Comrades daughter fucks for money and pervert creampie family shares a bed

Comrades daughter fucks for money and pervert creampie family shares a bed
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I continued to play with myself on a regular basis and my thoughts had turned to possibly seeing if Lynne was interested in carrying on our physical relationship but she was a bit reluctant.I think our first session had been great but she was a bit nervy about continuing it.

However my prayers were answered when the summer holidays came around. We had one of our family meetings and mum and dad had been so impressed with the way we had behaved ourselves during the Easter holidays that it was decided we could now have friends round during the day, something which had been strictly forbidden during the Easter holidays.

For me, this meant Colin could come round and for Susan, Lynne. And more interestingly, Sandra. Although I had seen Sandra occasionally I had not really noticed how she had grown up. She was the same age as me and the only reason she and Sue were friends was that they had met up at a youth club and formed a firm friendship. One afternoon Sue and I had the house to ourselves before our parents came home from work and she quickly dragged me into her bedroom. I wondered what she had in mind and she sat me down on the bed.

"I hope you don't mind but I've told Sandra about you." I must have looked puzzled. "How do you mean? What about me?" "I've told you what we got up to." I was horrified. How could she give away our secret? Sue quickly continued, "Don't worry. She won't tell anyone. It's just that she told me that she really enjoyed playing with herself and wanted to know if I had played with myself. I said yes and she asked me who had taught her and I said you had.

I'm really sorry. I said it without thinking!" I looked down at my feet and wondered what to say. "Are you're sure she won't tell anyone?" Susan nodded vigorously. "Definitely. And there's more…" I looked up at her. "She asked me if I had ever done it with a boy and I said no." Thank God for that! "She said she wanted to do it with a boy and asked me if you'd be interested!" My head jerked round to stare at Sue. She grinned and nodded. "Honest!

That's what she said!" I couldn't help but smile broadly. Surely this was my chance! "What did you say?" I asked quickly. "I said I thought you probably would be. Do you fancy her?" I thought for a few seconds. I had only caught glimpses of her but what I had seen seemed very pleasant. She was tall and slim but had definite breasts. Bigger than Susan's anyway!

"I can't remember really…She looks nice doesn't she?" Susan nodded. "The only thing is she's a bit rude sometimes. She swears a lot!" I must confess this didn't particularly worry me; I was more concerned about what she was happy to do! "So what did she say she wanted to do?" "She just said she wanted to do it with a boy. I think she wants a boy to make love to her." Susan whispered, as if anyone else could hear us!

She continued. "She's coming round tomorrow morning and I promised I'd give her an answer." "Yes! Say yes definitely!" I quickly assured Susan that I was more than happy to fulfil Sandra's needs. Sue seemed delighted at this and promised she would tell Sandra the next morning. I hardly slept that night.

I made sure I didn't play with myself as I wanted to be ready, if what I hoped would mofos teen gets caught fucking in back room actually happened. I was still not convinced that Sandra would go through with it and she was just showing off.

. I got up as usual next morning, feeling excited and nervous, and sat in my room playing records. It suddenly occurred to me that Colin might want to come round but luckily he didn't. Then I heard the front door bell go and I guessed it was Sandra for Susan. Sure enough she went to the door and listening closely at my bedroom door I heard Sandra's voice as they exchanged greetings.

They both went back into Susan's bedroom and I sat back on the bed, nervously waiting for events to unfold. I didn't have to wait long… There was a tap on the door and I quickly stood up. To my surprise it was Sandra who came in rather than Susan. She closed the door behind her and then stood there staring at me with a nervous grin on her face. She was wearing the devils gang bang lisa ann vs chanel preston white tee shirt and pale jeans, with no shoes which I guess she had left it back in Susan's bedroom.

"Susan said…you know…" She looked at me helplessly and I grinned. "I understand you want to do it with a boy?" Sandra nodded with a grin on her face. "Will I do?" I spread my arms nervously. "Definitely!" Sandra looked reassured and took a step towards me. As I had remembered, she was tall and slim with long dark hair.

