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Sexy client doroty gets humped by masseur
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Starting college was tough for me. I was Joey, 17 years old, but turned 18 around the end of the first semester. I was nerdy and withdrawn in school, and had moved a number of times growing up. I think I went to at least eleven schools in twelve years of public schooling. Beyond that, I hardly fit in my family, they loved to hunt and fish, go camping, and play contact sports. I was 5'6" and 130 pounds and not at all athletic. I was smart enough to get a scholarship, but since it wasn't for sports, my family couldn't have cared less.

I never had girlfriends in high school, because most of them wanted the jocks and ripped dudes. Even with the others, I was too shy to approach them. My first semester was pretty much the same, though I found I had a class with one cute girl, Traci who seemed to enjoy talking to me. She never seemed to want anything other than talking, but that was still better than I ever managed to get from any of the other girls.

Traci was a year or two older than me, but I was taking some more advanced classes so I was with some older students. The girls who were older than me usually had even less interest in me than the ones close to my age. Traci was also about my same height and weight, but distributed in a much nicer fashion. She had blonde shoulder length hair, a cute face, nice boobs, but maybe only b-cup, euro teen angelina mika fed anal creampie right from her ass p a killer ass.

We'd study together for tests, though she had a real social life, unlike me.

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I spent most of my time in the library, since my roommate was such a total jerk. As the first semester ended, I learned he was going to transfer to another college.

He'd gotten a track scholarship to our school, but wanted to play football, and the conference rules wouldn't allow that. By transferring to another conference and changing sports, he could. I was relieved and hoped that meant I wouldn't have a roommate next semester. At the end of the semester, I stayed at school over the break. My family didn't care about seeing me and I didn't have much money to travel anyhow. My scholarship covered tuition, room, and board, but I was borrowing to cover books and anything else I needed.

I didn't want to end up with a shitload of debt, like a lot of folks so I kept my borrowing and my other expenses to a minimum. My clothes got a bit worn and my hair kind of long. Over the break, I ran into Traci, who lived off campus and had stayed in town.

She said she hated her family, but she had some good friends at school to hang with. "I wish I had some good friends to hang out with. Besides you, I mean. Not that I don't like being with you I do. No offense, I just " "That's okay, Joey. I understand." "I'm not sure your friends would like me the way they like you." She carefully looked me up and down before she replied. "I don't know. You might be surprised. Maybe I'll introduce you when the semester starts." "I'd love that." "They just might want to make you over though." "At this point, who am I to argue." We talked for a little longer, then we both got up.

Traci said she needed to get back to her place. She leaned forward gave me a quick kiss on the lips, smiled, turned and walked away. I spent a lot of time with Traci over the next couple of days. We never went very far she wasn't ready and I didn't push. We did cuddle and kiss and I was in heaven just for the chance to cuddle and kiss Traci.

She told me if I was accepted into her group, that we could continue to hang out and even go further. If I needed any further motivation, that certainly provided plenty. After several days, it was about time for the semester to start and Traci told me it was time to introduce me to the group. I went with Traci to something that wasn't quite a frat house, but similar.

There were a bunch of men there, most of whom looked pretty big and athletic. Traci was the only girl, and I looked pretty puny next to most of the men. One of the biggest guys seemed to be the leader of the group and he spoke. "Traci has said you are interested in being associated with us." "Yes, sir.

If you'll have me." "If we accept you, you'll get room and board here a more comfortable room and better food than those crummy dorms." "That sounds good." "There's a price." "I don't have much money." "Not so much a price in money, but in other things. You'll have to let Traci make you over and direct you. You'll also be providing services to some of our members." "I'm not sure what sort of services I could provide." "Traci can fill you in, and she'll do your makeover if you want to proceed." "Okay, I guess." Traci took my arm and began to lead me from the room.

"Come on, babe. Let's get this going." Traci took me down the hall and into a room which I learned was hers. She closed and locked the door, then gave me a kiss.

"Do you trust me, babe?" "Sure." "You have to trust me completely. Do whatever I tell you. If you can't do that, you should leave now." "I'll stay." "Take off those ratty clothes every stitch." My clothes were kind of worn even my best clothes were kind of shabby, but I was surprised by this.

"You mean naked?" "Exactly. Get started or get out of here." I had on one of my less ragged tee shirts and pulled it over my head. Traci took it from me and threw it in the corner. I then took off my shabby tennis shoes and socks and she did much the same with them. I paused briefly and Traci came over and stunning brunette beauty veronica vice filmed fucking by her bf me a kiss.

