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Realemoexposed angelina wakes bf with wild tattoos amateur
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When I woke up I was under water! My immediate reaction was huge boobs brazzers sex stories free download panic, until I felt the snorkel on my face.

I sat up so I was above the water, and observed my surroundings. I was in a bathroom that had frilly towels, a rack full of girly products, and a sink with a blow dryer and bra hanging from the side. I tried to take off the snorkel, but it was duct taped to my head. I went to open the door, when a tall lady walked in wearing a mom and son xxc com coat,a bra, and some underwear walked in.

the lady smiled and said " Well it seems like Mr. super soaker has awoken. My name is Sally Roll, and I'm your, doctor "How do you feel?" my response was to tap the snorkel. "Oh sorry about that can't have our new stud drown now can we" Sally said removing the snorkel. I looked Sally up and down She was at least five' 10" with D cup breast, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Sally just smiled, got on her knees and said "lets check down here shall we." She inspected my penis and balls making me hard.

Sally smiled "sorry big man ,but that will have to wait" where am I? Why am I here? I asked "you are in Roberta's and my house You fainted after fucking Roberta so we cleaned up and brought you here to recover. Now turn your head and cough" Sally said while holding my balls. When she was done she stood up, and walked out I followed her into a hallway still hard and full of questions. "Who are you, and where's Roberta?" "It's rude to walk around a girls house with a hard on put this on." Sally said handing me a robe.

"As for me my name is Sally Roll, I'm a doctor, Roberta's room mate, and as of last week her bitch. Roberta's at work." I was a little shocked to hear that this pretty lady was Roberta's bitch. We sat down to talk, while we waited for Roberta. " So, I take it your to be Roberta's new lover?" Sally asked. This made me remember that Roberta had offered to be my cum bucket, as long as I was willing to submit to her when she wanted me to.

On one hand I would have a hot sexy babe to have sex with when ever I wanted. On the other hand Roberta had shown me a bit of her dominant side, and I didn't like it. I decided to tell Sally about it, and ask her about Roberta's dominant side. " So she wants you to be there for her to play with, well I understand your worry. I've seen her torture papa and son xxx sister mom than one guy for being late.

She cares about you, so it won't be that bad; although in my week as her bitch she has made me lick her pussy after she pees, lick her shoes clean, shoved apples up my ass, used me as a cup holder, shoved her whole foot up my ass, and best of all poured gallons of water up my ass." Sally said with a smile on her face. My next question was about how Sally became Roberta's bitch. Her answer was "Spoilers", then I asked about why I needed a doctor. She got a little more serious, and said. " When you fell, you hit your head causing some mild head injury.

Plus you ruptured some veins in your penis and testicles, making you to cum blood horny asian slut on her knees sucking dick a good thing. You've been out for a week." A week!

I said in surprise I had arrived to the college three weeks early to get used to the area, so I wasn't worried much about being late to college. But a week was still a week. What if my parents were waiting for me to call? Sally and I sat in a silence that was broken by Roberta walking in the front door.

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Roberta walked in and made a b line straight for me, and Sally. She walked up to me, and gave me a big hug saying.

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"Hey Jack sorry about earlier. Are you okay?" Yes I'm fine. I said feeling her boobs mash against me. old guy inserts knob in young hole then before we do anything else its movie time." Roberta said in a happy voice.

As if on qou Sally got up and pulled up Roberta's shirt,while Roberta unclasped Sally's bra. Both of their breast bloomed out there constricting cloth prisons. Roberta's were smaller than Sally's, with large nipples that sat on top of her boobs nicely. Sally's boobs were two globes of perfection with rock hard nipples. Then off went all the other cloths in a flash revealing two gorgeous ladies.

They shoved me on to the sofa, Then they both walked away to the T.V. Swaying their hips as they walked. When they got to the T.V. they both bent down; revealing there two fingers widths wide assholes ,and glistening pussies. They put a DVD in the player. When they came back to the sofa they both sat on either side of me. On the HD T.V.

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Was Roberta glazed with my cum. My dick was hard as diamond, and I started to Jack off when Roberta Whispered in my ear "better save that for later". I looked at what I thought was the video I had taken of Roberta, it was at the point where I started getting rough with Roberta. I looked at Sally who was playing with her self.

I reached a hand over to feel her, she smacked my hand looking at me with a look that said "touch me and I'll cut you". I looked towards Roberta who was fingering her pussy like no tomorrow. I looked back at the screen when I heard a loud thump, it was my head hitting the floor. I thought this was the end of the video, and was a little upset about not being allowed to touch anything.

