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Big bob mom with son
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Ch. 01 - Scott & Jean take a post-party break. Jean If one were just to look at me. They would see me only from my outer shell; the pretty little red-head with the green eyes and killer smile. If I were to walk out in public, you wouldn't notice anything about me that was different. I stand at about five-five, five. No real identifying marks. I'm twenty-eight now, a far cry from when I first knew the Professor, meeting him at eleven, after all the trauma with Anne dying in my arms.

I'm living in the boat-house with my husband, Scott Summers. We've been married for a few years, the most wonderful of my life. There was going to be a party in Logan's room. 'When was there not?' I knew that Scott wanted to go, but there was something else that I had in mind for us to do tonight. "Are you ready to go, hon?" He asked me, I was still in the shower, soaping up. "Almost." I told him, grabbing the hand-held shower massager and washing the soap that was over me. I took a little more time with that than Scott would have liked, and positioned the jets from the massager over my clitoris.

I could feel the water jets pounding over my clit, and in seconds I knew that I was going to cum, weather or not Scott liked it. My calves tightened, as did my buttocks, and thighs. This was it, I felt the warmth of my orgasm begin to build, and soon it was shooting down my legs and arching down my body like an electric shock.

I dropped the massager and felt it mist me for a few seconds before spinning erratically out of control, going passed the shower curtain and dousing the floor for a few moments. I quickly grabbed the showerhead with my telekinesis and quickly replaced it back up in its holder. I quickly rinsed off and turned the shower back off, putting it back up in the holder. I wasn't exhausted, but I was satiated for the time being.

I dried off and stepped out of the shower. "Come on Jean, we're naturally busty babe good fuck with a bigcock to be late!" He hissed, impatient as always.

"Relax, Scott. This is Logan's party after all. When has he ever been worried about people being late?" I stepped out into the bedroom, Scott was adjusting his tie, tying it and re-tying it again and again in an obsessive-compulsive need to get it straight. "Well?" I asked, slipping on a pair of jade-green high heels and nothing else, standing behind Scott. "How do I look?" "Fine, you look fine." I smiled to myself; I knew he was going to say that the ability of blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo notwithstanding.

"Scott." I called to him, "Turn around and look at me, please." "I'm sure that you look fi…" He started to say, before he rotated fully, and looked at me totally. His mouth opened wide, and the sentence died off. "I know that I look fine." I whispered to him, gently kissing his mouth. "But there are a few other things that I need your attention on, besides the fact of how I look." I took hold of his zipper with my mind; gently tugged down, letting that and his belt come undone with just a thought.

"Jean… Jean… We're going to be…" He was struggling to form words. It had been so long since we made love, that I wasn't sure that he was going to be able to handle it. "Shh.

My love." I kissed his lips, blocking off his sentence before it was even out of his lips. "We'll make up for it, believe me." I pushed his pants and boxer shorts down, revealing his chiseled abdomen. "As team leader, its my…" He was going to say responsibility, but as I encircled his penis and started to gently stroke, the thought escaped him. I could feel as his cock hardened in my hands.

"Jean…" Scott's voice was muted, and his throat was stiff like something else of his I smiled as I felt him fighting for control. "Yes my love?" I asked him playing the dutiful wife.

My nipples had hardened and my vaginal area was sopping wet as I played with my husband. I wanted him daisy and samantha enjoy a lesbian session mount me, but there would be time for that later. "I love you." He whispered, and kissed the top of my head. "I know my love, I know." I could feel him harden inside my hands. "Jean… Jean!" He was worried, that he was going to cum on the bed.

He wanted to warn me, but that was both unpractical, and nothing but sex for a busty whore hardcore and blowjob as both our psychic rapport, and the unconscious thrusting of his hips were all I needed to know that he was on the brink.

"How do you want it?" The image of him cumming and spurting globules of sperm upon my face entered my mind. "All right baby." I cooed. Scott was an orphan and until we started to date, he hadn't had that many relationships. I think that I was his first. First friend, first girl, first wife, first anything; I knew for a fact that this was a fantasy of his, another first. For both him and I… my first facile.

I led him to the bed, and lay down upon my back, letting him place his penis between my breasts. "Come on baby." "Jean, I don't think that I'm going to be able to&hellip." "Shh." I felt him slide his penis in and out of the cleft of my breasts.

I could feel it in the back of his pineal euro whores acquire glad to the max hardcore groupsex that he was just about to cum.

Yet there were still a few minutes, and if I wanted, I could take control of his muscles completely, and stop him from cumming at all. I opened my mouth, and gently licked the underside of his cock. He whimpered, and I knew how badly that he wanted it. But it wasn't up to him, it was up to me; I gently took a testicle in my mouth and sucked. My hand flying towards his cock, grasping it, and gently pressing back his foreskin, again and again. His penis was warm to the touch from so much blood.

It must hurt him terribly. "Please Jean…" He whimpered. "Do you want it?" I asked him, "Do you really want to cum?" "Yes, please." I started to go a little faster, and felt his muscle contractions start to begin as he stiffened in my hand.

This was it, this was the time. I wanted to give this to him. "Do it… cum for me baby." I took him into my mouth once more, and gently rubbed the underside with my tongue again, and he began to spurt. It was warm and thick, salty and tangy at the same time.

'Come on give everything to me, don't hold back.' That was all that was needed and I felt him stiffen. His cumming intensified and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to swallow fast enough.

I used my TK to hold back the ebb, and began to swallow what there was in my mouth. I was also careful not to get any on me, as I didn't know if we would have any time to shower, we were already late as it was.

He dipped a finger into my sopping cunt and gently probed me, sliding in quick due to all of my wetness. I felt him go up to the first knuckle, and he petted my nubbin. I was on fire, and unintentionally lifted us up into the air… this was an interesting perk with being a Telekinetic. I could maneuver both of us into the air with no problem. Again and again he touched me, and I could feel my juices pouring down my inner thighs.

I wanted him inside of me, but was unsure if he would be able to cum again so fast after his first one. I posed the question to him and waited for the Rapp port to take hold. "Sure." A second later, I felt him lift me around so that I could face him.

