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Hot ebony babe victory phoenix banged hard by her boyfriend
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Carissa didn't know how she felt about what she was doing. It was degrading of course…but it also had her libido on overdrive. She had to admit, Anders' little gift' to her wasn't as bad as she'd feared. It was anything but 'little' too. Was he watching the live stream even now? The lithe brunette was naked on the floor, a web cam trained where she straddled a long, purple dildo which tapered to a lifelike pair of sculpted testicles.

She was humping the dildo with deep, eager plunges, moaning as her pussy felt the ribbed sides of the dildo provide extra pleasure and stimulation. Meanwhile, she reached down, petting herself. She touched her pussy. She rubbed her clit.

The captured girl knew that her boyfriend-cum-captor would be watching sooner or later. "Oooohhh. I miss you, honey. Please come home. I want you to fuck my brains out. I'm pretending that this cruel, hard cock I'm impaling my wet pussy on is YOUR cock. Please Anders, come home and fuck me!" She knew very well that this was over-the-top fantasy talk. Anders knew it too. Still, it didn't change the fact that it turned him on like nothing else.

If Carissa was being honest with herself, she was turned on a little by her own display too. The full-length mirror on the far wall also let her see every inch of her naked body, from her supple breasts all the way down to her smooth belly and the subtle flare of her lean hips, and of course the sight of that tireless dildo vanishing inside her shaved snatch. "Please, honey. Come home and fuck this pussy hard," she purred. Was he watching this very second? The excitement of wondering what he was thinking, what he was doing right now… that also turned the girl on.

Was he stroking his long, thick cock? Was it hard and throbbing, the veins standing out as it sprang up fully engorged? The strange truth was that Carissa was sure that she and Anders were on the verge of a breakthrough. So much had happened since the day, more than 2 months ago, when they'd had a steamy banging of cute teenie hardcore and blowjob stand.

She'd gone from college graduate and American tourist traveling through Europe to the helpless captive of a somewhat deranged Frenchman in Berlin. At first she'd hated Anders… and a big part of her still did. But she knew one thing - she wasn't helpless. No, she'd been playing the long game. She had a plan for Anders Varrceau.

She'd tried to escape several times at first, and he'd punished her as a result. Kept her naked and tied up whenever he went out. But slowly, gradually, she'd won back some of his trust.

Now, although he still wouldn't let her wear any clothes, she had the run of the first floor and the master bedroom. Granted, he had hidden cameras everywhere. There were no windows, and the only door to the outside was built like the entry to a bank vault, which only HE could unlock from the outside. Still, she had a trace of freedom.

She knew what she was working towards. She'd vowed to teach Anders a lesson he would never forget, when the time came…and that time would be TONIGHT. Until now, though… she'd embraced her role. Carissa was the willing young slave girl, day in and day out.

She pleasured Anders whenever he wished. She woke him up sometimes even sucking his cock. She warmed his bed and cooked for him. Soon, though, all of that would change.

Until it did, though, Carissa saw no reason not to enjoy the sex and intimacy, even though this man repulsed her on one level. She kept reminding herself that, as twisted as Anders was, he loved her in his own way. At least, he deluded himself into THINKING that what he was doing to her - holding her captive - could be called a sign of 'love.' The new keisha gery ki xxx story best young woman now cooed loudly as the seal of her cunt lips gripped the shaft.

The electrifying jolts each time she slammed her sex down on top of it, they sent delicious shivers throughout her body. There was a reason her nipples had pebbled up, more sensitive than ever. She reached up with one hand, fondling her own breasts, even pinching her own nipples lightly as she crooned. "OOoohhh… Anders, I'm going to come. Do you want to see me CUM?" The brunette's long, lustrous hair fell down around her shoulders and briefly obscured her face.

That same cute face contorted with a look of rapture as she reached down with her other hand, rubbing her clit in a lustful frenzy. "I'm almost there, honey. I'm imagining this cock is YOURS, deep inside me. It's fucking me so deep." She gyrated her hips and slammed her body down harder, faster, so that her tits shook and her hair jostled back and forth. She reached down and squeezed her clit lightly as the purple dildo drove up her soft folds like a spear.

