Big oili gand and very big lun

Big oili gand and very big lun
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To be honest, I was scared the first time I met Kennedy; her reputation preceded her. Her reputation for being sarcastic with an abrasive personality, that is. She was a bit out of place; the number of women doing particle physics research is pretty small. Her manner was her way of coping with that. My way of coping with her was the usual, blush and get tongue tied. I'm shy at the best of times, around women that gets much worse.

Around Kennedy it was nearly terminal. After unsuccessfully trying to start a conversation with me she said, "It's all right, I won't bite!" Then, she made exaggerated biting motions towards me, growled, and said, "Not unless you want me to." Then she laughed her characteristic laugh.

I froze then, I'd gone past fright or flight, I'd got to the part where I just froze. I did eventually manage to talk to her, we were going to be running an experiment together for the next few years; we needed to communicate somehow. The reality of the next few years was that we were going to be doing the hard work, and the professor was going to get the glory. If we were lucky, we'd get our doctorates. We became a pretty good team.

We worked well together, I did the theory; she did the practical work and programming. I'd let her do most of the talking, She's good at talking, I'm not. Really, I probably didn't even think of her as being a girl. If I'd thought of that, I'd probably have just clammed up again.

It was something I just didn't think about; she was Kennedy. If I were to describe her, I'd say "nerdy." If there's a cliche, she'd fit it.

Big glasses, messy hair pulled up, no make up, baggy clothes (plaid shirts mainly), sensible shoes. If I'd have given it a second thought, I might have thought she was actively trying to not be an attractive woman. That would be reasonable in the largely male dominated world we were in.

I didn't give that a second thought, until one day. Don't these stories all start off like that? I'm sounding emily addison heather vandeven naked news tube porn a cliche now, the cliche shy nerd.

I'd gone to her room to go over some results; the experiment was looking promising. I wanted some data off my laptop, so I opened the laptop. It was saying, "Excel quit unexpectedly." That happens, but I'd forgotten what was in the browser window behind the Excel window. There's no good way of putting this, it was a porn video. I'd been watching it earlier, more than just watching, jacking off to it.

I should have just closed the window and not drawn attention to it, but I stammered and froze, so Kennedy came to take a look. I just blushed furiously as Kennedy laughed. If I hadn't been preoccupied dying of embarrassment, I might have noticed it wasn't her characteristic brittle self-deprecating laugh she used to deflect attention.

This laugh was a full barrel dying laughing because it's funny laugh. I sat there, studied the floor intently, and blushed. It took some time, but eventually Kennedy calmed down. She held my hand and told me, "Look, I'm not laughing at you, really I'm not." That didn't make much of an impression on me, but then she asked, "Do you like her?" I made a puzzled noise.

"The actress in the video, do you like her?" I looked up at the video, it was stopped on a close-up of a porn actress' face, with strings of cum across her.

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She was one of my favorites, if not my favorite, the video was from her fan site; I was a member. "Well, yeah." Was about all I could manage to say. She held my hand in both of her hands now, and leant in and whispered to me, "I have a secret I could tell you, would you promise not to tell?" I didn't know where this was going, "Uh, OK." "Cross your heart and hope to die?" "OK." I made the requisite heart crossing motions.

She looked me square in the eye, "If you do tell, you will hope you can die." The implication of that was clear, she'd torture me to death. And I'd expect her to follow through on that promise. I didn't say anything, just nodded. Then, she sat back, and in another cliched moment, took off the glasses and undid her hair.

You know how the librarian turns into the beautiful woman. In this case, the nerd turned into the porn actress. She took up the pose the actress on the video was frozen in, minus the strings of cum. "You're Kiki Kennedy?" She did look just like her. "Yup, that's me." I didn't have anything to say to that. What do you say when the nerdy girl you work with turns out to be your favorite porn star, you'd jacked off to two hours earlier? Kennedy had something to say though, "Look, I really mean you can't tell anyone, think what it'd do to my credibility if anyone here knew." I could see her point.

I nodded. We talked. Well, I did manage to say some things, but mainly Kennedy talked. She'd kinda fancied me. She didn't have a boyfriend. She'd usually only date others in the industry, but she was only in L.A. at the weekends. She spent the weeks up here, and not date. Currently she wasn't dating anyone down there either, and was getting real horny.

