Interracial foursome session with two blondes cumshot

Interracial foursome session with two blondes cumshot
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When Deana got off of work that day, she sat down in a chair to wait for her boyfriend Bryan to come pick her up. She has dated him for over three years now and they had a bombshell victoria june gets her pussy plowed hard relationship too.

Deana frowned when she recalled the last time she wanted to give him a blow-job, while rubbing her throbbing clit. Bryan turned red, put his hand up in front of himself and boldly exclaimed, "Oh God, Deana, that's so gross, you're acting like a freaking whore." When she tried to explain herself, he would refuse to listen, giving her the same ole excuse, "Good girls don't act like that." Deana loved sex, and although she loved being with Bryan, she couldn't help but think of the exciting time she had with Jack.

Her body quivered and she whispered under her breath, "Why couldn't Bryan be that spontaneous?" She was jolted back to reality when she heard a car horn. When she looked it was Bryan. She got up, walked toward the car, got into the passenger side, scooted over toward him and said, "Hi baby." Bryan leaned over, kissed her and answered, "Hi sugar.

It looks like you're in a cheerful mood. Did you have a good day at work?" She tried to hide her excitement and lied, "Not really, I'm just glad to see you." Deana still lived at home. Although her father was lenient, her mother was overbearing, as well as a religious fanatic. If she did not stop by there before going elsewhere, Momma would throw a fit. She could hear her mother's angry voice yelling, "Deana you're a sinner headed straight to hell if you don't stop doing things good girls should not do!" Sure Deana knew she wasn't the kind of girl they thought she was; however, it was really none of their business.

She was an adult, with her own ideals, and it was her life, not theirs. Both parents helped see that her spiritual needs were fulfilled, but her human needs had been left sadly lacking.

Her knowledge about boys came when she had a sleepover at a girlfriend's home when she was ten. Jenny, her girlfriend, showed Deana pictures of boys in her older brother's anatomy book. Deana's eyes were glued on the pictures of the male privates because up to that time, she didn't know boys had anything like that.

She's always thought they were like girls, except bigger, stronger and meaner. Later that night, Jenny's brother John caught them. When he questioned them, his sister told them they only wanted to learn about boys. A sly grin crossed the older teen's face and he suggested, "Well, if you keep this between us, I will tell you all about boys.

Sit on the bed while I go see if Mom and Dad are asleep." Deana sat down too scared to utter a word, watching Jenny. When John came back into the room, he locked the door and informed them that they were the only ones awake. They all sighed in relief. With wide-eyed amazement, both girls sat on the edge of the bed as Jenny asked if they could see his cock. Deana thought she would faint when he nodded his head yes.

When he began removing his pants and underwear, they gasped, licked their lips, and froze, too afraid to say anything. John smiled excitedly and asked, "Want to see me make it grow longer?" Jenny giggled, glanced at Deana and chirped, "Sure, why not." The girls watched as he grasped his cock and slowly started playing with his soft member. Deana watched his cock growing and saw how rigid it became.

Deana must have looked young active gorgeous gal blows old penis oldvsyoung and hardcore a scared rabbit because John stopped and said, "What's wrong, Deana?" Deana gulped and whispered, "It's so big…" Before she could finish the sentence, Jenny piped up and said, "Can I touch it, please?" John moved close to the girls, winked, blushed and admitted, "Sure, I love to have girls touch it." Both girls looked at each other then reached out to touch the hard cock.

Deana noticed it felt soft, but hard too, and she wondered how long it would stay that way. "Will it always get hard like this when you play with it? Does it stay that way?" John laughed, hoping it wouldn't have woken his parents up. "No it gets hard like that so I can cum.

Do you know what I mean?" Jenny's eyes lit up and she giggled, "Oooh goody, will you show us how boys cum, we already know how we do?" John winked. "Sure, but try not to be too noisy. If Mom or Dad catches us, I'm dead meat." Jenny put her hand to her lips and said, "Mum's the word. Now show us." The girls watched in awe as John stroked his cock feverishly.

When he stopped his cock squirted milky stuff all over his hand. The girls started giggling and John frowned and ordered, "I told you to be quiet. You two better go to your room now." Deana's sexual education began there. After that, she spent many a weekend world of war a aletta ocean Jenny's with John teaching them the basics about male anatomy and sex.

One weekend, Jenny came over to Deana's home. Everything was going okay until her mother overheard the two girls talking about things.

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After busting into Deana's bedroom, her mother shrieked and yelled at the two for over an hour then sent Jenny home in tears. After that, Jenny wouldn't talk to her. She would even go as far as tell her friends at school, "Don't go near Deana, her whole family are religious nutcases." She dated a few guys, but most of them would avoid her like she had a contagious disease. After high school, Deana went to nursing college. Her mother often called her an "Angel of Mercy." Her mother would fall down dead if she knew that her angel of mercy was bringing pleasure and relief to certain ailing male patients.

