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Fit teen in black stockings tries some white cock doggystylecum on pussy
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"it's just a fiction. Please don't even think to solve your problems in this way .Kids can't pay for adult's mistakes" English isn't my mother language so I hope you will forgive me about grammars and word's errors. Andrew woke up in his bed. He was in need to pee so he went out for go to toilette.

The strange taste of the coke Mr Morris, or Jo, as he allowed him to call just while they were at home. gave him was still in his mouth and made him cough. Were still vivid in his mind the laughts of Mrs Morris while her hubby was recovering the glass before it fall on the floor and how his mom ,red face for shame, was just giggling.

It was something so strange because just after that he felt himself so dumb and Mrs Morris brought him in his bed and helping him to disrobe and put on his favorite PJ full of bears and cows.

He was,'t able to remember anymore so he supposed he felt asleep at the instant. He was close to toilette door when he passed next her mom's bedroom hearing squeals and muffled screams. "Mom should have a bad dream. She surely drank the same coke I did and now she is feeling bad as I do" Andrew thought hearing that noises. He decided to see if mom was Ok. Dad said him he was the man of the house since he went away and to take care of the mom so he boldly opened the door. Her mom was on her belly on the bed with her face between Mrs Morris legs and Mr Morris, Jo, was squatted on her butt he his pee pee was coming and go in her butt.

Her mom was boy wichst in der schule every time the pee pee was diving in her poohole. Andrew understood Mr.

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Morris was hurting his mom: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY MOM??" the question came from his mouth just a second before he start to beat his little fists over the big man's lower back.

All 3 of adults were astonished but all of them reacted in different ways: Jo Morris jumped out pulling out his cock from Sarah's gaped butt making her scream in pain, Tania Morris, with the tipical preschool teacher's training, jumped out the bed reaching the pubescent boy and, keeping him at her chest drove him out of the door.

Sarah was there with her mouth opened: unable to speak and feeling tears of desperation. She just close herself in fetal position and started to cry. Jo was the first to speak after his wife left the room with the boy. He reached Sarah sitting on the bed and try to reassure his old friend in cry: "Sarah, listen to me.

it's all Ok. Tania will find a way to talk to him Ok. Remember?? She was his teacher at kinder garden and she sitted him a lot of times. She knows him. Tania was in Andrew's bedroom, seated on his bed, with the boy 's head between her large breasts. She was cuddling the sobbing boy like when he was 5 and his school friends were joking him but, this time, she was naked and she was able to feel his warm tears wetting her chest.

Unfortunately in that desperate chick nina uses her body for cash pornstars hardcore she wasn't able to solve everything just blaming some stupid boy and she was so sorrow for both boy and his mom and that situation she helped to create.

"Mr Morris is a bad man. He's hurting my mom" Andrew was able to say among his sobs "I'll tell to dad when he will back". The boy's words hitted her like something solid. She knew Peter and Sarah since they start to bring Andrew at kinder garden. They were both nice persons and despite the racial differences, soon this became friendship between the 2 couples and something more between Jack and Sarah.

Tania, thanks her sensibility understood it after short time and after talk to her husband she discovered the reasons of Sarah's cheat.

Peter was a very good boy, a hard worker and a wonderful father but was totally out of sensibility and ability compared to Tania's husband. So she talk to Sarah and discovering her need of love wasn't too complicate persuade her to try lesbian sex first and threesome after short time. Unfortunately Peter, considering his nature, wasn't involved.

So, now Tania knew they were going to ruin a nice marriage, the life of the most nice baby boy she ever knew and her own career because if people could know about her bisexuality, some second after that, her job as teacher could be ended. "Listen Andrew" Tania told to the 10 years old baby freeone blonde milf rides a big cock taking him out from her chest and kissing his mouth softly " know you can call him Jo, doesn't hurt your mom, Andrew.

He likes her and I likes her too. Do you think I can hurt your mom??" asked Tania and waiting while her sentence and question was absorbed by Andrew's young brain. She was happy seeing, after some second, the boy sniffing but nodding. Her mind was racing trying a way for justify the sexual acts in front of the boy without shock him or let him talk to his dad. "Good. Listen now.

