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Ddf network-nekane and jasmine webb fitness fucked in cheerleader outfits
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As spring transitioned to summer, my relationship with Hannah blossomed to perfection. She still lived with her roommate, she planned to move in with me later in the summer when her lease was up, but still we spent most days and nights together. The wild passion we experienced when we first became intimate did not wane and our exploits continued to defy my imagination.

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To my delight, Hannah's professed love of my cum was genuine, and every morning that she awoke beside me she treated me to a deep cock sucking. She told me she didn't like to start the day without swallowing a load and most days she got more than pahli bar larki ki sex vedio single dose.

After the crazy night in the movie theater, soaking Hannah's popcorn in cum, she and I developed a little fetish. Every chance we got, and it was even more wild and hot if it was somehow in public, Hannah milked the cum from my cock and onto whatever she was eating. Overall, things couldn't have gotten any better. Or so I thought.

Closing in on Memorial Day, Hannah informed me that her family had a tradition of taking a camping trip that included the whole extended family. This year, I was welcome to come along.

Happily, I said I'd love to. Before long I started to wonder what the whole weekend would be like, whether Hannah and I would get much alone time, whether or not we'd sleep in the same tent, that sort of thing.

To my disappointment, Hannah told me we might have to cool it down for the weekend since we'd be with her family the whole time and we'd have to share a medium sized tent with her cousin. Of course this was a bit of a bummer but I knew I'd enjoy myself either way.

As the weekend approached so did a heat wave and the weather promised to be perfect for camping, boating, beach lounging, and recreation. When I brought my truck around to Hannah's place to pick her up, I was pleasantly surprised to see her dressed for the weather. Hannah, maybe not privately with me but definitely publicly, had always been pretty conservative.

She wasn't afraid to wear clothes that showed off some but she never looked to be openly flaunting her amazing body. Today she waited for me outside her building in mini jean shorts that looked uncomfortably tight and a bikini top that also looked to be a size too small. Her ample breasts were squeezed together and straining up out of her top, forming two full mounds of delectable skin ballooned above the light blue fabric.

She sported a pair of sunglasses resting above her forehead, tangled in her silky hair, and a pair of stringy flip flops that I always figured must be really uncomfortable but girls seemed to swear by.

She shot me an adorable grin as she hopped in the truck. "You look like you're ready to go," I said, not hiding my admiration of her body. Hannah acted like she didn't notice my obvious ogling.

"I'm so excited, I love this trip! Every year we just have a fantastic time, you'll see." I nodded and put the truck into gear, disappointed that I had to take my eyes off of her and focus on the road. The ride was long but pleasant and Hannah was chattier than usual, clearly she was excited about the upcoming weekend. She told me stories about campfires and boating shenanigans, all the fun she'd had in the past and would have more of soon.

Certainly she noticed my eyes falling on her incredible tits each time I gazed over at her. The closer we got to the campgrounds, out in the wilderness, the roads got bumpier and the motion made Hannah's bursting cleavage come alive. I was thrilled by the show but also realized I was rock hard and if Hannah was going to do this to me all weekend without any hope for satisfaction, it was going to be a long weekend indeed. As we neared the camp I began wondering about Hannah's provocative attire.

Her family was nice but seemed pretty conservative from what I could tell. "I can only imagine what your mom will say when she sees you dressed in so little," I huge dick for petite stepsis amara romani. Hannah shrugged. "What, you don't like it?" she asked sarcastically, knowing full well I loved it. "Of course I do, you're beautiful, I'm blown away, but I'm just not sure how your family will react, is all." Hannah gave a small nod of agreement and reached into her bag.

She retrieved a worn jean vest, no sleeves and really not much fabric to speak of, and slipped it on. Open in the front, her enormous tits still protruded as proudly as ever, but I wasn't going to ask her to cover up any more. Soon we reached the campgrounds.

After winding through some dirt roads we finally found the section that her family had reserved. Because this trip included so much of Hannah's extended family they were able to reserve a separate section of the campgrounds to themselves. We pulled in and began to unload the truck, not sure of where exactly we'd be pitching our tent.

Hannah's parents, whom I'd met naomi russell shows off her sweet ass handful of times already, joined us and informed us that our campsite was in the back, down a short dirt path and sheltered in the woods.

Each individual campsite was isolated slightly from the rest, sporting enough space for at most two large tents and a fire pit. There was a communal center area that each campsite connected to, complete with a large fire pit, picnic tables, water spigots, and a small building tucked into the trees with two bathrooms and two sleeping mom son xnxx story. Not everyone was there yet, but I went around and met many members of Hannah's extended family.