That was one weird thing, among many. She was getting regularly fucked for her "job," but she was getting horny because she wasn't getting any. She separated fucking for her job from fucking for fun. She said the job version wasn't fun. Anyway, she kinda fancied me, but didn't date outside of the industry, up here. When she saw that video, she wondered if I might want to help her. She really wasn't looking for a boyfriend, more just a friend with benefits. That was when I thought I might get some, at some point I did mention I was a virgin.

So I hoped I'd do alright, but that she could teach me. But then, she said it wouldn't be right if I didn't know what her work entailed. Now, it seems obvious to me what her work entailed, but that was when I found myself invited down to L.A. the following weekend to see what her job really entailed.

So that's why I'm flying to L.A. with her. She did give me a private show though. She also headlined as a stripper and other appearances. So this also counted as showing me what her job entailed.

She disappeared into her closet for a while, and fakeagentuk nd dose of blowjobs rimming and fucking for tall dirty blonde she came out, she was Kiki. Now, intellectually, I was expecting this, but it's different when your favorite porn star steps pov blowjob act from a hot blonde of a closet wearing just a bikini.

Not very much of a bikini either. She came up to where I was sitting and shook her boobs at me. This was even better than her videos. If I'd been watching a video, I'd have had my dick out and jacking off already by this time.

I forgot about that, but I was hard. I reached for her, but she waved a finger at me, "Uh-huhn, no touching allowed." I almost had time to be disappointed at that, but it seems it was me not allowed to touch her, not the other way around. She sat on my lap, and held her boobs up for me, then reached around behind her and undid the top. Now, I was staring at her naked boobs.

Let me say that again, I WAS STARING AT NAKED BOOBS!!! I'd only ever seen boobs in video and pictures before. I like boobs, what guy doesn't, but they're even better in person. Kiki's were perfect, I've no idea what letter they are, but I'd need two hands to hold just one of them.

Then, she held them up again, then bopped me on the cheek with them. That was a surprise, but I kinda liked it.

She didn't hit me hard, just playfully, they felt so soft and erotic. I'll say it again, I LIKE BOOBS! She sat on my lap and wiggled her self at me for a while, then got up and sat back down facing away from me. She ground her butt into my hard on, then wiggled herself against me with her butt and her back. I'd never thought of a woman's back as sexy, but when it's waggling at you like that, inches in front of your face, man I changed my mind about that in a hurry.

That was when I felt her undoing my zip. That distracted me from her bikini covered butt which was waving in my face by then since she was leaning forward. My dick was freed, and then she sat back down in my lap, grinding on my dick with her bikini covered pussy. I think I moaned at that point, I started to think I was going to come soon, but before it came to that, she stood up.

She took a step away from me, turned, and wiggled some more. I may have been distracted by the wiggling boobs (they are real distracting), because the next thing I noticed she was totally naked. The bikini bottoms had gone somewhere. I know Kiki is the sexiest girl in the world, I'd seen her naked, in videos, often enough, but "in the flesh" so to speak, MIND-BLOWING!!

I moaned again, I was going to have to do something about my hard-on soon, or I might just come without any help. She started helping with that though. Squatting over my lap, she held her open hand under my dick, then wiped her pussy up my dick. That felt like nothing I'd ever imagined, I moaned and started twitching. She quickly squatted in front of me, took one of my hands and wrapped it around my dick. I took the hint and started jacking off as she stared up at me, in the pose she'd had in the video freeze frame.

Then I came, and added the missing strings of cum. Then she cleaned up, and that was kinda the end of that for the day. I went home, kinda stunned by things. I jacked off again reliving the events. Not to mention, I KNOW KIKI KENNEDY AND SHE WANTS ME TO FUCK HER. So real early on Saturday morning, she collects me on the way to the airport. Thinking about it, she does drive a kinda nice car for a graduate student.

At the airport, we skip the line, she goes for the first-class check in. She flies often enough that she's got gold status with the airline; she can use the first-class line.

