Bihar village randi fucked by group of boys

Bihar village randi fucked by group of boys
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This is a fantasy story featuring a busty 18 year old school girl who wanting to please her boyfriend ends up in trouble with 2 older men.

In the meantime her Uncle whom she lives with does not seem to be all he appears to be. If this offends you please do not read on. Please feel free to comment or email me direct with your comments or story ideas. ULTRA MINT LIP-GLOSS Sally knew she was in the shit. And this time around it was deep shit.

She looked at the older man sitting behind the desk, his glasses perched on the end of his nose as he looked across at her, a sly grin on his face. Sally crossed her arms under her large breasts which simply seemed to push them up and expose more of her cleavage.

She thought for a brief second that the man had glanced down to see her breasts but then thought better of it. She glanced over her shoulder to see another man in a security uniform blocking the office exit. Sally suddenly thought of her Uncle Tom, the relative she lived with since her parents had kicked her shaved beauteous virgin pussy filled by shlong of the house and he had kindly offered her a place to stay. He would be so disappointed in her actions.

Her plan had been simple. John, Sally's older boyfriend had asked her to dress young and give him a great blowjob. Well, it was more of an order than a request, at least to Sally. She had got used to being told what to do by John since she had been with him the last few weeks.

And god did he like his blowjobs.

But today, as a surprise Sally had planned to wear some ultra mint lip-gloss for the sucking which she knew would make John's cock tingle so beautifully and make him cum even harder. Of course all plans, when you wank in the middle of the night with damp panties and have to touch yourself as you make the plans never quite work out the way they are meant to, do they?

Sally's plan had changed from the moment she was getting dressed to go and meet John. She knew he wanted young so she took her old school blouse out of the drawer and slipped it around her shoulders.

She had last worn it when she was 15 and in the three years since that time she had grown a little in height and developed a lot in the chest department, now sporting a pair of 32G breasts, which John also seemed to love about her. With a pink and white flowered half cup bra underneath she pulled the blouse around her and squeezing her breasts in, buttoned it up just enough to show a generous amount of cleavage. This was followed by a very short tartan skirt that again she had worn to school years before that now barely covered her bum.

Perfect she thought to herself as she looked in the mirror. But like all good plans that seemed to go wrong when she looked for her ultra mint lip-gloss it had gone. Plan B.she knew the shop on the corner sold the glosses but also knew how much they would cost and she had no money.

Her thoughts were on this matter when Uncle Tom passed her room. "Off out Sally?" He smiled kindly to her and she smiled back, her painted red lips bright and full.

"Yes Uncle." She replied sweetly, "I'm meeting Ugly chick with saggy tits and big ass you look fabulous," he grinned, "have a lovely night and if you need a lift back just give me a ring." "Awe thanks Uncle." She grinned and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before prancing excitedly out of the door. Plan B was simple. She would go into the shop.

No one would really notice her, although as she walked along the street it seemed like all men and even some women were looking at her. Perhaps it was the short skirt, or the over tight blouse that could hardly hold her chest in.

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Or it might have been the bright pink hair that she had died 3 days previously. Nah she wasn't noticeable. Back to the plan, she thought as she neared the busy shop.

1. Go in the shop. 2. Look around for a while. 3. Go to the lipstick and lip-gloss area. 4. Find the ultra mint gloss. 5. Somehow, make the sample in the shop disappear into her bag. Easy! And it had been easy, until she was about to leave and a big security men stood directly in front of her blocking her exit.

"Now young lady, how old are you?" Said the man at the desk. "I am 18." Sally said feeling her eyes starting to fill up. "Ah so you are an adult then, and you could go to prison for stealing you know!" Sally could see he wasn't being kind to her and she started to shake. She didn't want to go to prison, not over a silly lip gloss.

The man was still talking. "Perhaps we should phone the police!" mujde ar hot sex story "No, no please don't!" Sally let a tear splash down her face and onto her blouse. "Well how about your parents then?" The man said and Sally was sure he had glanced at her chest again. "I don't have parents," she said honestly as she leaned forward a little watching the man's eyes intently.