Everyone was warm and welcoming, and they all seemed excited about the weekend ahead, making it very easy to become comfortable around them. Hannah hadn't told me anything about the cousin who would be bunking with us, and I wish she would have warned me so I could've prepared myself.

There were many cousins among the relatives as we made our rounds and introductions. Mom thought it is dad son fuck imagined some little kid, probably cute and fun but of course a total buzz kill when it came to Hannah and I having any fun, being our tent mate.

"Ooo, Uncle Ted and Aunt Lilly are here!" Hannah informed the family as a red car pulled around the dusty corner. "That means Abby's here!" Hannah said destiny dixon rides on sean lawless big cock at me, squeezing my arm with excitement. I inferred Abby was the cousin who would share our tent, and I was right. Hannah could have warned me.

Abby was a bombshell. When the sedan stopped and the back door opened the first thing I saw exit was a long and slender female leg, bare up until mid-thigh and firm, slide out and plant a sandal in the dirt. Abby emerged from the vehicle, Hannah ran to meet her, but I was frozen in place. Abby stood radiant in the sunlight, wearing a light summer dress with a swirling pattern of yellow and orange.

The dress hung from Abby by two straps that met behind her neck and attached to the dress just above her breasts, leaving the top half of her back bare. The dress was loose and stopped at mid-thigh and it was clear Abby was lean and athletic. As she moved away from the car to meet the oncoming Hannah the piercing, low angle morning sun shone from behind Abby and the silhouette of a sexy, slender frame was revealed beneath the dress.

The sight of Hannah's ass, practically oozing out of too-tight shorts, bouncing ahead of me was enough to drool over. But my gaze was fixed on Abby and it was nearly impossible to look away. Shaking off my daze, I slowly followed Hannah and approached this beautiful creature. Abby's hair was some shade between natural red and natural blonde and was kept in a loose ponytail.

Abby was markedly taller than Hannah but still shorter than I, probably in the 5'6" to 5'8" range. When the two met they embraced warmly, kissed each other's cheeks, and both looked positively beautiful. By the time I approached the two were giggling and smiling, clearly rekindling a strong friendship. This close I also noticed Abby appeared younger than Hannah and I. We were only 20, not old by any stretch, but Abby looked much younger and I found out a little later that this angel was only a ripe 16.

I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor schmucks who must have followed her around her high school, knowing they'd never have a chance with such a beauty. I, of course, had my beauty, and Hannah was stunning, but it was difficult not to admire Abby.

"Abby, meet Shane," Hannah said, motioning to me. "Hi," Abby said, a warm smile gracing her picture perfect face, and extended a slender arm for a handshake. "I've heard so much about you," she said, grinning at this, and Hannah gave her a little shove. This made me suspicious, I wasn't aware Hannah kept in touch with her extended family much, but there were smiles all around so I ignored the awkwardness.

"Funny," I replied, "Hannah hasn't told me much about you. Let me help you with your things." With that the three of us became enveloped in conversation as we toted our collective luggage toward our campsite. This is when I found out Abby was sixteen, just coming to the end of her sophomore year, and a dedicated athlete.

Track season was in full swing and Abby was a relatively accomplished runner. My mind wandered to thoughts of Abby in skimpy, skin tight running gear, gliding gracefully.

Her body was tight and looked firm, though the loose hanging dress obscured me from getting a clear and revealing view of either her tits or ass. There was plenty of work to be done before any fun could be had; setting up a tent, unpacking supplies, preparing the fire pit and wood, etc.

I snuck many peaks at Abby throughout, trying to remain inconspicuous, and if Hannah noticed she didn't show it. I was informed that another Aunt and Uncle would be pitching a tent in the same campsite as us and the knowledge that I would not be alone with these two beauties xxx sex jangal ebony story sex stories night produced mixed emotions.

That afternoon (Saturday, we'd be staying until Monday evening) the assembled family members suggested a pick up game of soccer. While the littlest kids ran and played off to the side, just about everyone between the ages of 12 and 50 took part in the match. A few older relatives reclined in lawn chairs and watched, sipping drinks and soaking up sun.

A battle of men versus women broke out, as often do in these kind of friendly competitions, and I was surprised to see Abby guarding me closely. Most everyone had changed into something comfortable; Hannah still had on the amazing shorts but had replaced the luscious bikini top with a moderately snug t-shirt, while Abby strutted across the field in tightly fitting running shorts and t-shirt that clung tight to her slender form.

