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Annie was an average sophomore in high school. She had good friends, was fairly popular, and everyone seemed to like her. She was always nice and respectful, got straight A's, and played on the softball team. Teachers respected her and friends wanted her to be with them all the time. Physically, she was very good looking. While she may not be the hottest girl in her class, she had natural beauty surrounding her.

Standing at 5'8, she was very skinny being only 110 pounds. Her breast were still developing, being a size 32 a-cup. She had a nice smooth butt that was small but firm. Her wavy caramel hair made every girl jealous, and her bright green eyes caught the attention of everyone who she met. Now Annie was a good girl. She had never had a boyfriend, and only kissed a few different guys, never going farther than that. While she had multiple guys chasing after her, none of them caught her attention and she had no problem resisting their advances.

This, however, is the beginning of Annie 's change into a young sex driven woman. Dinggggg! The school bell buzzed at 3:00 on Friday, as a thousand kids left their classrooms excited for the weekend to come.

Annie had just finished her biology class and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead. "Annie ! Hey, any fun plans for the weakened?" Annie 's best friend Jenna said running catching up her in the school hall. Jenna was a beautiful girl, probably the hottest and most popular girl in their class. Standing at about 5"5, she was your average high school blonde Barbie. Huge breasts all ready and a face that makes and guy drool.

She had a great body and was perfect in almost every way. She got a lot of attention, but acted as if she didn't. Jenna had a boyfriend, and they had been dating for almost 7 months. Annie and Jenna had been friends since before kindergarten, as their older brothers who were seniors met when they were in kindergarten and had been best friends since, so naturally Annie and Jenna had followed in their footsteps. "No, I'm probably just going to relax and get some homework done.

A masssive cock for babes booty gap no Jeff is having a party tomorrow night, maybe I will go to that." Annie replied. "Ok, well I'll text you later tonight and maybe we can hang out at do something. Mike is out of town today, so I'm going to be bored. I want to do something." "Sounds like a plan!" Annie said as she left her friend to go meet her brother by his car so they could go home. By the time she said by to all her friends and got outside, her brother was already in his car waiting for her.

Dave was a senior, and extremely popular. He stood at 6"3, blonde, skinny but a good body tone and was the captain of the basketball team. He, like Anniewas also extremely nice, but more temperamental and hyper than Annie. He liked to party more than Annie but was nice to everyone and always ready to help someone if they needed it.

"Hey Meg," Dave said once they got to his car.

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"Was your day good?" "Yes, it was fine. I'm ready to be home now though." She replied. Dave laughed and agreed and began to drive home. They only lived about a 10 minute drive away from fine oiled ass bouncing on thick cock, and once they got home, as usually, they were home alone.

Both of their parents worked until about 7:30 every day, so when they weren't playing sports they were used to being home alone all day. Dave often had friends or girls over, but Annie didn't mind as she was happy with just relaxing, watching T.V and doing homework. Immediately Annie began watching T.V and just hanging out. About an hour after they were home, Annie decided to hop in the shower in case she decided she wanted to go out tonight.

While in the shower, her brother yelled "hey Meg, I'm heading over to Molly's house, I'll be back in a few hours. Later." Happy with having some piece and quite around the house, she thought after her shower maybe she could take a nap or something until she wanted to meet up with her friends.

After she had gotten out of the shower, the doorbell rang.

She looked out her window and saw a UPS truck outside her house. "Shit," she thought. "It's a package for my Dad, he told me it was coming. It's something big so I need to sign for it." Not wanting to risk having the delivery man leave, she quickly threw on the bare minimum of clothing and ran downstairs to sign for the package.

When she opened the door, her jaw dropped. The mom thought i was dad man was good looking. While maybe not fitting the cute look, he was older, probably about 30, and was bald. But he had that tough Vin Diesel look, and had piercing blue eyes. He was also big, standing about 6"2. Annie could see the muscles through his shirt, he looked like a body builder. Annie instantly blushed, as she was wearing a skimpy shirt that showed a lot of mid-drift with no bra and very short shorts she only wears around the house since she just threw on some clothes so she wouldn't miss the package.

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"Hello ma'm, I have a delivery for Mr. William's." He said handing the clipboard to sign over to her. Annie noticed his name was Jack as he had a name badge on his uniform. Then he seemed to look her up and down and smile, and he asked "Also, I no its not proper, but I need to go to the bathroom extremely bad. Would it be all right if I just came inside real quick and use yours?" "Yes of course!" Annie shouted out all too fast.

She didn't know why this guy had this effect on her, but he was making her feel butterfly's in her stomach and light headed. Jack came inside and closed the door behind him, and went to the bathroom. While he was in there Annie didn't know what to do. Should she try and put some clothes on really quick? She felt skanky just sitting there not wearing any real closed, but before she could make up her mind she heard the toilet flush and Jack came out. "Thanks, you're a life saver." He said.

