Brittany shae hot brunette gets banged st

Brittany shae hot brunette gets banged st
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I was going through my girlfriend's facebook photos with her one day. She was interested in what everyone was wearing and I was having fun imagining what all her girlfriends looked like without those clothes. They were all mid twenty somethings, going to the beach or to a nightclub and always in skimpy little outfits. My girlfriend Jennie is super cool and doesn't mind me making rude comments about them so I was having a great time.

We got to a photo of Jennie, her best friend Emily and a couple other girls, including this petite brunette, straightened hair with her bangs pinned back so she was ready for business. Her dress was strapless, a tiny little black stretchy number that could barely manage to cover the first half of her thighs.

A gold horizontal stripe crossed over her perky, pretty titties and street walking upskirt and pee eva davai strapless provocative number was low enough that she still showed cleavage and seemingly dared any man to pull her top down to see the view. Her thin, lithe frame was propped up on a couple of brass colored fuck me pumps like she was the little figurine on top of a trophy given to the most tawdry and titillating, easy to bag, fun time girls.

I said so. Jennie kind of smirked and said, "You like her, huh?" "Sure" I said. "Who is she?" "That's one of Emily's friends from LA. Jaclynn. I don't know her last name. She came out to Vegas for the stagette. She is a wild girl. Kind of gross." Jennie was about to click on the next picture when I stopped her. "Yeah?" I asked. "What do mean?" "The night this photo was taken, she fucked seven guys in the bathroom of the club in that same skanky dress." I balked, "What?

How? You're lying!" Jennie stroked me through my pants. "Does that make you like her more, baby?" It did. "Just don't lie. Are you seriously telling the truth?" Nodding sincerely she traced the outline of my rigid member with her finger. "She is a bonified, dyed in the wool, skank. She had it down to a science." "What do you mean, science?" I asked.

"The first thing I noticed was when we all got dressed, one of Emily's other friends Lindsey mentioned that Jaclynn wasn't wearing any underwear. Just that dress." She pointed to the screen to the girl standing just to the right of Jennie in the silly little black dress and stroked me through my pants. "You mean she isn't wearing panties there?" Something about how close Jennie stood to her and knowing she was going commando made it all so much hotter.

"That's right." she said, unbuttoning my pants. "I can't believe how hard you are right now! If I had known this filthy stuff turned you on I would have told you this story two years ago!" "How do you know it was seven guys?" I asked while Jennie graciously fetish maid fucks in shiny latex lingerie to my immediate needs.

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She gave me a firm squeeze at the base and enjoyed my fully erect manhood for a moment. "I asked her afterwards. Honestly she said she didn't know exactly, but it had to be more than seven because that's when she gets really sore." "What?" "She said that she does this kind of stuff when she and her boyfriend get into a fight.

I don't know whether she does it to piss him off or if she just wants to get hers. honestly I thought she was just trashy and I didn't want to get that close." She could feel me strain in her little hands and kissed me.

"Try and get to the end of the story before you cum, mom and dad go sleep so she wanna jump on his dick baby?" "You keep talking and I'll do my best." I said. "So we get to the club. We'd already got our preclub drink on, so we were kinda tipsy. This chick orders double rounds of double shots for us and we hit the dance floor. We all dance together, right?

Girls protect each other but we noticed that Jaclynn was all over the floor, grinding up on these different guys. Like, she was totally getting her Dirty Dancing on. We'd pull her back to us, but she would be gone in minutes to find her with some guys hands all over her." "She wasn't interested in the nice guys either.

She was trolling for some players, clearly. They were groping her out in the middle of the dance floor in front of everyone! It was so tacky! They had their hands on her ass, her tits, one guy even got his hand down the front of her dress to get a handful of her tits.

I was shocked. But she was smiling and enjoying all of the attention. Not only that but she was clearly rubbing them all hard. At first it was just from grinding but then she got handsy!" "Eventually she decided on the one guy she knew was right and told him to take her to bathroom cuz he was about to get lucky.

Then she told him to "text your friends" as she got down on her knees and sucked him off." "On the bathroom floor?" I asked. "Of the mens. Swear to god." she looked disgusted as she said it, but her was still moving up and down on my cock.

"So after he gets good and hard she turns around and bends over. And a line begins to form." "What do you mean?" I asked, wanting more details. "Look, this part you'll have to use your imagination, okay? She wasn't exactly dishing out the details, right? So all I can tell you for sure is that after about a half hour, maybe an hour, I asked the other girls if I should see if she's alright.

We thought she might be sick in the girls room. Emily probably knew better because she waved me off like, she's fine. Anyway, I went looking for her but she wasn't in the girls so I knocked on the guys, announcing that a girl was coming in and heard back from a random guy in line that there was already a girl in here, but the more the merrier and then laughter." "When I peaked my head around the corner this is what I saw; There were maybe a half dozen guys hooting and hollering, their junk already in their hands, waiting for a poke at Jaclynn.

She was bent at the waist with her elbows leaning on the sink in front of her. Her dress was pulled down in front and pulled high up onto her hips all bunched up with some guy hammering away in her.

Her tits were flying back and forth with each impact and a sneer of satisfaction was on her lips. Her knees were red with tissue or some stuck to them, her inner thighs were shiny and between her feet were a few condoms, although it didn't look like everybody was abiding by that rule.

She was moaning like mihichiki deals cock in each of her cremy holes bitch in heat as one guy finished and another took her place and I swear to god I looked her right in the eyes.

We saw each other in the mirror just the new guy entered her." Jennie had a good rhythm going and I knew that I wasn't going to last forever.

All she needed was some kind of finale to her story. "I was so transfixed that I didn't notice a guy behind me who slid his hand up the back of my dress and said something like, are you ready, baby? Or something like that.

It snapped me out of my trance and I left." "You let some guy touch you? Where?" I was loving this.

"Well everybody was trying to see and I had to push through a few people so we already kind of pushing up against each other. So I didn't really notice at first. I had a couple drinks already and I couldn't immediately tell the difference between regular crowding and the hands on me." "You couldn't tell the difference?" "I don't know. I mean eventually I could." "How long did it take for you to know that a random guy was touching you?" I prompted her.

Jennie had all the right answers. "Longer than it should have. I was so transfixed watching that nasty slut give it away so shamelessly I didn't notice the hand that slid up my inner thigh from behind. It was probably just brief seconds but it also felt like an hour.

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I think he was just trying to see if I had panties on, and he found out I was which is why he croaked in my ear if I was ready." I was so close now and she knew it. Her fist fucked my length in rapid strong rhythmic beats confidently as she continued lost in her memory. "That's when I left. But if I was being totally honest, in that split second when I realized that someone's rough fingers had just pressed up against the thin fabric of the crotch of my panties, in that moment I was watching Jaclynn bent over and knew that I was wet and I could very easily make that very same choice.

I wondered whether I would like it. " "Did you want it?" I asked. "Yes." she smiled. I came right then. Something about my girlfriend being so close to it. Maybe the guy touching her. Picturing her next to Jaclynn being used as a cock sleeve for a line up of guys in the bathroom was too much for me. I came in thick wads which shot onto Jennie's shirt and then ran down her fingers.

It was quite a mess. Now we dirty talk about Jennie joining Guy seduces curvy hotty for sex hardcore and blowjob, or letting that guy keep touching her, giving him what he was looking for.

I think she was exaggerating.

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She swears she wasn't. I appreciate it either way.