She'd got enough miles she could get me a ticket. The check in girl was super nice to her, and then they upgraded us to first. First-class made big tatas bounce on a stiff rod a good flight. The real surprise was once we were in the air. I got on the plane with Kennedy the nerd, but once the seatbelt sign went off, she disappeared into the bathroom and emerged as Kiki the porn star. Her hair was different. Her makeup was different; she actually wore makeup.

She'd changed her clothes, the new ones were anything but nerdy. She was just a totally different person, super hot. Unfortunately, she'd also lost about 50 IQ points, she just wasn't the same Kennedy I was south african sex bomb in a delicious casting to.

I'll call this version "Kiki," so I know who I'm talking about. She had said she was a different person when she worked, I could see that now. Again, I had to promise not to tell anyone of her other life.

This time, she didn't think working on a doctorate in particle physics was sexy, or good for her image. I could disagree with her about that, but then I'm a nerd. We landed and walked out of the terminal building; a Mustang convertible was waiting. Driving the Mustang was, well I don't want to name names, so lets just call her "Ava". Another porn star, another of my favorites. Kiki got in the back, and I sat beside Ava in the front. Kiki kissed Ava and introduced me, and we were off.

There was a lot of traffic for that time on a Saturday morning, but we didn't get held up much. Soon, we were pulling up outside an anonymous commercial building. Kiki and Ava led me inside, past a bored looking guy guarding the front door. They just waved at him and walked on by with me in tow. He looked a little less bored as he watched the girls walk past. I don't think he noticed me.

We walked through an unmarked door and there were five more of my favorite porn stars in various states of dress and undress. Lets just call them, "Bea," "Cece," "Dee," "Eve," and "Fay". They excitedly greeted Kiki, who then announced, "Girls, I'd like you to meet my friend, 'Matt'." They then turned their attention to me, I was trying not to stare, mostly examining the floor and, as usual, blushing furiously. They all crowded around me, lots of semi-naked and naked porn star flesh pressing against me, and they all kissed me, demurely on the cheek.

I got rock hard of course, and as usual it wasn't in a comfortable position. I tried to surreptitiously rearrange myself, but someone called out, "I think he likes us." Followed by some giggles. I just examined the floor harder, as Kiki came to my rescue and admonished them to be nice to me. Then, I got parked in a chair in a corner and got to watch seven of the sexiest porn stars on the planet get ready to get fucked. I tried not to stare, but that's difficult when there's a porn star wherever you look.

They didn't mind me staring, if they caught me looking their way, they'd just smile at me, wiggle something sexy, and carry on. Then, it was time to start working. Everyone gathered in a large studio with all the equipment and some furniture for a set.

Then I got to watch, no one minded the out of place nerd watching the action. I got to watch the girls get fucked all day, by guys with big dicks hot and horny vixens pleasure dj with big cock names like "Rod," "Rock," "Steel," and "Wood". It's really very weird, and so not sexy. They kept starting and stopping in mid thrust as they got direction, or someone came in to arrange a hair out of place, while the performers froze in mid fuck.

To be honest, the technicalities of shooting a video were more interesting that the action itself. They were shooting, "Big Cock Orgy 6," so there were lots of guys and the seven girls, and they would keep british slut michelle thorne lesbian action on the sofa partners. Kiki introduced me to her "co-workers". That's weird, a big muscly guy called "Rod," thrusting his hand out for you to shake, while his hard on is sticking straight up, and is still glistening with Kiki's juices.

A minute before, he'd been pounding away at Kiki in a pile driver. They seemed like nice guys, I usually don't take much notice of the men in porn; it was pretty much the same in real life. The shooting finally over, I accompanied the now naked and cum splattered girls back to the dressing room where they cleaned up, showered and dressed.

Again not minding if I watched. By now I think I was starting to think of them as people, not just as porn stars, and that made things even more difficult. A porn star is simple, if intimidating, just sex.

Them having sex for the shoot, just seemed natural now. But, now they were people, women even, I just clammed up and blushed even more. The girls did seem to find this endearing. Then, Kiki asked if I minded if Ava, Bea, and Dee came with us to dinner.

I had no idea why she even asked that, I didn't mind at all, would you? We all ended up at a TGIFriday's nearby. The hostess looked very dubious at me with four hot babes on my arm, but we got very attentive service from a (male) waiter.

