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Euro babe ayda swinger fucks a random dude with a camera pornstars big dick
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When I woke the next morning it didn't take long for me to remember what I had seen. Then I remembered my 10 o'clock meeting and tried to decide what to do. Should I try to forget him, to never talk to him again, or should I go over sex and massage for a lucky guy and give him a piece of my mind.

This was my dilemma. I finally made my decision and decided to go over there and give him a piece of my mind. I headed over there and got there right before 10 AM, more by accident then intention. He was standing there waiting and I couldn't believe his nerve as he was holding one of the bikinis. "Are you out of your mind, I came here to tell you what an ass you are," I yelled almost at the top of my lungs.

Growing up our parents had told us that a lady does not swear like a sailor. They even went to the trouble to play a few videos of female comedians swearing and they were right it just looked trashy. I think after that lesson, I had only on two occasions ever even used bad words, but this time, I was more mad then I had ever been and it seemed fitting to call him an ass.

"What are you flipping out about," he asked me like he didn't even know, "Come on put this on or go home." I couldn't believe his nerve he actually thought I would put that on and actually thought I had any desire to stay there.

"Your crazy, I'm not putting that on, I. . I cant believe you actually said. . the L word to me," I blurted struggling to hold back tears. "I do love you baby," he said looking into my eyes, "I'm not sure what the problem is now come on put this on." I took the bikini from his hand and threw it on the floor shouting back at him, "You.

. you have a girl friend." He looked into my eyes again thinking and then asked, "Sara? You didn't know about Sara? I have been with her for almost a year and a half. What's that got to do with us?" "You told me you love me. How can you love ME and have a girl friend. I don't know what you call love but you cant love one girl and be a boy friend to another," I protested now crying unable to hold back my hurt and anger. "You're not ready for sex yet Tori. Your just a freshman, Sara is a junior and we've had sex lots of times," he said matter of factly like it wasn't really even a big deal.

He continued, "I do love you Tori. And like I told you, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Now come on stop being silly, put this on." He walked over to where I had thrown the bikini picked it up and walked back to me. "I. . cant be in love with a guy who has another girl friend. I wanted to be your girl friend, I said pulling myself together a little bit.

"What do you want me to do," he asked, "Do you want me to break up with her. To be exclusive with you?" I looked at him stunned surprised he really thought he needed to ask that, "Yes. .I. . would think that's what the words I love you would mean to you, being exclusive." He stood there for what seemed like a whole minute starring at me still holding the stupid bikini before he replied, "Okay.

. Okay, I'm willing to do that but. . I need you to understand some things if you are going to be my girl friend. I am a jock, a star jock, this is going to be my senior year and a very important year for me. I have to earn a college scholarship and I have to maintain an image. And Tori, I can have any girl in school I want. . If you really want to be my girl friend you have to understand wicked czech girl spreads her spread vagina to the extreme that really means.

You have to be willing to do anything for me. Anything I ask. Ever, no matter what.

Rainia belle rainia in the rain lets try

I can respect that you're not ready yet for sex but that will have to change soon, okay?" I stood there looking at him thinking about what he said still feeling my heart pounding in my chest. Before I could respond he continued, "I really have fallen in love with you and I've enjoyed every minutes we've spent together but if you hot teen lia lor and busty milf brandi love nasty threesome hardcore and blowjob me to break up with peeping tom gets caught and gets punished for his actions pornstars and hardcore girl friend, a varsity cheer leader and to be exclusive with you, you have to understand what your asking me to sacrifice.

I expect you to be willing to do anything I want, without exception or hesitation." I have to admit I had not thought about who he really was, how important his image was to him in the school. I mean this guy was expecting to get like a football scholarship to a big university. Like he said he probably could have almost any girl in the school he wanted. I was just going to be a freshman and he was a senior. "Are you sure this is really what you want, cause I will call Sara right now and break up with her.

We can become exclusive, if that is really truly what you want. BUT you also have to accept the consequences and responsibilities of that desire." This time he left the conversation quiet and let me think. We just stood there a few minutes looking at each other and then to the ground. "Is that what you want," he asked one more time?

I nodded. With that he took my hand walked us into the house, up the stairs and to his room. He picked up the phone pulling me close to him. "Sara, hey, this is me," he said into the phone as she answered and I could hear her voice. "I'm breaking up with you. There is someone else and I need a fresh start for my senior year." I heard her stammer, and I have to admit it made me sick to my stomach to think how she must be feeling at the moment and I was the cause.

"Okay," I heard her respond her voice cracking as she said it and I heard her sniffle. "Sorry babe but I'm sure you'll find someone else," he finished, "Bye." And with that he hung up the phone. He looked at me and lifted the bikini to me. I took it, said nothing undressed and put white mature loves the taste of extended families black cock on.

No sooner then I had it on and he practically tackled me flopping us down onto his bed. He laid on top of me and kissed me hard. We laid there a while making out, my head spinning from all this. We were there making out for a while when he pushed his hand into the top of the bikini bottoms.

His fingers worked down to my private the place where no one was supposed to touch. Well except the guy you love, right? His fingers worked lower and lover onto my sex, feeling and rubbing over my tender sex. I was so scared I wanted to stop him but he just broke up with a junior for me, scratch that a girl who was going to become a senior and a varsity cheerleader. So I stayed quiet and let him feel me up. I had a moment of mistaken relief when he pulled his hand out, but he only did this long enough to untie the bikini bottom and then he put his hand right back there.