Her eyes were a lovely brown and she had quite pale skin. She was the same age as me and I was anal fuck of nice looking brazilian honey hardcore and blowjob to see that her chest was quite large.

It was probably because she was slim that they looked so big but I look forward to seeing them more closely. We stood facing each other awkwardly, each of us unsure what to do. "Um." "Shall we kiss first?" I suggested. "Yeah!" Sandra leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I took the opportunity to wrap my arms around her and pulling her closer to me she kissed her again, this time harder. I wasn't quite sure how far to go but it was Sandra who opened her mouth first and I quickly did the same, sliding my tongue into her mouth.

She gave a sighed and curled her arms around my neck. We were now kissing quite passionately and I allowed my hands to slide down her back and grab the cheeks of her backside. Her bum was bigger than Susan's and I enjoyed the feeling of the soft flesh in my hands.

She was running her hands through my hair and I felt my cock stir. After a minute or so we parted and Sandra gazed at me oddly. "I've done quite a lot you know." "How do you mean? "Sex… I've done quite a lot sexy things." She quickly sat down on the bed and I sat next to her. She turned to look at me and then said matter-of-factly, "I've French kissed, as you know, and I've had a boy suck my tits…" She actually pointed at her chest as she said this.

"And I've had a boy lick my pussy." This time she pointed at her groin and I swallowed hard. This girl was experienced! "And I've sucked a boy's cock as well but I didn't let him come in my mouth." She looked at me seriously and once again I felt my heart pumping my chest. "What have you done?" I decided to play her at her own game.

"Well I've done all those things…" Sandra looked a little surprise. "And I've made love to woman as well." Sandra's eyebrows shot up. "You've fucked a woman?" I nodded, startled at the use of the word but remembering Susan's warning.

Sandra looked away. "I bet you haven't really…" I nodded and decided to reveal all. I told her about my auntie and she listened open mouthed as I revealed the full story. "Gosh…" Then she turned to look at me. "You want to fuck me?" I nodded and grinned. "If you like!" I answered casually. "I've got one of these…" Sandra slid her hand into her pocket and to my astonishment pulled out a small square foil packet.

It was a condom! I had seen one or two but had never actually used one or tried one on. When Susan and I had captivating japanese titty fuck hardcore and blowjob discussing Sandra, the question of contraception just hadn't occurred to me.

"If you wear one of these you can fuck me quite safely…" Sandra exclaimed and I nodded dumbly. She put it on the bedside cabinet and then turned to look at me. "Shall we start then?" Before I had a chance to reply she quickly stood up and I watched in astonishment as she peeled off her tee shirt. She drop to on the floor beside her and I stared at her breasts encased in a white lacy bra.

They looked fantastic…quite large against her slim chest. As I watched she reached behind her, unhooked her bra and leaned forward so that the material fell from her breasts and they tumbled out. They were fantastic! Like the rest of her body they were quite pale but she had dark brown nipples which were already sticking out quite plainly. She shook her breasts in my face. "What do you think honey?" I laughed and quickly cupped her breasts in my hands, bringing them to my mouth and kissing and nibbling at her nipples.

"Gosh that's nice…" Sandra muttered as I worked on her breasts. Again my training from Auntie Eleanor stood me in good stead! I sucked each nipple in turn, twirling my brunette rubs her ass of a hard cock around the firm stalks and nibbling at them. Sandra whimpered once or twice and wrapped her hands around my head pulling me closer.

Then I pulled away and I stood up, taking my tee shirt off. As I did this Sandra quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her long legs. She was wearing a pair of small white panties which she quickly removed, seeming not to be embarrassed or nervous at her nudity.

I gazed at her spellbound as she stood before me with a grin on her face. "What do you think?" She still seemed to need reassurance. "I think you're gorgeous!" I exclaimed, gazing at her wonderful breasts perkily sat on her chest and allowing my eyes to roam down past her belly to her groin where a soft fuzz of pubic hair covered her pussy. "So when do I get a look then?" Sandra was pointing below my waist.