"So what's your name hun?" He asked in a nonchalant voice. "Annie ." She replied in a nervous and unsure tone. "Well that's a nice name. How old are you? Like 17? You look great. Your beautiful, you must have all the guys chasing after you." He said as he walked out of the bathroom and sat next to Annie on the couch. Immediately she began to get more excited and couldn't stop staring at him.

He was so big and intimidating and mature, tattooed girl craves for a big dick just seemed to not be able to even talk around him.

"No I'm actually 15. And hah I'm not sure, I guess some boys like me." She replied. "Well Annieyou are stunning for just being 15. You only have boys chasing after you though. Not real men, because that is deemed wrong by society. Have you ever had sex Annie ?" He asked as he reached and moved a few strand of hairs from her face to being her ear. When he did that she just about exploded of arousal. She was nervous but also horny. Hornier that she had ever been.

She didn't know night bedroom romans beeg xxxprone storys this guys was doing but it was effecting her like crazy.

"I… no I haven't… but I… you need to leave I think." She said standing up really princesscum stepsis grinds stepbros cock playing xbox se trying to shake her head of images of him naked.

"But Anniethat's not what you really want, is it now?" he replied. Then Jack stood up, walked over to Anniepulled the young inexperienced 15 year old to his imposing form, and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips. He kissed her long and hard and slowly worked his hands down to her firm butt which he gave a gentle squeeze. Annie was lost. She had never experienced anything like that in her life.

She was totally his. Her tight virgin pussy was soaking wet. She didn't know what she was doing, she just knew she needed him.

As the kiss continued, Jack picked her up, never breaking contact with their lips, and walked into Annie 's room. Once in her room, Jack set Annie on her bed and took a moment to strip. He got down to his boxers, showing a massive bulge sticking out. Annie starred in awe, never having seen a man so muscular and tough looking. "I'm going to make you feel amazing, Annie. You are going to love every minute of this." Annie new she shouldn't keep going; this wasn't her, she was a good girl who hadn't even had sex yet, not someone who slept around with strangers, especially someone DOUBLE her age.

But she couldn't stop. Not now. She was a slave to her body, and Jack had her body controlled like a puppet. Jack began kissing her again, he was naked, she was not.

She began to run her hand all over his naked body, feeling those big muscles and the shape of his head. He then ripped off her small shirt and began to work on her breasts. She had never felt anything like she was feeling before. His tongue seemed to be everywhere, licking and biting her nipples. She screamed in pleasure at this new found feeling, loving every minute of it.

Jack was rubbing his hand over Annie 's crotch, and even though she still had her shorts on, she was jumping at the feel of having Jack hand rub down there. While still sucking on her left breast, he yanked down her shorts and began to flick his fingers over her vagina.

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"Ohhh my godddddd." She gasped at the meeting of his fingers on her pussy. He kept moving them up down, lightly pressing against her hole, but never actually putting any fingers in.

"You like this baby? It feel good? You like being teased don't you," Jack muttered while switching between breaths. "Oh my god I'm on fire, it feels like ahhhhhhh!!" Annie screamed as Jack suddenly inserted a finger into her vagina.

He began to pump it fast, and Annie couldn't believe how good it felt. The tingling sensation mixed with him kissing her and his physical presence pushed her over the edge.

"I'm cummingggggg" she screamed. Her body rocked and shook for a solid 10 seconds before she came back down to Earth. She realized that Jack had just taken his finger out of her and was took his boxers off. For the first time, she was looking at a penis.

And it was huge. Jack had always been proud of his dick size, and woman loved it. He was nine inches long and about 2.5 inches thick. Annie just starred at the dick. Sure she had watched porn before and heard from friends about dick size, but even she, as inexperienced as she was, new this was a huge penis. "How am I ever supposed to fit that inside me?" She thought starring at the monster.

Jack got up from the bed and said told her to suck it. She starred at it for a minute and then pressed her lips to it and began to move her head up and down.

Her mouth could barely fit over the cock, and she could only take about 3 inches into her mouth. As she bobbed up and down, she tried to use her tongue while moving. She thought she was doing a good job as Jack kept moaning and grunting. After about 3 minuets, Jack began to grab Annie 's head and move it up and down more forcefully.

Annie began to choke on the cock, having about 6 inches in her small mouth, and when she thought she could breathe no more, he released her head. Chocking and panting, Annie yelled "That was scary!

Don't do that again!" Jack just laughed and said "your mine now. I'll do what I want with you slut. That's your name now. Slut." Annie got butterflies in her stomach when he yelled that. She hated chocking on his dick, but at the same time she loved being used and told what to do. She began to suck his cock again, and this time Jack kept pushing her head down on his cock, forcing her to take as much as she possible could. "Ohhh ya. That's so good slut. Keep going. Your mouth is great." Jack groaned.

Annie was having a hard time taking the cock, but loved getting forced what to do. Precum began to leak from his dick, and she found she liked the taste of it.