Do you know sometimes mom and dad have to stay alone? Or they have to close their door in the night?? " Andrew nodded again knowing why mom and dad were full of giggling and they were going in their room asking him to watch TV " Yes Mrs Morris. I know they do sex. Mom explained me they do it because they love each other a lot. But Mr Morris is not dad and mom was screaming." Tania forced herself to giggle at the boy as reassurance. "Andrew. Now you are a big boy an you are doing to primary school isn't it??.

Good. Do you ever saw girls screaming and squealing while they are playing some games ?? Do you think they are in pain or someone is hurting them?" Asked Tania, giving time to the boy to absorb this other information. She was rewarded when the boy sauced his eyes as understood the revelation. "Good.I can see you are the teenlight saga cute poon pleasure photorama very smart boy" Tania said starting to rub the boy's chest with her hand.

"But Jo is not my dad" said Andrew with less conviction and feeling his nipples becoming hard and a warm sensation on his pee pee. Looking in the boy's eyes she knew she was going to win.

"Well's a very private thing. I am not sure I can say it to you. In any case you are still a little 8 years old boy and not sure an adult" She said at the boy making pressure on his little ego. "noooo. I am not 8 anymore Mrs Morris and I am going to be 10 soon. I am not little. Dad italian mature seduced young boy I am a man now." Tania moking a serious face "Mhhh let me see.

Ok. but you know it's a secret even for your dad. And since you are adult you can call me Tania.ok??" "oh yes Mrs. M. uh. Tania. I am a man. You can tell me. I'll not tell to someone" said the boy eagerly. Tania knew she just won the battle and, after put the boy lye on the bed and her against him, she lowered her hand from his chest to the crotch. "Mom is very very in love with your dad but if she tell it to your dad he could be hurt much more because he's very far" "But it's not a secret.

Mom and dad are in love very much" protested Andrew "Oh yes everybody knows but you know they do sex because they are in love a lot.

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Isn't it?? But mom now can't say to dad she needs him here because dad could suffer because he can't back now." Tania smiled softly at the boy as her hand was over her pee pee. She was watching the boys face full of confusion from her words and from the feelings she was giving him.

She waited until the boy 's mind absorbed this information too. She was trained well and she knew how much information comrades daughter fucks for money and pervert creampie family shares a bed mind were able to absorb and how much time they needed for elaborate them.

"You know we are a good friend of mom and dad so mom asked us to help her to keep this secret because she's scared to tell to your dad and make him suffer. Now. Do you know what sex is??" She knew Sarah already talked with him a little about the fact of life so she didn't wait the kids reply but give him a new prospective of the sex activity.

"Mom ask to Jo to put his pee pee in her butt like dad does when he 's here and they ask you to stay out. The only problem, Andrew, is Jo. Jo didn't want it because he's very in love with me because he's my husband and he was scared to make me jealous so I told him I could be there for survey them and be sure he's not doing something wrong.

" Tania sighed while her hand was wandering under Andrew PJ and making his little cock hard. She awaited another moment seeing with pleasure the boy's face more and more confused. " Another problem is: Mom is addicted at your dad's pee pee because she is very in love with him and when Jo put it in her butt she's unconfortable because Jo has a different pee pee.

Now you have seen mom crying and screaming because she wanted it in but it's not your dad's pee pee. And she's suffering about it. And now I bet she's crying because you catch her and she's ashamed because she was doing something you shouldn't see like when her and dad keep their door close while you watch TV." "Mom is crying for me. Really??" Asked Andrew "But dad told me to take care of her. I didn't want she cry ." said the sorrow boy. "Is she angry at me?? I am sorry Mrs.

M. oh. Tania" "Well Andrew. It's something adult shouldn't show to the boys of your age because adults could go in jail. Mom told you about people who show sex to kids and how dangerous is. Listen. Let me go to mom and if she's very angry or she can talk to you like I talk ." Tania awaited a little still rubbing Andrew's little cock and when he nodded again she left him in a state of arousing and totally confused.

She felt bad for what she did but she was able to make the boy feel guilty. And it was a good result.

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