"That's a start honey, but you need to keep going." I unbuckled my belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped my slightly tattered jeans and let them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them and Traci threw them with my other clothes. I was now there in some dingy white jockey shorts more gray than white. I looked at Traci, and she gestured for me to drop my shorts. I suppose if I'd been more sexually savvy, I'd have been ecstatic to have a woman telling me to get naked for her, but I was inexperienced and uneasy.

"I don't german teen jahre teeny deutsch anal fick dirty talk ohne gummi have any money for better clothes than these." "Don't worry, doll.

We'll take care of that, just do what I tell you." Traci took my hand and led me to a door. I was hesitant, because I didn't know where it went, and I was naked. She opened the door and it turned out to be a bathroom. I was very relieved and she easily led me into the bathroom. Traci sat me down on the toilet and took a razor and cream and shaved my face.

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I had shaved that morning, but wasn't going to argue with her. After my face, she had me lift my arms, and she then shaved my underarms. I felt a little weird about that, but let her. She then took some cream that she put on my legs, arms, and chest. It stung a little, but not that much. Traci then had me sit farther back with my legs farther forward, and shaved me between my legs.

My prick and balls were now as hairless as they'd been before I hit puberty. I realized that the cream was a depilatory and was going to remove my leg and arm hair, which wasn't that thick anyhow, along with my sparse chest hair. After she finished shaving my privates, Traci drew me to my feet and gave me another kiss. "Okay babe. You need to take a shower now. There is scented body wash here along with shampoo, use that.

I'll be doing some things in the other room while you shower." She patted me on the ass and pointed me toward the shower, then closed the door as she left the bathroom. The whole thing seemed weird as hell, but I knew there was going to be some kind of make-over and mom sex ten girl school hadn't been terrible.

The body wash had a floral aroma, as did the shampoo. As I washed off the cream, the rest of my body hair came off. I now had no hair below my neck. I finished my shower and was drying off as Traci came back in the bathroom. After I was dry, she sat me back down on the toilet and pulled out a hair dryer. I had been conserving my money, so I had let my hair grow out.

Lots of guys had longer hair, and I couldn't afford to get it cut anyhow. Traci took the dryer and a brush and seemed to be styling my hair as she dried it. After it was dry, she took some scissors and did a little trimming here and there, but didn't cut it short.

She took my hand and led me back out of the bathroom. I tried to get a look at what she'd done to my hair, but couldn't really see much. As we went back in the bedroom, she stopped, faced me and gave me another quick kiss.

"Babe, you're going to have to trust me now. There's something of an initiation. You will be dressing in ways that you wouldn't normally do for at least a period of time." "Okay." With that, she smiled took my hand, and we walked over to a dresser, where she opened a drawer. She pulled out a pair of lacy pink panties, and handed them to me.

"You need to put these on." "Panties?" "Exactly." I took them from her and looked at her as I started to pull them on. I kept hoping that was some sort of joke and that she'd have me stop, but she didn't. My prick got kind of hard and I tucked in the panties as best I could. "Good girl." At the time, I completely missed that she'd called me 'girl'. Traci then reached in busty latina pornstar anissa kate has an intense solo orgasm drawer and pulled out a lacy pink bra.

She lifted my arms in front of me, and I stood there in shock, and slipped the bra on me. She fastened it in back, then pulled a couple of small breast forms out of another drawer, and slipped them in the cups of the bra. Honestly, I didn't even know what to think at that point. She took my hand and walked me to the closet, which she opened. She pulled a frilly blouse and handed it to me. My hands were shaking as I took it from her. At this point, it was damned obvious that my make-over was to make me look like a girl.

I put the blouse on and she pulled a skirt out with a bit of flounce, though it only came to mid thigh. She led me over to a chair and sat me down then took out some makeup and began doing my face. I could feel her put on some eyeliner and eye shadow around my eyes, then some base and accent on my face. She then put some lip gloss on me. I was trembling even more than I had been earlier.

She finished, then pulled me to my feet and took me over to a mirror, where I saw, not Joey, but a rather cute girl. "How long am I going to be dressed like this?" "As long as I say." "I don't know." She led me over to the bed and sat me down, and gave me another kiss. "You've been such a good girl, you deserve a reward." With that, she got down on her knees in front of me, lifted my hips and I raised them. Traci pulled my panties down to my ankles and lifted my skirt. She leaned forward and delicately and sweetly kissed the head of my dick, which was quite hard.

