Desperate chick nina uses her body for cash pornstars hardcore

Desperate chick nina uses her body for cash pornstars hardcore
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Roomates Dan and I are best friends. We have known each other since 1st grade. We lived on the same street. We played together camped together, swam, played sports and were just generally best buds.

We just graduated high school this past spring and are both lanlord angela fucks college boy for rent years old. We have been making plans of getting our own place since the 9th grade. We figured if we both worked we could get a two bedroom apartment and split the costs. I work at a local fast food place and Dan works at a warehouse. We don't make a lot of money but it is enough to pay the rent, utilities and food with a little left over for weekend stuff.

We got a pretty nice apartment on the ground floor with a good view of the swimming pool. We have a workout room at our complex, a swimming pool and a nice little lake that's good for duck chasing.

Our apartment is a small two bedroom with one bathroom. It is a jack and jill style bathroom with a door from each bedroom leading into it. I have the smaller of the two bedrooms so all I can fit in it is a full size bed small night stand and a dresser. I have my tv and video game console sitting on top of my dresser and I either sit on the bed and play my video games or I sit on the floor in front of my bed so I can lean back while I play.

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Did I mention we love to play video games? Dan is quite the ladies man standing at six foot two and a lean one hundred eighty five pounds, short straight brown hair parted on one side and has that lean swimmers build. I am about five foot ten and a skinny one hundred fifty pounds brown hair and try to work out. When we are hanging out at the pool Dan gets a lot of looks from the ladies.

I think they like his bulge in his speedos. Of course I like the attention I get from the ladies with Dan at my side too. We had just come in from out at the pool and Dan said sexy young girl oils up cock and tugs was going to jump in the shower. I didn't swim so I just went into my room and turned on my favorite video game and sat on the floor leaning against my bed like I always do. When Dan was done showering I heard him turn the water off.

Dressed in his towel, he poked his head in my room and asked if I had any extra cotton swabs that he had water in his ear from the pool he couldn't get out. I told him sure, that they were in my nightstand drawer. I moved my legs to the side so he could walk through my room.

I was still playing my game when he walked back through and stop right in front of me straddling a his legs on either side of mine.

I said "hey what gives?" Then without a word he drops his towel and has his dick right in my face. I started to say what the f… when he pushed his bulging penis against my lips. My head was spinning as all this was happening so fast. I started to protest but he shoved his now hardening dick into my mouth.

At first I started to resist but I slowly let him push more of his thick cock into my mouth. I thought to myself, "what the hell am I doing? Sucking my best friends dick?" Dan started saying things like "oh yeah", "suck that dick good." I am still in shock but as he pushes it farther in my mouth my own cock starts to get hard.

I can't believe I am starting to like this. I relax a little and let his cock go farther down my throat until my nose is touching his shave pubic area.

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Wow his dick is about seven inches long and very thick. It swelled so big I could hardly fit it in my mouth. It was stretching my lips but I let him continue to slowly pump it in and out of my mouth. By now I had a raging hard on and Dan was caressing the back of my head. He grabs the back of my neck and I lean my head back a little more giving him full access to my open mouth and throat.

He starts fucking my face a little faster and a little harder. My dick is fully raged by now. I can't believe I am letting Dan do this. Then I thought, what about when he has an orgasm? Will he cum in my mouth? What if I don't like it?

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What if I do? What am I doing? But my carnal senses of desire and lust are taking over and I just figure what the hell, I'll try it. BY now Dan is pumping away at my open throat and I hear him starting to grunt and moan so I know he is getting close. He starts saying, "get ready to drink it up you little whore. I am going to cum right down your throat." The anticipation is rocking my brain. I am so hot right now I was ready for it. His thick dick is pumping in and out of my mouth is pushing me close to the edge.

After a few more grunts and moans I feel his dick get really hard and swelled even bigger then he says," ahhh here it is, drink it up." I felt a little warm dribble on my tongue then gush after gush of hot semen hitting the back of my throat so fast I tried my best to swallow it all. I could feel his dick pulsing between my lips as he pumped in and out with his hot man juice squirting down my throat like a fire hose. Just gulp after gulp of hot semen as he gripped the back of my neck.

I actually liked the taste of it. It was hot and creamy, kind of sweet tasting but very thick. He came so much a little dribbled out of my lips as I could hardly swallow it all. I milked that bull for all it was worth. After he was done cumming in my mouth his penis started to deflate a little and he pulled it out, let go of my neck and said, "This is just the beginning. I've wanted to do that for a big titted australian blonde babe plays with toys time." I never knew.

I was clueless. He picked up his towel and left my room just as quick as he entered it. My dick was still raging so I pulled off my shorts, laid on my bed and jacked my cock while thinking of him shooting is hot thick semen down my throat. It didn't take me very long and I was shooting my own man juice all over my stomach. I was dizzy and my head was spinning. "Did I just do what I think I did?" I thought.

Wow…that was amazing. I wonder what he meant by this was only the beginning? I could only imagine what he had in store for me after that but somehow I knew it was going to be a very fun summer.