He didn't pull them away but it didn't take long after he pushed his hand back there again before it was pulling from my body. "I love that you don't have hair here, keep it like that, okay," he asked of me.

Then he worked his fingers over my sex over and over and it felt pretty good except for like everything with Scott he's so aggressive. I did get wet and as soon as I felt the shame of his finger finding my wetness he started to work to push it inside me. He kept rubbing and fingering me to where I was getting sore, but I couldn't tell him this, I couldn't stop him he'd get mad at me, and I thought about it and then began to understand it that women fake orgasm.

I'm not sure how much of my movement and noises were from the feelings or from my efforts to make him think I was going to cum, but after a while when I was getting to where I didn't think I could take it anymore I made high pitched noises more and more and more, until I arched and jerked and pretended to cum.

My clit was truly feeling swollen and sore and I had to make it stop so I rolled away from him on my side quickly and pulled my legs to my chest. He cuddled to me and held me gently. "Good girl. Now doesn't that feel awesome," he said proud he'd brought me to climax, or so he thought.

But I didn't care, he had broken up with Sara and WE were boy friend girl friend, Exclusive. "I'm hungry how bout you," he asked sitting up on the bed. I was too and nodded. Like he seemed to do so often, he surprised me, picking up the skirt I had worn to his house. "Put this on, but no panties," he instructed.

I did what he asked and downstairs we went. His mom was in the kitchen and offered us lunch the minute we walked in. We chit chatted small talk with her and were standing side by side at the counter, when she was busy preparing the food he would reach under the skirt and rub my bare butt.

I started to move away but he reached up and mom room sleep son come fhok forced my waist hard and pulled me back hard up against him. Then his hand went back to my bare butt again. I was relieved as she finished preparing lunch and we went to the table to eat. Right after lunch the door bell rang and he went to answer the door. It turned out to be Mike Scott's best friend. Mike lived a couple blocks away so I knew him but not well.

He was mirko young girl fuck hot needs cum in he ass the same grade as Scott. "Mike do you remember Tori," he asked his best friend.

Mike looked at me very unsure taking a while. "Isn't your sister. . Sherri," he asked looking at me. I nodded. "I broke up with Sara today and Tori is my new bitch," he told his best friend. I wasn't sure what to think about that word but hey, these are guys. We headed out to the back yard and they got a football. They were throwing it back and forth and tossed it to me once in a while which I struggled to catch.

It felt so weird being outside in a skirt and no panties, and worse running around for a football. After throwing the football around for quite a while we headed to the garage. I got nervous when I mia khalifa sex opening bra Scott close the garage door.

He then walked over to a refrigerator I had not noticed before opening it. The fridge was full of beer. He pulled 3 of them out twisting off the top of one, handing it to Mike, a second to me doing the same and one for himself. He looked me in the face waiving two fingers and said, "Two drinks, okay?" Mike looked at him odd but Scott just smiled and said, "Watch." I lifted the beer to my mouth and started to drink gulping beer down swallowing over and over.

I swallowed 5 gulps before finally tilting the bottle back upright seeing I had drank just a little less then half the bottle.

Scott tilted his beer and downed just a little more then half. "Okay finish," he instructed me and reached gently lifting my beer up to my mouth. I did as I was told and gulped it down again. I tried to really focus and I was able to finish only leaving a little foam in the bottle. Mike giggled a little watching me finish off my beer. Then Scott surprised me as always reaching and taking the empty bottle from me but then handing me his beer and said one word, "finish." I wanted to argue and protest but remembered our conversation that morning.

I also felt embarrassed that he just commanded me to do something and there in front of Mike I did so. As I was considering what to do he gently took hold of the beer bringing it up to my mouth and I tilted it and downed the rest of his beer.

They both snickered then Mike took his turn swigging his beer. He only managed to drink a good bit less then half. Then Scott reached over took his beer turned to me, holding it out to me and said, "Finish it off, okay." He was looking at me sternly. I struggled to but did as I was told and drank down the remainder of Mike's beer.

Scott then went to the fridge and got out 3 more beers. Again he opened one handing it to Mike, set his down and opened the third. As he offered it to me he looked me in the eyes and said, "I want you to try to drink the whole beer at once okay?" I looked at him unsure but before I could protest he added, "Just try okay." I nodded and took the beer and took a breath collecting myself.

I tilted it up and started drinking downing a little less then ¾ before I couldn't drink any more and turned the bottle upright. "Goooooood," he complimented, "now finish it." I did as I was told wiping my mouth with my hand after.

He then opened his beer and drank down less then a quarter of it. Again Scott was able to surprise me when he placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me one of his one word commands, "Kneel." I looked at him surprised and then looked at Mike to which he replied, "Its okay.

. Kneel." I did as my boy friend asked and slowly lowered to my knees. Mike looked surprised but just smiled. Then Scott again held out his beer to me with a one word command, "Finish." I looked at him perplexed not wanting to drink all that much but I felt his hand go to the bottle and push it to my lips.

Up the bottled tipped and I started gulping it down. It was so much and I was struggling but his voice softly again said the command, "finish." I didn't have much choice as he held the bottle up and I gulped it down, unhappily. I hadn't noticed that Mike was sipping his beer. He had managed to drink just a few sips and I followed Scott's eyes to Mike's beer.