This gave me my first decent view of Abby's body and I wasn't disappointed. Abby had a mouthwatering ass; a tight, round, and firm shape formed well by miles of running, and a pair of perky tits. Abby's chest was not nearly as large as Hannah's set but her softball sized mounds were, like everything else on her, incredibly tight and without an ounce of sag.

Her young breasts stood proudly on her chest and I had to turn away and fake a warm up jog just to get my growing erection to subside. The level of play was not very impressive but fun was had by all. I'll neglect to mention which side won, but truthfully it was hard for me to focus on the game with Abby in my shadow all afternoon. Each time I got the ball she challenged me and our bodies brushed together.

I noticed many entanglements of arms and grabs on my shoulders, chest, and back that were not necessarily part of the game. Hannah came my way a few times, and we openly flirted like any young couple would at play, but most of the game she left Abby to guard me, and her flirtations were starting to make me uncomfortable. Not that I didn't enjoy it some, too, but I was worried other relatives or Hannah would not be approving of the obvious flirting. My level of confusion and mixture of emotions heightened after the game when we all returned to the campsite.

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A large RV pulling a fine looking boat sat in the center of the campground, and everyone hugged and welcomed the couple who emerged from within.

Foxy lesbo dolls are stretching and fisting assholes two, it turned out, were the other relatives who were supposed to pitch a tent at our campsite. Since they brought their new RV, obviously, they would no longer be joining us. The evening proceeded nicely with a communal dinner, games and story telling, and I was really enjoying Hannah's family. It became evident very quickly that Abby and Hannah were going to be inseparable, again, eliciting conflicting emotions.

Since I would also be at Hannah's side most of the weekend, that meant a lot of time spent sneaking peaks at wonderful Abby. Worse, or better in some ways, the testing out their new strap on toy continued even after the soccer match. As evening progressed into night many of the campers settled to their own individual campsites, enjoying more intimate company with their campsite co-habitants. Hannah suggested we also make our own fire, but of course, it would just be the three of us at this site.

I built the fire as the girls prepared s'mores, and Hannah emerged from our tent with three malt drinks. "Where'd you get those?" I asked as she handed them around. "I snuck them in, you didn't even notice my tote was so heavy?" I had noticed, Hannah had brought a rubbermaid tote full of random supplies, but I wasn't aware she also stashed a twelve pack of beverages. The conversation around the fire, not to my surprise, quickly settled on relationships and sex.

Hannah didn't divulge too much personal information other than to say she and I were very happy and "we have a good time together." "What about you?" Hannah asked Abby, making Abby blush and look away. "Oh you know," Abby mumbled, staring down into her drink. "C'mon, spill," Hannah prodded. "Well, there is this guy," Abby started reluctantly. "And?" "Well, I don't know, I'm totally worried about it," Abby confessed.

"What do you mean?" I asked, piping up for almost the first time. "Uh, well I just met him but we totally hit it off, he's in college though…" "Oooo," Hannah smiled. "Yeah, well, that just worries me is all. I mean, I really like him but I'm afraid I won't be good enough for him." Abby looked ashamed. I struggled to imagine a man who was too good for Abby, but it wasn't that surprising to hear a sixteen year old struggling with self confidence.

"How do you mean?" Hannah asked. "It's just, I'm not experienced, you know, I don't really know what I'm doing, and he's in college so I'm sure he'll know if I'm bad, and I'm just afraid he won't want me if I can't… perform like somebody else." Abby averted her eyes, looking deeply ashamed.

"Oh, Abby, c'mon, don't be like that. You're beautiful. You have nothing to worry about. You'll learn that stuff as you go. You know, it can be fun learning it with someone who you really like." Hannah smiled at me as she spoke. "I guess, I'm just worried I'll disappoint him, ya know?" Abby was sullen and I had to hold myself back from moving in to comfort her. The discussion pushed at this point a little further, with Abby still acting sad and forlorn. Eventually, Hannah stood up. "I'm going to run to the bathroom," she proclaimed and disappeared behind us, out of the firelight.

I was silent, not sure how I would continue this line of discussion with Abby and not sure what I could change the subject to. I took a long swig of my drink and I was startled to see Abby before me, kneeling in the dirt between myself and the fire. "What's…?" I stumbled. "Shane, I might not be any good or anything, but can I suck your cock?" Abby asked, sending alarm bells ringing in my head.

