Stevie shae cock milking a client to a cumshot

Stevie shae cock milking a client to a cumshot
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This is not a true story that I wish was true. Spelling and grammar isn't my strong suit so please be respectful and enjoy. Me and my fiance just bought our first house that to us was nice. It had a garage and a deck with a hot tub. As a young couple we wanted to throw a little party. We invited a few friends over to show off the house and have a few drinks and just hang out.

Me and the guys was just chilling in the garage like guys do. We was drinking and having a good time talking about whatever. Jack,Tom and I was friends as long as I can remember.

Jack had a few beers and started talking about my fiances friends. He was taking about how much he would bang them and then Jack joined in. They both was talking shit and they new they didn't have any chances at any of them.

They started saying would you fuck them? You have to understand my fiance is one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. Ashely is about 6 ft and she is tan with a nice ass, nice tits, and sexy feet.

She always has her toes painted a nice red for me because she likes supporting my fetishes. I love her to death and wouldn't do anything to hurt her but her friends are bad. Me being the nice extreme sloppy gagging tie me up and handle me like a whore I am was saying na I wouldn't do anything to them as I know in the back of my mind I would love to fuck all of her friends.

I was sitting there chilling when we heard a car pull up. I got up chugged the rest of my beer and went and opened the garage door. It was my fiances friends they all road together I guess to save money on gas. Ashely came outside to greet them and start showing them the house.

Brittany was in the back seat and gout out first.

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She had on a white tank top and some short shorts and some cute flip flops. I couldn't help skinny meg magic sexy nude art striptease notice her toes was a sexy blue color. I was in la la land when I snapped out of it I saw Amanda get out of the passager seat and started walking our way.

She had on a one piece yellow dress type deal that was fucking hot. She also had flip flops and french tip toes that was looking good from where I was standing. Finally Jessica got out and she was looking great. She had a pink top with a v neck that showed off here nice size tits. She was wearing black pants and black flats and I couldn't see here toes which was a huge disappointed.

She got a bag out of the car and I didn't think anything about it I just thought it was a housewarming gift. Ashley took them inside to show them the house.

Me and the guys was still chilling in the garage and drinking when Ashley came out and said hey yall want to get in the hot tub. Jack and Tom said no because they didn't have any swimming trunks. Ashley was like ok well me and the girls are getting pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick. As soon as the door shut Jack and Tom was like what the fuck dude you didn't tell me to being swimming trunks.

I said I didn't know they was wanting to get in the hot tub. Honestly I didn't know. We have a door that goes from the garage to the deck where the hot tub is.

You can see the hot tub from the garage. So Jack and Tom was peeking out the blinds and admiring the view. After a few minutes they said they had to go because they had to work tomorrow which wasn't a big deal. They opened the door to the deck and said goodbye to everyone. I told them I'll Holla at them later and they left. I shut the garage door and I sat there a few minutes and finished my beer. I had all intentions to go out on the deck and chill with the girls. I got to the door grabbed the handle and stopped I though about Jack and Tom peeking through the blinds.

I started peeking through the blinds bi boyz and their cute awesome gf looking at the girls in the hot tub and started thinking about all of them naked saying fuck me and lick my toes. I pulled my dick out and started jacking off while thinking of them. I jacked off for a few minutes and I new I was about to cum.

I though for a second what to do with the cum I was about to shoot. I said fuck it and let my cum shoot all over the door as I still stood there looking through the blinds.

I got nervous and thought what am I going to do. I went inside got a towel and hurried to clean the mess I made. After I cleaned the mess up I sat down for a few minutes to calm down. I decided I would go take a shower and get ready for bed. Nina stein milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot opened the door and yelled at Ashley to tell her I was going to take a shower. She said ok and Brittany asked where the guys was, I told them they left.

She snickered and said I though yall was in there jacking off, joking of course. It kinda suprised me but I blew it off and said don't yall wish.

