Oops i swallowed and i cant stop scene anarchy

Oops i swallowed and i cant stop scene anarchy
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I had started a job as a Resident Registered Child Carer in a care home for homeless or orphaned kids, aged 11 to 15. These kids, considered adults at 16, had to leave whether they had anywhere to live or not. **I was 43 and divorced with two grown up sons, living on my own in a comfortable flat in the city.

I had always wanted to be involved with youngsters in some way and when a vacancy opened up for a Carer, I jumped at the chance. After police and reference checks, I started work three weeks after my final interview.** Having found my way around the home, I settled in very quickly, getting to know the boys and girls, and starting to make friends with both them and the rest of the staff. My duties were all encompassing, from helping to keep rooms tidy, preparing meals to being 'father confessor' to the kids.

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Mostly my hours were day time based so my evenings and nights were my own. I did have optional days off, to go back to my own home, but could work them instead so earning more money. Within a couple of weeks of being there, I was already having several girls, and boys, coming with small problems on which they wanted advice or help.

This could happen at any time of the day or night as, having my own room in the home, I was to all intents and purpose, on call 24/7. There were several of the young girls which really drew my attention; nubile, vulnerable, sad and with little hope of any real future. My heart went out to them in particular, and at times, hot milf cece stone fucks her step son did my penis, seeing them in their rooms, escorting them into town dressed in short skirts and tank tops when we went into town to do some shopping, even having to accompany some of the more difficult ones to the showers!

These youngsters were effectively at my beck and call, just as much as I was to them.

I quickly realised that I could have a lot of influence and power here, making myself available day or night to them. I let it be know that they could come and see me at any time, even when I was off duty, all they had to do was come to my room, I would be there for them.

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It was not permitted for staff to have any child in his/her room at any time, so I had to carefully arrange that the kids could come and see me, when they wanted to. The response was not what I had expected - I suddenly had several of them all descending on me at the same time but organising a form of rota and system I was able to arrange that any of them was able to see me more or less whenever they wanted.

Several became regular visitors, sneaking into my room after 'lights out' and sitting on the edge of my bed, pouring out their little hearts and looking for solace. Initially, I was the 'carer', trying to understand their problems or concerns and giving them the best advice I could, occasionally having (?) to give a hug or cuddle of reassurance or comfort.

Not only did I enjoy having them wrapped in my arms or sitting on my knee, but it seemed to give them comfort and confidence, not just in themselves, but in me too. This physical contact was, I discovered, probably the one most important thing missing from their lives. No family, few friends apart from those they managed to make in the home - what they badly needed was someone to love them, to hold them and tell them how important and needed they were.

Gemma was a favourite of mine, 12 years old, slim with fair hair and a body which had started to develop. She would come quite often an evening, just for the company I learned, and sit and talk for ages about her life and how she felt about things.

She also wanted to know about boys and sex; none of the female carers would listen to her, saying, "Don't worry, when the time comes, you'll know"!

I would sit her on my knees, her legs astride mine, and caress her soft flat tummy while explaining how her body worked and what boys wanted at her age. "Tell me" she would say, so I explained the facts of life to her, and where important parts of her body were.

I noticed that she seemed to get quite agitated during these talks but put it down to embarrassment. It was several days after that, that she returned and wanted me to show her. In between times, Cara, another gorgeous and developing 14 year old that I had fantasised about, 'attached' herself to me. Everywhere I went I seemed to bump into her; she was like a shadow that never faded.

"Roger", she said "Can I come and see you tonight?" She arrived long after lights out. I was asleep having given her up, but was woken with a rustling of bedclothes and a soft warm body being pressed against mine. (I never locked my door - that way, the kids could come in and see me at any time). As I struggled up to the surface of conciousness, young arms wrapped themselves round my middle and snuggled in close, like spoons in a drawer.

"I've come for help", said a voice in my ear, "Will you show me how to have sex?" I was not too surprised, I had always intended that at some stage, some of these young nubiles would come clammering at my door, looking for more than just a kind word!

Cara was the first, and she had come after all, so THIS is what she wanted! I rolled over to face her, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. "I'm glad you came" I whispered, "You are beautiful and I've wondered if you would ever come". She pressed tighter into me as I put my arms around her, feeling the warmth of her breasts and stomach against my body and the softness of her skin. Her breast were firm and rounded with little pink nipples which, even now fuck sensual beauty of the beasts the intersection japanese and asian erect and stiff.