Scott then bent far over and kissed me deeply. As he did he stroked my hair softly. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I love you." He then reached for the beer and Mike placed it in his hand. Scott then held it out to me with a one word command again, "Finish." I looked at him frustrated, and starting to feel very full of beer, but he just looked back at me with a gentle smile and then again softly said the command, "Finish." I took the beer, tipped it up and began to gulp down just a little less then a full bottle of beer.

A little eeked out from the edge of my mouth but to the most part I drank the rest of the beer. At that point I was feeling very bloated, I had drank close to five beers in less then about 15 minutes. I was also feeling a bit of the buzz from the beer. Then I was stunned again as suddenly Scott quickly opened his pants pulling his cock out, he was right in my face in moments and again said one word, "Open." Now I was embarrassed that he had asked me to kneel in front of Mike and then had commanded me to drink beer after beer but to do something sexual in front of someone else.

I just think this was a lot to ask. But as I was considering it, he started to smack his cock in my sex and massage for a lucky guy. It hit my mouth, my nose and then he hit one horny chick with big clit fucked hard and the other with it and those were pretty hard. "Open," he commanded again. I wasn't really sure what to do but also didn't know how to get outta this situation so I did the only sure thing I knew to do, I opened my mouth for my boy friends cock.

Within seconds his cock was moving like a piston in my mouth again. Over and over with Scott's strong hands on the back of my head helping him work it down my throat again. For he first time I was aware of the sounds I made as it seemed to echo in the garage and I was aware that Mike was hearing those noises. Scott held my head hard like always and was fucking my face hard and fast all while Mike watched.

I felt so ashamed. In and out in, and out it went. Fortunately I didn't take him long and as always just before he came he said one word, "Swallow." After having done so all the other times, and after having gulped down the beers he hardly needed to remind me, it seemed the most natural thing to do.

So as he shot his load I gulped it down my throat. I was so ashamed to have done that in front of Mike and my face must have turned red because it felt warm and maybe it was the beer too. As usual Scott held me there for a while after he came before finally letting me go. After zipping up putting away his cock he walked back to the fridge and brought out another beer.

He squatted down in front of me and after opening the bottle he pushed it to me and said a one word command, "Finish." I looked at him frustrated and tired for a few minutes but then took the beer tilting it up and started gulping it down.

I don't know how I did it but this time I finally managed to chug a whole bottle of beer. Then he began a long diatribe, "Baby, other then you and my mom Mike is the most important person in my life. I have known him since we were both toddlers and we've been best friends ever since. He's been there with me through my worse times and I've been there for him. There isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for him." He paused a moment to let it sink in then continued, "You know I love you very much and I broke up with Sara for you and you and I are now exclusive to each other.

But you are the absolute best head I have ever had and I can't deny the third most important person in my life that experience. If you really truly love me then I want you to stay right here open your mouth and wait for Mike to share his cock with you. If you really love me you'll do it happily." With that he got up, walked over to Mike tapped him on the arm. Mike looked at him unsure then looked at me.

"Go on Mike, she loves cum and she's the best in the world," Scott said to his friend. I couldn't believe what he had just asked me and I thought about getting up and running away, I also felt really dizzy and silly and next thing I know Mike was in front of me working to take out his cock.

I didn't notice till I felt him touch me that Scott had moved in behind me and put his hands on the back of my head and said a one word command again, "Open." I felt dirty and ashamed looking at my boy friend's best friend's cock and I'm not sure what inside me made me do it, but I weakly complied and opened my mouth for Mike's cock.

Mike didn't hesitate anymore and within seconds was pushing it deep into my mouth. And I felt Scott behind me pushing me more forward onto the cock.

Suddenly I felt the cock at my throat and then felt it push into my throat. I hardly realized how much easier that was getting to be to do. Within a matter of several seconds, Mikes cock was stroking in and out of my mouth and throat over and over.

As it continued Scott held my head and voluptuous adorable girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob found a way to surprise me again. His other hand went down to my butt, working its way under my skirt.

He rubbed softly all over my butt and then worked his finger into the crack. He worked lower and lower while Mike continued to fuck my face until his fingers past my tiny butt hole. Suddenly I felt his fingers find my sex and I felt more dirty and ashamed then ever. His finger rubbed over my lower lips several times and then worked to push between them.

As Mike worked to move his hips in a rhythm Scott began to plunge his finger inside me. I was ashamed to be very wet and knew he realized it and took advantage of it working the finger inside me more. "Swallow," I heard Scott say several strokes before his best friend started to cum.

I guess he wasn't sure when it would happen. Soon I was swallowing down my throat my boyfriend's best friend's cum while my boy friend fingered me. Mike came quite a bit and I was a little surprised at this but managed to get it all down. I was glad that the minute he was done, he quickly withdrew and went and leaned on the car. "Fuckkkkkkkkkk Scott, she's awesome," Mike said to Scott.

"Told you," Scott replied surprising me a little making me wonder when they had discussed me. I was relieved as Scott gout out from behind me and we all looked spent and tired.

I wasn't sure of what I thought of all this I just know I was buzzed from all the beer I had drank. Scott got us each another beer out of the fridge but I was relieved as I was about to protest he handed me mine without giving me a command to chug the beer.

I did want something to rinse the taste of Mike's cum from my mouth so I opened the beer and started sipping it. After I had drank half the beer Scott turned to me and said, "You'd better be getting home soon. Come by at 10 AM tomorrow and we'll go to the mall." Wow what a day I had had. I thought my relationship was over and went to his house to tell him off and what does he do, he calls Sara and breaks up.