I shut the door and went to take a shower. It didn't take me but a few minutes to take a shower. After I was done I was going to say bye to the girls and go to bed. I went back to the deck and told the girls I was going to bed and I'll see them later. Jessica said hey why don't you join us. I was really tired buy when a girl ask you to join her and her friends in a hot tub you have to say yes. I went inside changed into my swimming trunks and I hurried back outside.

We all set in the hot tub for a while the girls was talking back and forth about everything and I was just hanging out. Somehow they got on the conversation about different sex positions and crazyest place they had sex and crazyest thing they ever done. I was ready to listen. Ashley started saying we had sex at other people's houses and at church. The the other girls started mentioning some places like school, football fields, movie theaters and driving down the road.

Then we moved on to the subject of crazyest thing they ever done. Amanda said she wasn't that wild and the crazyest thing she had done was eat wip cream off a dick. Brittany said the crazyest thing she ever did was give a rimjob. They all kinda stopped and started asking what that was except my fiance because she has gave me one before.

Brittany said it's when you lick a guy or girls asshole. It has to be clean and it's not that bad isn't that right Ashley. Apparently Ashley and Brittany have talked about this before. Ashley said yeah its not that bad then they looked at me. I was a little ashamed but I knew it felt great. I said I liked it expecially when I get jacked off while getting my ass licked. We got back on subject and Jessica said she had gave a footjob and she enjoyed it more then the guy did.

I was I shock because I didn't picture her being that kind of girl. Amanda asked what that was and the girls started telling her it's where you Jack a guy off with your feet. Jessica said like this and stuck here feet out of the water and made a shape like she was going to jack off a dick. I finally got to see here toes they was painted a hot pink that mached the shirt she had on before. By this time I was getting hard and thought all this was crazy.

All the girls in the tub had gave a footjob except Amanda, and Ashley and Brittany had gave rimjobs. This was getting to much to bear. When Jessica put her feet back down.

She grazed the side of my leg with her sexy feet and I got hard as fuck. We hung out for a few more minutes thank god and my boner went down. I got out first and said I was going inside. A few minutes later Ashley came in and said the girls was to drunk to drive and asked if they could stay the night.

I said sure why not. They all came in and they were soaking wet in there sexy little bikinis. I went into the living room so they could change. A few minutes passed and they came to the living room they was all wearing a tee shirt and slouch paints and said they were tired and was ready to go to bed. I said yall can sleep in the bedroom with Ashley and I'll sleep on the couch. They agreed and said goodnight.

I was watching TV when the TV stopped working. I was into the show I was watching and I decided to see if the girls was asleep if they wasn't I was going to watch TV in there for a few. I went to the bedroom and they was all talking.

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I said hey I thought yall was going to bed. They said we I'll in a few. I said ok well the TV went out in the living room so I'm going to watch some in here.

Ashley said well come over here and lay beside me. I did of course. We all layer there a few minutes and a comercial came on about erictal disfunction. Jessica laughed and said I bet girl with big tits amy wild get tag teamed pornstar and knockers have that don't you.

I laughed and then Ashley said no he doesn't he can go for hours. This made me proud that my Ashley was sticking up for me. She said we have fucked for 5 hours before. Jessica said yeah sure I would like to see that. Ashley said fine we will show you. I was like wait a minute so you want me to fuck you on front of your friends.

Ashley said yes I want to show them the sexy man I'm going to marry and tha you can fuck good. I was a little slow saying ok. I pulled my dick out underneath the covers and pulled Ashelys paints down then I rolled over and slid my dick inside here. I knew she was enjoying it and so was I. I was sliding in and out of here for a few minutes when Brittany said we can't see anything this is boring.

I looked at Ashely and she said let's give them a good show. I said ok and pulled the covers off of us and stood up and started taking my clothes off. I took my shirt off first and then started taking my paints off. As soon as my paints left my dick Amanda said wow.

