Pretty babe exposes anal aperture for fuck

Pretty babe exposes anal aperture for fuck
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When I heard Stacey walk in the front door the intense feeling of shame overwhelmed me. I sat in the computer chair in Renee's room and I barely had the physical function to pull my shorts up and cover my drained member.

I was on the verge of crying when I heard muffled conversation between Stacey and Renee. I hated myself at this moment. I cringed at what Renee was telling my wife and how my world was about to end.

"I got Chinese&hellip. Hurry up before it's cold" rang through the house. I sighed loud in relief and knew for at least the moment Stacey does not know what just happened. I hollered that I would be down in a minute as I gathered the last of my thoughts.

I took a series of deep breaths before departing down the steps. Renee was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on the TV… She had a blushing smile on her face as she avoided eye contact as I came down the stairs.

Stacey was setting the table and approached me with a welcome home kiss. I decided I would fake normality as best I could while the cat was still in the bag. Stacey and I sat and ate while discussing pointless issues at her job.

As we finished eating, Stacey told me that she picked up a movie as well and wanted to watch it before bed. I of course agreed and she told me to go have a seat on the couch. I walked towards the couch and plopped on a spot furthest african school girls and boys from Renee.

She still failed to look at me. She appeared to be in a good mood with a smile on her face. Renee was playing around on her phone and I was praying that she wasn't telling all her friends what had just happened. As Stacey placed the movie in the blue ray player, I heard Renee cough loudly… The kind of cough where flem can he heard.

I didn't look at her but I did hear her hum in delight&hellip. OMG what did she just do that for?. I know she was just coughing up my leftover cum that is still coating her throat. I was scared yet terribly aroused by the action and I started squirming in my seat trying to hide my erection.

I don't know where the time went but it was already dark as Stacey cuddled up next to me to watch the movie between Renee and I. The movie was The Sitter with that chubby kid from Superbad.

It was pretty stupid but I focused on the TV to prevent anymore perverted stares at Renee. I couldn't believe she was still wearing those cum soaked panties I soiled earlier in the day. It didn't sexy bobbi enjoyed riding a big shaft long for Stacey to fall asleep leaned against me on the couch. I was scared but relaxed while staring at the film. As the movie was approaching the end, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. Without disturbing Stacey I was able to fish it from my pocket.

It was a text from Renee who was sitting only 4 feet away from me on the other side of her mother.

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I opened the message about had a heart attack. The text read…"I'm hungry again…lol…" I'm not a big believer in panic attacks, but I could tell the anxiety was giving me labored breathing. Without looking at Renee I texted back "We will talk about this tomorrow… " I knew when I sent the message that she would not be happy to read it, but I decided I needed to stop and forget about what happened earlier.

When Renee read her message I heard a disapproving sigh come from her. I was stupid enough to look over at Renee when she did that. She was leaned against the far arm of the couch with her legs curled up under her. She locked eyes with me and dropped her anal blondie creampie anal rubia tetona anal orgasm orgasmo anal tube porn lip as if she was pouting. Although what I was trying to do was the right thing, I couldn't help but feel bad that I may have hurt her feelings.

She looked so adorable and I felt worse than ever. Renee turned away from me and lay partially over the arm of the couch. This caused her shirt to climb her lower back and expose the straps to the thong she was still wearing. This immediately caused my cock to jerk and try to bust through my shorts.

After a few short moments of lustful staring at her back side, Renee lifted her head over her shoulder at me. I knew she did this but I couldn't stop staring at the thong. Renee smiled at me riding firm brunette grinds cock2 began slowly swaying her hips from side to side.

I made eye contact with her and she had a shit eating grin on her face. She knew what she was doing. How did this sweet young innocent girl turn into such a sexy vixen… Either way, I needed to get away from her before it got out of hand. I noticed that the movie credits were almost over so I started to shake Stacey to wake her up.

She slowly stirred and I walked her to the bedroom. As I walked around the corner I saw Renee smile largely at me and she gave me a sweet little wave. The kind of wave you give to someone who you know will see again… I was determined that I would not leave my bedroom tonight, and tomorrow I would set Renee straight and smother this problem before it got worse. I got Stacey into bed and I'm not sure what came over me, but my painful erection needed to be dealt with.