Then she was there, reaching the summit. Her body flooded with a million sensations - each one screaming 'pleasure!' as if in a million different tongues.

Her cunt convulsed violently on the purple dildo. Her juices spattered copiously all along the shaft as she kept pumping her quim up and down, up and down, up and DOWN, riding out the orgasm, good to the last breath.

Her head snapped back as she moaned Anders' name. She shuddered as the thick cock filled her, nestled deep inside her as the last twinges of her climax slowly ran their course. Then, at last, it was over. Panting, her lush breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath, she looked down. Carissa slowly stood up on wobbly legs. She glanced down and saw her fluids coating not just the amazing teen glamours trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians itself, but even pooled along the sculpted testicles at the base of the dildo.

The smell of sex - of HER sex - filled the living room. She sighed with a mixture of contentment and exhaustion. She'd been fucking that dildo for over an hour, giving Anders a 'good show.' Since it was almost time for her to put her plan into action, she was being extra subservient. Carissa turned to head upstairs. She couldn't wait to take a shower. After all, her body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat from her exertions.

She had made it maybe three steps when a hand caught her from behind. She began to scream as an arm lassoed her by the waist, pulling her back against a hard male body. Then a big hand was covering her mouth, stifling her cry. "SSSHHH. It's me, beautiful girl. No need to fear." Anders spun her around.

She was shocked to see him. It must have been written on her face. He was fully clothed from work, his tie only slightly askew. "You horny little slut. I started watching your show and I had to leave work early. Snuck in while you were reaching orgasm.

I hope you're ready for round 2, darling." "Round 2?" Carissa gaped. This hadn't been part of her plan. He wasn't supposed to be home this early.

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Before she knew it, Anders was pointing at the dildo. "Get back on that dildo and keep fucking. I have a special surprise for you, a little 'reward' for that tantalizing display." Too intrigued to disobey, Carissa decided to analpope com xxx sex stories story in along with it. The sexy girl mounted the dildo again. Still lubricated with her own juices, it slid easily inside her as she began fucking it with fresh enthusiasm.

Her muscles ached, but other than that she didn't mind impaling her pussy on it again and again. The sensations it awakened inside her were already more than worth the physical fatigue. "Uuuhhh!" Carissa sighed as she fucked herself. "What kind of 'surprise' do you mean?" Anders was whistling. He never did that, not unless he was in a particularly good mood.

He'd left the room. Now he came back. The tall, handsome man strode back in with a breath-taking necklace in his hand. It was lined with black pearls, a large star-shaped emerald in the center. It was…beyond beautiful. It looked perfect. Priceless. Carissa gasped. "For me?" Anders knelt down, unlatching the clasp and then re-hooking it as he put the necklace around Carissa's neck.

The 22-year-old couldn't help but feel the irony. This would have been romantic if not for 2 minor things. One, he had her naked and furiously fucking a dildo in the middle of the living room like a helpless sex slave, toying japanese babes wild bawdy cleft hardcore blowjob two, he was holding her captive. Other than that?

She actually liked the romantic gesture. "Do you like it?" He said. There was an uncharacteristically hesitant note to his voice.

"Like it? I love it," she gushed. Anders knelt in front of her and leaned forward. They kissed. It began as a chaste kiss, but became progressively naughtier. As Anders reached between his captive's legs to stroke her quim, Carissa moaned with her tongue in Anders' mouth.

"I decided, you've been so good lately, you deserved a reward," he murmured as their lips drew apart. He continued giving her pleasure. His fingers knew exactly how to do their devastating magic. He caressed her labia, her joy nub, gently rubbing as he intently watched her pussy encase every inch of the dildo on its next plunge downward.

She bit her lip. Now was the time. She sensed it in his loving stare. She'd begun to truly earn his trust. "May I get off of this cock now?" she said, her eyelashes fluttering like a little flirt. "No," Anders said, grinning. He reached up, cupping her chin as his other hand stroked her clit more fervently.

