting viciously pummeled, Hannah couldn't help blonde slut likes cock and rides it hard and deep feel somewhat glad that the focus of the Outlaws' lust was not entirely on her for a change.

All of the bikers were concentrating on Big Joe and Miranda, and Hannah was secretly hoping that it would remain that way for as long as possible. Even though she felt bad for the young blonde, Hannah was happy that she was not the only sex-slave to the violent gang. After a few more minutes, Big Joe slammed his dick into Miranda's ass one last time. He got about 8" or so inside the opening before he could go no further. None of the girls could take his entire cock up their ass, but the redhead, Ellen Duffy, came close.

Miranda screamed and started weeping as the Outlaw began cumming inside her anus. "How many boys at your school you think wish was me?" Big Joe asked the little blonde, keeping her pinned against the sofa while he unloaded his sperm deep in her ass.

"God please just leave me alone!!" Miranda cried back, grimacing in disgust as the biker leaned forward and ran his tongue all over her left cheek. "I should take you on the road with me bitch," the Outlaw spat. "Trade you for that little slant-eyed whore down there.

What do you think? Wouldn't it be fun? Me busting up your ass every single night?" "Nooooooo," Miranda blubbered, not even wanting to think about the scenario. After he was through ejaculating inside the teen, Big Joe pulled out of her nasty, gaping asshole and left her bent over the back of the couch. Miranda was so traumatized that she could not even move. Her bloody asshole looked like a firecracker had been detonated inside of it, and Big Joe's sperm was already starting to flow from the opening.

Many of the other bikers were staring at it in admiration. "You gonna stay for the night Big Joe?" One of the Outlaws asked the titanic man.

"Nah don't think so, just wanted to stop by and say what's up, drop some of the shit off, and fuck these bitches of course," the biker responded. "Cool bro," the other man responded. The Outlaw sitting at the desk chuckled as he watched Rosalie on the monitor. She was still strapped to the bed spread-eagle and the ball-gag was back in her mouth. The Latina was shaking her head frantically and crying in total fear as yet another patron from the bar prepared to fuck her.

The guy was clearly relishing Rosalie's terror, as he stood before her and stroked his massive penis. Rosalie instantly began yanking at her bonds once the brawny man climbed onto her. In less than a minute he was hammering her pussy so hard that the entire bed started to shake violently. "Yo let me get a little help unloading the shit," Big Joe requested, as he pulled his pants back on. Three or four of the Outlaws who were just standing around followed Big Joe out the door and toward the bar.

They made their way to his truck and proceeded to unload several large crates from the rear. It took the men less than fifteen minutes to bring the goods into the back lounge of the tavern. During this time one of the Outlaws had laid Hannah on her back atop extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy mattress and was feverishly pumping her pussy with his cock.

Miranda, meanwhile, was in the bathroom along with three other bikers. They'd forced the miserable blonde to kneel in the dirty tub, with her head perched back and her mouth wide open while they all pissed into it. Whenever her mouth filled with their urine, one of the men immediately shouted at her to swallow the golden juice.

Miranda's sobs were heartbreaking, as she continuously gulped down the bikers' piss like a worthless whore. "Aaaaggggghhhhh!!" Hannah screeched, her sexy legs flapping about in the air as the biker fucked her. Big Joe waited more than ten minutes for the man to finish, but he continued to drill Hannah's cunt rigorously. After awhile, Big Joe grew tired of waiting and walked back down the hall to check on Rosalie.

As soon as he stepped into the dingy room, the Outlaw was young gorgeous babe sucks and rides old schlong surprised to see another dirty client fucking the Latina. A couple of the Outlaws must have changed the girl's position recently, as she was now bent over the edge of the mattress with her legs pulled wife fucked at the park doggystyle hotwife and fastened to the struts of the bed frame.

She was weeping miserably into the ball-gag in her mouth while the middle-aged john pounded her asshole with his cock. The guy was so consumed with ecstasy that he didn't even notice Big Joe standing by the door watching him. He was grunting like a complete animal as he knelt behind the Latina and fucked her anus as hard as he could. Rosalie's squeals of pain were unmistakable, and she kept trying to free her wrists from the leather cuffs that connected them to the bedposts.

"Yeah fuck you bitch! You little spic whore! How the fuck you like that?!" The man bellowed, yanking on Rosalie's hair while he raped her.

Big Joe watched in bemusement as the john viciously sodomized the 19-year-old Latina for a few more minutes. When he finally came, he screamed in delight and sank his entire dick inside Rosalie's sphincter. After he was finished, the dirty slob got to his feet and peeled the sticky, sperm-filled condom off his penis before tossing it in the trashcan by the bed.

As he put his pants back on and stared at Rosalie's outstretched anus, the man finally noticed Big Joe's presence in the room. "Good God man, are you next?" The patron asked Big Joe in wonder. "Nah, I already fucked this bitch earlier," the Outlaw replied.

"Shit I was gonna say…thank God I went before you if you was," the dirty man chuckled, before patting Big Joe's enormous arm and exiting the room.