I gasped and she looked at me and smiled, then took the head of my cock between her lips before easing it back out again. "Honey, have you ever had a girl suck your dick?" "No, never." "Lean back and just enjoy it then, baby." She teased me, taking the head between her lips and letting it slip out several times, then lifting my prick and licking the underside all the way from my balls to the tip.

Traci then began slowly working my dick in and out of her mouth, a little more each time, as she stroked it with her fingers. I was in heaven and no longer even remembered or cared that I looked like a girl.

My dick is only about 5-1/2 inches long, so it wasn't hard for her to take me all the way in, and Traci did. She slowly and sensually fucked her mouth with my cock. I know I couldn't have lasted long, but it felt like time was standing still as her mouth made love to my prick. I had never even really jerked off, so when I came, it surprised me.

Traci took me deep in her throat and milked my little weiner dry. She slowly eased me out of her mouth, licking and sucking as she went, then kissing and licking the tip as she pulled it completely out. She swallowed my cum then got up leaned over and kissed me long and slowly with lots of tongue.

I could taste my cum in her mouth and was slightly repelled, but quickly got over it. "Well baby, since I got you off, I think it's only fair that you get me off too." "Sure thing." With that, she lifted her skirt and lowered her panties and a cock popped out. I was shocked because I hadn't realized that she wasn't a girl down there. I know I must have looked appalled and disgusted. "You mean… you want me to " "So you think it's perfectly fine for me to suck your dick, but you're too good to do the same for me." "It's just that…" "I understand.

Don't worry. Just pull up your panties and get the hell tight girls gives head and get pounded by bald dude of here." "What about my other clothes?" "We burned them. You can wear those back to your dorm." "I have to go back to my dorm dressed like this?" "Yes. Like that exactly like that." "Isn't there anything else I can do?" "You can be my girl, my good girl, and do for me what I did for you." "And if I do?" "After everything is done, you can spend the night with me.

You'll be my girl and I'll be your girl, if you want." I looked at Traci, looked over at the door, then looked at Traci's prick, and again up at her face. She sat down and beckoned me over.

I got on my knees in front of her and looked at her cock. It was about the same size as me, maybe a half inch longer. I'd never even thought about sucking on a dick and sat there for a few seconds before Traci gently pulled my head toward her wang. I took the head between my lips, as she'd done and closed my lips as I eased it out, I could taste her pre-cum on the tip, but having tasted my own cum on her lips a few minutes before, it didn't seem that strange.

I slowly took more and more of her cock in my mouth, but couldn't get it all the way in without gagging. I stroked it as I sucked it, which made Traci moan and smile and lean back. After a few minutes I stopped, and Traci looked at me. "I don't know if I want you to cum in my mouth." "That's okay, baby.

We can do something else." I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back. Traci got up, pushed me forward so my upper body was resting on my arms, then lifted my hips. She pulled my panties the rest of the way off and had me spread me legs, then flipped up my skirt and eased the head of her cock into my formerly virgin ass. She reached over and grabbed a tube of something that I later found was lube.

Traci lubed up her prick and used a finger to get a little lube in my bunghole. She eased her finger in and out a few times as I gasped and moaned. I wasn't sure if this was all that much better, but I was in it now.

She had to ease her dick in because my ass was still so tight and then slowly work it back and forth getting a little more of her cock in each time. After the initial shock, it began to feel good, and I found my dick getting harder as she fucked me. I felt her hips against mine as she got balls deep in my ass, filling me up. I moaned and began to fuck her back as she fucked my ass.

I could feel things building up again and I came at the same time Traci filled my ass with her spunk. I'd never considered anything like that before, but it felt so good, I couldn't be sorry she did it. After she finished emptying her balls in me, Traci came naughty japanese schoolgirl tied up and double teamed and kissed me sweetly.

She stroked my face and I kissed her back. She lay down on the floor and we kissed for a long time before she got up. "Okay, baby. Let's get both of us cleaned up and we'll go let the others see the new you." She got a damp washcloth and cleaned up my cum from the floor and her cum from my ass.

She washed off her dick and tucked it back into her panties. I put my panties back on and Traci touched up my makeup. "I don't think Joey works for a pretty little thing like you. You'll now be Joy instead of Joey." "All the others are going to see me like this?" "Now only that, you're going to classes dressed like this." "You mean…?" "You're Joy until I tell you otherwise.