Then we kiss and make out and he fingers me for the first time. Then we have fun with his best friend and a football before an afternoon I'm not sure I will ever forget. I learn to chug beer and then in front of my boyfriend's best friend I give my boyfriend head. Then to finish the day my boyfriend asks me to give head to his best friend. And I do it. What does this make me.

Am I a slut? I never thought I would question if I was that word. But oh my God I had just given oral sex to two boys one after the other. If I heard another girl did that I would call her that in a heartbeat.

But am I? I walked the rest of the way home, not feeling very good about myself. That evening I kept pondering who I was more.

I mean, this guy, Scott, varsity quarter back. When school started he would be a senior amy brooke and kagney linn karter in nasty lesbian bdsm scene me just a freshman. Had he really done what it appeared he had did. I mean my sister knew his girlfriend was Sara.

And I'm pretty sure that was her voice on the phone. Did he really break up with her for me. And what had I agreed to? To do anything he asked? And what did that mean? I had learned a couple things it meant. It meant changing clothes in front of him even getting completely naked. It meant giving him a blowjob. It meant being topless while giving him a blow job.

And today, today I guess it even meant giving his best friend a blowjob. So what did this make me? He was right about a few things, he probably could get any girl in the school to be his girl friend. But would they do anything he wanted.

He said Sara had been sleeping with him. Did she give him head? Did she give his best friend head? I didn't know, I just knew I had. Was I really a slut? Was it worth being a slut to be his girlfriend. I made myself stop thinking about it so I could sleep. ************** The next morning I woke up thinking I need to start finding a way to let mom know I had a boyfriend. I wasn't even really sure if she would allow it, I know she didn't let Sherri have one for a long time but there had to be a way for me.

I decided to ask permission to go to the mall and I decided to try to get mom or Sherri to drive me rather then bringing up Scott taking me. At breakfast I brought it up and mom was hesitant at first mostly cause she felt it was last minute notice but as Sherri didn't want to go mom agreed to drop me off.

I hurried to go call Scott and let him know that I would meet him there. I was happy he didn't question it. My heart was pounding in my chest when I got to the mall. For some reason I was afraid he wasn't going to show up or want to be with me. But within five minutes of getting there I found him. Right there in the mall he gave me a huge kiss. I was shocked but very happy as some kids I knew went to the high school 2 girls and 2 guys saw us kissing. We then started walking around the mall.

I was curious what he had in mind. As we walked around, I started to get the impression he had not set agenda. Then I was amazed and happy as he stopped to talk to a couple varsity football players and introduced me to them as his new girlfriend. This happened several more times and I began to feel myself glowing and a smile stay on my face.

The break odia actresss deepa sahu fucking story with Sara had to be real if he was introducing me to all these high school kids as his girl friend.

I was so stunned and excited that by the time it was lunch time I was elated, happy and had forgotten about yesterday's activities. We even ate in the food court with a couple more guys from the football team and some girls from the drill team. He held my hand and introduced me to everyone as his girlfriend. After lunch we played some games in the arcade and were having a lot of fun together.

We kissed often and he whispered he loved me in my ear a few times and I whispered it back to him. At one point as we were walking through one of the department stores we went by the rest rooms.

He grabbed a tight hold of my hand and told me, "Hey I gotta take a piss. . .Come on." And pulled me to the men's room door. Into the men's room we went and I got nervous and tense. Thank God there were no men in there when we went in and he horridly pulled me into a bathroom stall. He opened his pants up standing in front of the toilet and pulled his cock out, he then looked at me smiling and said, "Here hold it." My eyes were wide and I swallowed hard and carefully took hold of his cock.

He started giggling as he started to pee and I struggled to make sure it went into the toilet. We were both laughing. After he finished peeing he told me to shake it which I did and the final drops fell off. He then turned to me and started to pull at my clothes.

"What are you doing," I asked surprised. "Undressing you," he replied confidently. I didn't really know what to think or do so I just stood still as he pulled my shirt up and off, which he then carefully hung on the hook on the back of the door. He then took my bra off hanging it up as well.

Then he untied the tie on my skirt and pushed it down my legs and I complied lifting one foot then the other out of the skirt. "Scott, I don't think this is a good idea," I argued. But he just shushed me and kept undressing me pulling my panties down and off. Those he didn't hang on the hook instead he put them into his pocket. "Don't wear panties with skirts and I want you to wear skirts every day." I was now naked except my shoes but before I could think about that I felt him take hold of one ankle reaching down and pulling one shoe off, then the other.

I was now standing naked in the stall in the men's room in the department store. He pressed me against the wall kissing me hard and deep then after the kiss said, "God I love you so much." As we moved around the stall I realized and hated the fact he removed my shoes as the floor of the stall felt filthy to my feet and I tried not to think about what might be on that floor.

We kissed again for a while during which he rotated us around getting me close to the toilet and him by the stall door. Then to my horror he said one of his one word commands again, "Kneel." "Scott, the floor is filthy," I protested.

But ignored my debate and put his hands on my shoulders pushing down pretty hard, "Kneel," he commanded again. Pussy in hard doggy style doggystyle and homemade my better judgment I let him guide me down kneeling down with my feet out behind me my calves touching the floor one foot on each side of the toilet. So there I was naked in the men's room of a department store kneeling on the filthy floor by the toilet, what had my boyfriend gotten me into this time?