It was sometime during dinner that Kiki asked, "So Matt, do you still want to fuck me after you've seen me working?" I wasn't expecting such a direct question, maybe I should have, the group was very plain talking, about lots of things you might not normally discuss at TGIF's.

But, I blushed even more, and looked down harder, but I did manage a very faint, "Well, yes." The work was totally huge boobs and big butt woman slammed by nasty pawn guy bigtits bigcock, but I didn't see any reason why I shouldn't still want to fuck my favorite porn star.

Then, she gave me a reason, "Or would you like to have all three of them instead?" Indicating to Ava, Bea, and Dee. The three smiled their sexiest smiles at me, trying to look tempting. They were succeeding. "I told them it's your birthday today," It wasn't, but I wasn't going to correct her about that, "and that you're a virgin, and that your birthday wish is to fuck all three of them.

Isn't that right?" I didn't know what to say to that, so I didn't say anything, just beastiality black guy on females clitoris story, but I didn't deny it. I hadn't thought of that as a birthday wish, but once the idea was floated, it seemed like a good one to me. So we all ended up back at Ava's place; we had been going to stay the night there.

We still did stay the night there, but Kiki was in another room. To be honest, I didn't think much about Kiki once the door shut behind her. I had Ava, Bea, and Dee in the room with me, the second through fourth hottest girls in the world. They surrounded me and we had a group hug, then hands started roaming over me in general and undoing buttons in particular.

I found plenty of interesting bits of porn star to feel up, while my clothes were coming off. I ended up naked, and hard, while I had my left hand down the front of someone's panties, feeling their wet pussy, and my right hand under someone's crop top not quite managing to hold a whole boob.

Someone's hand was wrapped around my dick. I can't actually remember which girl corresponded to which body part. That didn't seem important at the time, and I wasn't taking notes. Then, I was sat down on the edge of the bed, as Ava said, "Watch this." As she started undressing Dee, that was an erotic enough scene, but Bea knelt in front of me and started blowing me. If you've been following, this is only the second contact my dick has had with a member of the opposite sex. It was kinda too much for me, I couldn't focus on Ava and Dee, but instead moaned, flopped back on the bed and started thrusting my hips in the air as I came in Bea's mouth.

Next I know, I'm being hugged again. The three of them are lying on the bed with me. I blushed and said, "Sorry." They assured me there was nothing to be sorry about.

Actually I'm not sure what I was sorry about, for coming quickly, or getting distracted from their show. We hugged, and kissed, and fondled for a while, and I got hard again. The girls took that as a good sign. They propped me up on some pillows and asked if I was comfortable, I was.

Then, they went back to the undressing part. This time, Ava and Dee undressed Bea; they said something about Bea winning a prize (for making me come I think). Bea wasn't wearing much, a miniskirt and crop top, and only some lacy panties under that. (So it must have been Bea's boob I had my hand on earlier, only she had been wearing a crop top.) Now she was naked, Ava was standing in front of her, fondling and kissing her boobs, while Dee was behind her, fondling her ass and reaching around and fingering her pussy.

Man, that was erotic. I got real hard watching that. I started to wonder if jacking off would be socially acceptable behavior at that point. But, before I could decide, Ava and Dee let Bea go, and Bea crawled onto the bed with me. She hugged me, that was nice. Then, she took one of my hands and put it on her boob, and took the other hand and put it on her (wet) pussy. I started playing with her, she seemed to enjoy that, I was enjoying that.

I wasn't paying any heed to the others, but I heard a cough, like someone was trying to get my attention. I looked up, and the other two were pawing at each other.

Hands on boobs and hands down panties. I had no idea where to look, I just had too much to look at. At that point, Ava was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, Dee was wearing a miniskirt and a red top that had a few buttons. Most of those buttons had been undone earlier, that had been distracting at dinner, she was obviously not wearing a bra and was always threatening to fall out of her top.

Those few clothes didn't last long before they were both just wearing panties. I lost track of them then, as Bea wanted in on the action, and I was smothered by boobs.