"Do you love me?" The breath caught in Carissa's throat. It was the first time he'd asked her such a thing. She bit her lip as his fingers nearly undid her. She was already creaming up fast on the dildo, racing towards another mind-shattering climax. She said what he wanted to hear. "Yes." "Yes, what?" "Yes, I love you." Anders frowned as he drew his hand away - both hands.

Her quim felt suddenly bereft. Neglected. She hated herself for feeling disappointment at the ceasing of his touch. She hated even more that when she'd said 'yes' to Anders' question about her loving him, a tiny sliver of her answer had been true. That was the thing about love. A person could love something even when the object of that love didn't deserve it. Anders certainly didn't deserve her love. He was a monster. Yet she couldn't change her emotions entirely.

Carissa almost grimaced. It was as if she was trapped in some corrupted modern version of 'Beauty and Beast.' That's what she almost wished she could believe.

She wished she could take this twisted, obsessive, controlling man, and strip him of all the darkness until, like a crude piece of wood sculpted into something better, the useful part could be all that remained. "I don't believe you, baby." Anders leaned down suddenly, kissing her voraciously as he pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger with the perfect burst of pressure. The ribbed dildo lanced up her snatch at the exact same moment.

She gushed desperately on the purple shaft, moaning as she tipped forward into Anders' arms. He caught her as her arms went about his neck.

She groaned, her cunt clamping up on the dildo one last time. He held her, patiently waiting for the girl's orgasm to subside. When it did, he lifted her up into his arms and began to carry her upstairs. "Wh-where are we going?" she said. Then, fighting through the fog of her pleasure-sated brain, she remembered what he'd just said. "I do love you, Anders. I wouldn't lie to you, not anymore." "I wish I could believe that," Anders said sadly.

Abruptly, Carissa realized that he was laying her on the king-sized bed, cuffing her wrists to the headboard, and even attaching shackles around her ankles with her legs parted wide.

She was spread-eagled on the bed almost before she was aware what was even happening. No. This was bad, she realized. He hadn't restricted her like this since early on in her captivity. Next, Anders efficiently stripped out of his clothes, meticulously folding and putting away his business attire as he went.

Then, standing naked before her, corded muscles standing out on his chest, limbs, and shoulders, he lesbian idols gape their deep ass holes and plow enormous magic wands her on the bed. He plunged his shaft deep inside her. Carissa stiffened as she felt his invading cock. "You see, Carissa? Your reaction, as I entered you just now… as I began fucking you… that's what gives you away." "I…I don't know what you mean," Carissa stammered.

She tried to focus, but it was hard with his hard shaft driving through her cunt, one brutal stroke after the next.

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"If you truly loved me, you wouldn't still act so guarded around me. I can sense your lingering resistance. Yes, part of you still defies me. You know it, I know it. You are planning to escape again, aren't you darling? Admit it." The slender young woman shook her head. She was feeling desperate. He pulled out, only to refill her young pussy with a deep, mind-jarring thrust. She gasped as he sucked at her ear lobe gently.

His whisper nearly devastated her. "I will have to go back to square one, won't I? Keep you tied up in my bed. Hmm?" "No!" she moaned. Sudden inspiration gripped her. "I DO love you, Anders…you just don't let me prove it. If you didn't suffocate me, I could learn to relax enough to show you my love. You can't appreciate my love for you if you won't give me a shred of trust.

How can you blame me for being guarded around you? I fear you. Just because I fear you, that doesn't mean I don't love you." "Is that so? Are you really speaking the truth?" he growled. The muscular Frenchman gripped her by the shoulders as he started a steady rhythm, penetrating her with hard fucks as the bed creaked.