I felt his fingers run through my hair and take hold of my head and I think I started to do it before I got his command, "Open." Like I said I started opening even before he said it and I felt his cock pushing in before he finished.

His cock was very hard and aroused and he started being very aggressive. I guess the men's bathroom in the department store at the mall excited him. He was face fucking me very quickly. To my horror I heard the door to the men's room open and closed.

Then saw feet walking into the bathroom. They went to the urinal hanging on the wall and I heard someone start to pee. Not only did Scott not slow, he held me harder and started fucking my face faster. I was relieved when I saw the feet head to the door and leave. Without seeming to stop to wash hands which for once I was glad about.

A few seconds later, the door again opened and closed. Shoes tapped on the floor the sound moved around us and against my hopes wound up in the next stall. I watched them walk in front of the toilet, face away from it, then pants drop and he must have sat down.

Scott was still fucking my face. To my disgust I heard the man pass gas and we got the scent of it a few seconds later. That didn't seem to affect Scott who kept pumping in and out. I heard the distinctive sound of a little splash and thought I'd puke. Then I heard my worst fear, "Holy shit. Oh my God, you go man." Just like I could see the man's shoes and pants in his stall, he had looked to ours and likely saw my legs, feet and Scott's feet. Just as he was saying this I felt Scott begin to cum.

I hoped against hope he would not give his normal command so I quickly started swallowing. To my relief he just moaned as I gagged his cum down my throat. I heard the toilet paper roll spin in the next stall. "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm," I heard him hum in the next stall. Scott as always hugged me face to his groin as he finished. And I felt so dirty and ashamed. I heard the man's pants lift up and then the toilet flush and he said, "Bye." And with that the feet walked to where the sinks were, I heard water run, paper towels pull and the door open and close.

"You were fantastic," Scott said. Still holding me at his groin. "You're amazing, I love you so much," he said this with his cock still softening in my mouth. He finally pulled out of my mouth and then put his hands under my arms and started lifting me up, but not all the way to my feet he got me high enough then eased me back and sat me on the toilet. But on the toilet itself without the seat down. "Hey the seat's not down," I protested. "It's okay," he replied and then started opening my legs, "Open your legs." Within seconds he had my knees wider then the toilet and he could see my sex.

"I want to watch you pee," he said looking at me down there. Next thing I know his hand is going down between my legs touching my sex. "I cant," I protested. "Yes you can, just pee," he shot back. I sat there starring at him not sure I would do this. "Come on just pee or we'll stay in here till you do," he threatened. Then I was surprised by him again as he stood straight up walked straight in front of the toilet took hold of his cock and started to pee.

His stream started going straight into the water but he carefully lifted it up some until his stream hit me right between the legs on my slit. I looked at him angrily as he peed on me there. I did need to pee and after he did that a few seconds it worked and made me need to pee. He smiled down at me as I let my stream flow. "Beautiful," he said watching me pee.

I was glad when he had finished as he didn't get too much of his pee on me. I grabbed for toilet paper and wiped myself.

He then reached for my hand and helped me to my feet. He then helped me get dressed. I was anxious to get out of the bathroom. I felt much better when we were completely out of the department store. As we walked around I felt so dirty. I struggled not to cry. But soon he was acting like the celebrity of the mall and introducing me to everyone he knew. I was ashamed of what I had been doing yet proud to be on his arm. We walked around the mall and I had mixed emotions but all the kids noticing me made me feel ebony cutie xianna hill blows hung bartender about myself even as dirty as I felt for what I had done.

As it got closer to time for mom to pick me up I felt better about things and more and more people were learning my name and who I was. ********* After getting home I talked on the phone with Scott a little while.

I was wanting my mother to know I had a boy friend, even though I knew it was a risk. To me the most important thing in my competition with my sister was to rub it in her face.

And it was great that it was getting out to the kids at my future high school that I was his girl friend but to actually be able to have him come over to our house would be the ultimate one up. So he agreed that I should try to see if he could join us for lunch tomorrow and we said our goodnights. So I had my morning mission and went about making mom happy. I started my own load of laundry and vacuumed my room right after breakfast. I emptied the dishwasher of their clean dishes from dinner last night and reloaded the morning dishes.

It was right after that my mom new something was up and just asked me, "Okay Tori what are you after." "Can I have a friend over for lunch," I asked not sure if I should mention the friend was male. My mom replied, "You know its okay if any of your little friends eats with us if their over playing with you." I couldn't believe she made me sound so much like a baby, but I controlled my reaction teamskeet compilation of hot sexy teens getting creampied just asked, "Is it okay if it's Scott from down the street." Mom looked at me a little surprised and my sister was passing by just as I was asking and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Sure that's fine," she said but continued, "But isn't he a little bit old to be your friend?" My sister's eyes were wide as I think I had ever seen them and I struggled to control my breathing and my mouth but after catching my breath I simply replied, "Apparently not." And with that Scott was going to be our guest for lunch.

I can not begin to explain how sexy and wild outdoor oral sex hardcore european Scott was at being an appropriate guest. He was as polished and polite as any boy could be. My sister could hardly speak the whole time he was there as her breath was taken away and we had a very nice lunch. I think Scott could solve all the world problems because before long he had my mom eating out of his hand, figuratively of course.

She laughed at his jokes and smiled for familystrokes step daughter fucked by pervert dad missionary and doggystyle of lunch. Damn the boy could eat some food though and wiped out almost everything my mom fixed.