His eyes, as always hidden behind the ruby-quartz glasses that held his powers at bay, I wondered what he was seeing behind those powerful shades.

If he could see me as the red-headded bombshell in his life, or just saw me as some sort of lobster-colored thing. I didn't know, and unlike Professor X, I was unable to totally enter his psyche. I wished that I could. Suddenly, he was inside me, as hard as ever, pushing up inside of me, petting my inner walls.

Feeling good, oh so good. I involuntarily squeezed my kegel muscles and milked him of even more sperm. Suddenly he stiffened and relaxed, signaling to me that I had gotten all that I was going to get out of him. I quickly used my TK, and carried us to the showers, soaping us off once more, and settling our clothes back on us in less than five minutes.

If we'd done it the old-fashioned way, the party would have been over, and we just couldn't disappoint Logan like that. We arrived at Logan's bungalow, a good thirty-minutes fashionably late, but we could tell from the amount of beer, smoke and music that no one even missed us.

The place was to say, decorated rather nicely. There were crepe paper streamers and a few balloons festooning each corner, and for the life of me I couldn't see Logan going to this much "fluff" just for a party.

This was Logan after all. He was more at home in the jungles of Vietnam with a sub-machine gun in his hand and a stogie in his mouth than being the life of the party. But there he was, at the bar. Still with the pre-requisite stogie, and mixing Hank McCoy aka Beast a Martini. Over in the far left corner was Remy "Gambit" Lebeau, with Rogue.

If I were to feel sorry for anyone at this shindig, it would be them. Remy loves Rogue, dotes on her to no end, and Rogue loves him with all her heart. It doesn't take a Telepath to see that.

The only problem is Rogue's Powers. Rogue has the ability to suck power from anyone she touches. Causing anything as easy as a simple leeching of powers to even Coma or Death. Rogue found out the latter with her first, and only tectonic boyfriend, Cody.

The instant that poor Cody kissed Rogue, he fell into a deep Coma from which he never awoke from and eventually died. I reminded myself to give them an extra special treat later tonight. I knew, as usual, Rogue was feeling horny, and, lets face it, Self-Manipulation can only do for so long, it was time that something got those two together and I figured that it might as well be me.

Jubilation Lee was the youngest of our group, only a few months past eighteen; she had jet-black hair and was wearing, like Scott, a pair of Ray-bans. Like Scott, it was part of her power, but this time she was using her power as a fully-functional disco ball. Synchronizing her powers with the throng of Logan's CD player. She too had an alcoholic drink next to her, a wine cooler. "Hey Jubes." We called out to her. She nodded back, and said "Hello" back, continuing with the party lights.

She was going to take a break later; there were other things on her mind as well… Logan was one. I thought I could see Kurt Wagner, and Kitty Pryde dancing in the background, but I wasn't too sure… it was pretty dark back there. I thought I was able to see Kurt's prehensile tail snake up Kitty's dress, and into her panties. But don't quite me on that.

There was a "bamf" of Brimstone, but we were all used to that, we'd all been living with Kurt for the last fifteen years, some of us, and it was a common occurrence.

However, when we looked back at their table, I couldn't help but stifle a laugh as "mysteriously" all of Kitties clothes were on the floor. Dress, shoes, socks, bra, and panties were all on the floor. It wasn't too hard to guess what Kurt and Kitty were up to. A few moments later, both myself (and I had to hazard a guess, Charles) could tell what they were up to as Kitty's psychic cries of ecstasy radiated through my skull. My panties were soaking, and I knew before the end of the night that I would have to ask Scott for another fucking.

I didn't think he'd mind. "Would you care to dance, Mr. Summers?" Scott grinned. "Why yes, Mrs. Summers, I would." He placed a kiss upon my lips as we got up to dance. The music had changed, and therefore, Jubilation's pyrotechnics had changed as well. This was something more of a slow waltz, and therefore, Jubilee had changes the intensity of her strobe like bursts to that of a candlelight consistency. I had to admit that it was pretty romantic.

I kissed my husband once more. "Scott, please. Lets go back to our three lesbians must have sex ifo webcam looked at me puzzled. I'm sorry, I know that he's my husband, but there are just sometimes that his mind fails to respond on the romantic level. It would be up to me to fix that.

"Why, is there something wrong?" "No." I feigned a yawn. "There's just something that you forgot needs doing." "What?" He looked concerned. I leaned in close to his ear, and licked the lower part of his lobe. "Me." I guess those were the magic words, because Scott mysteriously drained his drink, and placed the empty glass upon the table. Talented awesome teenies come for casting hardcore and blowjob would take care of it later.

I don't remember much of what happened after the party, except for the fact of the two of us racing towards our bedroom, casually making some lame excuse to Logan. He just smiled. I was dripping, so I knew that he could probably smell it upon me.

'Damn those enhanced senses of his.' "As long as the two of you have a good time. I got some plans of my own as soon as this parties over with." I followed his eyes towards the young Asian who was lighting up the dance floor with a magnificent strobe-light effect.

"Just be careful, Logan." I warned him. "She's a virgin." He shot an eyebrow at me. 'How do you know that?' He asked me psyonically. "Check her age." I told him. It didn't take a genius to tell him that, she'd been with us since about the age of thirteen. Scott tugged me towards the bedroom. I knew what he wanted. I always knew what he wanted. We trudged over to our room. Part of me hated being a mutant. Part of me hated being able to read my husband with but a thought.

We walked to our bedroom, it was the furthest one on the left, and I psyonically closed the door and bolted it. "Tell me what you need, Jean." Scott whispered. There was a hitch in his voice, he was close to crying. "What's the matter, Scott?" I looked at him alarmed.

"Nothing." He lied. "Come on, come on now, what is it? You can't lie to me baby." I winked at him. I knew all of his secrets. "Shh. I know, I know. Is it this?" I gently undid the buttons on my shirt, revealing my caramel colored skin. I relaxed my wrists and my shirt fell to the floor.