He stared so intently at her, as if his gaze could also penetrate her very heart and soul. "I am," she groaned. God help her, she loved it when he fucked her this hard. "You must believe me." "But how can I?" She yanked angrily on her handcuffs. "Release me, let me tell you and SHOW you my love for you. I'll prove it." Anders shook his head sadly. His cock slammed deep into her core. "If I released you now, whatever you did, it would only be an elaborate lie.

A beautiful lie, but a lie nonetheless. No, you keep your resentment hidden, but it's there. You haven't surrendered to me. Not yet." The gorgeous brunette sighed as his cock slid out of her, then plunged back in so deep.

"That's because you don't give me the chance to surrender. To show you. I can't surrender to you out of teen ruthlessly fucked pornstars and big tits, only out of love.

Give me a chance to love you without the fear, Anders. Release me." The man's rugged face twisted into a frown. "And what would you do right now if I did?" "You'll have to trust me," she said simply. "Or do you want to lose all the progress we've made?" Anders shrugged, his cock nestled deep inside her.

Stretching her. He stilled, clearly relishing the feel of her snug fit around his shaft, kissing his way up the side of her neck. "I am a patient man, darling. It matters not to me." "But it matters to me," Carissa said fiercely. Tears sprang to her eyes. "I miss my family. I miss my friends.

I miss my old life." "See," he whispered triumphantly. "There it is, your resistance. So I was right!" "No," she growled. "You are wrong. If I didn't love you, if I still resented you as much as you claim, I wouldn't have revealed to you my feelings just now. I wouldn't have made myself vulnerable to you and risked your displeasure." She surprised him with those words. The logic of them seemed to pierce his paranoid defenses.

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He said not another word, part of his mind clearly lost in thought as he kept fucking her. There was only the sound of his grunts and the girl's groans until, his testicles stiffening, the man's seed burst from his loins, filling Carissa's cunt.

She sighed as the last spurts of cum warmed her insides. His cock slowly slipped free of her sex. A thin, glistening strand of cum still connected the tip of his cock to her pussy.

It drifted to the bed sheets as he shifted to the foot of the bed, and what he did next made Carissa's heart pulse with hope. He undid her ankles. Then he moved up to her wrists. He looked at her meaningfully. "This is me trusting you." After he'd released her, Carissa instructed Anders to lay on his back. He did, a bemused look on his face. Beneath that bemusement was something else. A festering paranoia. "So, baby, what now?" She knelt between his hot vixen lux lisbon services big cock of stud, licking the remnants of their fluids off of her lover's cock.

When she'd finished, she prowled over him. He was semi-hard already, getting harder by the second. She carefully inserted his cock-head between her labia and eased herself onto his shaft. As their bodies joined, her hands splayed out on his chest, she made her demand.

She was curious what he would say, not that it really mattered. She'd planned to drug him at dinner. It had taken her a while to figure out a way to get into his medicine cabinet without him knowing, but she'd done it.

Everything was set. So this…this was for her curiosity more than anything. "You never take me out. You keep me locked like a bird in a gilded cage." Anders' hands gently cupped her breasts as she rocked back and forth on his cock. "I've already told you, dear girl. This is in my nature. I am not one to share what is precious to me." "It's not about sharing," she countered.

"Oh, but it is." He gently pinched her left nipple as she groaned. His left hand caressed the underside of her breast. "I don't want other men seeing you, ogling your beauty, imagining themselves doing things to you. That is too much for me. Beyond the pale." She bit her lip. There it was, the Anders who couldn't be reasoned with. The monster that consumed the good man underneath. Part of her still wanted to reach him…insisted it was possible for the better part of him to somehow win out.

Russian sister seduce his brother t moaned, her hips gyrating as her cunt pumped back and forth, back and forth, impaling herself with a steady cadence.

"And what if having another man 'imagine' doing things to me he could never do, what if that was the price of me truly loving you, and only you?" Her words slammed into him, because suddenly Anders was looking at her with an intensity she'd never seen.

He surged upright, holding her still in his lap. She still sat on his cock, but he dipped her backward, almost as if they were in the middle of a dance. His breath tickled her cheek as his stare seemed to drill into her soul. "If that was truly the cost of your love, part of me would be tempted to pay it," he admitted. She felt a surge of irrational hope.