A took a deep breath and then unbuckled my jeans, pulling them down and stepping out of them. I was conscious of my cock bulging in my briefs and Sandra suddenly exclaimed, "Jesus he looks a big boy! Here let me…" With that she knelt down in front of me and to my surprise leaned forward and kissed the bulge in my pants. I watched as she closed her eyes and rubbed her face over the bulge, seemingly entranced. Then she knelt back on her haunches, looked up at me and, holding my gaze, casually tucked her fingers into the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down.

My cock sprung into view, almost hitting her in the face and she gave a little giggle. "Fucking hell!" I was gratified at this response, which I took to be a compliment. "He is so beautiful! Fucking enormous the best overwatch sex sombra sucked big cock play free beautiful!" Sandra whispered.

I watched on in delight as she brought her left hand up to gently cup my balls and with her right hand she brought my erection close to her mouth. Did I dare hope? Her head bobbed forward and her mouth opened, swooping on to my erection.

I closed my eyes as the warmth of Sandra's mouth slid down the shaft of my cock and I felt her tongue rasping against the flesh. I had to steady myself as Sandra's left hand jiggled my balls and her right hand slid round to grasp my backside. I looked down and saw nearly two thirds of my cock was now in Sandra's mouth, almost as much as Auntie Eleanor had taken !

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With a gasp Sandra pulled my cock out again and knelt back. "Jesus that's all I can manage!" "Believe me it's enough!" I retorted and she grinned up at me.

She returned her gaze to my erection. "It's quite easily the biggest I've ever seen. I can't wait to get that in my cunt!" She said this so matter-of-factly that I almost missed the word she had used. I gave a start, wincing at the sound of this word coming from a young girl but, I have to confess, I did find it quite arousing… Sandra gave the tip of my cock a quick kiss and then almost leapt on to the bed, spreading her legs wide.

"Come on then!" I was almost put off by this wanton display but once again I felt myself aroused by the sheer "dirtiness" of it. Whereas my relationships with Auntie Eleanor and Susan had been soft and gentle, this was another thing entirely and I was enjoying it! I laughed and then climbed onto the bed, quickly positioning myself between the Sandra's thighs, although my cock was nestling in her groin rather than against her pussy.

We kissed again and then I gross xxx story film made porn to kiss down her neck towards her boobs. "Ooh lovely…" Sandra exclaimed as once again I nuzzled and licked her nipples. Then I started to work down her belly and quickly remembered what Auntie Eleanor had taught me.

I kissed and licked her way down towards the Sandra's groin and she eased her legs apart as I shuffled down towards the end of the bed until my face was level with her pussy. I was now able to see her pussy quite clearly and the pubic hair stopped just above the slit which meant I was able school gir sex full story xxx quite clearly see the inner and outer lips of her pussy and already the pink bud of her clitoris poking up through its hood.

I leaned down and gently kissed the inside of her legs, enjoying the feeling of the soft flesh and moving up her thighs I could smell the moistness of her pussy. I then gently kissed the soft pad of skin at the top of her pussy and poking my tongue out, I lapped at her clitoris.

Sandra cried out. "Fuck yes that's nice…just there Dave…just there!" I settled down to a firm rhythm of lapping at Sandra's clitoris, which she seemed to be enjoying.

Her hands were clamped against my head and her hips were moving rhythmically as I tongued her. I brought my right hand up and started to stroke the lips of her pussy.

They were very wet by now and I carefully slid my middle finger in. I was surprised at how far it went in and I suddenly realised that now the full length of my middle finger was deep in Sandra's pussy.

There was no hymen which she had obviously broken herself. "I did it with a candle!" I heard Sandra muttering above me. She had obviously realized my surprise. "but your finger is miles better…so is your tongue…!" Her voice started to rise and I knew she was close to coming.

I started to slide my finger in and out of her pussy as I lapped at her clitoris and this sent a over top. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck. fuck yes! Oh fucking hell yes!" Sandra cried out as she came, thrusting her hips up into my face. It was all I could do to hang on as her pussy wriggled around my fingers and I tried to keep my tongue on her clitoris.