Then the screen went black Sally paused the video, and stood up with Roberta. They both stood side by side and Roberta said. "This video was made last week by you,when we fucked in the school bathroom. You have two options watch my apology video for the way I acted,or have sex." Now the first thing I wanted to say was have sex, but then I remembered what Sally had Said about "spoilers". We just watched a video I made so no spoilers, so she most of meant the other video.

I was having a problem choosing when I remembered Roberta's offer to be my cum bucket. I chose to watch the video to which Sally said "smart move" and pushed play. Sally and Roberta sat on in a extra large lazy boy. On screen was Japanese father rape night sleeping daughter storys a cum covered mess She smiled, and said. "Hello Jack I would say sorry for messing you up"she aimed the camera at me in a stall feet in the air "But action's speak louder than words, as you can see I have a bit of a cum problem.

I have a friend named Sally who has a different kind of cum problem as you'll see soon." the video split in two, showing Roberta balanced on her ass then Sally Walked into frame and talked to Roberta. I wasn't listening because as Sally talked she was gathering my cum off Roberta, and eating it! I looked at Sally in shock only to see her and Roberta in a sixty-nine. Sally looked up and said "would you believe there's something hotter on screen" I looked back at the screen to see Sally take the dildo out of Roberta's asshole lick it clean then suck all my cum out of her ass!

I was hard as possibly could be, so I started to jack off. I was interrupted by a shoe hitting my chest.

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I looked to see who threw it. Sally was looking up from Roberta's pussy, with pussy juice on her face.

She said " Don't go wasting cum Jack" I went back to the video, and watched as Sally lost her bet with Roberta.

The video had been punctured with the sounds of Roberta and Sally having fun. I was rock hard and looking for realize, so I went to join the girls who had moved to the floor. Roberta was having one of her silent orgasms, with her mouth open.

So I shoved my dick in her mouth,and started fucking her face. She just layed there and took it, meanwhile Sally was working her fourth finger into Roberta's asshole.

I was beginning to wonder where these ladies drew the line when I felt the need to cum, when I had an Idea. I pulled out of Roberta's mouth walked over to Sally, and asked if she would like some fresh squeezed cum. Saggy tits beauty loves his white cock looked at my dick then me and said. "if you want to keep that get it out of my face" I went back to Roberta's face.

She was awake. She got up, took my dick ,and started to jack me off. When I got to the point of no return she aimed it at Sally and jacked me off faster.

I tried to make her stop, but every time I turned she would squeeze my balls until I turned the other way. I couldn't hold it in anymore ,I came on Sally's face.

I expected her to rip my dick off, but instead she ate up all my cum. "Sally you really shouldn't send mixed signals like that" Roberta said pushing me down, and straddling my dick "Good thing That I made up my mind then." Sally said. She looked me in the face and said. " Okay jack here's how it goes I'm a cum addict plain and simple.

The only problem is that most men are asshole, but you seem OK. So you can fuck me anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The only condition is if you cum anywhere other than where I like, your ass is mine for the night.

Do we have a deal? I was very confused at this point. Here was Sally who had threatened to rip off my dick for being near her, offering me free sex when ever I wanted. Roberta going up and down my dick didn't help my thought either, I said yes. I started pounding Roberta harder, Sally was masturbating, and Roberta was moaning and hollywood xx movie in ebony dubbed. when Roberta had another of her silent orgasms she went limp on my dick.

Sally simply slid Roberta off my dick. " I haven't had a real dick in me for awhile now" Sally said.

I watched as she lowered her self on to my dick. Sally gasped as she hit the bottom of my dick. " There is something special about a real dick that's missing from even the most fancy dildos." Sally said. Then she started going up and down o my dick. After she got a rhythm going I started to pump back. As time went on Sally moans got louder and louder until she was yelling. "AH FUCK I MISSED THIS. I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HAVE A NICE WARM COCK DEEP INSIDE MY PUSSY.

FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME. AH FUCK I'M CUMMING ." Then she came hard. When Roberta came she went silent as a grave, Sally on the other hand let out a scream that I'm sure woke the neighbors. I soon felt the need to cum.

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I was about to pull out, when I remembered Sally's cum fetish. I continued to pound away until the need became to great and I blew my load deep inside Sally. After I blew my load Sally hoped off my dick, and flopped on to the floor next to me and said. " Seems like Roberta really can pick them cant she" with that she fell asleep. When I looked over at Roberta she was asleep as well, I decided to join them in dream land.