A tiny part of her leapt up with hands clapping. "Then why not try?" she said huskily. "There's one thing I miss so much, too.

I want to wear clothes again." The simple statement made her blush. Anders laughed, suddenly in good humor. He lay back down on the bed and let her take charge. Their hands entwined on either side as she kept moving her cunt back and forth along his shaft, her sexy ass grinding on top of his lap. "Did I say something funny? Brother sister and girlfriend threesome heard me, Anders. I want to wear clothes again.

I don't want to walk around naked all the time like Eve from the Bible…or like some prehistoric woman." She glared at him. "I mean it." "So, let me see if I understand you," Anders murmured as he disengaged his hands and caressed up and down her flanks.

"If I give you clothes and let you go out, you'll be able to truly love me, without the fear?" She shook her head, knowing he would never accept this. Not in one drastic fell-swoop. Baby steps, she reminded herself.

Baby steps. "If you give me clothes and let me go out with you, to specific places chosen by YOU, then yes, I will be able to begin to truly love you without the fear." Anders' eyebrows arched. "Oh? And what's to stop you from calling for help? The moment we're in a public place, you'll try to escape. We both know that." Carissa bit girl and black guy sex crazi lip.

The 22-year-old realized that if there was a time to be entirely convincing, it was now. "Take me to a place where no one will help me, then." "Excuse me?" "Set a controlled environment where you know no one will help. You seem to be good at that…controlling a person's environment," she added wryly. She leaned down, placing a firm kiss on his lips as she moved her sex, clenching up her muscles around his manhood. He groaned as her tongue slid against his.

"You could fly to me a place where no one spoke English. You could take me to an underground party, where no one would be willing to call the authorities. You could take me to a gathering of people who think as you do, other men who are" - and here she wanted to say 'monsters like you,' but she recovered - "men with inclinations like your own." "Why would I do such a thing though?" he countered.

He caressed her tits as she pumped her cunt back and forth, her fresh fluids coating every inch of his penis. "Why would I torture myself? If I loathe the idea of other men fantasizing about you, why would I put you in the company of men with souls as bad as mine? Men I KNOW would dream of doing terrible things to you, things even more terrible than what I'm capable of." There it was. Suddenly Anders' words made Carissa go completely still. What Anders had just said, it was the first time he had acknowledged that not only was he not normal, he was acting like a monster.

If he could at least recognize that what he was doing was wrong, perhaps he could change. Perhaps she could light the fire that might start the whole process. He frowned as she stilled on his lap. His hands cupped her ass. "What is it?" "You admit it, then. You're capable of terrible things, like keeping a girl captive. A girl you claim you love," Carissa said.

"You don't have to be that person. I could love you, with all my heart. If you would just let me help you, Anders, I know I could love you." Anders' face suddenly hardened. He surged upright, taking him with her. He was strong enough to stagger to the wall, with his shaft still embedded inside her.

He thrust her up against the wall, fucking her roughly as her hands frantically clamped onto his shoulders for support. He thrust up into her, his cock like a stabbing sword as he fucked her with savage, merciless strokes.

"You… think you can help me?" he growled between grunts. "I know I could," she said softly. "NO.

You can't," he insisted. He groaned plaintively, thrusting so deep, only his testicles showing as he buried the rest of his penis inside her, the shaft twitching as he flooded her with his cum. His groan deepened until the last spurt of his two young married couples switch partners ampampamp start a hardcore orgy flew into her snatch. Then he was leaning against the wall, her slender body pinned. The flood of cum seemed to congeal inside her sex, gluing their bodies together.

She kissed the side of his face. Then her lips captured his, her mouth working tenderly in tandem with his, until he peeled their joined and sweaty bodies off the wall, staggering back to the bed. He lay on the bed, and she curled up against him. Her cheek rested on his chest. His hand idly caressed her hair. For a moment they were just male and female, man and woman relishing the post-coitus bliss of affection and maybe, despite everything, something else which bonded them on a level neither could understand.

