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This is a story from when I was little. All of the experiences are real, but of course nothing is concrete since this was a long time ago. I changed the names of course. I had seen this as a case of puppy love once I got a little older, but now I'm old enough to realize I may have actually loved someone, which was a first.

The last time I saw this girl was about four years after. I walked right by her and we both turned around on cue, but my mom was pulling my arm and I turned away without saying hello, which was another faulty move on my part.

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Anyways I again apologize if this is not very descriptive, if there are spelling/grammar errors, and if this does not fit your criteria. No one told you to read my story and it is only your fault. Before any of you say this is all fiction I'd like to say that one: kids are a lot worse without supervision than they'd like you to believe and two: I'm not that good of a writer.

It was the second grade when I had first met Dakota.

She was a lot taller than me by at least 4 inches and loved to rub that in my face. She had honey blond hair that would flow behind her like a river every time she ran and light brown eyes. I on the other hand was but a meek servant to the princess. I had sandy brown hair that was always kept short and pale blue eyes. Into a week of the second grade I was introduced to a girl named Rachel by the teacher who thought I needed to socialize more. I didn't like girl much mostly because she talked too much.

She hard short brown hair that stopped at her shoulders and always wore shorts that showed off her extremely pale legs. This week I began to go to the after school care since my mom had no one to watch me due to not having a dad around since birth. Although I was alright with it I knew my mother struggled and tried to be as supportive as possible.

"Who's he?" the blond girl asked, peering around Rachel who had been guiding me around. "His name is Collin. The teacher wanted me to let him play with us," Rachel informed her. "But he's a boy.

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Shouldn't he be playing with other boys?" the girl replied. The teacher attempted that only for me to be shunned by them all due to being reserved. "I don't know. Just let him play with us," Rachel shrugged. "Fine," the girl rolled her mom and son had sex story. For most of the day I followed them around as they talked about many pointless things from their home life to what their plans were for the weekend. I found it amusing and listened and often found myself laughing at some of their jokes.

Once the day ended I waved goodbye to them and drove off with my mom. It had been a long time since I met anyone who brought me out of my shell and now that I met someone I had to learn everything about her her, which is exactly what I did the next day.

In our classroom I was seated by Rachel after a request to the teacher since she was happy to see me taking the initiative.

"What was her name?" I whispered. "Who's name?" Rachel whispered back. "The girl we played with," I told her. "Dakota," she replied. She didn't answer anything I asked from then on. Thankfully I got to know Dakota on my own as the days passed, which could have been good or bad depending on how you look at it. "You guys want to play chase?" Rachel suggested. Chase was Dakota's version of tag however things went differently.

For one Dakota was always the tagger and Rachel would always be her helper. That made me the runner and if they caught me they'd get to pull my pants down. I hated the game of course since I was young and saw it as something a child would call "icky". "I hate that game," I protest. Each time I would say no to it and they'd threaten to not play with me.

Of course since I didn't have much friends this meant I'd have no choice, but to give in so I did. However today was a bad day. I had issues with wearing underwear and would always hate having to put it on.

Since I was in a rush I decided to go commando today and only had a pair of run down jeans to cover my most private area. Another thing that didn't go in my favor was that they had a strategy. They would always get on both sides of me so that I had no where to run and if I go on the jungle gym I'd be done for since one would be waiting for me to come down the slide. Basically there was no winning and I hated that.

Well into the game I was panting pretty hard and was well out of the counselors sight. They were closing in on my and I was swiping my sweaty hands on my knees. I prepared to run between the two, but of course things didn't go as smoothly. They tackled me down to the floor and I struggled to get free. "Stop or I'll tell," I threatened, but we played this game too much to for my threats to be effective.

Dakota slowly inched down my jeans, pulling them all the way to my knees.

Being the little wimp I was I wanted to cry. They both laughed and Dakota did something unexpected. She touched it for a split second and I felt and electrical current pass through her into me. The feeling was amazing and I was ashamed to say that I wanted her to do it more. After another few minutes of ridicule they finally let me pull my pants back up.

When I went home that day I thought about how I'd be able to get that feeling again. The next day at after school care I made sure to wear underwear since I knew the two would broadcast it if I came without underwear two days in a row.

The day went like yesterday of course and they pulled my pants down. I let them catch me this time of course, but it didn't have the same effect it did. It was about weeks before anything good happened. It was sometime in the mid-week that Rachel had left and both Dakota and my mom were late picking us up. This meant we had to sick inside and the last counselor was in the back doing whatever. This left us unsupervised. "Want to play doctor?" Dakota offered.

I didn't know what that was exactly, but I nodded so she would think I was a loser. She told me to put myself in between to sleeping bags mom and son storys and audiebony really porn and son porning reached up to my crotch area. I stiffened, but said nothing. She slowly started rubbing the outside of my pants and I had to admit it felt amazing. She kept doing this for a while until she told me to switch with her.

I was reluctant, but rolled out. Dakota took the same position and and I began to rub her in the same area. I didn't exactly know at the time what they were called, but all I could say is that I felt the warmth radiating from her pelvic region and her body with move each time I'd rub forward.

After a while my curiosity began to fade and I told her I wanted to switch. Her cheeks were bright red and she agreed with the same reluctance I had. This went on and off for about ten minutes before the counselor returned.

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Just imagined what went through her head as she say a little girl blushing scarlet, between two sleeping bags and a little boy mp4 story rape husband ke samne biwi ka rape in between where his hand was no longer in sight.

It's hard for me to. After that day we became closer gradually and this became a ritual when Rachel was around. I don't recall when this stated, but it was another game Dakota had invented called Horsey.

It was were we'd play a sort of mommy and daddy kind of thing only we were horses. She'd be in the doggy position and I'd dry hump her butt. I liked the game, but sometime further into the year Dakota began to end these games.

I craved for them mother puts her mouth on my cock and became kind of pushy to play, but of course she made the rules and no meant no. I was left with an aching feeling often. However sometime further into the year we were hidden behind a play house.

Rachel was off somewhere and Dakota was semi facing me and I was looking forward to see if anyone was looking. "I could get naked right now and no one would notice," she said suddenly.

I was startled by this and asked her what she was talking about. She explained that no one was watching and that she could probably remove her clothes and place them back on before anyone would notice. Although I wanted to see her naked I was scared of getting in trouble even more so I told her stop. This argument went on for about a solid three minutes before she told she was kidding. To be honest I didn't whether she was lying or telling the truth.

Without realizing it the year had gone by very quickly and I regretted it. I was losing the two friends I had gained since the school only ran up to third grade and I would be moving again.

However being the idiot I was I confronted Dakota before I left and told her that she was a bully which tarnished our relationship completely. When I left that day everything we ever had was ruined. Moral of the story? Don't be a dumbass and take the initiative unlike me. Fighting with "Dakota" before I left was one of my biggest regrets.