"I…" "Hannah has told me all about it, she really loves it, she says sucking cock is the best feeling, and she says yours is perfect." I was speechless, though happy to hear Hannah had such kind words for me. My erection was growing and Abby leaned towards it, keeping her lovely eyes pinned on mine.

"I need to learn," she proclaimed. "I… I don't think I'm comfortable with this," I resisted. "I'm comfortable with it," I heard a voice chime behind me.

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I twisted my head to see Hannah standing a few feet away, hands on her hips and a huge smile on her face. "You heard her, Shane, she needs to learn." "But," I began to respond before I was interrupted by Abby's soft hands sliding up my legs. "It's okay, Shane, seriously." Hannah said. Abby's hands reached my bulging package and she mumbled an exclamation as her fingers felt a man's strength for the first time. Hannah moved closer and retook her seat next to me as Abby unzipped my shorts.

After a moment of adjusting material, my cock sprung free and point directly at Abby. Abby giggled and looked at Hannah.

"No shit, H, it's just as big as you said." Abby slowly wrapped her hand around my shaft, eliciting a sigh from me and a stifled moan of arousal from Hannah. Very slowly, Abby moved her hand like a piston up and down my shaft, savoring my size and preparing me for her mouth.

Abby then opened her mouth wide, looking like a rookie, and moved down on my cock. Her warm mouth surrounded my head and I gasped, totally in shock at what was happening.

Abby started to move her tongue around and suck, taking me in only a fraction of my length. She had never sucked cock before, occasionally her teeth would brush me and she hadn't perfected the art of breathing with a cock in her mouth, but Abby was eagerly learning. As she began sucking, moving her head up and down, still miles from taking me all in, Hannah began offering encouragement and advice. As she did I noticed she had slid her hand between her legs and was actively pursuing an orgasm of her own.

"Use your tongue," Hannah urged. "Ahhh… Take it out, yeah, lick his shaft all the way down." Abby followed her instructions, giggling some but never taking her focus off of my stiff cock.

"Deeper, yeah, relax and take him in," Hannah said. Abby was no where near taking me deep, but her mouth was loving and warm, and the arousal of this wild situation was boiling in my balls.

I glanced over at Hannah and gave her a knowing stare. "Oh, baby, make him cum Abby. Keep sucking, don't stop, you'll feel him flex and tense. His cock will swell and his balls tighten. Young and hot couple in massag suck, don't stop, suck him in." Abby's eyes widened and looked disapproving. She had clearly never had a load in her mouth and she seemed reluctant. "Guys love it, Abby, number one. Swallow his cum.

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That's what he wants. Give him what he wants, baby." All this talk was killing me, and I began to moan and writhe as my orgasm approached. Abby closed her eyes and kept sucking, tightly squeezing my shaft in her lips.

I arched my back and moaned, the wave of cum had been churning in me since I had drooled over Hannah's tits this morning, and Abby had no idea of the storm she was in for. I grunted and fired. Abby's eyes shot wide open as a rocket blast splattered the back of her throat. I knew this part of my load was wet and slick, coating her throat opening. I grabbed Abby's head to hold her steady. Hannah squealed as she rubbed out a chair-rocking orgasm of her own.

Much like the first time, when I release my biggest loads into Hannah's mouth they overflow and spill. Hannah sucks and swallows better than I ever imagined, but she still struggles to handle the overwhelming force and quantity of my cum.

Abby, feeling a man erupt in her mouth for the first time, had no chance. Her mouth was coated quickly and cum spewed out all sides. She held onto me, forcing meager little swallows in a futile attempt to keep up, but my cum poured out. A sizable pool began to gather on my shorts sexo oral entre lesbianas exitante orgasmo caliente and sexy soak down onto my balls.

I moaned and flexed as the final stream gushed up and out of me. Hannah watched us with ravenous eyes and she swooped in quickly when Abby released. Abby rocked back and looked spent, cum dribbling from her lips. She wiped some away with her t-shirt, but to my pleasant surprise, never spit any of my load out. Most of it was still swimming on me, but she swallowed all the cum that she had managed to hold in her young mouth. Hannah was on her knees now, making loud slurping sounds as she attempted to gather the fleeing pools of cum.

Abby giggled at Hannah's horny display.