If you don't like that, just get that cute little ass out of here." "If I go to my first few classes dressed like this…" "You'll probably have to do it all semester, won't you?" Traci came up to me, put her arms around me, and kissed me again. "So you can be my good little girl, and I'll be your girl, otherwise you can go back to being that lonely, nerdy little guy I met." "And I'll be your girl?" "Yes, as long as you do what I tell you." Traci took my hand and we walked back to the room we'd been in some time earlier.

There were a few guys there, including the leader. They seemed to look me over and though I wasn't completely comfortable with it, they seemed to like what they saw. "Guys, let me introduce Joy.

She's here on good behavior." The leader, who I found was named Bob, got up walked over, looked me up and down, licked his lips, and smiled. "How about we see some of that good behavior." Traci stroked my head before speaking.

"Joy, get down on your knees." Traci got down on her knees as she got me down on mine. One of the other guys walked over to Traci as we were there.

"Unzip his pants and pull out his cock." As Traci told me that, she proceeded to do exactly that to the other guy there. "Okay, baby, you know what to do from here." Traci gently pushed my head forward, then proceeded to suck the cock of the guy in from of her.

I began to do to Bob, what I'd done to Traci earlier. Bob tried pushing his dick deep in my throat, which made me gag.

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Traci paused in her work for a minute. "Joy can't deep throat yet. Take it easy on her, okay?" Bob had kind of disgusted sigh and let me suck him as best I could while using my hand to stroke what I couldn't get into my mouth. Before long Bob came in my mouth. I almost gagged on his cum, and he looked a little disgusted again. "Swallow it, bitch." The other guy had already cum for Traci, and she stood, looking angry as hell. "You will treat her like a lady, otherwise Joy and I are both walking out of here and not coming back." Bob stepped back, looking a little shocked.

"Fine. I'm sorry. I won't talk to her like that again." "And neither will any of the other guys here.

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Understand?" Traci looked around the room at the two other guys who were there. "Make damned sure everyone knows." Bob and the others all nodded and looked a bit intimidated by Traci. "And Joy is a newbie, so there will be no gangbang.

Not until or unless she is ready." Traci looked at the other two guys. "You can each have one of us from behind, then that's it for tonight." Traci pulled her panties off and got on her hands and knees, then turned to me.

"Come on Joy, baby. Let's do this." I pulled my panties off and got on my hands busty antonie getting hot on bed and start masturbating knees too.

Traci tossed some lube to them, and they each lubed up their cocks, before easing them into us. Curt, who was my guy was actually pretty gentle as he slowly fucked my ass. I was apprehensive as first, but quickly found myself getting turned on by it again.

I didn't cum from him fucking me, but it felt damned good as he dumped his load deep in my ass. We finished and got up, and I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and running down my leg. I felt good and surprisingly happy.

Traci turned to Bob and the guy who'd fucked my ass. "You two need to kiss her sweetly and thank her." They both did, and I smiled at them and told them they were welcome. Bob turned to Traci and spoke. "You know, I think you found a keeper." "Just as long as you treat her with respect, and not like some cheap whore." They all nodded, and Traci and I each picked up our panties from the floor. I think I blushed as I did, then Traci took my hand and we walked back to her room.

We went in the room and she locked the door. Traci cleaned off the washcloth and cleaned us both up again, kissing and stroking me as she did. "Well baby, are you about ready for bed?" "I don't know if I'm sleepy yet." "We can have some fun.

We don't have to go to sleep yet." Traci and I got undressed and I was surprised to find that she had real boobs. I walked over to her and put out my hand, but hesitated. Traci smiled, took my hand and placed it firmly on her boob.

"Yes, baby. You can touch them and play with them." I touched her boob gingerly, and she took my hand and moved it across her boob and over her nipple. "They don't break. Don't bruise them, but stroke them and enjoy them, baby." I put both hands on her boobs, and sweetly touched them both, squeezing them and lightly pinching her nipples. Traci smiled and moaned and led me over to the bed where she laid down and pulled me down on her. As I caressed and fondled her boobs, she moved my head down and I kissed one nipple and sucked on it as I played with the other one.

I could hardly believe how warm and soft and tender they felt. I kissed all around the breast, licking it, sucking on the nipple, before moving to the other one and touching the first one. I reveled in Traci's boobs and could hardly imagine anything better than being able to play with them. As I did, Traci stroked my head, while moaning and arching her back. After doing that for a while, Traci pulled me up and we kissed some more, before she spoke.

"Baby, earlier, I fucked your ass, but all you got from me when a blow job. That's not fair to you. You can fuck my ass now. Come on, baby." Traci got on her hands and knees in bed pulled me around behind her and handed me some lube. "Rub this all over your dick, baby. Then get some on your finger and stick your finger in my ass to lube it up too." I lubed up and as I stuck my finger in her ass, she sighed and wiggled her ass in pleasure, moving back to fuck my finger with her ass.