But with me being such a picky eater my mom was delighted to see her lunch devoured even while she managed to control what went onto my sister's plate. Scott even helped to clear the table and load the dishwasher before we decided to play games. Not having anything really fun like his Nintendo, so I broke out the Uno cards and both Sherri and mom decided to play as well. We had fun and laughed and I was so excited when mom left the room for a few minutes and I got to kiss Scott right there in front of Sherri.

Her face turned green.

The visit was going so great and then to my shock my mom invited Scott to join us for dinner too. Scott and I even helped mom fix dinner and he kept her laughing most of the evening. I had a hard time not wanting to touch and kiss him but I did my best to contain myself. We had a really nice dinner and good conversation and too quickly it was over. Scott again helped us with clean up and then I decided it was time to let mom knew we were a couple and right there with her in the kitchen I told Scott thank you and pushed up onto my toes giving him a small kiss on the lips.

Scott have enough sense to realized I was doing this on purpose so he went along and gently returned the kiss. I then told my mom I was gonna walk him outside and she said okay. We chatted a tiny bit on the front porch me telling him thank you for coming over and then I got a real kiss from him a nice long deep kiss. Then he headed home. No sooner then my mother heard me come back inside she called for me and I headed back to the kitchen.

Here came the lecture, "Tori, I know your growing up and I know Scott seems to be a very nice young man, but don't you think he's a little bit old for you?" I replied, "Mama you've known him since we were all little and he's a nice respectable boy. I'm gonna be in school with him next year and he's a good student and everything." She replied, "I know Tori but your younger than I am. I'm not sure I'm ready for you to have a boy friend.

You're not old enough for that really and your sister was not allowed to even date till she was much older." I came back with, "I know mama and that's why I invited him over cause I wanted you to see what he's like and I promise that he's more like a friend and we're just getting to know each other better." She came back with, "I don't know Tori I'm going to have to think about it." I knew this didn't mean defeat and I decided to give her time to think.

"Yes ma'am," I replied and headed to my room. I waited a little while and then called Scott and told him about what she'd said not getting too much into the details.

We chit chatted and had sweet talk for a while before he wanted off the phone. I wanted to go over to his house sooooo bad but of course couldn't. After hanging up the phone I opened my door and heard my sister and mother talking. I stepped towards the door of my mother's room where they were talking and my sister was telling my mother I was way too young for Scott and that it wasn't fair that I could busty brunette wife veronica avluv fucks her ex husband a boyfriend at my age when she wasn't allowed till she was much older.

I walked into the room furious and got in her face and was yelling at her that she was just jealous that he liked me and not her and that it had nothing to do with my age. We went back and forth a while before my mother whistled and looked me straight in the eye and said, "Immature behavior from you young lady will not help your cause so you'd better check yourself." I was glad and relieved that she was still considering it and didn't just say no right then. So I gave my mom a quick, "Yes Ma'am." Spun on my heels and left her room.

"See what I mean," my sister shot at my mother. But I was relieved to hear my mom say, "I've heard enough out of you too young lady. And my sister huffed out of my mom's room and headed back to her own. I was furious she would stab me in the back like that then again I had flaunted the kiss right in front of her.

The next morning I was so curious if my mother had came to a decision but I knew better then to ask because in the past if you were waiting on a decision from her and you bugged her for it she would use that to make her choice and choose against you.

So I bit my tongue and ate quietly trying to look at the newspaper something I almost never did. As we were finishing breakfast my mom said to my sister, "Sherri, I need you to go to the pharmacy and pick up this prescription," handing her a prescription from a doctor and then continued, "I also need you to get the items on this list.

Okay?" My sister looked at me and we both knew I was about to have a private conversation with my mom and there was no arguing but she tried anyway, "I was going to. . .do some laundry." My mom shot back, "Well you can do that after you get home." And my sister had no choice but to reply, "Yes Ma'am." Within a few minutes she had her keys and was headed out of the door sugar daddy teen xxx glenn completes the job the car and off she went.

My mother then took my hand and pulled me to the den and began to explain, "Now Tori your father and I talked about this long and hard last night. We both think your really too young to have a boyfriend." I felt sick and I must have looked like I was about to argue but before I got a word out mom continued, "But against our better judgment we are not going to forbid you to do so." Relief came to my heart and I was able to breath again but just as I think I was starting to smile she continued, "However, you are not under any circumstances to be alone with him.

Your far too young for that. Either he has to be over hear, or his mom has to be at his house or your sister has to be around, or you have to be with other kids. As long as you follow these rules, we will not ask you to break up. But we also expect you to behave like a proper young lady and keep the physical things, especially kissing, to a minimum. Amateur couple bathroom hot sex tape tube porn that clear?" I nodded yes to her question and replied, "Yes Ma'am." I wasn't sure yet how Scott was going to feel about the new rules but I was still excited that at my age I was going to be allowed to have a boyfriend, but not just any boyfriend but the varsity football starting quarterback and a high school senior.

"Don't let me down," she warned looking me hard in the eyes. My heart was pounding and I wanted to do a victory dance but instead I just replied, "No Ma'am." And hurried off to my room where I did a victory dance quietly.

After calming down some I called Scott and gave him the news afraid he might be disappointed or even want to break up with me but he sounded like he didn't care at all said, "No problem we will do our best to keep to her rules." He then invited me to come over to help wash his car.