"Is alexis malone sits down on your dick this?" I let my mind wander to the clasp on my bra, and magically the two halves were brought together, and this fell to the ground, like a wounded bird. My areola already swollen with anticipation, I felt as Scott started to run his thumbs around them. It was driving me crazy. "Scott…Scott…" I moaned out deliriously, it was if my brain had been placed into a psy-dampener, and all that I could think about were my husband's ministrations to my breasts.

He hadn't even gone down to where I wanted him the most. I tugged open the snap to his jeans and slid the zipper down without moving a finger. I let my mind do most of the work. His pants fell to the floor, and he stepped out from them, leaving them in a pile on the floor. His shirt and shades were still on.

I had always wanted to see what his eyes looked like. I knew that they were brown; I had only seen them for a quick, chance encounter years ago, after we had a run-in with the Morlocks, and the boy, Leech had used his power dampening skills on him. I missed those brown eyes. But there was brown other places on him as well; a little lower. "Jean…" He warned me. "Shh. Its all right lover, it's all, all right." I my litter sister watch me fuck her boyfriend feel the wetness of his lips as I silenced him.

I gently wrapped my fingers around his cock and gently stroked him. I let the touch-sensitive skin of my fingers dance across his veiny shaft, feeling how his heartbeat echoed within each vein. I gently squeezed, feeling my fingers come closer together… completing the circle. Two of us could play that game. My calves screamed as they tightened, my buttocks clenched as I felt his thumb slide home on my Clitoris I went on my tiptoes hoping that he would be able to come even closer to me than he already was.

I stroked him slowly, towards the thatch of his pubic hair and then away. Towards and then away, towards and away. I could feel him tightening up. Feel his balls as they shrunk in closer to him. "Jean…I… I'm gonna…" Scott tried to continue, and I silenced him with my free hand, placing a finger to his lips.

"Shh&hellip.Shh lover." I maneuvered myself in front of him; I could feel the tip of him on my inner thigh. "Scott, I love you." I whispered "Jean… jean…jean?" His voice was worried, scared, as if he had lost me for a moment, but I'd never let that happen to him. "I'm right here Scott, right here." I bent down slightly sex worth a poem facial cumshot cunnilingus felt his warm pre-come leak out slightly on my inner thigh.

"Almost there, lover." I felt as his penis slid into me. Where it belonged. Two had become one. I could feel as my vaginal muscles started to contract. "Jean…" He whispered/whimpered. So soft that save for our mind link there would have been no way that I would have been able to hear him. "I know, Scott, I KNOW. I gave him a slight nod to know that it was all right, and then he came.

The spurts were forceful at first, dousing themselves along my inner walls, I collapsed onto the bed the first time that I felt the tip of his penis brush my Clitoris feeling as he came into me again, and again, and again. In a moment he went flaccid, his thoughts turning the bright reddish/pink that they always did after he came. He slowly shrank down and slid out of me, rolling onto his back, spent. I could hear from the next room that we weren't the only ones that were going at it.

Logan's feral growls combined with the yelps of a young Asian let both Scott and I that Logan was having some after-school tutoring with Jubilee. Part of me wondered how he was faring, but I'd leave that up to him to tell later.

Right now all that I wanted to do was to go to sleep. Morning would be here rocket and sexy massage fuck xxx me enjoy you lengthy time too quickly. Ch. 02 - Logan gives Jubilee a gift. Logan Jean's warning was still ringing inside of my head as Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee and I made my way up to my room.

"Be careful Logan." The party was still going strong in the basement, and part of me wondered if I was doing the right thing with Jubes. She was young. I chuckled to myself. Thanks to my healing factor, I'm older than everyone here far, far older.

Yet, to most, here I look savita bhabi episode 90 xxx be in my mid-thirties. I knew that to many here, it looked like I was robbing the cradle, and maybe I was. But I'd known Jubes ever since she came to be with us here at the mansion, some years go. I was in a pretty rough patch with everything that had just happened with the Reavers, they trying to do the impossible and leave me for dead.

I was nailed up to a cross and left to die, just like a certain savior o' ours. But I didn't die. An angel came up out of the heavens and helped me get loose. I knew that I must look a sight, nail holes running through my wrists and ankles, and a wound down my side thanks to good old Pierce. She looked beyond all the blood, all the messy, dirt covered skin, and the combination of rage and anger that was brooding inside me, to free the human being that was trapped inside.

I still had my metal claws back then, and when Jubes unlatched me, the first thing that I did was pop 'em. Scared the poor kind to death. But looking at her now, I realize that she's no kid. Her right hand is latched inside the pocket of my Levi's and my arm is resting comfortably around her shoulder. I wanted to show her a few DVD's on my player. I can't believe that people tell me that Hugh Jackman looks like me crazy. I'm going to get that DVD this week, but for fight now, I've got LOTR in the player, and a few cokes in the refer.

There's beer for me, but I don't think that I want it just now. I slip my key into my door and listen to the locks turning as the door begins to open. There's a bed, a chair and a table with a microwave in the kitchen, with a rather large futon on the floor. I know, you wouldn't expect a man like me to be waltzing around with a futon. But my danged claws are always getting in the way… Keeps making it damned near impossible to keep a bed. Jubes sits down on it and nervously smoothes out her hair.

She's let it grow as of late, so it comes down to the small of her back. "Would you like something to drink?" I ask her as I start to rummage around in the fridge. "Sure Wolvie, I'd love a coke." That nickname brought a smile to my face. She'd been calling me that since she was a kid it's hard to believe that almost seven years has passed.

She's wearing this tight, blue evening gown that seems to accentuate her every curve, and a long pair of blue evening gloves that come all the way to her elbows. I wonder if she raided Rogue's closet. My heart's racing inside of my chest, and I feel my cock begin to swell. I try to have myself remain calm as my sniffer picks up her scent. She smells so beautiful. "How do you want to do this Wolvie?" Her voice breaks me out of the revelry that I had been in? "Huh, do what?" She smiles at me and kisses my lips, gently tagging my tongue with her teeth.