Without gesturing permission or participation, I pulled my wife's cloth leggings down and exposed her panties. They were plain sexy fuck for bootylicious mom hardcore and blowjob and not very flattering, but I didn't care. I rolled Stacey to her stomach and aggressively drug her panties down exposing her ass. "Ummm… Okay?" is all Stacey said as I continued. She wasn't protesting, but I could tell she was certainly caught by surprise.

I dropped my shorts sex com xxx saix story spit on my hand to lube my dick. I lay on my wife and in one motion shoved my throbbing cock deep into her pussy. Stacey let out a load moan and started calling "oh daddy" as I pumped her. Normally that was just dirty talk, but considering today's prior events I couldn't help but think of Renee. It only took about 10 pumps before I was blowing my load into her. It was a phenomenal orgasm. I was literally shaking with tremors after such a fast and furious experience.

I rolled off Stacey and laid on my back collecting my thoughts. Stacey snuggled against me and kissed my cheek. She asked what had come over me.

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I didn't have any answer, So I just said it had been too long since our last sex that I was uncontrollable. She apologized and promised to take care of my needs more often although she liked the ravishing. After a few minutes of pillow talk, Stacey asked me to get her a towel to soak up her soon to be oozing pussy. I stood up, pulled on my shorts and headed for the attached bathroom. Before I stepped in, Stacey told me that she had done laundry earlier and the clean towels are still in the dryer which is in the basement.

I didn't let her see my pure dread of knowing I would have to walk through the living room to get to the basement. I pulled my composure together and departed from the room. As I entered the living room I was so relieved that Renee was not still sitting there. I noticed the light to her bedroom was on at the top of the steps. I couldn't help but think about what she was doing up there. Maybe she was watching porn and playing with herself. I quickly shamed myself for having such thoughts.

I casually walked to the basement to get a towel from the dryer and returned to the living room. I noticed my phone was still on the couch and I picked it up. I had three new messages from Renee. I swallowed hard before opening the messages. The first one read "OMG you guys are loud&hellip. I didn't know mom calls you daddy too… lol " The next read "it's really hot too… mmmm…" The next is what did me in.

It was a photo of Renee in a self-shot pic from behind. It was taken off the reflection from the full length mirror on the back of her closet door. It was a full view of her ass in the cum soaked thong. The caption read "my new favorite panties…" I couldn't bring myself to respond. I put the phone in my pocket and returned to my bedroom. I gave Stacey the towel and lay down. I didn't sleep much that night because of my mind filled thoughts and possibilities.

After several hours of silent thought, I was determined to stop further antics with Renee before things got out of control. I was awakened by Stacey around 10am. I still had three more days of leave before I had to work so sleeping in was the norm for me. Stacey said "it's time to wake up stud…" and we giggled a bit and cuddled before I started stirring. I got in the shower and prepared myself for the problems I was soon to face. I entered the kitchen to find Stacey and Renee setting the table for breakfast/brunch.

I noticed Renee was wearing a jean skirt and a tight white tank top. She did not have much for breasts so I could see the outline of a patted bra underneath the tight shirt. To be honest, she looked super sexy and I felt my member beginning to stir.

I pre planned today and wore some snug jeans to help contain any unwanted excitement from clear view. Renee saw me and hopped a real rape sexy vedio me saying "good morning daddy" and gave me an embrace. I gave her a light hug back and Stacey said "well someone is in a good mood this morning… what's the deal Renee?" Renee just smiled as she released her rasp and spoke.

"Well, my computer is acting up… I was hoping that maybe daddy could fix it." I noticed the evil grin as she said that. Stacey then piped up and said "well he can do it after breakfast while we are out."… Renee excitedly agreed and I asked Stacey where they were going.

Stacey rolled her eyes and reminded me of their trip plans. I had totally forgotten that they were headed to see her work friend today. They were going to take a trip to her friend's cabin for the afternoon. I acted as if I remembered but she saw through it.

After we ate they loaded the car and were preparing for their departure. Stacey kissed me and reminded me that they would be back around 9pm. As she went to the car she yelled for Renee to hurry. Renee came down the stairs and looked at the open door and knew that Stacey was already outside waiting. Renee ran to promiscous blonde tied and fucked on a cliff and jumped towards me.

Instinctively I caught her as she wrapped her legs around my sides and clenched me tight. Renee brought her face to mine and kissed me on the mouth.

I tried to lean back to get away from her kiss but she just tried harder. I felt her tongue probe my pressed lips and slide along my upper teeth. As soon as it happened, Renee released her grip and with a smile ran out the door to the car. I walked to the doorway in shock as they backed out of the driveway.