"Baby, go ahead, put it in me." I got on her and tried to guide my prick into her asshole, but had trouble finding the mark. Traci reached around, grabbed my dick and guided it into her. It felt great when Traci sucked me off, but that was nothing compared to how her ass grabbed my cock. She felt so tight and so wonderful. I almost came at once, then I settled down to a steady pumping of her ass. Deep throating me was good but this was so much better.

I could feel my orgasm coming on this time and as I came, I jammed my dick as deep into her ass as I could get it. It felt so great, I almost fainted and collapsed onto her back as I dumped my load in her. "God, Traci that was wonderful." "Glad you enjoyed it, baby. Believe me, I liked it too.

You've got the perfect size dick, it fills me up without hurting at all." I almost fell off her onto the bed and it took me a few minutes to catch my breath, as she stroked me and I stroked her and we kissed. As I lay there I realized it hadn't been wholly equal. "Traci. I came in your mouth, but you never got to come in mine." "You ready for that, baby?" I slipped down Traci's body and took her dick in my mouth. It was only the third time I'd had a cock in my mouth, but I wanted her to blonde housewife aimee addisons husband watches her get railed by a stud all this as much as I had.

I worked to make love to her prick with my mouth. She arched her back and stroked my head, as she moaned. "Baby, I'm going to cum." I didn't slow down, taking her as deep into my mouth and throat as I could before she erupted with what felt like gallons of cum in my mouth.

I took it all and slowly worked her dick out, cleaning it off as I went, and swallowing as much of her cum as I could. She pulled me up to her and we kissed for the longest time, and I know she could taste her own cum in my mouth.

Finally we began to get tired, and Traci rolled me over and spooned me and we drifted off to sleep that way. ……………………………………………………………… When I woke up the next morning, it took me a moment to remember where I was and what I'd done the night before.

When I did, I began to feel a little apprehensive again.

Traci woke up beside me and stroked my face, and kissed me, but I was uneasy even about that. "Honey, you've had a rough 24 hours, and I know I should have been more open about what was going to happen beforehand." "I'm not sure about all this." "But if I'd told you, you would have run away screaming and never given it a chance." "I kind of wish I had." "You could have.

Even after your makeover, you could have marched your cute little ass right out of here and never come back." "Dressed in girl's clothes." "Dressed in your clothes until you leave or I decide otherwise." "And I don't have any choice?" "Of course you do. You can put on your clothes and walk out of here right now." "Looking like a girl." "Is it really so terrible being my girl, when you have me as your girl?" "But you aren't a girl." Traci had a flash of anger before speaking again.

"I am a girl a girl with a penis and boobs." "I'm confused." "Yes, you are." "I mean, a boy has a penis and a girl has a pussy." "What about the person who was born with both?

What about the person who wasn't born one or the other and doctors operate to make it look like what they think it should be?" "But XY chromosomes make a boy and XX make a girl." "Some XY are born with a vagina and some XX are born with a penis.

Besides some folks are XXY or some other combination." "Aren't those people freaks?" Traci really seemed to get angry at that. "Those are human beings who deserve as much respect as any other humans." "I'm sorry.

I just " "And some people grow up knowing that despite what's between their legs and despite their chromosomes, they aren't what people think they are or should be." "I just always thought " "You and everyone else is what other people thought.

Some folks just go along with it all not understanding their own natures. I saw something in you, and I want you to understand enough to realize what you really are." "Aren't I a guy?" "Walk on this side a little while. Then you tell me what you are." "But how long?" "Give it this semester no more.

Besides last night you your cock is so big daddy romi rain to enjoy being a woman." "And everything that goes with it?" "Baby, you have two sides. You need to understand them both to really understand who you are." Traci leaned forward and kissed me. I couldn't help but kiss her back. I wasn't sure who I was, but I wasn't sure I liked the process of figuring it out either.

On the other hand, I liked being with Traci and liked what we'd done together, even if it seemed weird. I reached for her boobs and touched them and Traci kissed me even more passionately. We spent quite a while kissing and touching before I fucked her in the ass, and she fucked me also.

Maybe it wasn't my mental image of the perfect relationship sexual or otherwise. It seemed to be giving me pleasure and not harming me. We showered and dressed. Traci gave me some clean panties, but I wore the same skirt, blouse and bra as last night.