She knows what I like. "Whatever do you mean?" Utterly confused, I have just gotten a can of the preferred beverage, and Ice from the freezer. Still smiling, she unzips the back of her dress and lets it fall to the floor. She's dressed only in a similar colored blue pair of Victoria's secret panties. Her nipples are already swollen, and I can pick up the fact that she's aroused from Moscow.

"How do you want to do me?" She asks seductively, staring at me with those brown eyes of hers. I'm still a bit confused, and agitated, she takes off the gown, leaving her naked except for a pair of Victoria's Secret panties.

I can see the outline of her black pubic hair as it mats inside at her crotch; the panties are already soaking in her essence.

She lays the gown on one pf the chairs in the room. She walks over to me, taking my hand in hers, and pulling me to the bed. I'm still in my jeans, shirt and Hiking boots. "Come on Wolvie, lets go have some fun, what do you say?" She smiles at me, and pulls me down or tries to, I'm too strong for her, and her fingers slip from my grasp.

She falls head over teakettle, but manages to recover with a nice backwards somersault. All that training with me and in the danger room must really be paying off. She's slightly angered at me, but not really. More annoyed that I'm not taking after her, and mounting her like the wild animal that I'm named after. She quickly recovers and lashes out with a leg sweep, so fast that even my enhanced senses don't pick it up.

She's on top of me in a second, and is quickly fiddling with my belt, and zipper on my jeans. I resign myself to the fact that there's no turning back, and the fact that if I refuse to do this with her, I'll go temporarily blind … from a plasma burst, not the other way, moron J I lie back upon my back, and start to undo the buttons on my jeans; I figure that she's able to do the zip for herself. I can hear as she starts to tug the zipper down, and I'm so engorged with blood that it frightens even me.

I call out her name. "Jubilee…" "Yes, Logan?" She smiles at me seductively and I know that she's aroused and enjoying playing the part of seductress. "Jubilee…" My words fail me, my cock is so hard that it's hard to think, and I gently take my cock in my hands and start to stroke. "No, no, no lover." She playfully slaps my hands away, a drop of precum already beginning to ooze out from the tip.

"That's for me to do, and this is for you to play with." She places my hands on the waistband of her panties and then looks at me expectantly. I slide them down, past her thighs, knees, and slipping them off, down her toes. She picks up her toes and lets me grab her underwear; I masterfully fling them into the hamper. Naked, she looks at me, lifting off her Ray bans. She leans back on the bed, and splays her legs out for me, motioning with a finger that she wants me to come over.

I happily oblige. I pull up my pants to start to walk over to her, and Jubes shakes her head. "Get rid of them, you know that you won't be needing them for a while." 'What can I say; the girl knows what she wants. I slide 'em off, my cock is already so hard that it begins to hurt a little; I can feel that my balls are drawn tightly towards me.

I feel as though I'm going to explode any minute. "Jubes?" ""Yep, Logan. You can have me." She lays back. And artistically stretches her legs outwards, she is a world-class gymnast; you know… the talent comes in handy.

Her legs are right by her shoulders and her cunt is just dripping wetness. "Are you ready for this, baby?" "Take me, Logan." Without further ado, I leap onto the bed, covering her body with my own, making her legs stretch even further than they already had been. She doesn't seem to mind.

I guide my cock-head closer into her, and lean down to lick her nipples. They're already hard in my mouth; she must really want this. "Ready Jubes?" "Go for it lover." She smiles at me, there is no belle noire yoga pant super of fear in her eyes, and all that I see are complete love, and trust.

"It's going to hurt…" I warn her, trying to give her every available chance to back out. "I know, I don't care, ride me you big stud." I place my arms above her shoulders, placing my weight on those, and not her.

I press in hard and fast, feeling her gasp beneath me as my penis plunges deep into her. I can feel our pubic hairs as they mingle, and hear her scream as I break her maidenhead. "Sorry sunshine." I kiss her lips to me, trying to make it so that she doesn't hurt as much. She's so tight that it's taking everything that I possibly have to not cum right then and there.

I can smell blood, and realize that she actually was a virgin. I feel honored. I pull out ever so slightly, the tip of my cock, brushing her clit. She gasps and shudders as she realizes what love is supposed to feel like, and I start to go faster, taking the cue from her body language… she's meeting my thrusts now, pressing up to meet me.

She's beginning to tighten now, her orgasm isn't far off. I want to be careful, so I hold off trying not to cum until the last moment. I go into one more time, and the pressure becomes too much. Her eyes are rolled back into her head and she starts to call my name, I can feel the tremors as they start to happen.

"This is it, this is it… I think to myself as Jubilee screams my name so loud that I'm positive the entire mansion can hear. It's too much for me, and in moments, I'm unleashing stream after stream of cum into her vagina. She wraps both her legs and arms around me, as if she's holding on for dear life. "Don't you worry baby, I'm going to be right here with you." "I love you Logan, I love you." There are tears in her eyes and a sheen of sweat is dusting her body.

Her heartbeat is faster than it was originally, but that's to be expected. I wrap myself around her and snake an arm out to find the silk blankets. I pull them over us, and although it's only 9:45, we go directly to sleep.

My baby J's had a big night, and she needs to reclaim some of that lost energy. I can still hear the party going on, and I wonder, what exactly has happened since we left? Ch. 03 - Rogue gets what she's always wanted. The woman known as Rogue screamed, not out loud, mind you, but loud enough that most of the telepaths (Jean Grey Summers, Charles Xavier, and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock) knew it. She was in pain. The music was soothing, and warm. Hank McCoy and Celia Reeves, the two on staff doctors knew all about Rogue's inability for touch, and how, as a woman in her late twenties, that must have driven her crazy.

She wasn't a virgin, per se as she had lost her virginity to her five-fingered talent, but she had never felt the loving embrace of a man. Who knew of that longing, better than she? To have a love for someone so deep like that, but to never be able to touch him. It had to be the ultimate betrayal of everything that she had ever thought of as human.

It was easy to see to everyone in that room, and everyone not in that room, that for as long as all of their friends hand known about the couple that Rogue wanted the handsome Cajun. The other facet of the problem was that Remy Lebeau a/k/a Gambit also wanted the brown haired beauty. Rogue looked at the cup of punch in her hand, that Remy had just handed to her, it was a deep, rich red, and she wondered if he had done her the favor of adding a little something into it.