Deana's training included everything from giving medication to bathing patients. For the second time in her life, she was seeing male cocks. The memory of Jenny's brother John was still etched in her mind. Her body tingled with desire and it was just a matter of time before things heated up.

The first time it happened was during her first job as night nurse. Around midnight she was making her rounds and discovered an eighteen year-old patient, named Sam, who wasn't asleep yet. When asked if he was in pain, he answered her by throwing back the sheet and showing her his sizable hard-on.

When she informed him that he could take care of it himself, he lowered his head and began to cry. "I know I can nurse, but I'm so lonely.

My girlfriend wouldn't even touch me when she was here and I am so fucking horny." Nurse Deana felt sorry for cutie in pigtails for lovely blowjob neck veins and promised him she'd be back to talk to him about it as soon as she finished making her rounds.

However, what she didn't tell him was that she was horny too and she needed to make sure they would not be disturbed first, before returning to his room. He agreed and she left his room. She finished making the rounds and then went to the nurse's station.

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Deana informed the other nurse that everyone on her wing was okay, except this guy. She lied, telling her that he just needed someone to talk to. She then requested that they not be disturbed. The other nurse told her she'd watch the hallway while Deana went to talk to this guy.

All the way down the hallway, Deana felt her nipples harden and her clit swell with anticipation. When she arrived at the man's room, she knocked on the door then entered. Once inside the door, she closed and locked it to assure their privacy.

Deana walked over to the bed, took the man's hand in hers, licked her lips hungrily and nervously said, "Sam, we'll be undisturbed for awhile." At first, she thought the poor guy was hardcore ride for attractive student girlfriend blowjob to pass out from excitement.

He grabbed her and said, "Well then climb up her in bed with me, lil-darling." She smiled, pulled back and replied. "Sorry, we have to be careful; if I get caught I will be fired." The guy frowned, pulled back the sheet exposing his nude body and hard cock and answered, "But nursie, but I have a big problem." She quivered and admitted, "I can see that. Looks like you need a woman's touch, baby. Let me help you with that cock." With those words said, she reached out, grasped his cock and began stroking it slowly.

Deana loved how it felt in her hand and wished they were alone so he could finger her drooling cunt.

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However, she knew she had to be quick and careful. She took his balls in one hand and quickly jacked him off until he climaxed in her hand, then as he watched, she licked her hand clean. It was the beginning of the most thrilling experience of her life. Deana always felt guilty and swore it would never happen again, but it did, again and again. Sometimes she would get so turned-on that afterwards she would run to the bathroom and masturbate.

She had many orgasms sitting on a cold toilet seat thinking about the man she had just jerked off. Later that year she met Bryan. He was two years older than her and worked for an accounting company. Her parents liked him too; he was reliable, and religious. He fell head over heels for Deana, and they soon because intimate. Although he was sexy, she considered him a kind of wham-bam sex man. He loved to touch every part of her, but when Deana tried to suck his cock or even jack him off, he stopped her.

He would then dismiss her idea and exclaim, "Good girls don't do things like that. Only prostitutes and whores do." They often argued about it. However, when she was alone she thought about things. She even told herself that a shrink would say she was obsessed with penis envy or had some deep-seated penis fixation or some other kind of psychotic problem.

To hell with it, Deana loved the feel of a cock in her hand. When she stroked it the shaft grew and the balls tightened, and the most exquisite feeling came over her. One of her favorite fantasies was to masturbate while jacking a guy off. Many of her late night cum-sessions were fueled by that fantasy.

Deana liked the idea of making a man feel so good. It was only natural that it would finally happen. One afternoon they went to Bryan's apartment, to fuck.

As they lay together in orgasm vibratoring in webcam livechat masturbation and amateur, she confessed that she wanted to play with his cock before sex xxx sophia levon all slid it inside her pussy. Bryan told her the whole idea was repulsive and it upset him so much he couldn't climax.

After that incident, she tried repeatedly to get Bryan to try new things. They'd always end up fighting about things. So needless to say their sex life dwindled to a weekly fuck. Teacher sex with 8th class student, on this particular day, all Deana wanted to do was jump in bed with Bryan.

She needed to feel his cock deep inside her hot, steamy pussy. She looked lovingly into his eyes and suggested, "Bryan, I do not want to go home right now. Let's go to your apartment and fuck. To hell with Momma and her rules, I can call Momma from your place and tell her we're going out with some friends from work." He frowned and yelled, "Deana, you know I hate it when you cuss!" She knew he was mad at her for using the word, "Fuck".

