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The After Seeding A second wave (5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John, Mitch, Helen, Millie and little Mica were all somewhat worried though it had been 2 weeks, they knew that a major confrontation wasn't far away. John had been through all of the 6 oldest daughters, 3 had turned up pregnant surprisingly Ava, Canella and Elly the first 3 hadn't even blasting and filling Elly twice in the same day.

Glory, Ida and Kelly had (though they were wanting their second turn) all would have had a second try had it not been for Glory being gone for over a week. Then come to find out that she was STILL a virgin a fact that shocked all her sisters pretty kitten is gaping tight muff in closeup and climaxing she had been the second most vocal about wanting John.

Thankfully though, the 1 time with Canella and twice in one day with Elly, had flooded Trey's system with more than enough hormones to sustain him better through the week John though was still in shock worried that these other children would be like Mica. "No John, Mica was accelerated through both of you and the over abundance of the nanomite system in place," Helen said to reassure him, "though they will be brilliant many, many years ahead of any other children." This made John feel a hundred times better knowing that his sisters-in-laws wouldn't have the babies talking to them scaring them half to death.

The only thing left now was the fact that they had 8 homicidal aliens heading for their planet and god only knew when they'd arrive.

Trey had finally spoken to John allaying any of his fears that Trey was in danger, it seemed Trey was having an even harder time adjusting than any of the first three had. Trey had liked the idea that John had come up with, something he'd thought of centuries ago but hadn't put into practical application because the situation though the same had been very different.

Mitch had increased to about a 16 year old now Helen about equivalent to a 10 year old physically, Mitch's powers were greatly strengthened but he was afraid that he'd still be no match for the sun killer as he called him.

John's abilities had also increased, Mitch was surprised that John was as strong as he'd been when he'd met the sun killer all those centuries ago.

John to say the tamanna without dress sex images was exhausted, plus he had harvest again a week before Trey was due. The second of the two weeks John and Barry had struggled to build the machine Trey outlined to Mitch, Trey tsking that the machine wasn't that hard to build. Helen had gone back to watch the others while they worked on it. With Mitch's increase in power he could make the trip in a minute so this really wasn't a problem.

Toward the end of the second week they almost had it together when both Mitch and John felt the powerful presence of 2 more Triacarians fast approaching the planet, Mitch estimated that they had 3 days at the most.

John had been hard at work on the farm and learning the strategies that Mitch was trying nice black wang smashes great boobs woman teach him, getting through the basics Mitch felt a lot better about John surviving but the sun killer was a different situation, as Mitch had found out later, the Triacarian had been the best strategist of their race.

Mitch still wondered how he'd beaten the Triacariae, though one of the best of the whole planet his strategy skills weren't as high as the Triacarian. John was hoping this idea he'd come up with would work, they couldn't afford to fail to stop the enemy.

It had been almost 3 weeks, time was drawing near for Trey's birth or emergence as they called it and John had harvest in a few days. Things were starting to come to a head, John was hard pressed to get everything done in the next few days. Mitch had decided to come with John to provide extra protection, both had felt the agents sniffing near John's property and didn't want to take a chance that they might actually get lucky enough to capture one of them, John, though this time was more than ready for everything that they could send at him.

With the new machine finally complete and active John breathed a sigh of relief, if this went as well as he hoped, they might never have to worry again about the Triacarians or the agents again. Setting out not long after Mitch had switched Helen and Barry John was still surprised, after all this time that his harvest was as large as it was, he knew that the nanomites had improved not only him, Millie and Mica but had also improved all of his equipment but somehow he felt they had gone a little too far.

They'd just exited the last of John's shields when John stiffened feeling at least 40 agents, Mitch wasn't that concerned John was surprised but kept his guard up, not far from town they both felt the agents start to move closer. John got a lot more for his crops than he expected it seemed that everything he'd grown the leech ferns had almost devastated in the area though the man said nothing, he did look at John a little suspicious.

They had both just exited the store when they both felt the dampening field go up around the town. John look at Mitch with a hugely incredulous look, <Do they really think this is going to stop me or you? Hell for that matter even slow us down?> John started laughing, only for a second till he realized that the streets were empty except for the agents and them. A moment later an agent John recognizes from over a year ago stepped out into the street ahead of them, "John Bowers!" The man shouted at him, "You are under arrest for conspiring with an unknown alien race!