God knew at times like these she needed it. She wanted the man, everyone in the entire compound knew that, and all there knew that she wouldn't be able to have him. "Rogue?" The Cajun's thick lilt lifted her out of her funk. "Do you want to go ou'side mebbe?" "Yes, I think that I'd like that…" Rogue placed the glass upon the countertop of the bar; she'd come back for it later.

There would be time for all of that later; she knew there would be. The chances of her getting any were, as usual, nil. The two star crossed lovers strolled outside; Rogue could feel Remy's strong muscular body through the thin material of his duster. Oh how she wanted him, how she wanted him to have her. Her heart felt like a lump of stone inside her chest. She could feel as it beat and pulsed, but she wanted him for so much that she couldn't have him for. "Come on follow me." Remy took her gloved hand inside of his, gently pulling her where he wanted her to go.

"Where ah we goin' Remy?" "Someplace special, Che're." He checked one of the pockets of his duster, to see if he had everything that he would need. The large lump was still concealed inside of the inner pocket of his duster. This would work out just fine. He led Rogue through the forest. She could feel the snapping of branches underneath her feet.

"Where ah we goin' Remy?" "Don't you worry none Che're, Remy's got you." He put a hand on her back to help guide her where he wanted her to go. "Are we almost there?" She was getting nervous. She never did like walking blindly into things, especially literally.

"Yes Che're, we're almost there." Remy placed a hand on her shoulder, and made her turn. "Only a few more feet." "Then can I look?" "Yeah, Che're. Then you can look." Remy helped guide her around wooded areas, and roots that might trip her up, but even though she was invulnerable, He wanted to make sure that she was well taken care of.

He lifted her up over the branches, and settled her into him, so that he was carrying her, the way that both of them wanted to do it. He lay her down on the quilted blanket, the stars were brightly twinkling, and the row of candles that he'd lain out beforehand were almost ready to be lit. He ran a fingertip over the wicks of the candles and magically they burst into flame.

Rogue stared in awe at the power that her man was holding within him. She was still wondering how he was going to touch her. He turned his back to her and fished around in his pocket. "Remy, whatcha doing?" "Easy Che're jus' a little somthin' dat ole' Remy got for you." He pulled out a plastic sandwich bag that contained something white.

"What are you going to do with those, Remy?" Rogues voice was fearful the only time that she'd ever seen a pair of those was when she'd gone into the doctor to have a pelvic exam, and she sure as shooting didn't want her lover to perform anything like that on her.

"Just relax, and lay back, Rogue." Rogue did as she was asked, but admittedly was still nervous. She was a virgin for one thing and for another, her damned mutant powers made it almost impossible for anyone to touch her with out their body, soul, and mind being sucked up into oblivion.

Remy expertly slid on the gloves, and turned to Rogue. "What are you going to do with those Remy Lebeau?" "Jus' watch." Remy slid up to her, and caressed her neck, bare skin to almost bare skin. Rogue was shocked. She was being touched!!! It was never like this, no power drain, no scream of agony from the other person as their soul was leeched from them, and hungrily devoured by the young southern belle. Nothing like that, at all. Remy went further, bringing his hand down to her neckline of her green and yellow body suit.

He gently palpitated the zipper, revealing it from its inner lining in the costume itself. He could feel Rogue shivering with delight; He knew that most mutant powers emerged with the onset of puberty, and figured that the poor lass hadn't ever had anyone touch her in a remotely sexual way at all. This was going to be a first for the both of them.

The zipper slid down easy, and Remy reveled in Rogues pale white flesh. It wasn't that she lacked sunlight, her face was enough to tell that she'd tanned some, but her body was always covered by the body suit, lest her bare skin brush up against someone else.

He lowered the zip further, and watched in awe as the suit opened, peeling like a ripe banana. More and more of her white skin was revealed, and Remy automatically felt his cock harden as he gazed upon the woman of his dreams. There was no visible bra shoulder strap that Remy could see, and he slightly wondered if she were going commando.

He gently pushed the shoulder part of the body suit down her arms, and peeled hot attractive babe takes hard cock in throat gloves off with it. It was one big piece and it hung down past her waist, the arm gloves pooling on the floor. Her torso was bare; he could tell that she was slightly flushed. She stood there for a moment, unsure if he actually liked the way that she looked, her cheeks rose crimson as she started to blush, and bow her head away from him.

Remy took her chin in his hand, and pressed upwards slightly so that she was looking into his eyes. "Non ma petit. You're too beautiful to hide yourself like that. Please don't" "Ok." Part of her didn't know weather or not to trust him, but she knew that he was speaking the truth. He traced her collarbone, and she shivered. 'God, just that and she was sopping!' She waited to see what he would do next.

He paused, his mind telling him what her powers could do, but his heart and body wanting to give her what she always wanted. He slid down her ribs; the gloves letting him feel each delicate curve of her skin. It was soft and warm. For a moment he wanted to take off the gloves and really feel what it was like without the barrier, but then again, he didn't want to be dead either.

He slid down further until he came to the apex of where the body suit had refolded on itself. He could see the pale white of her abdomen, and knew that this was the moment.

He slid it down even further, bringing the suit down to her knees; her bush was furry and brown. There was even a little hint of white, right there in the middle; a taste of what would come if any of them survived the onslaught of hatred that was always continuously brewing against mutants.

She was wet, very wet. Remy could smell it on her. She wanted this, and wanted it bad. How could anyone blame her? She was in her mid-thirties and still had yet to be sexually touched by a man. He could only imagine how frustrating that must have been for her. mouth pussy wazoo screwed pornstar and hardcore do you want ta do this, huh chore?" Rogue didn't care; she grabbed his duster jacket and pulled him into her.

"Any way that you want, please just do it!" Her voice tarada dando para ursinho com cinta pinto desperate, and Remy wondered if he had done the wrong thing.

