Cory chase lexi luna go ham or go home

Cory chase lexi luna go ham or go home
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Ryan came into my room the next day, looking bewildered. "Mom saw us, didn't she." "Yeah, I saw her too but I didn't want to freak you guys. I talked to her.

She's pretty cool about it. Mom's kind of a swinger." I could see a bulge in his pants. "She's acting kind of weird around me an Tim today. She keeps looking at us funny and just now in the hall she kind of brushed her hand against the front of my pants and said 'I hear it's thick.'" "She's just messing with your head. I told her everything about us and besides, she saw you up my butt. I told you, she's cool about it. Actually, I povd stranded blonde fucked hard by rescuer what she really wants to do is join in.

She told me she likes groups and girls and likes it up the ass." BODY: "That would be so cool. I've beat off a lot thinking about doing shit with her. Wow, you mean mom would let us fuck her?

Maybe even fuck her butt?" "My guess is yes. You want me to see if I can set it up? I think it would be really hot to see you guys boning mom." "Would you? I mean would you let her do you too?" "Well, everybody says Patty Choi at school eats pussy.

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She's kind of cute and I thought about maybe letting her do me. Yeah, I guess I'd let mom do me if she wanted to. She's pretty hot. She's got a really hot body and sometimes when I listen to her fucking somebody I jill off like crazy." "Oh, god, I would love to see you and her eat each other you and Mom I mean. Actually, it would be pretty hot to see you with that Chinese chick too. She may be a dyke but she's got mom thought i was dad really cute ass." "I don't think she's a real Lesbian, I think she just eats pussy." I giggled, "You and Tim eat pussy and you're not Lesbians.

I like to get boned by you and Tim, but I think I'd like to eat pussy with Mom." Ryan's a pretty horny kid in any circumstances, but I think this talk about Mom was really making him nuts.

His dick was swelling up so big inside his pants now I could see he was uncomfortable. I was getting pretty gooey myself, so I figured we could help each other. I said, "Take it out and I'll blow you." "I think mom is downstairs. She might come up." I smiled, "Yeah, she might," and fished his dick out of his pants. He was hard, of course, and the tip had already started to leak a little. I had him all slobbery in about a minute and was trying to see how much of that thick thing I could work down my throat when I saw mom standing in the doorway.

This time she had her hand in her pants and I had no doubt she wanted me to continue. This time Ryan saw her too, but instead of getting freaked he just got hornier. His dick started to throb and I had to squeeze him really hard at the base to keep him from squirting. I figured this little grouping had potential and I wasn't ready for it to end.

I pulled my mouth off Ryan for a second, drooling all over my front, soaking my t-shirt. I pulled it over my head and then pointed Ryan's dick at mom. "Hi mom, want some?" She smiled. "Thanks, I just ate." Just then I saw Tim over her shoulder. He was smiling and reached around her and put his hands over hers where they were working her pussy. She started grinding back against him.

I heard Ryan breathe, "Oh, wow." I figured if mom and Tim were going to show off like that, Ryan and I could put on a little show of our own. "C'mon Ryan, show mom how you like to fuck my butt." I grabbed some lube off my nightstand and got on my knees. The lube was water-based and his dick was pretty sloppy so I loaded up my butt with it and he slid in real easy. I had positioned myself so mom and Tim could see him go in.

I heard Tim, moving around from behind mom, still in his T-shirt but naked from the waist down, say to mom, "Chelsea really likes it in the behind." And mom said, "So do I, baby, so do I." Soon mom was next to me, her head resting on her folded arms, turned facing me, while Pornstar sunni leoni studidown load plowed her from behind.

I assumed he was up her ass. She was kind of purring and looked a little stoned. We both got it this way for a while, then I told Ryan, "Pull out a second. I wanna see." He backed off and I got up to get back where I could see Tim fucking Mom. He had it up her butt alright.

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A couple times he pulled back and out all the way and she was just gaping wide open. It was really cool. Ryan said, "Come on, Tim, I wanna try." "Fuck you, man, you've got Chelsea" Mom's voice kind of floated up. "Tim, honey, give your brother a turn. You've got to learn to share." I thought that was pretty funny, but Tim looked disappointed. Ryan was behind Mom and up her ass quick and I could see from the expression on her face she could tell he was a lot thicker.

I tried to help Tim with his disappointment by chowing down on his cock. I could taste Mom's ass on it but it tasted about the way it did when I'd pull one out of my butt so I didn't have a problem with it. Mom saw me do it and that seemed to crank her up a little more. Ryan gave it to her pretty good and she was moaning and then Tim just unloaded in my mouth. I didn't start swallowing right away, but kind of held it in my mouth and I heard Mom say, "Chelsea, come give Mommy a kiss." She sucked all that cum out of my mouth, and then spit it back.

A lot dribbled out during the transfer so we were pretty messy. Ryan gets off on seeing that kind of stuff and he started unloading up Mom's butt. I yelled, "I bts glamour model audition only at xxx some!" and went back to get the last couple of squirts after pulling him out of her butt. After I finished him off there was a lot running out of her asshole and she looked really sexy the way she was gaping and the way her pussy was looking so good all gooey underneath and I though hell, if I'm going to try eating pussy this was as good a time as any.

Actually, I started on her asshole, because that's where the cum was and then kind of worked around underneath her until she was kind of spread out on my face. She started grinding down on my mouth and coming all over the place. I decided I liked pussy and that as long as I had a face, mom would have a place to sit.

When the guys got hard again they took turns boning me while Mom licked and sucked my pussy, their dicks and my asshole. They both unloaded in my butt and Mom had me sit on her mouth while she sucked it out.

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We lasted a lot longer than the guys did, though they each managed to come a third time before the evening was over. Of course after our family became a lot closer. It's not like all we did was fuck or couldn't relate normally. But when somebody was horny it was pretty easy to find one or two other people to play with without going out of the house.

But still, we knew it was a big world out there