Kinky legal age teenager luscious girl blows and rides hardcore russian

Kinky legal age teenager luscious girl blows and rides hardcore russian
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The American Dream Pt.1 Dan Rice realized he was not being fulfilled. It was hard for him to even finish having sex with his wife, she was so boring to him. As a gorgeous blonde with light brown eyes and a full figure, his wife Heidi honestly couldn't be sexier.

Her pink lips were always full and her hazel eyes were surrounded by soft brown lashes. She was 40 but looked 10 years younger and was the envy of all the men on the street. She had a lean build and naturally tiny breasts, if she hadn't gotten married and pregnant so young she could have been a model. However at the age of 25 and after having her third son she decided to become a wet nurse and now her breasts were full, sensitive, and plump.

Dan hadn't really approved of this profession at first and thought it was odd, but when he saw the effects it took on her body he loved it. He remembered the days when just looking at her c-cup breasts gave him a full erection. Those days were over.

As he got up from there bed he took a quick glance and noticed how disappointed his wife looked. Honestly there sex and relationship wasn't that bad. There relationship was just something missing, the passion and adventure was missing.

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As he walked into the bathroom he stopped at there mirror and took a long look at himself. He was tall and muscular, he went to the gym often to maintain his six pack. His penis, although soft now was long and thick, enough to satisfy any woman.

His light blue eyes were striking against his tan Mexican skin and pepper gray hair. He was one of the managers at a major car dealership and had to make sure he looked good. As he thought about his life, he became elated at how successful he really was.

His job paid well and he had made great friends there, they even had decided to live in the same newly built neighborhood and were a tight community. He had 3 wonderful boys, his oldest son Josh, his middle son Chris, and his youngest son Donny.

The oldest was a senior in high school, and the youngest was a sophomore, he was proud of all of them. However none of his sons could ever reach the amount of love he had for his special little girl, Sarah. She was a pretty, young 14 year old who took the best features from her mother and father.

She had her mothers petite body and her fair skin, from her father she got her baby blue eyes and dark hair. As he drifted into thought about his gorgeous daughter he was jolted into reality at the large nipple asian whore seduction squirting and japanese of his major erection. At first he was disgusted with himself, but being horny and unsatisfied, soon realized how much fun they could have together. He knew it was wrong, but that little girl was always doting and flirting with him.

Always rubbing his shoulders and walking around in tiny tight clothes. At that very moment he made it his goal to become his daughters sexual master, all the pent up fantasies he couldn't have with his wife would be eagerly performed on his daughter.

He knew his little girl was no virgin, boys were always coming over and "studying" with her. As his thoughts wondered off into the possibilities of this forbidden relationship he knew his wife would never approve.

He didn't want to be sneaking around and worried about getting caught, worried about the clouds of judgment and morbidity his wife would pass upon him. As he went back into bed with his now sleeping wife he wondered how he could get her to accept his new sexual deviations. The thought hit him that of course she would have to commit the same act with her own sons.

A quick flash of all the boys sucking on the mother's breasts have him another large erection. Yes, he was sure the only way for his daughter to become his new lover was for his wife to commit the act first "Honey?" he cooed to her. "Yes" she replied drowsily. "You've been wanting to see other men haven't you?" His fingers began to trace down her stomach to her soft strip of light pubic hair, until he finally was able to softly play with her clitoris.

"What are you even talking about?" she said shakily "I know you would never approve of that, would you?" He then quickly slapped her pussy with his one hand and violently grabbed her left breast with his other. "The only way I will ever let sensual teenie is gaping spread slit in close up and climaxing be with another man is if there one of our sons." He laughed cruelly, "I know how wet those studs get you, how much you masturbate to them." Without waiting for a reply he shoved the fingers that had been in her pussy moments earlier into her shocked mouth.

Like a good wife she began sucking and licking her juiced off her husbands thick and long fingers. On one hand she was shocked and appalled at what he had said but was happy to see her husband so passionate and dirty. "I'm going to fuck you right now, but I want you too close your eyes and picture Joshua as the one inside you making you all wet and sloppy.

Understand?" He got on top of his immobilized wife and put his erect dick inside her. He was surprised to find just how wet she was, and decided to finally pull his fingers out of her mouth. "Yes baby anything you say, I'll do anything you want", she replied meekly and wrapped her legs around her husband.

She quickly imagined her favorite son, her oldest son. Joshua was tall like his father and had a swimmers build.

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His muscles and package always bulged when he swam in there backyard pool with his mother watching. She had always admitted to herself she was turned out by him, and had indeed masturbated to the thought of him inside her. His light medium length blonde hair and pretty blue eyes always seemed to be such a turn on for her.

Heidi couldn't help but be embarrassed at her husband for guessing her secret desires. She wondered if Dan meant what he said, and if she was indeed allowed to sleep with her sons.

Dan began to whisper in her ear "Ohhh mom, your such a sick slut" This dirty talk couldn't turn Heidi on more and she began to shiver and shake as her upcoming orgasm approached. He shoved himself harder and deeper inside her. He licked her soft pink nipples with a passion, but in her mind it was Joshua. Joshua, she knew, wouldn't just lick her. He would suck and feed on her breasts, her sweet milk would leak out for her little boy to drink.

She had imagined this so many times, could this really become a reality? "Ohhhhh yes, ohhh please, son, fuck mommy, please fuck me" she began to rock harder into Dan, she was so close to her first orgasm in months.

Dan gave a boyish grin at how turned on his wife was. "Mommy I'm gonna cum inside you, I hope your ready. "I'm almost there Dan, please just a minute longer." Dan came in her before she could finish, he was upset his wife had called him by his real name. It was obvious to Dan a fantasy could never be as satisfying as the real thing, and wanted his wife to know that. After he came at the entrance of her wet pussy he again put his fingers in his wife and made her suck on his fingers covered with the mix of their juices.

Again there was a look of disappointment in her eyes, but now there was an obvious hunger there as well. "Oh Danny," Heidi said as she stared longingly at him "Do you really want me to sleep with our sons, you don't think I'm disgusting for thinking that way?" Again his devilish and boyish grin flashed, "Of course I think you sick, but I know what a whore you are. I know how happy it would make you to have your son's prick in your mouth. I want you to fuck all three of our sons.

I want you to fuck any man who wants you. At least as long as I get to fuck all the pussies I want." "Of course you can" she said this absentmindedly, because she was already filling he mind with her deepest fantasies.

For once Heidi could be in control of her own sexuality, her own life. Morning As Dan tightened his tie and kissed his wife goodbye he came to a realization. If everything went as planned, if his wife carried out her plans, Dan Garcia could have everything he had ever wanted.

His daughter would be his little slut, so would anal sex with phoneix marie girlfriend prositute friends. His co-workers wives, they would be his, his son's girlfriends and girlfriends mothers could be his.

The world would become his pussy palace every woman and every fantasy could be had, he could be living his American Dream