Slender brunette honey fingers her dripping snatch masturbation and toys

"Damn look at all those fucking rubbers," Big Joe remarked, as he walked over to the garbage can and looked into it. "Guess you've been having a busy night, eh slut?" Rosalie rested her cheek against the grimy bed and she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her asshole and pussy had both been fucked raw and were gaping wide open. Like Hannah, the girl's buttocks were covered with welts from the many beatings and canings the Outlaws had given it over the past few weeks.

Cute ginger babe has her pussy drilled Joe gazed at Rosalie's upturned ass for barely a minute when the door swung open and another large, drunken laborer ambled into the room. "Oh shit man my fault, is it your turn next?" The smelly construction worker asked. "Nah buddy I'm just checking up on her," Big Joe answered.

"Okay cool man," the dirty man said, as he quickly stripped his dirty khakis and slipped a condom over his raging penis. "Aaauuugghhh!! Aaaaggggghhhh!!!" Rosalie wailed, frantically yanking at her bonds as the man got into position behind her and plunged his cock deep in her ass. Big Joe chuckled as he watched the savage rape for a moment before exiting the room. When he got back to the bikers' lounge, the other Outlaw was finally finished with Hannah.

The Asian was lying atop the bed, with her arms folded across her chest while she cried miserably. Miranda, meanwhile, was once again getting double-teamed on the couch.

She was squeezed between two Outlaws on her back and squealing in pain as they fucked her asshole and vagina in unison. "Let's go bitch," Big Joe said to Hannah, tossing her slutty daisy-dukes and bra down at her. The Asian groaned despondently as she pulled the g-string up her legs and slipped on the black top.

Big Joe grabbed a clump of the girl's hair and dragged her off the floor. He said his goodbyes to the other bikers in the lounge before hauling Hannah out into the hallway. As he passed by Rosalie's room, he peeked inside and smiled as he watched the same big construction worker pounding away at the Latina's anus.

Big Joe simply shook his head as he thought about how many more men Rosalie was going to have to satisfy tonight. The Outlaws usually worked a girl until she made $1500 to $2000, and if the other biker he'd spoken to was correct, the 19-year-old was only about halfway to that mark. After a few seconds, Big Joe closed the door and marched Hannah out into the bar.

As he made his way toward the exit many drunk, rowdy patrons asked when the bikers would start whoring Hannah out like the others. Hannah felt her heart skip when Big Joe responded that it wouldn't be too long.

In just a couple minutes, the two were back inside Big Joe's truck, with Hannah's head between the Outlaw's massive thighs while she suckled his penis. It didn't take long at all for Big Joe's cock to get huge and himself extremely horny.

He pulled into the first motel he saw and dragged Hannah into the lobby. He knew the concierge at the front, of course, and got a discounted price to one of the rooms. As soon as he and Hannah were inside, he pushed the little Asian onto the large mattress and began removing his clothes. "Get fucking naked bitch," the Outlaw demanded. "And start relaxing that asshole, I'm gonna fuck it good and proper slut." "Please just stop!!!" Hannah screamed, glaring spitefully at the enormous biker.

"Bitch do I gotta beat that pussy all night again?" Big Joe shot back, reaching for his belt. "No! Please, I'll shut up," the Asian responded in fear, quickly stripping off her lewd garments. "You can leave those on," Big Joe stated, as Hannah reached down to remove the stripper heels on her feet. "Turn around, and get that ass up in the air how I like it." The Asian was already starting to cry as she turned away from Big Joe and got on her hands and knees.

Hannah could feel the Outlaw's gaze on her as she enticingly spread her legs and raised her ass high in the air for him. Her asshole was so horrendously raw that even touching it was very painful. Hannah truly had no idea how she was going to cope with the impending rape, and for the first time entertained the notion of trying to fight him if it got too unbearable. "Let's see how tight you still are bitch," Big Joe said, as he hopped on the bed and got into position behind the shaking Asian.

"Aaaahhhh!! Pleeaaaasssssee!!!" Hannah screamed, wriggling around miserably as the Outlaw grabbed her hips and sank just a couple inches of his cock inside her asshole. "Shit, still pretty fucking tight," the gigantic biker laughed, holding Hannah still while he penetrated deeper into her anus.

"Aaaoowww!! God stop please!!!" The Asian begged. "It's gonna be another long night for you slut," Big Joe promised, yong attractive gals doing blow job striptease and hardcore forward and wrapping both hands around Hannah's small neck. Hannah wailed in excruciating pain as Big Joe shoved his penis as far as he could into her ass, and then proceeded to fuck her like a wild bronco. For just a second she thought about turning around and fighting him, but then quickly realized how foolish that would be.

The man was literally three times her size and could break her in half like a twig if huge acesquirt interactive sex toy is breaking hot little redhead pussy masturbation brunette wanted to. Whether she liked it or not, the only option was to remain on all fours and hope that the Outlaw would finish quickly. Hannah closed her eyes and continued to scream in agony as Big Joe pounded away at her tender anus.

It was indeed going to be another long, long night with the massive lunatic. **I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about horny chick with big clit fucked hard story.**