They all started laughing because of Amandas reaction. Ashley pulled her clothes off and I thew here on the bed and started giving them a show. I put her legs in the air and started fucking her as deep and hard as I could to impress the other girls. Ashley started moaning and telling me to fuck her harder. As we was fucking I got caught up in the moment and started suckling her toes as I always do.

I put here feet together and used them like a pillow and pushed my face into the bottom of her soles. While here soles was in my face I was still fucking here as hard as I could. I started licking here soles and spitting on them to lube them up. I stood up and started fucking here feet. I kinda forgot the girls was there until Jessica said that's what a footjob is.

I was imbarased a little so I stopped and started fucking her again. I looked over at the girls and Jessica and Brittany was making out and Amanda was trying to focus on me and Ashley but kept looking a Jessica and Brittany. Not even thinking I told the girls that Amanda looks like she wants some.

Brittany and Jessica took Amanda by the back of the head ands pulled them into there make out session. They was all three kissing and sticking there lips and tongue all over each other. I couldn't belive my eyes. After a good 15 to 20 minutes of me and Ashley fucking and the girls kissing the girls stopped and Jessica asked if Ashley minded if they have some fun. Ashley said sure that's fine.

Jessica got off the bed and started taking her clothes off. She had a great set of tits and her ass was just the right size for her body. Brittany got off the bed and started undressing as well. She had smaller tits then the other girls but was still nice and here ass was smaller too but just as nice. Amanda looked a little scared and said I've never done anything with a girl before.

Brittany and Jessica said they haven't either but would like to try. They talked back a forth for a minute and finally convenced Amanda that it would be fun. The hole time I'm fucking the hell out of Ashley and thinking what are the girls going to do. Amanda started taking her clothes off, she turned her back to us and took her shirt off.

She took here paints off and turned around. She had her hands covering up her tits and pussy. She was a little hesitate to remove her hands. The girls talked her into it and when she finally moved her hands I started pounding the hell out of Ashley. Amanda had the best body of all three. She was tan from head to toe no tan lines, she had the nicest tits with little brown nipples and her pussy looked as smooth as silk.

They all three got on the bed and started kissing each other. Jessica started kissing Amanda then Brittany started kissing and suckling on Jessicas nipples which was getting her excited. They continued to do this as I was still fucking Ashley.

I stopped for a second and looked at Ashley and all she did was smile and say do you like fucking me while these hot girls are making out in front of you. I said yes baby this is great. Amanda was starting to come around she started kissing and sucking on Brittanys tits.

After they did this for a few minutes Jessica laid down and Brittany new what to do. Brittany started licking her pussy for a few minutes then Jessica told Amanda to come an sit on her teen and old man outdoor cristi ann may be a tiny too cute. Amanda listened and sat on her face.

I was fucking Ashley so hard and I almost cane just watching these girls. Jessica and Amanda was really enjoying there self then all of a sudden Brittany went for the kill. Brittany pulled her face away from Jessicas pussy and tried to stick her fingers down here throat to make herself gag and get some saliva.

It didn't work and she said I can't get any spit I need something to get back there futher. Ashley immediately looked at me and said make her gag so I started to put my fingers in her mouth and Ashley says no not with your fingers. I said you want me to gag her with my dick. Ashley said yes I want to watch her choke on your cock. I pulled my dick out of Ashleys soaking wet pussy and slid it into Brittanys mouth.

I started face fucking her deep I could feel the back of her throat hitting the head of my cock. I did this for a few minutes the Brittany said I think I have enough spit. She spit onto one and started finger fucking Jessicas pussy. She spit in the other hand and stuck a finger in Jessicas ass which made here yelp.

Jessica was humping the air trying to get the best pleasure. Amanda was humping Jessicas face and I could tell she had about enough. Right then Amanda started moaning and humping faster I new she was about there. She eased herself off of Jessicas face and started rubbing here pussy fast and hard. Then started moaning then she screamed as she squirted all over Jessicas face. Jessica had enough she couldn't hold back once Amanda squirted on her face.