Her stomach was just developing the soft roundness of a girl starting puberty and her thighs, pushed hard against mine, generated an intense heat. I ran my hands up and down her back, from the nape of her neckdown between her shoulder blades to the slim waist and the roundness of those delightful buttocks. My penis started to tingle and the blood in my body to pump faster. She lifted her right leg over on top of my thighs opening her bum cheeks.

Sliding my hand round and under her bum, I slid my fingers across her anus and between the lips of her labia, feeling the softness of her sparse hairs surrounding her cunny. She was hot and slightly moist, her little clitoris already stiffening under my caress.

She pressed the entire length of her body harder against mine, her breathing quickening, her fingers digging in to my back. Rolling her onto her back, I kissed her lips again this time sliding my tongue in her mouth then kissing down the curve of her neck to her breasts.

Flicking my tongue across and round those hard nipples and taking them into my mouth and sucking, was a trigger for my dick to let me know that it/he was very interested and coming up to investigate.

I continued kissing and licking down her stomach and the valley of her groins, feeling the tickle of pubic fur before sliding my tongue between the top of her pussy. Her legs spread wide allowing me to slide down between her legs and run my tongue between her small pussy lips.

As my tongue slid into her crack, a small gasp escaped her lips and she arched her back, pushing those rounded breast out and into my exploring hands.

She opened her legs wide apart and pushed her hips up towards my munching mouth, her clit now fully erect and her opening wet, a mixture of my saliva and her own love juices. As I pushed my tongue into her vagina, she groaned and 18 school xxxxx story sex stories ful 20198 my head hard into her, wriggling her buttocks and winding her legs round my back.

The more I licked and sucked her now wet cunt, driving my tongue into her hole, the more she writhed and pulled me hard into her, groaning and gasping and bucking. I knew that she was heading for an orgasm so redoubled my efforts of flicking my tongue over her clit, diving into her canal at the same time playing with her tits and nipples. A shuddering, gasping and bucking signalled her cuming and she flopped back, panting rapidly.

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"Wow, that was something foxy latina minx has her beaver plugged, she whispered, pulling me up the bed towards her.

"Enjoy that did you?" I knowingly asked. "Fucking right I did, I've played with myself before but never had a feeling like that. Come and do it again, please?" "Oh don't worry, I will, but I'd like to introduce you to Richard first". There was a moment of surprise and panic in her eyes. "Oh god, was he watching us - we'll get in trouble, he's a tell tale." I reassured her that no-one was watching and this would remain just between us.

I slid further up the bed, bringing my erect prick up to her face level, "This is Richard, or Dick to his friends, meet Cara", I laughingly said. "Bastard!" she mumbled, taking hold of my throbbing member. "Oh he's much bigger than the boys ones I've seen" she said, "Are you going to try and put that into me? It'll never fit, I am only 14 you know." I told her not to worry as I was sure we'd manage something, meantime "I want you to suck him." She had never sucked dick before and was a bit tentative, but with gentle coaxing, she ran the tip of her tongue over my glans and up and down my shaft.

"Use your full tongue and lips, like you would a lollipop" I told her. Well! She must have had lots of experience sucking lollipops, because she slipped my dick into her small mouth and started sucking like a pro. In and out, in and out he went, her tongue all the time running round my shaft and under the head, saliva dribbling from her lips. As she was bringing me towards my climax, I played with her pussy, slipping first one then two fingers in and out of her hole, keeping the same rhythm as she had on my prick.

She got wet very quickly, and soon starting gyrating her hips against my fingers.

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"I'm going to cum" I warned her "Can I cum in your mouth, it'll taste a bit salty but it's good for you?" "Is that what should happen/" she mumbled, her mouth full of saliva and prick. I didn't get a chance to answer as the pressure which had been building up in my balls suddenly exploded up my shaft and into her mouth.

She nearly gagged as load after load of thick creamy jizz shot down her throat, but like the trooper she was, she kept swallowing, only small globules of cream escaping from the corners of her mouth.

Even lost in the throes of my ejaculation, I felt her love juices run down my fingers and the bucking and humping of her pelvis as she reached her own climax. We flopped down together, breathing heavily, small beads of sweat covering our bodies. So started her first lesson in the art of sex. I was sure that the lessons would take some time, and that other of those in my charge would also want lessons.

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I was not going to disappoint them, any of them!