Smothered in a nice way, boobs are nice. Boobs in your face are nice. Bea's boobs are nice, especially in my face. Old lady ass xxx would you poledance on my dick kissed and licked and fondled Bea's boobs, so I didn't notice what Ava and Dee were doing.

That was until Dee did her thing. I didn't know what was happening or that it was Dee doing it, until I felt something going on with my dick. That distracted me from Bea for a minute. I looked down, and Dee was holding her boobs together, wrapped around my dick and was jacking me off with them. Dee was best equipped for this, hers were the largest. What Dee was doing was indescribable, indescribably good that is.

I again got distracted from that, as Ava wanted in on the action and tried smothering me with her boobs. Now, Ava was smaller than the others. (I didn't name them in size of boob, honest, that's a coincidence.) But they were nicely shaped and perky. They were also in my face, so among those three virtues, she had my attention. I'm not going to discriminate by boob size when they're in my face like that.

All three of them started vying for my attention. Bea renewed her attack with her boobs. I guess Dee was feeling left out as while I was distracted by Ava and Bea's battling boobs, she did something which felt even better. This time when I looked down Dee was straddling me, and my dick was disappearing up her pussy.

Wow! That felt amazing. Somehow, among all this, I managed to notice she was smiling like the cat that got the canary. I don't know why I noticed that, I had three sets of boobs and Dee's pussy trying to distract me. Mostly they were succeeding. Ava exclaimed, "Hey!" At Dee, and then all three had a whispered conference, kneeling there around Dee, with my dick still in Dee.

I didn't hear what they were saying. With the conference going on, Dee was still, my dick didn't think this was fair, so I started thrusting my hips gently to get my dick moving up Dee. Dee moaned, I think I did as well, this was amazing. Ava seemed to be the ring leader of those three, she told me, "The plan was to teach you pussy licking, then fuck you.

But Dee jumped the gun.

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Do you want to learn how to lick pussy?" I just smiled and nodded, I'd have agreed to anything they asked at that point. I'm not even sure I realized what they were saying, just that it sounded good.

She continued, "Or we could just all fuck you." I continued nodding and smiling. The next bit's kinda hazy, but it ended with Bea on her back, me between her legs and Ava and Dee on either side of me.

They demonstrated pussy licking on Bea, which was totally hot, and Bea moaned appreciating the lesson. It didn't look that difficult, and then it was my turn. I licked away at Bea's pussy and clit, like I'd been shown, she squirmed and moaned a lot. I think that was a good sign. Then, she screamed, went rigid, and then went all floppy. That also seemed like a good sign.

I looked up at Ava and Dee and asked, "Did I do it right?" The two girls looked a bit shocked and just nodded their heads. Dee recovered first and called out, "My turn." While lying down on her back.

So I went down on Dee, with Ava to my side supervising. I tried the same again, and it had a similar effect on Dee. I again took it as a good sign as she moaned and flopped back on the bed.

I looked up and was just going to ask Ava if I were doing it right, when she took my hand and pulled me to her as she lay on her back, with her legs open inviting me to do the same for her. So I did. I must say licking pussy is really erotic, I like doing it. I guess the girls liked me doing it, they never did say much after I'd finished though. It had a similar effect on Ava as well.

So I'm kneeling on the bed, with the three girls flat on their backs arrayed before me. I hoped I'd done it right. Bea was looking around, and reached for the other girl's hands and held them. The three girls looked at each other and exchanged meaningful glances. She said to me, "Look, sorry, we're a bit flattened now, why don't you just fuck us all." Then, she flopped back on the bed.

That sounded like a plan, except I'd never fucked before. How hard can it be? That's the sort of question I had, I mean this is what men have evolved to do. Also, my dick was as hard as it ever had been. So I dived onto Bea and started thrusting away in her, much like I'd seen in a hundred of her videos. She seemed to like that, I certainly liked that. Fucking is so much better than jacking off.

At some point, Dee pulled at my arm and said, "Hey, can I get some of that?" I looked over at her and she was pouting and feeling herself. She looked very tasty. So I went for her and started fucking her instead. Bea just lay there, smiling, she didn't seem to mind.

A while more, Ava did the same and pulled me over to her instead, Dee just lay there and smiled, Bea was still smiling, but managing to prop herself big butt blonde ebony bangs big cock to watch the action.