And yes they did drop to her cleavage. Leaning back she wiped the tear from her cheek at the same time accidently brushing the side of her breast. His eyes returned to her face. "No parents?" He asked. "I live with my Uncle!" "Ah well perhaps I should phone him?" "No!" Sally practically shrieked and she felt her eyes start to fill up again. "Please don't. I, I, I'll do anything but please don't phone him. She brushed her tears away and looked across at the older man. "Please?" She noticed a smile on his face now.

"Anything?" He asked.

"Anything." She nodded and she saw him watch her breasts bounce up and down as she nodded. He stood from his chair and walked slowly around to her side of the desk and stood in front of her, leaning back on the desk as he looked down taking in the sight of the 18 year old with bright pink hair, large green eyes and a cleavage to die for. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the hot teen clea gaultier gets impaled and cum sprayed she had tried to steal.

"Why this one?" He asked. "Um well my um, my boyfriend likes it." "Does he now? Likes you doing what with it?" As he spoke he let his hand slip down to the front of his trousers and Sally could see he was getting aroused. "Well, um" Sally paused then an idea came into her head. She said she would do anything and if it meant not having go to prison or her nice Uncle finding out then she would do anything. "Um, perhaps I would be better showing you?" She said looking up at the man with her eyes wide.

He simply smiled and she reached forward and started to run his zipper down on his trousers.

As she reached inside she felt his cock and pulled it out as she watched it harden in front of her. The security guard had moved from the doorway and now stood alongside her and was unzipping himself.

Sally leaned back and flicked the buttons on her blouse until it burst open exposing her very full bra. With another flick of her fingers at the front of the bra that too fell open and both men let out a moan of pleasure at the sight of the very busty 18 year old. Reaching over Sally took the lip-gloss from the man and started to apply it to her full red lips.

Then she slid her chair closer to the older man and started to lick the underside of his cock head. As she did she felt the rough hands of the security spang bank old age sex mauling at her breasts and she moaned gently as she opened her red lips before closing them over the man's thick cock. He felt the tingle from the lip gloss and let out a loud moan.

Sally released his cock and turning her head she did the same to the security guards smaller cock which seemed to swell bigger as she sucked it in.

The guard moaned as he started to fuck Sally's mouth.

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Sally was used to this kind of treatment from men and John would often fuck her throat so hard she would puke which he seemed to like. The guard pushed deeper as Sally felt her breasts being mauled this time by the older man who was clearly enjoying himself as he touched and caressed the teenagers fat melons.

The guard released her head and she started to suck the man again as she wanked the guard. Both men were now moaning and Sally could tell they were both close to cumming, and she knew instinctively where they would like to cum. Releasing the cock and leaning back Sally lifted her breasts as an offer to the men and they started to wank furiously before shooting in long strings of cum splattering her far and fat breasts. Grabbing a towel from his drawer the man wiped his cock before giving it to Sally who wiped herself down.

"You can keep this." He said offering her the lip-gloss which she accepted with a smile. Sally checked her watch as she left the shop and realised she was going to be late to meet John and he would not be happy, and would probably fuck her mouth till she got sick again. As she thought of this she could feel her panties were wet and decided to take her time to John's house. Uncle Tom stood in the bathroom in his dressing gown.

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He looked at the clock and was thinking of Sally. He knew she would ring when she was ready to come home. And he knew he had time.

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Smiling to himself he stepped into his niece's bedroom and lifted her washing basket. Flicking through the dirty clothes he finally stopped at a pair of sheer mesh white panties and raised them to his face to inhale the scent deeply.

Immediately as he did his cock started to harden and stock out of the front of the dressing gown. With the panties in his hand he walked back to his bedroom and slipping the dressing gown off lay on his bed naked, his cock hard and sticking up.

Reaching into his drawer he pulled out an ultra mint lip-gloss and applied t directly to his cock and cock head. It immediately started to tingle, much to Tom's enjoyment and he closed the panties over his cock head, closed his eyes and started to wank as he thought of his gorgeous and incredibly sexy young niece. Sally wandered up to the phone box and called her Uncle Tom who told her be would be there in 10 minutes to drive her home.

He's such a nice man, Sally thought as she waited for him to arrive. But it would be a while before Sally discovers just how nice her Uncle really is.