Said conspiring as a prelude to invasion, there by making you a traitor to humanity!" John was about to speak when Mitch placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Trinon, Trinon Hypus," Mitch started, "I am one of the aliens you are looking for! I am one of the last survivors of an old race that you have labeled the 3 super races." The man in front of them gasp as did many of those around the man, "We have no proof of this, though I know you can very well disguise your self if you are who you say you are, our instruments would have alerted us to your energy signature.

Yours does not match those of one of the super races." "Trinon, I do not have time to debate this," with that Mitch extended his arms endless fucking action with amazing chick hardcore blowjob a massive energy wave shot out from Mitch not too different from the one John had used a month ago.

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"I was afraid that I'd have to facilitate the use of the null wave, had they no suspicions that we were here before they will have none now." Mitch sighed. "Will this cause them all to come here?" John asked. Sadly Mitch said, "Yes, and unlike before I am afraid that they will have an advantage over me." "You forget that I am gorgeous teen fantina prepares herself for a massage and gets fucked on this also Mitch?

You said I am as strong as when you met the sun killer that's not am advantage?" John asked. "It is with any of them except the sun killer, I've just got you started on recognizing that the others were using strategy against you and many ways to counter them but John, I don't think either of us is ready for him not yet and he may be here too soon for us to prepare." Mitch replied a little drained from using the massive wave.

"Was that an erasure wave?" John asked. "Yes, much like the one you used but with far reaching effects, it will erase us from any that think that there are unknown aliens here, any they talk to also and any who think you are involved.

It will also cause them to erase any and all files on you and us." Mitch said "Holy shit!" John said, "That would have sapped me too damn!" Mitch was surprised something like that had come from John, after all with his abilities linked to his emotions.

At the present John's were about the same level as Mitch's unless he was upset then hmm his levels went extremely high. John quickly sped up putting as much distance as he could between them and the agents in the town.

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Plus the fact he felt safer within the confines of his own property, his shields with those he loved as close as he could get them. They had almost reached his land when they both felt the first of the Triacariae land on the planet, not as strong as the 2 he'd beat but they still had substantial power.

John wasn't sure he could handle both at the same time, though Mitch had assured him that he indeed had the power to resist and defeat both.

"Hold on Mitch, I am increasing speed I feel safer inside the shields," John said as he increased speed to dangerous levels. "I will facilitate the air currents to increase effectiveness," Mitch replied.

They'd just reached the outer edge of all his shields when they felt the second land causing John to push even harder to get them to the house. Helen and Millie were standing outside with the strange machine that John and Barry had struggled to build. Jumping down John looked hard at it and started to think <defense pod initiate analysis of approaching two powerful lifeforms> In a strange voice almost like a sped up record or tape, they all heard <compliance analyzing.

approaching lifeforms identified as pure genetic Triacarian, though detecting many imperfect aspects to the genetic code of each, also mental powers are in a weakened state of flux.> <Recommended course of action?> John asked. <Scanning control, at present level of power, confrontation with either should provide no stress or over use of control's energy.> the voice answered.

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John shook his head looking at Millie who wasn't used to voices in her head, "It should be ok Mills these shouldn't be any.," it was at that moment that John felt a third land, sighing John knew he had his work cut out for him damn it! Why the hell couldn't they leave him and his family lesbianas masturbandose delicioso full hd masturbation lesbians Mitch and Helen backed away as John's power level; began to grow to a much higher level.

John turned and looked at Mitch and Helen suddenly realizing what had just happened, damn it! if they weren't sure where he was before they wouldn't be now! Mitch was about to say something then thought better of it, he walked with John as he headed to the closed edge of his property. John was starting to get a little antsy feeling the first 2 getting closer when the fourth landed, hell it was raining the bastards! The first reached the barriers looking closer he laughed at the simplicity of them, that is till he tried to move past them and was knocked flat on his ass!

Shaking his head, what the hell was this it was just a simple Miacarian energy shield, the second Triacarian pulled up next to him. They were conversing when the second set showed up, all four were at a loss about this barrier the strongest tried to simply whisk it away when his effort was bounced back at him knocking him on his ass also!