Traci did my hair and makeup, but spent time telling and showing me how it was done, and telling me that soon I'd be able to do my own. I kind of liked having her do my hair and makeup, but realized I couldn't expect her to do hot young babe pleasures herself with a toy all the time.

Once we were both dressed, we started back to the common area. "Baby, we need to get you some more clothes. One outfit just won't do. Then we can story prohibidde luli love chilena up your personal belongings from your dorm room except for your ratty clothes." "So I won't need boy clothes for a while?" "No, baby. Not for a while." When we got to the common area Bob was there and Traci went up to him. "We need to get Joy some more clothes." "And I suppose you want me to pay for it?" "Yes.

I do." "And what do I get out of it?" "You got a first installment last night, as I recall." "I got a blow job. I didn't get to fuck her ass." "Poor baby." "How about I get that now, if you want money for clothes?" "We're going out to try on clothes. She isn't going to do that with your cum dripping out of her ass." "Why should I cough up any money then?" "Cause you're going to want her tonight or some other night.

Tell you what though you can have a choice, either you get her ass tonight, or she can suck you off again now but not both." "Fine I'll take now." "Joy, please thank Bob for financing our clothes shopping in a way he finds meaningful." I walked over to Bob and got down on my knees. I looked up at him and he had a smirk on his face, but I knew I needed to do this for Traci, and for me. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his prick, which was already starting to get hard.

I took the head in between my lips like it was a lollypop, pulling it out again. Bob moaned a bit and I began to take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I realized I was getting him deeper than I'd managed to get either him or Traci last night. I guess I was starting to overcome my gag reflex. I took big tits nursing coed anal and creampie as deep as I could, slowly in and out, stroking with my hand as he left my mouth.

Bob's knees started to wobble a little and I realized he was really getting into it. He was near a table and pulled me with him as he edged back to lean against the table. As Bob continued to moan, and I continued to suck him off, I realized we'd collected a small audience of some of the other guys in the place. I got a little nervous. I was okay sucking Bob off now but didn't want to take on the whole bunch. I sure as hell wasn't ready for that.

Bob pulled my head tight to him as he came deep in my throat. When he let go, I caught my breath and swallowed his cum. One of the other guys started to come toward me as I finished with Bob. Traci put out a hand and stopped him. He gave her a nasty look.

"Boys, we're not having a teen masturbation close one of the first things you will notice about hardcore teen not now and not tonight. Everyone will eventually get their turn, but not all at once." The guy looked disgusted and walked away as I stood back up.

Bob looked at me, nodded and handed some cash to Traci. "She's getting better, but she's got a ways to go still." "Give her a little time. She's still new at this." "Bring me back the receipts." "Of course, Bob." Traci put the cash in her purse, kissed me, took my arm and we walked out, arm in arm. "We'll need to get you several more pair of panties and bras.

Let's petite girl likes his big black cock with skirts and blouses for now for outer wear. No slacks. Dresses later, but you can mix and match skirts and blouses without looking like you're always wearing the same few outfits." I had a lot of fun shopping with Traci and started getting into the whole girl thing at least until we had a couple of guys start hitting on us and getting really pushy.

They didn't seem to want to take 'no' for an answer, and started to get really pissy. About that time, Curt, from last night walked up. He put one arm around me and another one around Traci, then looked at each of us before glaring at the men. "Are these people bothering you, my love?" I looked at Curt and nodded, with tears starting to fill my eyes. "The ladies have other commitments. Move on now." The two men looked Curt over. He stood about 6'3" and about 220 pounds all muscle.

The other two were both 3 or 4 inches shorter and 20 to 30 pounds lighter, and a lot less fit looking. They sized Curt up for a few seconds, then backed up. "We can do a lot better than these two. We were trying to be kind to them." "Take your 'kindness' elsewhere. Go entertain yourselves some other way." Both men looked us over before turning and walking away. I breathed a sigh of relief and my knees were shaky as I turned to Curt and gave him a big passionate kiss.

He kissed me back and we spent a minute or so kissing before we broke it off. "Thank you so much." "It was my pleasure. I'll see you both tonight?" "Absolutely. And maybe I can thank you better then." "I'm looking forward to it." Curt escorted us to our car, then gave me another kiss and patted me on the ass, before smiling and walking away.

Traci leaned over to me in the car and kissed me on the cheek before speaking. "I think that boy's taken a liking to you." "He's… very sweet." "So now little miss 'I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-do-this' pretty teen is geeting urinated on and blasts wet twat starting to have some mixed feelings." "I'm not in love with him.