It was tangy, salty and warm, but all in a good way. This continued for 5 more minutes until Jack pulled xxx full sex stories mirej porn dick out of Annie ' mouth and yelled "ok slut.

You're a virgin right?" "Yes sir." "Ok. We will take it slow. Lay on your back slut." Annie got back on the bed and lied on her back as instructed. Jack slowly began to crawl up and mounted her.

He put nerdy black girl fucked by a hairy white guy dick against her pussy and began to move it up and down, left and right. "Are you on birth control slut?" Jack asked. "No, I'm not." "Ill get you some plan B. I don't use condoms." Before she could reply he pushed his dick into vagina, hard because it was so tight and he needed to make it fit, and a few inches filled her up.

That was all she needed, Annie gasped and closed her eyes, feeling a lot of pain. "Relax." Jack said. "You will get used to it." They stayed like that, Jack having about 5 inches in her for a few minutes.

Jack then slowly began to pull out and then push in. Annie was still in a lot of pain, she felt like she was getting split in half, but now she was starting to have some pleasure also. It felt good having Jack push back in after he pulled out. After about 10 minutes of this, Annie started feeling much better. She started meeting Jacks small thrusts, and began feeling a lot of pleasure.

"Yessss." She sighed as his cock came all the way out, and then back in. On the next stroke, Jack pulled all the way out and had Annie suck his cock for a minute.

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She tasted her pussy juices on his dick, and loved it. Then, when he went back down, he thrust in. Hard. "Ughhhhhh" Annie screamed as about 8 inches fit inside her, well more than had been in before. That thrust almost knocked her out, her pussy overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. Jack then began to start fucking her harder and faster. Annie was in a daze. She just laid there as Jack started pumping his cock in and out fast and hard.

Annie grabbed the sheets on her bed, needing to hold something and screamed. The feeling she had was amazing. His cock was so big and filled her up more than she ever thought possible. "Yesssssss oh fuck yessss!" She yelled.

This continued for a few more minutes, until Jack pulled all the way out, leaving Annie breathless. "Get on your hands and knees and turn around." Jack ordered. Annie did as told, and then Jack began licking Annie 's clit. The feeling was amazing for her, and she was overwhelmed by the sensation having her clit licked felt.

Jack then stopped, lined his dick up, and began fucking her in the doggy-style position. This position hurt Annie at the start, Jack was able to fit almost all of his dick in her, and it was having an effect on him. "Your so fucking tight slut, it's crazy. You like my big dick fucking you, don't you." Jack said. "Yesss.

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Please keep going. Slower it hurts. No harder I like it. Noooo!" She screamed as Jack started to fuck the young 15 year sex xxx sophia levon all senselessly.

She could barely take it, and fell onto her stomach, leaving her butt in the air so Jack could continue to pound it. "OH FUCK YESS!" Jack roared, as he looked down at Annie taking almost all of his monster dick. He was close to cumming, and he knew he was going to explode. "I'm cumminggggg again! I'm cumin- ughhhhhhh!" Annie screamed and began to shake, her orgasm literally shaking her entire body. That was Jack needed to push him over the edge.

He thrust his dick as hard as he possible could inside of Annie and released torrent after torrent of cum into her no longer virgin pussy. Jack must have released 8 loads into Annie before he was done. Once his orgasm ended, he slowly took his semi hard cock out of Annie 's pussy with a pop, and watched after cum and her juices began to leak down her leg.

Looking down at her, he noticed she was panting, and still hadn't moved. "Fun, right." Jack said, knowing the answer all ready. "I'm… amazed. Wow." Annie barley got out. She could feel the cum inside of her and dribbling down her leg. She didn't even care. Her body was spent. Just worked. Her pussy was extremely sore, border line painful, but she loved it. She had never felt anything like that ever before. Jack got up off the bed and slapped Annie 's ass hard, causing her to jump a bit.

He also stuck two fingers in her and pulled out a glob of cum. "Eat it." He demanded. She looked at him and slowly took the cum and swallowed it.

She actually enjoyed the taste. "Good slut. Now go clean yourself up. I will be seeing you soon. Here's my number. I need to finish delivering my packages.

Call me tomorrow at 2." And with that he got up, left Anniewho was still laying down on her bed unable to move, and left the house. Annie couldn't believe what had just happened.

She was still too sore to move, and her body was still getting over the orgasms and monster dick that was in her. After 15 minutes of laying down, she slowly stood up.

"Oh." She said as a few more drops of cum oozed out of her pussy and down her leg. She limped to the shower and cleaned herself up, thinking about what had just happened. Once she was out of the bathroom, she went downstairs just as her Mom was getting home. "Hi sweetie, anything fun happen today?" as her Mom came over and kissed her on the cheek. "No Mom. A pretty normal day!" Annie grinned, thinking about how this experience would change her.