Brazilian fart domination hd but the fever gets turned up to eleven when teen creeper

Brazilian fart domination hd but the fever gets turned up to eleven when teen creeper
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The party was going just as planned. There were plenty of guys and girls from my school and others at my house, since I had the house to myself for the weekend. I was 16 and the others were 14-16. Everyone was drinking so the sexual chemitry was firing up. I felt attracted to almost every girl there, but I never planned on acting on it.

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The party died down around two in the morning and some people went home but a lot of my friends stayed. Every bed in the house was full. We were all in the shed where there's no bathroom, so Taylor asked my to show her to it. I gladly said I would as she followed my into my room. She was a brunette with very long hair and a very big smile.

She was very tan and had been a cheerleader forever so her legs were in perfect shape and they complemented her firm ass. Her tits were perfect sized for her slim but perfectly shaped body.

I had always wondered what her nipples looked like.

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I had never talked to her before she asked me to show her to the bathroom. She went into the bathroom but accidentally left the bathroom door cracked.

I eased my way up to the door hoping to sneak a peek of her pulling her pants up. She was still sitting down as I watched. By now I was absolutely hard as a rock. She shouted to my for toilet paper as I ran to the other bathroom to give it to her. I busted in on her and gave her the tp but didn't see a real reason to leave. She wiped her pussy and I turned my head inconspicuosly when she stood up.

She buttoned up her tight jeans but then hesitated. "I can't believe everyone is already leaving." she said to me. "I know. I wish they would stay for a while." I said to her, while i was secretly imagining her naked.

"Do you mind if I stay her tonight, my DD has been drinking." I said yes to her, but warned her that the only place to sleep would be in my bed. She said it would be fine and then she asked me if she could use the shower. I said yes immediately.

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Just having her naked in my house would be an honor. I told her I needed to take one too and she said " We can both take one and just leave our underwear on." I agreed with her as we stepped into the shower. When she washed her hair she arched her back and I was about to explode. She looked down at my 8 inch erection and laughed. Up until that point there had been no sexual chemistry. I closed my eyes as I washed my hair, and suddenly felt her hand againts my cock.

I opened my eyes and she was smiling at me completely naked. She dropped to her knees and carressed my penis with her hands. She then kissed the head and licked it as she looked up at me. I ran my hand through her hair as she took my cock all the way down her throat without a problem. She started out slow but soon was bobbing her head onto my cock as hard as she could. She stood up in front of my as I sucked on her small dark nipples.

I was about to fuck her standing up. "I have to pee." she said to me with a sad look on her face. "Me too." I said as she started laughing. I started peeing in the shower and she told me to stop as she laughed.

She then got on her knees and took my half way hard penis into her and and rubbed the head with her palm. It tingled as I started to pee. She pointed it at her breasts, and then her face. She stood up and told me to get down. I did what she said and she started peeing on dick. The she moved up and started peeing on my face. She sat her pussy down on my cock and started to slide up and down. Even with the water running, I could feel her hot juices welcoming me into her tight pussy. This went on for about 10 miinutes before she stood up.

"Do you want to go doggystyle?" I asked her. She nodded her head and got down on all fours. I rubbed my throbbing cock on her asshole fuckfests amaze euro harlots very much hardcore groupsex then stuc it in her pussy. I was about to cum so I tried to take my mind off of it.

I stuck a finger into her pussy while my cock was still in, and then I stuck it up her ass. She moaned and screamed ass I worked three fingers into her virgin asshole.

I took my cock out and stuck it in her ass. I didn't hesitate and immediately started going as hard as I could. I groped her breast as she spread her ass with her hands. She turned around and started sucking my cock and then put it back in her ass. "I'm about to cum!" I screamed.

"Cum in my ass!" she answered. I fucked her as hard and I could and then exploded into her ass. She stood up and squated, and forced my cum out of her ass and into my hand. I fingered her ass to get the last drops out. She turned to my and licked my hand clean and swallowed my cum.

I woke up to her mouth on my cock the next morning. I faked asleep for a while and then started pushing her head down.

Without warning I came in her mouth and she swallowed my cum once again like it was never there.

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"Good morning," she said," she grabbed my hand and wrote her phone number and left. I watched her ass walk out and then I grabbed my phone. My back ground was her beautiful tan naked body.