I don't want a serious relationship with a man, but he's nice." "And here I was starting to get worried I'd lose you to a guy already." We were stopped at a light, as I leaned over and gave Traci a long kiss.

The light changed while I was kissing her and the car behind us hit their horn. We broke the kiss and Traci drove away from the light, grinning. "You aren't getting rid of me that easily." "Baby, I didn't want to. I'll share you, but I want to be your number one." Traci took me to a salon, where they trimmed my hair and cleaned up what Traci had done last night.

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By the time they were done, my hair looked beautiful and made me feel more feminine. Then she took me for a manicure and pedicure where I got finger and toe nails painted. Traci chose a more subdued color for my nails. She said I needed makeup of my own, in my colors and took me to get some.

The woman there helped me select colors that would be more alluring awesome babe rides like a pro for me and even gave me some lessons on how to apply my makeup. I knew I'd still need guidance from Traci for a while, but felt like I knew a lot more about what I was doing.

We stopped at my old dorm room and picked up all my stuff. We dropped my boy clothes in a donation box and took the rest back to our new place.

I went online and switched my residence and was pleased to find that my scholarship which covered room and board covered rent at the place where Traci and I were. "The guys are mostly willing to give you a room for the chance to fuck you. You can get most of that money amazing teen glamours trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians them to cover clothes, cosmetics, and such. That's part of the reason Bob coughed up cash today.

He figured he'd get it back anyhow." "It would be nice to have a little spending money for a change." Traci and I talked quite a bit, and the more we did, the more I found myself starting to love her.

I also began to think about what would happen if I went back home as Joy instead of Joey. I couldn't see anything good coming from that.

I guessed I clearly wouldn't be going home for a while. Then again, none of them really wanted to see me anyhow, so no loss. That evening, as some folks gathered in the common room, Traci laid out the ground rules. "You boys know that I won't do gangbangs. Well neither will Joy, so you'll have to figure out among you who gets us on any given night. We'll each take three guys a night. There's only eighteen guys in the group so one of you will get one of us every third night.

Maybe more often, if someone skips their turn. "Shit, that hardly seems fair." "You don't think it's fair to know that you can fuck someone two or three times a week?" "Yeah, but " "You want more, get a girlfriend who'll put out more often. A couple guys here have that." "We get that, though." "You get to come once mouth or ass." At that point, I spoke up.

"I'll only take two in the ass on any given night. The third gets a blow job." Most of the guys seemed good with that. Then again, a lot of them liked blow jobs anyhow. "One more thing today a couple guys started harassing us, and we were saved by Curt. So he deserves to get Joy first tonight whichever way he wants." A couple guys were grumbling about the fact that Curt had just fucked me last night.

Traci hushed them up quickly though. "That's right boys. If you see someone harassing us, it can be worth your while to make sure we're okay." Curt smiled, walked over to be and kissed me passionately for a minute, running his hands over my body.

"So Curt, what is your pleasure?" "Your ass again." I giggled and squirmed as he let go of me. I pulled down my panties, pulled up my skirt, and wiggled my ass at him as I got down on my hands and knees. I could hardly believe that I was so eager to give my ass to a guy, but here I was, doing exactly that.

Someone handed Curt some lube and he lubed up his dick and my bunghole, as I continued to giggle and squirm. He eased the head of his dick into my ass, then reached forward, under my blouse, to rub my fake boobs. He eased his cock all the way in and as he ran his hands over my chest, he leaned over and whispered to me. "Too bad you don't have boobs, like Traci. That would make it so much better." "For you, I just might." I was so caught up in the passion of it all, I never even thought much about it, though later I wondered if I should have said that.

"I'd love that, doll." It felt wonderful, as Curt filled my ass with his beautiful cock. It felt right, as right as anything had felt in my life.

I was still tight enough that it hurt a little bit, but it was the greatest pain I'd ever felt. Curt eased his prick in and out of my ass, gradually picking up speed and I not only felt filled up by him, but I felt fulfilled as a woman and a sexual being.

The prick hanging between my legs didn't matter to Curt, and it didn't matter much to me either. Curt was panting and I was moaning as he picked up speed before he grabbed my hips and drove his dick deep into me, and I could feel him fill me up with his cum. It felt right more right than anything else, except making love to Traci. I felt Carl's prick throbbing in my ass as he spurted the last of his cum in me. I looked over to see Traci was sucking off a guy, who pulled out of her mouth to cum on her face.

She opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could but he was intent on getting it over as much of her face as he could. Traci had taken off her blouse and bra, and the guy put the last few squirts of cum on her boobs. Someone handed her a cloth and she wiped herself off. Curt pulled out of me and gave me a quick kiss before pulling his pants back up.

Another guy came over to me and he clearly wanted me to suck his dick, so I did. He had already unzipped and pulled his prick out. It was longer and thinker than the few I'd dealt with so far, but not so much as to be a problem. I couldn't get him all the way in, but between what I could do and stroking it, he seemed satisfied.

Unlike Traci's guy, he came in my mouth, and I swallowed it. I could see Bob over fucking Traci's ass, which surprised me. He had been pretty pushy about fucking me earlier in the day. He seemed to be fucking her hard, so in a way, I was glad it wasn't me, but felt sorry for Traci. Bob pulled out and shot his cum all over Traci's assback, and skirt. I guess it was her day for that sort of thing. Traci and I each took another guy in the ass, before gathering our clothes and going back to our room.

We finished undressing each other and had a sensual shower together. We sweetly soaped and rinsed each other, stopping to kiss and caress. We dried each other off and giggled as we crawled into bed together. We teased for a while before fucking each other. I love having Traci fuck my ass, and love fucking her as well. I spent a lot of time playing with her boobs, which I love.

"I really love playing with your boobs." "And I love having you play with them, baby. You're sweet and tender when you touch them.

You don't just grab, yank and pinch the way some guys do. You're nice raw assfucking for teeny doggystyle and pornstars them, and to me." "How… did you get…" "Boobs?

I guess I could have gotten implants, but I started hormone treatments. That gave me boobs and did other things too." "What kind of other things?" "I have less body hair, nicer hair on my head, and it made my skin softer and even changed the shape of my body making my hips bigger and my waist smaller.

It makes me look more like the woman I am." "Curt was saying he wished I had boobs." "How do you feel about that? If you do that, it should be because that's what you want not to please Curt or to please me." "Would you like me to have boobs?" "If you had boobs, I'd love to play with them and make you feel the way I do when you play with mine but only if you really want to have them." "What if I started hormone treatment, then decided I didn't like it?" "Then you could stop it.

A lot of the changes will reverse, but you might need minor surgery to reduce your breasts. Think about it for a while before you decide. This whole girl thing is still new to you. Don't jump in too deep before you're ready." …………………………………………………………………&hellip.

The next day I had classes. Traci helped me dress in a nice skirt and blouse with some open flats to show off my lovely toenails. None of my instructors were people who I'd had classes with before, not that anyone would likely have remembered nerdy little me. When they called roll, and called me Joey, I had a stock response.

"It's spelled Joey, but pronounced Joy." No one gave me a hard time about it not the teachers and not the other students. I'd been fakeagentuk tight amateur pussy causes agents cock to blow classes with a couple of the students before, but they didn't recognize me or remember my name from when I was a boy. It sounds weird to say that, but I was starting to think of myself as a girl now not a boy. I even had a few guys hit up on me, but I told them I had a boyfriend big and muscular and jealous, and most of them dropped it.

Traci and I had a class together and ate lunch together, and were even joined by Curt. I knew a couple guys who had been interested in me were in the cafeteria, so I got up and gave Curt a long passionate kiss. He seemed pleased, and returned my kiss. After he went to class, Traci and I studied together for a while before our next class.

I didn't want her to be jealous of Curt. "I kissed Curt that way because I wanted to discourage some other guys from chasing me." "I think there was more than that to it." "You know I like Curt, but you're still my number one, Traci." She leaned over and gave me a big kiss. "And don't forget that, baby." Life settled down to going to class, moms with big tits scene critical x everyone accepted me as Joy, studying, making love to Traci, and letting a few guys fuck me or get blow jobs every night.

A few of the guys were disdainful, but it never stopped them from fucking me or having me suck them off. I started hormone treatment a little later and now have my own b-cup boobs. By the end of the semester, there was no doubt I was Joy, not Joey. My life has changed. I don't know if Traci and I will stay together. Curt told me that if I had a pussy that he'd marry me. I don't know if I'm ready for that though.

Traci has no desire for surgery and has two white guys smashing trazcy kush and her friends face hardcore blowjob encouraged me to consider it. "Babydoll, the surgery is NOT reversible. You don't want to do that unless you are 110% certain you want it. I'm happy with you the way you are, and am happy with the way I am. I don't want to have a pussy and don't need for you to have one." We spend every night making love in our little room.

I wouldn't have it any other way.