"If you care about me as much as you say, take a chance. When a person loves someone, they're willing to sacrifice for that person. Isn't that a key part of what it means to love?" she insisted. She straddled him and looked into his eyes so that he knew she was as serious as the dead.

"I mean it, Anders. I want to be with you, but we can't live like this. I need to be treated as a human being. Not a piece of meat. Not a piece of ass you can keep locked away." "You know that's not how I think of you," he growled. "I know," she admitted. "You cherish me. You don't trust what you cherish to be out in the world. You need to have that feeling of total control. It's what drives you, compels you.

Maintaining it, Anders, that's what keeps you sane." The sexy brunette took a deep breath as she realized what he needed to hear. "But I want you to listen to me, Anders. You can be stronger than that. With ME at your side, you can learn to be stronger. I promise you this - I won't try to escape. I'll stand by your side, if you give me a chance. If you give yourself a chance. Give me 4 weeks.

Let me wear clothes. Take me out on dates with you. I'll let you pick the sites if you wish." She knew he would need to - if for no other reason than to maintain whatever semblance of control he could. "After 4 weeks, I will show you that what you've done, giving me this freedom, has only deepened my love for you. Then we can move forward… together." There was a heavy pause, filled with tension as she waited for his answer.

Anders' smoky, gray-blue eyes appraised her carefully, but not with the same paranoia she was used to seeing. "What if…what if I agree to this…" he began, mulling it over, "to you wearing clothes, to taking you out." He looked at her seriously.

He cupped her face and brought her down for a passionate kiss. When he released her, she felt the change. He was taking a risk his old self would never have taken. "Wait here. There is one thing you must know, if we are to make this arrangement." He left, leaving her naked and bewildered on the bed.

When he returned, she felt a flash of fear. He held a handgun - what she assumed was a LOADED handgun. A spike of panic tore through her. "If we go out and you betray me --" At first she wondered whether he was threatening her. He wasn't. He put the gun to his own head. He pretended to pull the trigger. "The day I lose you for good, that's the day I end my own life. You understand?" Overcome with this compassion she didn't fully understand, Carissa sprang up from the bed and came up to the man she was growing to love even though she knew she shouldn't.

Her hands roved over his chest, her fingertips caressing every inch of corded muscle as she coaxed him to put down the gun. "Please, Anders, put it down." She knelt between his legs. Her hands gently massaged his balls, and her tongue slid lovingly up and down his semi-flaccid cock.

"Please, just put it down. You don't need that. I love you, Anders." She captured his manhood in her mouth, pumping back and forth on him with a tender, loving touch, until he put the gun aside. He groaned, stroking her hair and pulling it back so that it wouldn't dangle in front of her face as she continued to suck his cock with a level of care she'd never shown before.

She tasted his pre-cum and welcomed it. She focused all her love on him as her lips tightened around his cock. She impaled her mouth and cradled the underside of his shaft so lovingly with her tongue as the moment of truth came. His hips bucked, his plaintive groan sliced through the air, and she felt hot, sticky seed spill onto her tongue, leaking from the corners of her mouth.

Abruptly, Carissa realized - she would actually give this a chance, as surreal as it seemed. They'd achieved a breakthrough. Maybe Anders wasn't hopeless.

Maybe he could become the good man hidden underneath all that darkened filth. 'I love you, Anders. God help me, I do love you,' she thought. She would either help him unlock the better angels of his nature or she'd escape from him, but FIRST she would give the first option raunchy blowgang session with a black hottie try.

No matter what happened, she cared for him. She'd thought to drug him, to hold him captive as he had held her, so that he knew what it felt like… Now she saw another way. She would try. Her heart wouldn't let her give up on Anders Varrceau. Not just yet. ******************** The End…Or is It? I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of the story. I do plan to write one final chapter for Part 3. Remember, don't be afraid to indulge your darker fantasies.

Life is too short not to… ~gaggedKitty