After a while she slowed her jerking down and eventually collapsed back on the bed with a long sigh. I lifted myself up unto my elbows and gazed along the length of her slim body, passed her pert breasts and to her face which I could see was red and sweating.

After a few seconds blonde beauty shakilla astti is picked up by a guy and fucked lifted her head up to gaze down at me with a grin. "That was fucking amazing Dave!" I grinned back, now used to her language. "Glad you liked it." I replied. "Are you gonna fuck me now?" I swallowed hard. This was it.

I knelt up between her legs and Sandra glanced down at my erection which was bobbing about. "You'll be gentle won't you?" Sandra glanced up at me and then back at my cock.

"He's a big fucker isn't he…" "I'll promise I'll be careful." I reassured her as she reached out for the condom and expertly tore off the wrapper. She handed it to me and luckily I managed to put on without making a fool of myself. I looked down in wonder at my cock now encased in the rubber. I felt sure I was going to get used to this view! "In you come then." Sandra was now flat on the bed again, her legs spread wide.

Her pussy was wet from my earlier attention and she looked incredibly inviting. She held her arms out to me with a grin. "Don't keep me waiting darling… I'm gagging for it! I laughed and quickly settled between her legs. I balanced on one hand and using my other guided my cock to the entrance to her pussy. It felt odd with the rubber but I soon found the spot and carefully slid the first inch or so into Sandra's pussy.

"Slowly…" Sandra muttered. "I have only had a candle in there before!" She grinned at me ruefully and I nodded. "Is that alright?" She nodded. "A bit more…" I shuffled forward slightly and another couple of inches went in.

"Ooooooh fuck yesss.!" Sandra let out a long a low groan, almost a growl, as suddenly the full length of my cock slid into her pussy. I lay there balancing on both hands, wondering whether to lower myself on to her as she closed her eyes, her face contorted.

"It's a euro amateur spitroasted in casting threesome european and cumshot but it's so fucking big!" She curled her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her, which I took as a signal to a lower myself on to her body. Her breasts crushed against my chest as I eased myself down and she widened her thighs to accommodate me. Her arms were now wrapped around my neck and we kissed softly as I lay there, enjoying the feeling of her hot pussy around my cock, knowing that I would hope to last a bit longer with the condom on.

"How does it feel?" "Very nice." I replied. "Very comfortable!" We both laughed italian malu and moana pozzi this. "Am I as good as your auntie?" I guessed that she might ask this question. I decided the best answer. "Much better than her!" Sandra grinned up at me.

"Liar!" I grinned back and then carefully eased my cock out a couple of inches and back in again. Sandra winced. "Would I lie to you?" Sandra laughed and this felt wonderful as it rippled through her pussy and around my cock. I grunted. "Are you're gonna come in a minute?" Sandra looked at me seriously. "I've already had one haven't I? You ought to come first really." Sandra lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my hips, pulling me even deeper into her.

"Come on Davey! Fuck me good and hard and come inside me!" I needed no second bidding… I carefully pulled my cock almost all the way out of her pussy and then slowly slid it back in again. Sandra closed her eyes and she let out a low moan again as I began to ride her. I soon got into a firm regular rhythm and the sound of our bodies slapping together filled the room. Her pussy was, of course, tighter than Auntie Eleanor's which helped heightened the sensation and counter the fact that my cock was less sensitive with a condom around it.

I was close to coming… "Nearly there…" I muttered. "That's it darling…pump me! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Come for me darling! Come for me! Come for me…" and I did, my orgasm suddenly exploding on me and I could feel the juice spurting into the condom. It was an amazing feeling to be coming inside a girl but knowing it was safe, and it heightened the feeling of delight. I kept sliding in and out of Sandra's pussy, trying to maximize the length of the orgasm but all too soon I felt it fade and I gently lowered myself back into the Sandra's arms.

"Was that nice darling…?" Sandra whispered in my ear. "That was fantastic…thank you so much…" I whispered back. We lay there for a few seconds and then I felt Sandra's pussy starting to twitch.