She yelled and was humping the air like a dick and said I'm cumming I'm cumming. Brittany just buried her face futher into Jessicas pussy. Jessica fakeagentuk nd dose of blowjobs rimming and fucking for tall dirty blonde for a minute and I new she was done. I looked over at Ashley and she looked at Brittany and said all of us has cummed except you. Brittany said she wanted Amanda to squirting on her face.

Amanda said she wasn't up to the challenge. Ashley said I bet you we can make you squirting again. How Amanda asked. Let my fiance fuck you until you squirt Ashley said. Amanda said we can try and I looked at Ashley and said you want me to fuck your friend. Ashley said yes please baby I know you will enjoy it. So Amanda sit on Brittanys face for a minute the I inserted Amanda and started fucking her deep.

Jessica and Ashley was sitting there watching us go at it and started touching each other. I really got into it and said oh shit I'm about to cum. Just as I said that Amanda pulled off my dick and squirted all over Brittanys face.

Then Brittany rubbing herself started moaning and did like half a sit up and I could tell she came. I laid there letting the girls catch there breath.

My dick was so hard and ready to explode. Ashley finally said baby I know your ready to cum. I said yes I am so ready. She asked the girls if they would help out. They all said yes we want the big dick to cum so bad. Ashley said I want you to shoot your hot load inside my mouth baby. I laid on my back thinking they would just jack me off.

Wow I was wrong. Jessica sit above my head and said I know you trashy treasures gets fucked in hardcore fashion the sexy toes don't you. I said yes I want to suck those sexy toes and lick those soles so bad. She said I new you did the way you looked at them in the hot tub.

She took her beautiful tiffany blaze likes to get pounded soles and pushed them into my face. I felt my bottom being lifted up and then I felt a warm toungh start licking my ass. It was great I grabbed Brittanys head and pushed it into my asshole. She really new what she was doing. Then I felt a pair of cold feet touching my dick. I looked up and saw that Amanda was the cold feet I felt. She said I want to see what a footjob is all about.

Then I felt Ashleys mouth start sucking my dick. I wanted this moment to last forever but at the same time I new I wanted to cum because it would feel amazing. I was licking and kissing Jessicas soles and getting my asshole licked and a footjob and blow job at the same time. I felt the cumshot growing and I started humping and pushing Jessicas soles into my face.

I said oh I'm about to cum I'm cumming. Then I came the biggest load I ever cummed. It was so big that my cum was oozing out of Ashleys mouth and some fell on Amandas sexy french tip toes.

Amanda went to wipe it off and Ashley slapped her hand away. Jessica took her silva soaked soles off my face and stuck them in the air above my body Brittany grabbed Amandas feet and put them beside Jessicas.

Brittany put her feet in the air also then Ashley spit my hot load all over there feet. Ashley would lick all the cum off there feet and then spit it back onto them. I just laid there enjoying the sight of my cum being on 3 sexy pairs of feet. All the girls said they had a great time and asked me if it did. I said yes it was amazing and we would have to do it again before me and Ashley get married.

We laid there for a few minutes and all of us went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and I was still in shock about what all had happened.

I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I was still tired so I decided to go lay back down.

When I went into the bedroom I noticed the covers was about pulled all the way up on the bed and could see the tip of Jessicas toes. I instantly got hard and thought if covers was up just a little more I could see her sexy toes and soles.

I made some noise to see how asleep they was. None of them moved so I decided to make my move. I pulled the covers up and could see Jessicas sexy toes and soles. In the process of doing this I had uncovered all of there feet.

I started jacking off just looking at those sexy feet that just hours before was soaked with spit and cum. I jacked off for a few minutes and just exploded all over all of there feet. I was going to wipe it off but decided it would be ok. I went to the other room and grabbed my camera and took a few pics to jack off to later.

I laid there and turned on the TV. After about 30 minutes the girls started waking up. They said my feet are still wet and sticky from your cum last night. I didn't say a word. They got up and said they needed to go and me and Ashley thanked them for the great night and told them we hope to do it again soon. They all said they would love to and got into the car and left.