Deana gave him her sad puppy-dog look and said, "Oh please tell me we can go to your place." Bryan then shouted, "What's hard tranny getting pounded on pool table jet multimedia hurry?" She blushed and squealed, "Because I'm horny!" Bryan decided to make her stew awhile and took his own sweet time driving to his apartment.

When he unlocked the door, she hurried over to call her mother as he went over, sat on the couch and kicked his shoes off. Deana sat down, dialed the phone, and began talking. "Hello, Mother. I'm calling you because Bryan and I are going out with a few friends of mine from work. I won't have time to stop by there first. I will be home around nine.

Okay, yes, I'll tell him. Goodbye." He gave her a puzzled look then asked, "Tell me what?" Deana giggled and said, "Momma wants you to drive carefully and watch the time. Guess she thinks you're not an adult or that you don't even own a wristwatch." He snickered, grabbed his crotch, and said, "Well then, let's head for the bedroom. It's about time for me to oh my beautiful tall woman this cock home' carefully." Once inside the bedroom, Bryan pulled the drapes.

He then sat down on the edge of the bed and began removing his clothing. Deana stripped while ogling his body. Oh God, she loved his lean, muscular body, jet black hair, and blue eyes. When his semi-hard, fat cock came into view, she gasped and walked over to him. Bryan loved Deana's long red hair, green eyes, full breasts, and narrow hips.

Her aroma intoxicated him as he pulled her close, kissed her hard, and laid her back onto the bed. Her lips opened and their tongues did the dance of lovers. Bryan was such a great kisser, but Deana wanted more. Her tits felt hot and hard against his chest. She wanted to kiss and suck his nipples and even imagined going lower, to play with his cock.

She felt his cock, hot, hard, and throbbing against her leg. It was an exquisite feeling and Deana gazed into his eyes and exclaimed, "Oh, Bryan, yes. Darling, fuck me!" She began to breathe hard when his body moved.

Her legs came open and allowed his hips to slip down between them. She attempted to slide her hand down between their bodies and grasp his cock. All of a sudden he pushed her hand away and shouted, "Don't, I'll do it!" Deana moaned, "Oh Bryan, get it in, do it, fuck me!" It puzzled Bryan that tonight Deana was more eager to fuck than usual.

He had never known any girl who, after just one good kiss, seemed to want to have sex. He shook the idea from his head because right now, all he wanted to do was nothing but fuck. Bryan pressed the head of his cock against her ruby pussy lips while Deana lifted her hips to meet him. He began fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. She rocked under him gently. He felt so good on top of her with his throbbing member buried deep inside her pussy.

She placed her head against his chest, held him close and caressed his back as they fucked. Suddenly she started thinking about Jack's cock and how it felt in her hands that morning. Deana pushed the thought out of her head and concentrated on Bryan. She began moving in rhythm with him and fantasized he was fucking her mouth while she was rubbing her clit.

It wasn't long before an orgasm overtook her senses. Bryan was breathing rapidly, with beads of sweat dripping off his chin. She wrapped her legs around him tightly and wished she could suck and even bite his nipples. However she dared not to, because he wouldn't be able to cum hairy granny in stockings plays with panties then strips tube porn. She rode him hard and put him away wet as she felt his seed explode deep inside her.

They lay there for a moment, entangled in each other's arms, then Bryan looked at his watch and bellowed, "We'd better hurry, Deana, it's time to take you home." Deana felt good all over, warm, exhilarated, but not satisfied. She could fuck all night if Bryan would permit her, but she knew he wouldn't permit that. She got up and began to get dressed, but took her own sweet time.

Bryan looked at her and shouted, "Better hurry a bit Deana, or we'll be late and your mother will be angry!" She stuck out her tongue and admitted, "I don't care, to hell with Momma!" Bryan snapped, "Oh Christ, it's a quarter to nine and we're going to be late!" Deana suppressed a giggle and said, "Shame on you for cussing, Bryan!" Bryan opened the drapes, let the air out of his lungs, glared at Deana with anger and yelled, "Stop mocking me!" They got into the car and Bryan drove to Deana's place in silence.

It was nearly ten o'clock when they pulled into the drive. Bryan got out of the car, walked around, helped Deana out, and walked toward the house with her.

As they neared the front porch, they both saw her mom sitting on the steps.

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He took one look at Deana's mom then back at her and knew her mother was probably upset. He quickly kissed Deana and said, "Sorry, I've got to go. I'll let you explain to your momma why you're late getting home." Deana felt like a balloon that had just taken a pin in the side. She pulled him close and whispered, "Oh goody.

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I'd rather be at your place fucking all night!"