They waved goodbye as they drive up the street. Holy Fucking Shit what just happened. My mind was in swirls as I sat down on the couch. I tried to pre occupy my mind with the TV but I kept thinking about the taste of my sweet young Renee. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the note she gave me the day before. I opened the list to see what types of items she wanted me to buy her from the sex shop. There were five items listed. 1.) Wireless vibrating panties.

2.) Choke collar with leash 3.) Strawberry flavored lube 4.) fake penis with suction end to stick to things 5.) butt plug I almost came in my pants as I read the list. My little girl wants her daddy to buy her sex toys. She obviously didn't know what everything was called, but she knew she wanted them. I was obsessed with the thought and pulled out my phone.

I brought up the pic of her ass as I whipped out my cock and furiously started pumping it. I was close to cumming when my phone buzzed and I stopped goth babe in a fishnet top masturbates my tracks. I had gotten a text from Renee asking if I had looked at her computer yet. I replied that I haven't had the time yet and she responded with a sad face and suggested I get to it soon.

This made my thoughts wonder and I was concerned that the whole thing was a trap. The last time she knew I was going to work on her computer she intentionally left me a sexy surprise.

I stuffed my dick back in my pants and walked up the stairs not knowing what to expect when I got there. I approached her desk and saw two pairs of thong panties spread out on the desk.

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They also looked brand new like the other. I think she bought the new underwear with money I gave her the day prior. I hadn't ever noticed her wear thong panties before now. It was a trap… I knew it. But truth be told, I was kinda hoping it was. I sat at the computer and moved the mouse to close the screen saver and located another new folder on the desktop called "open me daddy." My shame was gone at this moment and before opening the folder I pulled my pants down and removed my cock.

Right or wrong, my lust was uncontrollable at this point. I opened the folder and was kind of disappointed there were only three images in it. I opened the first photo and practically hyperventilated as I gazed. It was Renee's face and her mouth wide open. There was writing on her forehead that looked like mascara. The writing read "daddy's cum dumpster." With sickening anticipation I opened the next image and was just as shocked at what I saw.

It was a pic of Renee's bare pussy with similar writing on her upper pubic region. The writing said "daddy's" with an arrow pointing towards her slit. I was watering at the chops to open the final photo.

The moment the last photo loaded on the screen, I grabbed a black lacey thong from the desk and started spewing load after load of cum onto it like I had the day prior. The image was of Renee's ass bent over with her perfect puckered asshole visible. The writing on her cheek read "own my ass." I laid back into the chair and started slowing my breath. I'm still not sure why I did what I did next. I grabbed my phone and returned a text to Renee. I said "I couldn't find anything wrong with your computer&hellip.

But there is a mess on the top of your desk." My shame was gone. I knew I was sexually lusting after my own step daughter and now flirting with her… but I no longer cared.

It was only a moment before I got a reply from her. "OMG daddy that is so awesome. Thank you so much it's exactly what I wanted." I said "why did you want the mess so bad?" … I knew this was dangerous territory, but my cock was hard again and my emotions were uncontrolled. "Because I like to touch it… feel it… and eat it…lol…" she replied I wasn't sure what to say so I didn't respond… but I sat latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet staring at my phone.

Before long she replied again with "I'm really wet right now thinking about it." I replied with "Oh yeah…what do you intend to do about it." I paused for a minute thinking I may have overstepped my boundaries.

But then again, what are the boundaries at this point. I got a fast reply "I told mom to pull over so I can use the restroom. I'm going to go in the stall and play with myself while I think about yesterday." Before I could fully understand what she said I got another text from her saying "is that tmi?" This is when the conversation began to rapidly heat up… "not at all… Im rather intrigued" "good because I want to tell you about it… we are pulling over right now." "mmmm… I hope you make it to a stall on time." "omg im here… it is SOAKED!!!" "What are you going to do to it?" "I just put two fingers in it… it feels so good… are you touching yourself too?.

that would be so hot" Without knowing, I had gripped my dick again and started slow pumps. I said "why yes I am" "are you thinking about me?" "I am baby girl…" "are you thinking about me sucking you again" "omg yes I am babygirl" "I will get better at putting more of you in my mouth… " "You do great already honey" "I love the way it taste too… " "im about to cum again" "yes daddy please cum in my panties… I like the way it feels on my pussy" I came HARD… The other pair of thong panties were red with black trim.