"I want you to make me come again out…do you think you can do that?" I lifted myself up on to my elbows and gazed into her face. "I'll do my best…" I still had an erection so felt sure I could make her come.

I started to slide in and big tits paid foxy business lady gets fucked again and Sandra smiled gratefully. "That's lovely Davey." She bit her lip. "Will do something for me?" She muttered. I was a little worried at what she might ask.

However I nodded nervously. "Say naughty things for me…you know like I was doing just now…" I suddenly realized she wanted me to "talk dirty" to her, as I believe it is called.

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I swallowed hard hoping I would come up to expectations. "Are you're enjoying this?" Sandra nodded, her eyes closing. "Do you like the feeling of my cock in your cunt?" I gazed at Sandra as her faced turned bright red and she bit her lip, nodding her head again. "You do don't you?

You love the feeling of a huge cock in your cunt! You love the feeling of my huge cock ramming in and out of your tight little cunt don't you?" Sandra let out a little whimper and nodded her head even more vigorously. I began to let my imagination run riot… "I bet you wish I didn't have to use a condom don't you? I bet you'd like to feel my mom sun cicret home xxnxc spurting deep into your pussy wouldn't you?

You'd love the feeling of my spunk in your pussy wouldn't you?" "Yes… Yes…" Sandra exclaimed. "Are you going to come in a minute?

Are you gonna come for me? Is my huge cock going to make you come?" "Yessss!" Sandra almost screamed and suddenly she let out a long moan and thrust her hips up at me as once again she came, the muscles of her pussy contracting around my cock.

She bounced big boob milf threesome xxx hot milf fucked delivery guy and down muttering as I continued to thrust into her.

"Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…" "That's all you want isn't it? You just want to be fucked don't you? Fucked hard in your cunt don't you?" I muttered in her ear, lowering my head so she could hear me as she came. "You're just my little fuck tart aren't you?" "yesssssssss!" Sandra led out a long hiss as her orgasm peaked and then suddenly she collapsed back on the bed.

The pair of us lay there, Sandra breathing heavily after the efforts of her orgasm. I was surprised to find that I, too, was close to coming and wondering if Sandra's pussy could take another pounding.

"I think I'm gonna come again…" "Nooo. It hurts!" Sandra protested and then I had an idea. I carefully knelt up and eased my cock out of Sandra's pussy. She looked up at me glassy eyed as I carefully rolled off the condom and dropped it on the floor, making a mental note to make sure I got rid of it later!

Sandra looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes and a wanton grin on her face. I had an idea and had a feeling she had the same idea… "Do you want me to come all over you?" "Yes!

Yes do that…" Sandra's mouth fell open and her eyes seemed to her sparkle as she lifted herself up on to her elbows and gazed mesmerised at my cock as I began to slowly slide the foreskin up and down the shaft.

This girl was only 14 for God's sake! "Do you like him?" I asked nodding down at my erection. "He's lovely…" Sandra licked her lips.

"I love him…" I sudden sped, up very close to orgasm. "I'm nearly there…are you ready?" Sandra nodded and gazed at my cock again. "Make him come! Make him come on my belly and on my tits and on my cunt!" This was enough for me and with a quick grunt I came, juice erupting from the end of my cock. I was surprised at the distance I got as the first jet actually landed on the Sandra's face.

She gave a shriek and then a giggle, quickly bringing her hand up to try and catch the next spurts which splattered over her breasts. The final few spurts didn't go quite so far and dribbled on to her belly, but I was careful to avoid her pussy… Didn't want to take any risks! I fell back on my haunches, thoroughly spent by now and gazed down and Sandra who was lying flat out in front of me.

A dribble of sperm was gently sliding down her cheek and a couple of splatters had covered her breasts. The final pool of sperm was nestling in her navel.

She looked incredible! "You're a bit of a mess are you?" Sandra turned to look at me sheepishly and then gazed down her body. "Yup!" she grinned back at me.