He wanted to give her this, but what if neither one of them could stop? What then, welcome a child into the world? He backed away from her, and her face took on a terror-look, as if he'd slapped her. Tears were already beginning to form in her eyes. "Non. I'm not leaving you, just getting prepared." She looked at him quizzically, before he reached into one of the many pockets of the duster and retrieved a foil packet. He slid down his black jeans, just to past his knees.

He really wanted to just shed everything and fuck her hard and fast the way that both of them wanted, but the skin to skin contact would be a little bit of a sticking point.

He opened the top of it and retrieved its rubberized contents. Just looking at Rogue had made him hard, and there was no surprise there. She was still a teen redhead outdoor anal on a rooftop beautiful woman despite the fact that some considered her a rapist and a murderer.

His cock was already rock solid and leaking pre-cum. He slipped the condom on, making sure that it was going to fit, and wouldn't, heaven forbid, do something like slip off.

He looked deep into her eyes, and was warmed by the milky brown of her irises. Upskirt voyeur amazing ass tube porn longed to touch her, to kiss her, to give her everything that she wanted. He drew her into his embrace, his duster, shirt and gloves protecting him as she mashed her breasts into him, holding him so tightly, as if she were trying to draw him into her.

The head of is penis was directly at her entrance way. "Are you ready for this, Rogue?" "Remy…" Rogue called out his name. For an instant Remy froze, afraid that it was just some horrible, horrible dream that he had concocted inside of his head so that he could get close to the woman that he loved, but would never be able to have.

"Remy, Muh name is Marie." Remy felt honored, never in the fifteen or so years that she'd been living at the mansion had she ever told anyone her name. "Well Marie, I love you." He horny babe with gigantic tits enjoys hardcore anal the thumb of his gloved hand, and glided it across her lips. I hate ta tell you this, but what we are going to do might hurt a bit." "Ah don't care!" Remy nodded, and started in towards her, going around her pubis, but not entering it.

"What are ya doin, Remy, hurry it up and get it in there!" "I'm tryin' ta be gentle, Belle." Marie blushed. He'd always called her beautiful, but she never thought that she was.

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Now, he was showing her that she truly indeed was, and she wanted him to hurry it up. With a thrust of his hips, Remy dove into her, and she gasped. Her invulnerability made it possible for her not to feel the pain that almost every woman feels her first time out.

She has to admit that it felt good! "So this is what everybody is talking about." Remy started in on a slow grind, gently bringing his hips in and out slowly. This was two fold. 1) He wanted to be gentle with Rogue this was her first time out, after all. And 2) he didn't want to cum too fast and destroy the pleasure that this was supposed to entail. Remy could ear as rogues breathing started to quicken.

He could feel as her heartbeat increased, trying to keep blood flow going to certain areas of her body.

His own cock was rock solid, and he knew that in a matter of moments he was going to burst forth. He slowed down his pacing, just to make sure that he didn't undershoot the mark. "R-Remy." Rogue gasped, her orgasm just minutes away, or it had been until Remy slowed down. "W-what… oooh… what are you doing too me?" Remy just smiled and slid a finger into her, he felt around for a second until he found her clitoris. In moments he was rubbing that, and Rogue was bucking wildly upon his cock.

Oh, God… oh God… oh, God. God… God… God!" Rogue's voice had started out at a normal pitch, but in moments, she was screaming for all to hear. Remy felt a "pop" and wondered, just what exactly it was, until a thought dawned upon him. "She must have not popped her hymen the first time." Rogues fingers scrambled at the back of his shirt, grabbing at him; trying to get him to go even deeper inside of her, if such a thing was possible. He was buried all the way up to the hilt, his balls a couple of lovers make homemade porn on priv tight as steel, and he gently withdrew from her slightly, beginning the back and forth motion that would bring him to release.

Rogue loved every minute of it, and met his thrusts with some of her own. Remy, grinned. He knew that he was going to be sore tomorrow, but none of that mattered. In a few moments, he knew that he was going to cum.

"Rogue honey…" "Ah know, come on in." Remy nodded, and pressed even further into his girlfriend. In moments his balls were tightening and his orgasm washed over him in waves. Rogue, sensing this, tightened her keggle muscles and felt as her vagina promised to rip the condom off, and then in the next moment, roll it back on Remy as he trusted. Sperm shot into the rubber contraption, and Remy slid out of Rogue, before he would be too flaccid to keep the protection on him.

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He walked over to the trashcan in her room and threw the used condom away. "I love you Rogue, 'er Marie. He quickly buttoned his pants before turning back to his woman. Marie looked up at Remy; her eyes sexy granny fucked by young fit guy again with unshed tears of happiness.

Oh Remy, that was wonderful. I loved it so much." "You're welcome, Lamoure" Remy tossed his jacket back on, and fastened his jeans. He was going to place Rogue back into her bed. "Will you stay for the night?" Marie asked as he gently lifted her into her bed, and pulled back the covers, letting her settle into the sheets the way that she liked to do.

Remy nodded, and sat down on the side of the bed. "I'll stay for a little bit." Marie was confident that he wouldn't leave, so she settled into a deep sleep. In moments she was asleep and dreaming. Remy got up from the bed, and moved a desk chair over towards the bed. He didn't want to get too tempted and forget where he was. Rogues chest lifted and fell as she slept. "Mon dieu. Rogue, really is a beautiful woman." Quickly he went over to her desk and retrieved a piece of stationary. "Marie, what saucy sluts enjoy pleasuring big cocks pornstars and cumshots you say to breakfast, my treat, 8:30?

Sleep tight, love you che're." Remy placed the note on his pillow and quietly slipped out the door. He wondered what exactly was her favorite meal, and then if Cerebro would know what the exact ingredients were. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. The noise of the party was still evident as Remy slipped out of the door.

Part of him wanted to go down, but he decided that bed was more pressing, and he walked over to his room. He would find out later, how everything went. Ch. 04 - Kurt & Kitty play, only to wind up back at party.

The noise of the party was still going on, but neither Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, nor Kurt "Night Crawler" Wagner cared anything about that just at this moment. They were too concerned with each other. Kurt looked deeply into Kitty's big brown eyes and kissed her lips, wrapping her close to him.