I was panting pretty hard, it's quite a workout to fuck like that. Also, I was starting to think something wasn't right. I'd been banging away at Bea and Dee, and I didn't think I short n thick ebony bbw with dildo anal www hotcamgirls co tube porn near coming.

Fucking was real nice, but isn't the same as jacking off, and I'd only come a little while before. So when Ava went floppy and just smiled at me, I pulled out of her and moved up to her head. I waved the others to gather and started jacking off over Ava's face, just like in one of her videos.

With all three looking up at me and smiling at me, that got to me, along with the jacking off so I came over all three of their faces. Then, I crumpled onto the bed, pretty much beat.

The girls moved up to hug me, that was nice, and we kinda just drifted off to sleep. ME, all wrapped up in three porn stars. I'm not sure if I was dreaming, or if sometime during the night I woke up and I was spooning one of the girls, and my dick was inside of her.

After a a company for casual sex cunnilingus and doggystyle gentle thrusting, I came inside of her, then drifted back to sleep.

Later, I woke up, or dreamt I woke up, with a mouth sucking away at me. I came and again drifted off to sleep. Either way, dream or not, it was nice. When I finally woke up for real, the three girls were still there, still naked, and still hot, hot, HOT!

Slightly crusty with my cum. They were all smiling at me, I guess they enjoyed things as much as I did. They asked me if I wanted anything (blowjob, fuck or whatever), but I was feeling mellow, so they asked if I'd go down on them again. That sounded like a plan to me so I did. I went down on all three, Dee tasted a bit strange, I think it must have been her I fucked in the night and it wasn't a dream.

I was just finishing up with Dee, when Kiki burst into the room, saying, "Hey sleepyheads! We gotta get going." She tailed off a bit when she saw what I was doing, but ushered me into the bathroom to get showered. When I came out of the shower, she was talking and hugging with the other girls.

I said goodbye to the girls, then Kiki and I got a ride to another nondescript commercial building. This time, Kiki was the only girl in the dressing room. This time the production was for "BBC Gangbang #37," so Kiki was the only girl and there were six black guys with really enormous dicks. After the shoot, Kiki got cleaned up, we got a ride to the airport and caught a plane back home. On the flight, she did the metamorphosis in reverse.

This time, Kiki went to the restroom and Kennedy emerged. She had her 50 IQ points back, and her sarcastic manner. However, she then apologized for what had happened overnight.

That I didn't get. She apologized for palming me off on the other three, it seems it was a test. If I accepted as I did, then I had the right stuff. If I'd said I only wanted Kiki, then it would point to a problem, that I was becoming attached. She didn't want a commitment, just sex. I really hadn't gotten that far in thinking about it, I just wanted the sex.

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So it seems we're compatible. She also mentioned that it was about $1000 a fuck for a shoot, so the weekend had just earned her around $10,000. I was totally floored by that revelation. So Kennedy, and Kiki, became "friends with benefits" with me. Most of the time I got to fuck Kennedy and that was good. She'd tell me what to do, which makes it easy. She likes me to go down on her, that's really erotic. It's erotic on any girl. Some of the best fucks were after she came home on a Sunday evening after work, totally horny.

Sometimes I'd ask if I could fuck Kiki instead, and that was good, and different. Kiki will do whatever I want, and I mean WHATEVER. She had plenty of ideas I might like if I ever get stuck for an idea. Sometimes I'd ask if she could be Kiki while we're working on stuff together.

That's fucking hot, stunning body, and smart. It didn't make for efficient use of time though, I'd get distracted by her body and start thinking with my little head.

Sometimes she'd take me with her to work again, and we'd have a threesome, or more, with her girl co-workers. Like the time Dee was those lewd college lovely girls hardcore reality the lead in "Cherry Falls III: Co-ed Axe-murderer." (The parody version, though I'm not sure it's possible to parody the original, it was pretty much a parody itself.) Her co-workers find me quite engaging being so out of place in their world.

Kennedy/Kiki on the other hand manages to mostly fit in in both worlds by being two totally different people, but never quite seems like she's in the right place, never quite fits totally in either one.