"You little slut," she joked, smiling wide and looking proud of herself. Hannah peered up at me from my lap. "I'm your slut," she whispered, smiling before going back to the job of cleaning me up. Even after Hannah gathered all she could my shorts were still tattooed girl craves for a big dick and I was very thankful I had packed a few pairs, because these would not be wearable again this weekend. I expected there might be some awkwardness after what just happened, but Hannah was able to keep us relaxed and open.

After she was satisfied with cleaning me up, she got us another round of drinks, pulled our chairs as close together as possible, and started chatting with Most most beautiful teen xxx about what just happened.

Abby couldn't believe she had actually gone through with it even though, to my surprise, she and Hannah had been discussing it over the phone for some time before the trip. I was still in shock, but the casual conversation and mingling of all of our legs and hands together as we sat close was making the situation very comfortable.

Hannah and Abby both giggled a lot, and Abby eventually admitted that she thought she liked it, but it was a lot to process. I was loving how comfortable we were being with each other: Hannah's and Abby's legs were mingling and Hannah was gently caressing Abby just above the knee as we talked, Abby and I held hands loosely and our eyes met repeatedly. The fire died down soon, since none of us wanted to get up to stoke it, and as it smoldered Hannah leaned to me and kissed my cheek.

"C'mon," she whispered, "we've got a lot more to teach her." My heart jumped. I had hoped that this night's fun wouldn't be the only escapades of the weekend, but I didn't want to push my luck, since I considered myself to have been pretty lucky already. Hannah stood up and suggested we call it a night. Abby and I nodded and unlocked our hands.

As Abby rose she was met by Hannah, standing close, and their lips sealed together. Abby looked a little surprised but her face quickly relaxed and I watched her lips part and accept Hannah's probing tongue. The two most beautiful women I'd ever been this close to now kissed deeply, Hannah pushing her tongue where my cock had recently been and exploring her cousin's mouth.

Abby's arms wrapped around Hannah's shoulders and she began to twist her fingers through Hannah's smooth hair. I rose to meet them, hypnotized by the contortions of lips and tongues, and soon I stood in close, reaching one arm behind each beauty and pulling them in.

Hannah broke the kiss but pressed tightly into Abby, sliding her sweet lips down Abby's flawless cheek and planted passionate kisses on Abby's neck and collarbone. Abby threw her head back and sighed, giving me a chance to lean in and lock her in a deep kiss.

Our tongues played and danced, and three pairs of hands began a complex mix of feeling and caressing. Given my position I easily had access to each girl's beautiful ass and I fondled them with lust. Hannah's was soft, full, not fat but voluptuous, and I craved being inside it once again.

Hannah's was tight, round, and firm, and I couldn't help but wonder how beautiful her young and untouched asshole must have been. Our tangled pile of love and lust moved into the tent and it became clear that it was going to be Hannah and I giving Abby's pristine body some attention.

Abby laid prone on a pile of sleeping bags and sighed deeply as our four hands explored her.

Abby's shirt was removed quickly and I was surprised to see she hadn't worn a bra. Her tits, beautiful and round, were so firm and perky that a bra was really not needed anyway.

I watched for a moment as Hannah took her cousin's nipple into her mouth, eliciting moans from Abby and myself. Seeing Hannah explore another woman was driving me crazy and I ravenously joined in the fun. I devoured Abby's free tit, swirling circles around her nipple and sucking forcefully.

Abby was beside herself, shifting and moaning and pulling at her own hair. Hannah read my mind, or I hers, because our hands met simultaneously on a wet little mound between Abby's legs. Abby squealed a little and sighed. She was aroused beyond belief, soaking through her shorts and onto our fingers.

Hannah halted her sucking to move down and started removing Abby's shorts. This young, athletic, goddess was now naked and lying before me. I moved up and kissed her deeply, caressing her stomach and chest as I did, before whispering to her how beautiful she was, how much we wanted her (I could only speak for myself, but Hannah seemed to want her plenty as well), and how good we would make her feel. "Shane," Hannah called, "you might want to see this." I did want to see it, and after giving Abby a parting kiss I slid down and joined Hannah at Abby's waist.

Abby cautiously spread her legs a little giving us just enough room to lay together between them. The sight was something to marvel at. Abby had a smooth shaved pussy, as opposed to Hannah's being surrounded by short dark hairs, and it was so wet it looked like Abby had just stepped out blonde with big ass shows show camsgirlpro the shower.

Her pussy lips were puffy and immediately I was dying to sink into them. I thought Abby's pussy was clenched shut when I first saw it, but as I found out, even relaxed Abby's virgin pussy was unbelievably tight. Hannah beamed, "Abby, baby, it's so beautiful." I agreed and locked Hannah in a kiss. As we kissed we began to lower our heads, millimeters from Abby's gorgeous flesh now, and Abby inhaled a huge breath in anticipation.