I told him I'd have to check and get changed and I still needed to take a shower. After getting out of the shower I set about the task of getting my mom to let me go to Scott's but it turned out to not be hard at all. Turns out that Scott got his mother to call my mom and they have been skinny wife fucked and filled with cock for years and they visited and Scott's mom invited me over to help Scott wash the cars and then for lunch.

I was shocked and delighted and off to Scott's house I went. When I got there Scott was already outside washing the car. I had put clothes on over my bikini so my mom wouldn't give me a fight about that, but without saying a word I walked into the garage and undressed chesty blonde teen masturbating in bath ixho to my bikini.

We then washed his car and when we finished it he got me started washing his mother's car. The big rat actually made me do most of the washing on it and he just "managed" the water hose spraying me soaking wet every chance he got. He said it was my punishment for my mother's rules and for the fact his mother wanted her car washed out of inviting me over.

Shortly after we finished her car it was getting close to lunch time and we headed into the garage to put up the supplies for washing. When we got into the garage I told Scott I loved him so much and we kissed long and deep. I then told him I thought I would be ready soon to which he smiled big at me.

He then asked me a question that surprised me and I didn't know what to think. "Would you for our first time have a threesome with me, you and Mike," he asked. I didn't know what to think of this question. Before I replied he continued, "It would just be such a special unique experience. Not too many people lose two virginities at one time. I know you haven't did anal yet and I think it would be amazing. And you know that other then you and my mom Mike is one of the most important people to me.

It would also make it very unique for me and that's very important to me. Your special. Like no girlfriend I have ever had. To know that I helped you experience that your first time would mean the world to me. I want you to think about it okay?" And with that Scott closed the garage door and came to me pulling the ties of the bikini rendering me naked.

He then had me put on my t-shirt and skirt without a bra and panties which I was nervous about but he insisted. I hoped his mom didn't think I was gross for going without a bra so much and I tried my best to hide it from her.

I'm not really sure if she noticed as my mind was so preoccupied with the proposal he had made. Here I had thought enough to think I was maybe ready to make love to him and instead he asks me to be not only with him but with Mike. I was so stunned. After lunch he told his mom we were going over to his friend Billy's apartment and she mentioned Mike and a couple other boys I didn't know and even said a few girls names.

His mom kissed him on the cheek and told us to have a good time and off to Billy's we went. I didn't know it at the time but Billy is 18 and has had his own apartment for about three months. He had a blowout with his dad and with the help from his grandparents he got his own place. During the summer he works full time but during school he works part time and his grandparents help him with rent. When we got there it was just Billy and Mike and we were invited in and said hi.

Scott made a point to ask me if I was okay with this and if it was within the rules mother set. Technically we were not alone and there were other kids there so I said it was okay to his delight. We chit chatted a while and then they started playing Nintendo. I got to play some but they were all much better then I was.

After a while Billy went into the kitchen and got a bottle off the top shelf and poured the drink into four little glasses I later learned are called shot glasses. He handed one to each of us and I asked Scott what it was. He told me it was wonderful Tequila. Billy yelled toast and they all lifted their glasses, so after a second delay I did too. Scott then looked me in the eyes and said one word, "Finish." campus hottie gets drilled in doggie position tube porn He and the others then drank down their glasses of Tequila.

I did the same but almost choked and spit it up. They all laughed at me but not in a mean way. Billy grabbed the bottle and went around the room refilling the glasses. I looked at Scott unsure and then said to him, "Scott, I don't know." They all lifted their glasses and Scott looked at me and firmly said, "Finish." And they drank down their shots.

I did the same thinking it tasted so strong. Then Billy got beers out of the fridge and grandpa fucks teen years old tight pussy in bedroom great wet blowjob one to each of us.

"Scott I don't think I'd better. ." but before I could finish what I was saying he interrupted me saying, "Look Tori we are going to have a good time, you can either have one with us, or you can leave and go home, but if your hear you drink what I tell you to drink." He then took my beer from me opened the bottle and offered it back to me saying one word, "Finish." xxx on girl and run They all tilted their beers up to drink so I did the same.

Gulping mine down. Mike and Scott drank about half of theirs and Billy about one third. Scott then handed me his beer and said, "Finish." And I not sure what to do did what I was told and finished off his beer. The second I had, he handed me Mikes and said it again, "Finish." I drank it down feeling mad. No sooner had I finished it and I noticed Billy had handed Scott what remained of his beer which Scott handed to me again giving me the command, "Finish." I drank it down feeling pretty dizzy already.

I then leaned back against the sofa and the three of them laughed. I closed my eyes a moment and busty ghetto nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop the room spin. Then I felt Scott get up on the sofa next to me. He then pulled my opposite arm pulling me in front of him guiding me to the floor and said, "Kneel." And I found myself there kneeling on the carpet in front of him sitting on the sofa.

I didn't realize what he had done till I heard the command, "Open." When I heard this I looked and he had his cock out ready for me to suck. I'm not sure why that seemed so easy for me, probably because of the alcohol. But I just started sucking his cock. My head was spinning and as usually Scott had a good hold of my head doing most of the work moving me then I did myself.

I didn't know what to think of myself though there sucking Scott's cock in front of Mike and Billy. But I kept it up kept sucking and felt myself being moved on his cock and him moving his hips and before too long Scott shot his load again giving me the one word command, "Swallow." He didn't really need to give me that command as it felt natural to do so for him but to his pleasure I did what he wanted and swallowed his cum down.

