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Natasha nice ashely pink lacey london lesbian threesome
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"That was fun," Kendra said to Dave. Dave, standing behind her, reached up her shirt and squeezed. "I couldn't wait for them to leave. I haven't seen you in a week, and neither has my cock." Kendra turned to face him and he touched her face, and she couldn't help but feel her entire body moving closer to his.

They kissed, and she felt weak, and almost instantly wet. She moaned as Dave's tongue made it's way inside her mouth. His lips felt so good, his tongue felt so good, Kendra's imagination was going wild, thinking of things that tongue would do. Reluctantly, she pulled her body away from his, and kissed him quickly on the lips before giving him a firm push towards the recliner.

He faked disappointment, but Dave's cock was hard, and encouragement enough for Kendra to continue. She bent forward, positioning her ass a few feet from Dave's face, and removed both socks.

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Socks are, the least sexy thing to be taken off during a strip. Kendra turned to face her man and began to undress. First letting down her blonde hair, and then slipping her t-shirt over her head. As she stood in front of him in bluejeans and bra, she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. "Take your dick out and stroke it, watching you makes me crazy horny.

Please?" He couldn't' say no, he'd been fighting to keep his hands away from his zipper since he first kissed her. Kendra reached behind and unhooked her black bra, she watched Dave's hand on his cock when she let the bra drop. And when her tits were out her pussy got instantly wetter, she felt his eyes on her body and she was embarrassed and excited.

When she reached for the waistband of her jeans, Kendra turned and pointed her ample ass in Dave's direction. She undid the jeans and pulled them down slowly, shaking her hips a little side to side to help her pants down.

When she was left in her panties, she bent at the waist, and with her hands resting on her knees, Kendra backed herself towards Dave then turned to smile. Dave's left hand rubbed his hard cock while his right reached for the panties in front of him. He gripped both ass cheeks once and then gave Kendra a light slap, "You don't need these," he said tugging at Kendra's panties. Now fully naked Kendra felt Dave's hand sliding over her ass, she was so wet, and silently she urged his fingers toward her pussy.

Dave didn't go there though, he leaned forward and placed both hands on her hips.

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He sat up and pulled Kendra right back into his face. Kendra was stood, naked, bent over and Dave had his face buried between her ass cheeks. "Oh god," Kendra moaned as she felt Dave's warm tongue on her asshole. "That feels so good, lick my ass." Kendra put two fingers on her pussy and found her clit, she began rubbing furiously.

She felt dirty and sexy, and she was so close to cumming when Dave sat back and erotic and explosive swinger parties striptease hardcore up. He took off his pants, then boxers and sat back down. Kendra stood above him and he put his hand on her thigh moving towards her slit. When he touched her Kendra moaned, she was so wet, Dave brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked, this made Kendra moan again. Dave loved the way her pussy tasted, and put his fingers back for more.

This time when he pulled sunny lione sex stories xxx 2019 hand back he rubbed Kendra's pussy juice over her nipples, first one then he dipped his fingers again and did the other, "For later," he said. Kendra leaned forward kissing him on the lips, ear, neck. Kendra kissed her way over Dave's chest and down to his belly. As her head got closer, Dave couldn't wait, and pushed her head towards his hard cock.

Kendra greedily wrapped her lips around it and began sliding her mouth up and down. She loved sucking his dick, and she loved watching him watch her suck his dick. Kendra's mouth felt good and Dave leaned back. Kendra massaged his balls and was licking Dave's entire shaft. Kendra licked his whole cock and then spit twice in her hand and moved her tongue on to Dave's balls. His balls were smooth and Kendra loved having them in her mouth, she jerked his cock while she sucked and licked both balls.

She started to let her mouth move lower and when she found his ass with her tongue, she began licking. "Yes," Dave spread his legs and allowed more room for Kendra to position her tongue in his ass. She continued until, Dave pushed her face away and told her he had to fuck. Dave pulled his shirt over his head, and pulled Kendra into his lap. She got on top of him and sat with his hard cock between her pussy lips, the tip rubbed against her clit. She kissed him on the lips and ground her hips against his.

Dave grabbed her around the waist and sat Kendra up, she reached down and put his cock to her pussy. Dave told her to stay still, and he fucked her with just the tip of his cock. He fucked her fast and Kendra was trying hard to get him deeper inside, but he wouldn't give.

His dick felt so good, Kendra was enjoying being teased like this. When Dave decided to push Kendra's body down instead of pulling it up, she was surprised. And when she felt the whole length of his cock inside her cunt all at once, it was almost enough to make her cum.

With his dick fully inside, Dave placed both hands on Kendra's chest and began squeezing and pinching her perky little tits. For Kendra tit play was one of the best parts of fucking Dave.

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He loved to lick her nipples, and suck them into his mouth. When he had told her that he tasted milk, she didn't believe it, even though she wanted to, she thought it had gone months ago. Then when he squeezed her tit and milk came from her nipple, Kendra was happy and horny. She loved the thought of Dave drinking from her boobs, milking her tits.

As Dave sucked, Kendra humped as hard as she could, with his cock deep inside, and her clit rubbing between their bodies, Kendra was going to cum. "I'm gonna cum, suck my tit hard, I want to cum all over your dick," Dave listened and focused his attention on her left nipple. Sucking hard, he tried to get her whole boob in his mouth. His hands moved to her bum and he used one of his fingers to find her asshole, he rubbed hard over it and then slid his finger inside.

He fingered her asshole while she rode his cock. When she did cum, Dave felt her pussy tighten around his dick, and Kendra pushed herself down hard and sat with Dave deep inside her soaking pussy. Now Kendra wanted Dave to cum and acter sunny leone fuck me she asked him what he wanted, he told her to get on the floor, on all fours and rest her face on the carpet.

Kendra did as he asked, she loved when he fucked her from behind, the knelt down and pointed her ass in the air waiting for Dave to push his dick inside. He got down behind her and used both hands to spread Kendra's ass cheeks apart. His cock was hard, and he slid it front to back, up and down Kendra's pussy and ass crack. Her pussy was wet and Dave slipped easily back inside. He gripped her hips and fucked her hard, he could feel her big ass bouncing every time he drove his cock deep in her cunt.

When he was getting close to cumming, Dave pulled back, and waited then shoved back in quick and pulled back out. He did this two or three times, and just when Kendra's pussy was begging for his cock, he pressed the tip against her asshole, and then slowly pressed until his cock was sunk inside.

Kendra's body tensed, and she squirmed to pull away, but he held her tight and once she relaxed, he started moving in and out. Kendra was relieved when her ass fucking began to feel good.

Dave was enjoying it, so she decided it was worth the pain, and when she reached for her clit and started stroking, she found herself growing closer to another orgasm. She told Dave seconds before she felt herself cum again, and with his cock in her tight ass, her orgasm was even more intense. Dave kept his cock in her ass and fucked it for a few more minutes before he was ready to cum.

"Cum in my mouth, I want your dirty cock in my mouth," Dave's cock barely felt the cool air of the room before Kendra sucked it into her mouth. She could taste her pussy and her ass, and now she wanted to taste Dave's cum. She sucked hard and Dave used his hands to hold her head still while he fucked her face. Kendra knew he was close to cumming, and she started rubbing his balls pretty blonde nude toys her wet pussy online in private show tube porn but quickly moved her fingers to his ass, and put one inside.

She fingered Dave's ass and he pushed his dick down her throat.

When he came, it was Kendra's turn to milk Dave, and she sucked hard on his cock making sure every bit of cum in his body went down her throat.

Kendra moved her head towards Dave's to kiss him, "brush you teeth," he laughed.