Our kissing lips met Abby's wet pussy, and the set melted together into one tangle of tongues, lips, pussy, and juices.

Abby exhaled and screamed, rushing her hands to her face to catch the noise escaping her, and after tensing for a moment, Abby relaxed. Her pussy was soft and delicate, more supple than I thought was possible, and an absolute delight. Hannah and I struggled to fit both of our mouths on her, twisting and contorting, neither one of us wanting to miss out on a second of flavor and sensation.

Hannah seemed to enjoy pushing her tongue into Abby's tight hole, discovering flavors she'd never tasted, while I sent waves of pleasure over Abby as I gently licked and sucked her clit.

Hannah pushed the envelope, gently and slowly inserting her first finger and pushing it up inside Abby's vagina. "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God," Abby mumbled to herself faster and faster, moving her hands up to cover her eyes as if she didn't want to see what was happening. I knew Hannah had never eaten out or fingered anyone before, but I was confident she knew enough about female pleasure to know just the right finger twists, pokes, and thrusts to rock Abby's world.

Abby seemed overwhelmed with pleasure, and my cock was straining with desire, so I slowly began to slide over to Hannah, hoping I could get a chance to fuck her sweet pussy from behind while she pleasured her cousin. "Hey," Hannah stopped me, "not tonight." "What?" "Tonight's about giving Abby all she can handle," she whispered.

"But I'm dying down here," I protested, thrusting my rock hard cock against her to make my point. "Tonight's not about you and me, ok, you'll get plenty later, don't worry." I knew I would, but I was dying for some action right now. The knowledge that I wouldn't get any release only made my cock strain harder for the rest of the night. Hannah's finger continued to work, joined by her tongue, and I moved to repeat my exercises on Abby's tits.

Abby was past the point of words, signaling to us that she was about to cum by flailing her arms and panting loudly. I slowed my licking some, trying to watch both Abby and Hannah as the moment arrived. Abby clasped her hands over mouth tightly and screamed, her body became stiff and her legs squeezed Hannah's head.

Hannah was undeterred. Her finger still worked magic and dil ki massage karte sex stories sex stories pushed her face down and latched onto Abby's pussy, making a large circle around her clit and flesh and sucking.

Hannah moaned into Abby's pussy, clearly enjoying making her cum, and Abby shook and rocked, overcome and completely out of control. As the last shivers of orgasm washed over her, ending in spastic twitches and shakes of her beautiful pussy lips, Abby relaxed again. Hannah slowly slid her finger out and released her suction cup attachment on Abby's clit.

Hannah finished with a few moments of gentle licks up and down along the outside of Abby's pussy, savoring the flavor of her cousin's first cum, and offered me the shimmering finger to lick clean.

The three of us settled gently into the sleeping bags. Abby praised us repeatedly and drifted off to sleep, her head resting on my chest. I was wide awake, horny beyond belief, and Hannah seemed unable to rest right away either. Hannah laid on my other side, propped up on her elbow, and stroked Abby's hair and beautiful face. Hannah clearly was a struck by her cousin as I was.

When it was clear Abby was deep asleep, Hannah began whispering. "Having fun?" she asked, surely knowing what my answer would be. "Oh my God, yeah, wow." "Do you want to fuck her?" Hannah asked, looking up at me. I was hesitant to answer, of course sexually I was dying to be inside Abby, but I was worried about the ramifications of actually having sex with another woman, much less Hannah's cousin.

What we had done so far had been great, but somehow it seemed like it could be considered just wild exploration, whereas having sex might be moving things too far. Hannah noticed my hesitation.

"Because she wants you to, we've talked a lot about it, and she wants you to be her first. And I want you to." "You do?" Hannah nodded. "Yes. Shane, I'm not worried about it affecting us. As long as we're all consenting I think it will only strengthen our relationship. And I'll be a part of it to, it's not like you'll just go off into the woods and fuck her without me. And I think it'd be so hot, don't you?" "Well of course," I admitted, "I just wasn't sure if everyone was okay with cunt and chocolate hole are drilled smalltits and hardcore things to that level.

Abby really wants me to be her first?" "Us, really, she wants us to be first." I nodded. I didn't know when, but very soon I would be deflowering this gorgeous angel next to me.

It was much harder to sleep after that.