Sucking an extremely biggest one eyed monster

Sucking an extremely biggest one eyed monster
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One day my three friends invited me to have a girls day out at the beach. Was guessing it was going to be lesbian foursome. So I went along with it. We all met up at a department store parking lot and we all got into my friend, Molly's car and drove down to the beach. We arived at the beach. We got undressed and put on our bikinis. We helped each other put on sun tan. We went out for a swim and played a little volly ball.

We also layed on the sand. A life guard came over pregnant blowjob from european milf from ceech republic asked me my name. I played along with and told him my name.

His name was Buddy. We shared some stories and had a few laughs for a while. Until he kind of went into the stage of trying to fuck me.

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I was still at the stage of having a good time. He walked me into the life guard tower and show me what was in it. I told him about this problem I had and asked how to fix it. Unaware while I was looking out the window and he was explaining he pulled down my panties.

I felt a sense of pleasure and something rubbing against my pussy. I leaned backward to his chest. He slowly inserted his cock and started to hump slowly.

I was in so much pleasure until that very moment. He got a little faster. I was feeling more pleasure. He layed me one the table.

Just then Molly came in. I got off the table and started talking to Molly. Buddy randomly pulled down here panties and started to lick here pussy.

Molly tried to pull away but Buddy started to insert his cock into Molly. Molly wasn't enjoying this one bit. Getting fucked randomly? Molly pulled away, grabbed my hand and we left. After Molly bringing my wife to an anal orgasm in a sequence of sex she didn't want to happen, we decided to go back to our friends.

We told every one what just happened. You know that doesn't happen everyday. Later I looked over at two of my friends. They were wispering and looking at me and Molly. I just rolled over onto my stomach.

Then my hands were tied up and my mouth was covered by a bandana. They also tied up Molly up too. After me and Molly were tied up, my two other friends said "let's have a little fun with you two." Then they took off our bikinis and panties.

They rapped a chain around Molly's pussy. My friend rubbed a vibrator against Molly's pussy and she started to squirt. My friend pulled out of the freezer three ice cream bars with a chocolate shell around it. My friend started softly rubbing them against Molly's body. She lick commonly and kept rubbing it against Molly's body. The shell started youporn must see 9 inch cock shower and cum tube porn break and the ice cream was rubbed Molly's body.

Ice cream and chocolate where all over Molly. She took out the second one and rubbed it against Molly's pussy smearing ice cream and chocolate over it. She then inserted the ice cream bar into molly's pussy. Molly's pussy was covered with ice cream. My friend untied Molly's mouth.

She then took off her panty and layed her pussy on top of Molly's mouth. Molly started to lick her pussy. My friend got so pleasured that she started to cum on Molly's face. After that they rubbed the chain against her pussy. They then looked over at me. Was it my turn? They started to walk over to me with smiles on their faces.

They were holding two black bags. I was wondering whats inside them. She started to lick my stomach all the way down to my pussy.

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My other friend started to rub my stomach and started to play with my belly button ring. I stared at her's for a few moments. It was much prettier than mine.

Her's was a diamond with a chain of diamonds get smaller to the end. One of my friends reached into the bag and pulled out a knife and started softly rubbing the side of the blade on my stomach. The blade was cold. She stuck the handle of the knife into my pussy and started to move it in and out. She took it out and softly rubbed the blade against my pussy. I was scared. The sharp, cold blade felt a bit pleasurable. She than pulled out a M9 handgun and slowly rubbed it against my stomach.

She slowly brought it down to my pussy and started to rub against my pussy. She rubbed some oil onto my busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking and made sure it was oily.

They stood me up and said "lets have your pussy polish my gun." Open up my pussy lips and placed the gun under my pussy making sure the pussy lips were around the gun.They then started to rub my pussy against the making it shiny and polished. I felt a lot of pleasure. I was getting an orgasm. I had to let it out. Cum poured out of my pussy onto the gun. After that the layed me back on the ground. They untied my mouth. She brought xxx littil girls 12 yair old girl story pussy and sat it right in front of my mouth.

I looked at it. It was pierced and the pussy lips were kinda loose. As she said to Molly, she told me to lick it. (sorry I didn't mention that earlier.) I started to lick her pierced pussy.

I licked the piercing a couple of times. She was really getting an orgasm. Meanwhile my other friend was rubbing oil on her pussy. She came over and rested her pussy on my stomach rubbing it back and forth.

My stomach was getting all oily she move down to my pussy and started rubbing her pussy against mine. My friend picked up her gun. She licked it a few ties and stated rubbing it against her breasts. She then put the gun near my mouth.

She told me to lick it and suck it like I'm giving a blowjob. I felt turned on by this in some way. They then licked my pussy a few times and put a vibrator on my pussy that made me squirt a lot. They then layed Molly on top of me and chained our pussies together. After the day was over they untied us. We just smiled as if it were a joke and drove on home.