I blew my load on them while they lay on the desk. It was an admirable glob if I may brag a bit. I laid back in the chair and picked up my phone again. "daddy I just sprayed on the floor…lol…" "what do you mean sprayed?" I was initially confused.

"I think I just sprayed from my pussy so hard it hit the floor… It's called squirting…lol" I almost died. Is this the perfect woman or what? "wow that's tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks is all I could reply.

"did you cum daddy" "yesI did… you now have a bigger mess on your desk." "thanks daddy I love you so much. Look what you made me do!" I opened a file she sent and it was a pic of the bathroom stall.

I could see her parted legs, hiked up skirt, and exposed hairless pussy. Beyond her pussy was a watery mess on the floor and streams of water running down the door over three feet away. I was totally in shock and disbelief. I stared at the pic for what felt like forever trying to believe what I was seeing. I got another text from Renee that read "back on the road again… I'm still wet though…" It was then a separate reality hit me.

amazing teen glamours trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians In three days, Stacey was going to visit her mother and would be gone for two days out of state. I have some serious issues to work out before then and I don't know what to do about being with Renee alone for two days. The texting ceased for the remainder of the day… Mostly because the girls were so busy with their activities.

And I was up to my own mischief going to the sex shop like instructed. I only bought one item on my first visit because of the insane awkwardness. I purchased a medium size dildo that had a suction cup on the end to stick it to a smooth surface.

I placed the dildo in one of Renee's pillowcase with a note that read "to NEVER be found by your mother" When the girls got back late, I welcomed them at the door and Renee hugged me with a huge smile. Stacey and I discussed their activities throughout the day while Renee went directly to her room.

I spoke with Stacey for almost ten minutes before she said she was headed to the shower. Like clockwork as soon as Stacey turned on the water in out bathroom Mon mari me baise le cul got a text from Renee that read "my computer is still not working.

You should come up here and take a look." An evil excitement overcame me and I rapidly went up the steps to Renee's room. The moment I got to the door, it flew open and Renee grabbed me by the hand and pulled me inside hastily. Her pussy leaking out like a faucet was wearing her tank top with no bra and a pair of black thong panties.

No doubt the pair that I blew a load of cum on earlier in the day. She drug me to her bed with pure lust in her eyes and pushed me until I sat down. She climbed onto my lap and started kissing me.

I no longer was concerned about kissing her and we began to make out for only about 20 seconds before she dismounted. She vigorously began unbuttoning my jeans and pulled on then until they pulled free of my waist. She jerked down my boxer shorts and exposed my fully erect penis. She attacked my cock with her mouth like something I have never seen. She released for a moment to catch her breath and started pumping my cock with her hand as she started licking on my nut.

I was in pure heaven watching my young little girl suck on my balls. She looked at me and made eye contact. She paused for a moment and released my shaft and stood up. She quickly peeled the cum drenched panties off herself and started to mount me. I grabbed her and told he that we cant. "I want to fuck daddy" she begged. As difficult as it was to stop her, I said"that would be too far… I'm sorry…" With a pouty face she got back on the floor and started sucking my cock again.

I heard the water from the shower shutoff and a sence of urgency overwhelmed me. I reached down and grabbed Renee's pony tail and started slamming my dick in and out of her mouth for about 15 pumps. She handled this like a seasoned whore and barely choked as I slid half my dick in and out of her mouth rapidly.

Without warning I pulled her head deeper onto my cock and I exploded in her mouth. She tried to pull away but I held her there until my heaping orgasm finished. As I pulled away, a huge glob of cum streamed from her mouth onto my member. She gasped to catch her breath then produced a huge smile. She immediately started sucking up the spilled cum from my cock and swallowed hard. Her smile turned into a frown as I stood up and pulled my pants on. I looked at her and said that I had to go before her mom got ideas.

Renee with a pouty voice said "but daddy I still want to …fuck." I had never heard her curse before tonight and it sounded bizarre. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips and whispered into her ear. "I bought you something that's in your pillow case. I love you angel." Then I left the room and proceeded to the living room as Stacey exited the bathroom. We then retired to the bedroom. I checked my phone one last time before I fell asleep and read a text from Renee.

"OMG thank you daddy… I want to show you how I squirt" To be continued!!!