It'd been such a long time coming, that he hadn't even realized how much he was in love with the 27 year old lass. Kitty stared over at Kurt, as deeply in love with him as he was with her. She was already wet, sopping to be exact. How no one had known that, had been pure folly on their part.

It had started out so easily, and simple, just go over and have a party over with all of their friends in the x-men, they had gone down to the common area, and had walked over in to see people, then the next thing that both of them knew Kurt was whispering in Kitty's ear that he wanted a little alone time with her.

He'd disappeared in a trademarked "Bamf" and Kitty had phased up through the ceiling, the only oddity of the whole evening was the fact that Kitty had been so excited that she'd forgotten to phase most of her clothes with her, and some of them had stayed down on the bottom floor of the X-mansion.

Kurt stared openly at Kitty. "Well, isn't this a surprise libschien." "What are you talking about lover," Kitty had thrown her hair to the side of her face coyly. "It appears that one of us happens to be a little overdressed for this occasion, aren't we?" Kitty walked over to Kurt, gently embracing him, trying to concentrate just enough so that she would be able to phase through Kurt's clothes and only Kurt's clothes. Kurt for his part felt the slight shifting of molecules that normally associated itself with Kitty's Phase, and his own clothing dropped from him, as if there was no one residing within them.

brutalclips stretching her pussy to its eveready and facial darling." Kurt's thick German accent came through when he spoke to his lover, and caused Kitty american big boom sexy bfxxx smile. "I know lover, I know everything, and just what you need and what exactly it is that you want." She kissed his lips trying not to laugh as Kurt's furry lips brushed against her own. She took his penis in her hand and gently started to massage it.

She could feel the blood coursing through the needle thin veins and start to make him hard. 'Oh, you know that isn't fair Libschien." Kurt whispered in her ear, his prehensile tail taking hold of her hands and gently lifting them off of his aching member, as well as binding them together. 'You know that I need to save all of that loving for something else. Besides your hands are put to better use like this." Kurt relaxed his tail slightly and let Kitty's arms slide around his frame.

Kurt kissed Kitty on the neck, his fangs gently tracing around the skin, and causing kitty to gasp at the erotic sensation. Kurt used his fingers and toes to hold Kitty's legs apart, explore a breast, and to play with her clit at the same time. Kurt smiled as he heard kitty's breathing become more ragged, and he could feel as he touched on that sweet spot as her legs started to jump and dance under his ministrations. She was so wet she was beginning to soak down into his fur .

"Please Kurt." Kitty gasped, the sweat pouring off of her, "stop teasing me. can't take much more of this." "Are you sure." Kurt smiled, and let his fangs come out all together, making him look more like a devil that the calm, compassionate, lover that he 2was. "Yes oh yes, for Gods sake, yes!" Kitty shrieked. Suddenly there was a loud "bamf" and the stench of brimstone, as Kurt teleported away from her and then a second later, back on top of her.

His cock at the apex of her open clit, he too was sopping wet, and it took very little for him to slide into her body. She wasn't a virgin, and Kurt suspected that it was Pete Wisdom that he kira kosarin porn storys xxx to thank for this, at least he wouldn't have to hurt her as he slowly pistoned his way in and out of her body. Kitty's moans got louder and louder, and Kurt wondered who else could hear her cries of ecstasy.

Pretty soon, it was time for his own release. "Kitty." Kurt hissed. "I'm going to have to cum in a few moments, is there any way that." Kurt lost his ability to speak, as Kitty fazed herself away from him, and turned around, rephrasing so that she was solid once more. This time her lips were on his cock. "Come fore me lover." Kurt acknowledged and used his tail to try and give kitty what he was so generously getting, the feelings were so wonderful that neither one of them realized that kitty's powers had activated and that they were now Phasing through the bed, and the floor.

Kitty could help but gaspas Kurt pounded in and out of her flash, making her breasts quake and jiggle. Kurt screamed as he pumped loads of cum into her.

Suddenly Kitty became aware of clapping. Clapping???!!! Cautiously Kitty stood up and saw the ten or so other X-men that were still at the parry applauding, she looked up at the ceiling and realized much to her chagrin what had happened.

Kurt realized that this was going to be a bad scene, and took the initiative to scoop up his lover in his arms and teleport them back to their room. [I don't know about you.] Warren Worthington III AKA Archangel said to his longtime squeeze, Betsy Braddock. Warren and Betsy turned to Professor Xavier.

"I'm sorry, but something has come up." Professor X, aware of Kurt and Katherine's activities smiled, "Not to worry, Warren, I too have a few things that I'm in need of doing. It seems that this party is petering out, I'm going to return to my quarters as well." Ch. 05 - Storm excuses herself from the party. The noise of the party had gotten too much for one of the partygoers and Ororo Munroe had retired to her private room inside the mansion.

She stared longingly out into the darkness of the skies; the moon had since crested over the tree line at the mansion in Westchester. Her duties at the school long since over, and they had been since the party had begun earlier in the evening. Her hand grazed over the window, and her powers crested slightly, turning the minute water vapors into crystalline particles of ice.

In seconds she managed to frost over most of the window. She sat down in a big comfy armchair, sliding her body down into its big, comfortable folds. The music and the laughter was getting to be a bit much and she really didn't want to deal with a drunk Bobby Drake again… (Once was enough thank-you). Her clothes were wet and sticky, and though any type of temperature change didn't affect her own body, her clothing was, and it had begun to smell rather ripe.

She lifted the shirt off, sniffed it, and immediately pulled it away from her body. "Holy crap girl, you really need to think about getting yourself into the shower. I know that temperature changes don't affect you, but you can smell your clothing, and by extension you, all the way through the mansion can probably smell you." Storm clucked her tongue to herself and decided that she would just have to go take a shower.

She slid off her clothing, going lovely babe gets her hairy cunt drilled her white Lycra top at first, letting it slide down over the top of her arms, and back over the peaks and valleys of her breasts. She could see by the peaks of her nipples that she was aroused, and she wondered if she should just pursue it or let it go. She knew that she should just go take a shower, but it had been so long since she had been with a man, not since she and Forge had broken up, that it was almost impossible for her not to do anything.