John walked to within a hundred feet of them staring at them for well over half an hour before they noticed him. "You there human!" The first called, "we are in pursuit of a dangerous alien war criminal, responsible for the death of 2 of our agents past time of now, please release your power block and allow us to take him.

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Refuse and you face the same punishment that he will." John started to laugh these guys weren't as dangerous as they were moronic. "For one you simpletons," John started, "the 'alien' that you seek did not cause their deaths." "If not him then who? There is no other on this planet with the power to ahhhhh!" the leader started then screamed as John had erected a shield around him and was squeezing. "In case you haven't noticed I have far more power than you, plus the fact that it was I that sent that message I suggest you leave or suffer the same consequences." John said trying to hold his temper in check.

"You?!" they all started to laugh till none of them could move. "Release us! We have a whole.," they started. "You have nothing!" John shouted, knocking all four off their feet, "You 4 aren't even worth talking to, I can see all your thoughts, they are as evil as the first 2 I destroyed this is the last chance you have to leave." "Or you'll do what?

Under the accords of the all peace treaty you will be in violation of it if you destroy u.," the leader strangled out. John was tired of listening to this dick, "so you won't go?" When the first refused John just shrugged and he was gone.

Moments later there was a titanic explosion high above the planet, the screams of the leader heard till the explosion silenced him.

"Now then do I have your attention? Leave or DIE!" The 3 remaining pulled back discussing what to do when a new voice broke in, <Do as the alien human says leave we've already lost 3 of the last of us, we can't afford to lose more> The 3 stood there still unsure what to do, that is till the voice broke in again <I SAID GO NOW!> the three that were left were suddenly afraid and flashed out at break neck speed.

<To the human that destroyed 3 of my warriors I will be there to your planet within a week of your time, then we will settle this I know you are harboring the Miacarie I can feel him there and perhaps another, know this, resist me and not only will you die I will crack the planet as easily as you step on a small lifeform.> The voice was suddenly choking unable to speak.

<If you come here know that I will be more than ready,> John's anger had finally gotten the best of him and he was seeing the other man somewhere else grasping his throat trying to breathe, <You will not survive!> John watched as the man had erected a shield around his self that John was now crushing, the man finally put everything into his shield.

<I don't know who you think you are but I will welcome the challenge!> the man shouted. <I am the one who will end your war mongering race, under ariella ferrera the trophy husband accords of the all peace treaty, I and I alone declare war upon you! That means that if you harm anything or one on this planet human then the Piracarie are invited to end this conflict. Therefore I call upon the Piracarie to moderate this conflict to see it to it's end under all the accords of the all peace treaty, I also declare myself to be under it's jurisdiction and abide by it's decision in the course of this conflict's end!> The other man started to laugh no one had heard from the Piracarie in well over 6000 ravishing jayden jaymes rides a throbbing boner cumshots and brunette, they were probably.

there was a low rumbling that grew to an almost painful screeching. Just as suddenly it ended raunchy fillies get nailed in an orgy brunette and big tits an extremely powerful voice spoke, "The Piracarian council concedes the existence of the new race human, the human male John Bowers, his declaration under the articles of the all peace treaty to end this conflict between his being and the being Triacariae labeled the sun killer.

Know this no one will interfere, no one on the planet will be harmed nor will the sun or neighboring planets be harmed. If the said rules put forth by the articles are violated then said being will cease to exist." With that the air was quiet, Mitch and Helen were looking at John with a new fear and respect. "John stunner in hose sucks wang hardcore and massage do surmise that the sun killer will try to gain every advantage?" Mitch asked.

John nodded going over all the knowledge he'd gained in the last few hours, his head was hurting but nearly as bad as when he met Mitch and Helen, "I realize you think I am making an error in judgement invoking the articles of the treaty but I can see the entire thing," Mitch's mouth hung open for the first time since he'd met John.

"The entire treaty!?" Mitch said "you realize it's over 1000 pages long? Your learning capacity has far exceeded what I thought it would when I first met you." John only slightly nodded to do more would have caused a lot more pain than he was suppressing right now, where the hell had all this knowledge come from?

John felt a light touch to his fore head, strangely the pain passed lessened then was gone. Looking around John didn't see anyone near him then a low voice sounded in his head, <John you have been chosen to bring the great races and justice back to the universe> Shaking his head John started to laugh he was just a simple farmer for god's sake now he had to be a hero too?