He didn't hold me there as long as usual but the second I sat up he handed me another shot of tequila telling me, "Finish." All the guys drank hd pov petite black girl is hungry for your cock shot and as we finished Scott moved over an Mike sat down in front of me.

I then realized he already had his cock out. I looked over at Scott unhappy and unsure but he just looked me firmly in the eyes and said one word, "Open." Mike was smiling and I felt very unsure but slowly lowered my mouth down to his cock slowly taking it in. The tequila really had me feeling buzzed and it didn't seem very long before I felt Mike cum. This time it wasn't Scott that gave me the command but it was Billy's voice that said the word, "Swallow." I felt so ashamed but didn't really know what else to do since I was now swallowing every time a guy came so I swallowed his cum down.

No sooner had he finished shooting his load and I lifted my head up that I was handed another shot by Scott saying one word, "Finish." I drank the shot down, feeling really warm and my head was really spinning. I looked up and shook my head and blinked my eyes because sitting in front of me was now Billy.

And his hand was at his cock stroking it. "Open," Scotts command came from the other side of the room. And without thinking too much, feeling pretty dizzy I lowered my mouth onto Billy's cock. Even as buzzed as I was I noticed a different smell and taste and that made me feel very dirty.

But I kept sucking the cock and Billy awkwardly moved my head on his cock. I'm not really sure but he seemed like he had not done that as much as Scott and Mike had cause he didn't seem to know what to do.

In a way I hated that and it made it worse cause it took much longer before he came. I was dying for him to cum thinking it would be over then. Finally he shot his load again a maid and the wife at the same time voice, Billy's, giving me the command, "Swallow." I lifted my head up out of his lap and again was handed a shot glass by Scott.

I was glad it was less full this time and I heard their voices say, "Cheers." I was then stunned and shocked as I lowered my head from drinking the shot there was another guy sitting there.

This guy was a very tall thin black guy and he had a huge cock even larger then Scott's. Without hesistation I heard Scott give the command from directly behind me, "Open." "Scott," I whined, "noooooo." "Then go home to your mother's right now drunk off your ass," he said placing a hand on my shoulder. "Now open," he commanded again. I was so dizzy and so tired and feeling so. . drunk. I didn't know what to do so slowly I opened my mouth and slowly lowered my head.

And onto the boy's cock who's name I did not even know. To make it worse I heard Scott talking to him saying, "She takes it down the throat see if you can get it all the way in." As he said this I felt hands on my head forcing me down on the huge cock. It was thicker and longer then Scott's and it made me gag often.

But before long I felt it force down my throat. To make things worse I then felt Scotts hand slide down my ass under my skirt and with me still not having panties on he was able to rub my sex within seconds. Soon he was fingering me as I sucked the big black cock. I felt so ashamed and dirty not knowing who the guy even was.

And feeling my boyfriend fingering me knowing his friends Mike and Billy were watching. Unlike Billy this guy knew what he was doing but that didn't make it go quicker. He also knew how to pace himself and took his time working my mouth and throat for quite a while. I felt like such a slut.

His cock kept forcing over and over down my throat and I was then stunned back to reality when I heard a very deep voice give me the command, "Swallow slut." The added word dug a hole in my heart but I didn't really know what pretty cutie opens up tight hole and gets deflorated do about it as I gagged his cum down.

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No sooner then I was able to come up for air I felt a wash of cold go through me and I knew I was about to be sick. "I'm gonna be sick," I groaned out loud and someone handed me a trash bucket. I then vomited beer and tequila and cum up into the trashcan. It was one of those gross disgusting vomits too where not only does it come from your mouth but its so heavy it comes through your nose too.

I felt Scott holding me keeping my hair from my face as I puked into the garbage can. I heard some of them laughing. I felt like shit. "It's okay baby you did so, so good," Scott encouraged. I stayed there kneeling exhausted and still not sure I was done throwing up.

I then felt Scott help me to my feet and he sat on the sofa pulling me down onto his lap. He leaned sideways letting me half lay back in his arms and I felt so exhausted and sick and gross.

"You did sooo good baby. I love you so much," Scott whispered to me. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I hate throwing up and after doing so it felt nice to be held in his arms and comforted. Yet what had me just had me do. I sucked four people's cock. Two two sluts in hot outfits get fucked I had not met before today, one who's name I did not even know.

I felt like a slut. I'm not sure how, it must have been the alcohol, but I fell asleep there for a while. When I woke up it was just Billy, Scott, Mike and me. "There you are feeling better," Scott asked? I was so mad at him I didn't say anything. "You were the life of the party," Scott stated looking at me with a stupid grin.

"Can I go home," I asked. And he replied, "Sure baby," kissing me on the cheek then telling me, "I love you." I didn't say anything back so he helped me to my feet. He walked me home and I headed straight to my room. I flopped on my bed still feeling like crap and turned on the music just to escape for a while. Later that night Scott called me and we talked on the phone for a while. He talked a lot of sweet talk and told me not to worry too much about what had happened.

He told me the guys there were all like brothers to him. Guys on the varsity team that he trusts his health to during the game.

He told me none of them would talk and that I would hear no rumors of what we had done that it was just something special that I had shared with him and that it meant so much to him I proved to him how much I loved him. He told me he would see me tomorrow and we would do something special that he knew I'd like. Continued in Chapter 3 **********