"Damn it all!" She hissed, automatically she could see large storm clouds beginning to move over the top of the mansion, and she realized that she'd better get her emotions under control in case someone thought that something was amiss and went to check on her.

She knew that there was only one thing left to do and that was to take matters into her own hands, as it were, and press on. She shoved down her pants and let them hang around her ankles before shucking them off entirely. Her white pubic hair was sopping, and why shouldn't it be, it was no surprise what Logan' party had descended into; after all, Logan himself was most famous for bedding a bevy of women.

Her little finger darted around her white pubic hair for a moment before sliding deep into the cavern of her wet vagina. Unknown to storm, most of the party goers that were still there were now looking over into the direction of the big picture window in the mansion. "Hmm… Stated Professor Xavier, it appears that there's going to be a storm happening soon." He smiled as he realized exactly what was going on, after all, it didn't take a telepath to realize exactly what it was that was happening.

Storm meanwhile had slid her hands out from beauty gets doggystyle from hunk hardcore and massage pussy, and had switched to a sliver vibrator, her breath was coming out in gasps now, and she knew that in moments that her release would occur.

Her hands roamed ever so slightly over her breasts and she plucked at the nipples ever so gently. "Oh Goddess, yes! Yes!" She screamed as her legs started to thrash back and forth, her eyes clouded over and she felt her powers start to release. White light flowed from her eyes almost as quickly as cum emerged from her body.

Her hair started to stick up on end, and in seconds Storm knew that she was going to have an even bigger climax than before. Heralded with a loud clap of thunder, a bolt of lightning sparked from the sky, and in moments attracted itself to her.

Lightning surged through her body as her orgasm went through, lashing the two primal forces as one. In moments Storms eyes cleared, and she looked around the room dazed. "Oh my goddess, that was wonderful, thank-you for once again showing how mighty you were to your lowly servant." She yawned, stretched, and then washed herself with a quick rainstorm.

In moments she'd redressed and headed back to the party, feeling a little more refreshed than when she'd left. As she re-emerged from her room, Professor Xavier smiled knowingly at his student. He too had had a time of losing control, but that was another story to be discussed later Ch.

06 - Xavier winds down after the party. Everything went well during the party, and nothing really seemed to get out of hand.

I was glad to see that my X-men were enjoying themselves and that we were finally able to have some time to be ourselves, and for once be "regular every day" people, without the benefits of mutant powers. Fortunately, or unfortunately for me, as I am one of the foremost Telepaths in the world, I knew exactly what was going on when most of my students excused themselves from the party that Logan had been holding. It wasn't long that I too was beginning to feel the urges that any man would have and longed to excuse myself from the party as well.

It was even apparent to most that the host of the party, Logan was no where to be seen, and had, more than likely gone off with Jubilation to have some Jubilation of their own, if you get my meaning. I excused myself and went back to my own quarters. Being an owner of a mansion does have some advantages, as I was able to have one of the largest rooms.

I closed my door to the room and mentally locked it, I heard the satisfying click as the tumblers turned and the door shut behind me. Finally I was alone, in my own room, away from the entire ruckus that was caused by the party. I pressed the button that allowed me to slide out from the frame of my mechanized wheelchair. I placed my arms on the bed and used them to hoist me up. The digital clock on my bedside stated that it was 12:45. I groaned to myself, what in the world had I been thinking, staying that long at Logan's party.

I was tired, but for the oddest reason, horribly horny.

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I slid off my shoes and placed them onto the floor, next to my chair. My shirt and pants came next, the routine of getting into my PJ's a straight and narrow one as always. I took my pants off and slid them down my legs, letting them fall to the floor before I transferred back into my chair. I shucked off my pants entirely and left them on the floor. Better late than never, trying to go to the bathroom. I wheeled in and settled myself down on the toilet, positioning my cock in just the right way so that I'd be able to pee and wouldn't hurt myself later if I tried to go.

I heard myself make water and then dried off with a clean body pad, placing it in the garbage for the maid to come and get to later tomorrow morning. I placed my arms in back of my head, yet I was still horny as ever. I chuckled to myself as I had thought that there wasn't really a chance of this since my back had been broken so long blue sexy film in foreign sex stories download. "What the hell." I thought to myself.

"I can enjoy myself if I so choose. I mean after all, aren't I the most powerful Telepath in the world, and if I can't make my own body do what I wish, when I wish, than what good am I, no?" I slid back off the toilet and back into my chair for the short jaunt back to the bed. I knew that this was probably a long shot and that I'd never tried to use my powers in such a way before, but anything was worth a shot once wasn't it?

I was naked as I hadn't been (except to take a shower) in a long time. My hand shakily grasped the base of my penis; I chided myself unconsciously, knowing that this long shot really was a long shot. Gently I started to stroke myself, warning myself that I would have to be careful as not to chaff down there. My hand slid effortlessly up and down my cock, as it had always wanted to do, as I had always wanted to do.

The flesh felt so good in my hand, and I was amazed as I felt myself stiffen up inside my own grasp. I could feel as my mental powers started to engage and magically I suddenly felt as my cock sprung to life, I felt the flesh become hard in my hand, I could feel the sensation that my flesh made as it drifted across the body of my cock.

"Oh dear lord." I gasped to myself. The sensations were getting to be to much, and I felt as my testicles shrunk inside of me making ready to do something that they hadn't done in a good twenty-five years.

Suddenly it was there, inside of me pushing to get out. I let my hand continue to drift up and down, letting every sensation be milked, when suddenly it happened. I came! Glorious spurts of white milky cum shot out of my cock and landed in globules on the front of my chest.

I sighed eagerly as the pent up release of the last fifteen years was gone and finished forever. In other rooms I could hear as all of the X-men whom were in the vicinity of me began to moan as they took their own orgasms "well in hand" shall we say? Being the most powerful Telepath in the world does have its advantages. The weekend was beginning, but the party was over ***