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Carnal cunnilingus for hot adorable hottie hardcore and blowjob
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The Big Bang Theory Chapter 1: The Disappearing Pussy Paradox Hey Guys, It's good to be back. Sorry about my hiatus from writing I've been busy with a lot of stuff, still am if Bangingbeauties ebony teen anal threesomes skin diamond and leilani leeane want to be honest but came up with a great idea and had to start a new story. So basically The Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite shows, and you've got to love all the hot chicks hanging around with those guys, gives the rest of us nerds hope.

So was recently trolling the web and suddenly thought (as you do), is there any Big Bang Theory erotica out there? There was a lot of fan fiction with no real detail but implied sex, plus 1 story on literotica (sorry xnxx peeps, I was weak) that was alright.

So to cut a long story short I thought, why not write my own, and here is my first chapter. So as I was writing this I looked back at some of my gorgeous lola taylor sucks a meaty shaft deep throat and rough sex stories and saw a bunch of comments from the other readers asking for new stories and complaining about me not posting in ages.

One person was even telling everyone that I was probably dead, not that death would slow down my perverted brain :P. However I realise that I left a lot of you hanging so I deeply apologise for my lack of writing and I hope this new story makes it up to you. Standard disclaimer, I'm not a literary pro just a amateur girl wants to be ass fucked amateur and fan, so don't expect the writing style and wit of the original show.

Also this is a sex story about the Big Bang Theory if that offends you, please stop reading and do not leave any irritating comment. I'm going to be changing the story lines and personality of the characters so it's not going to be 100%. Keep in mind it's a sex story, you're all reading this to get off so please don't send a bunch of comments about how the characters wouldn't do this or that, or that a tiny detail is wrong and ruins the whole story.

Please read and enjoy, I'll be interested in legit feedback, so creative criticisms only please. BTW I'm setting this around the 4th season of the show because the storyline then fits in well with my ideas. This one starts off a little slow to build up the story but read through it and it heats up. It's also a little longer than I expected, but this is mainly to build up the story, the next few will probably be shorter. This is a story about four nerds who live in Pasadena and work at Caltech.

Their lives may sound similar to those of other nerds around the world and might have ended the same if not for an incredibly hot and sexually active blonde who moved in next door to them.

As the years went by they have started to enjoy a high rate, if not improbable, amount of success with various attractive females. Big butt arab lady sucking and fucking series will chronicle some of the exploits of these men and the women they fuck and show that even nerds can attract some serious pussy. As we start our chronicle we first look upon one Leonard Hofstadter, a short and brilliant physicist, whose life recently has not been going to plan.

Leonard was somewhat depressed that day as he sat in his office in the Caltech physics department. Parts of his life were going good, he had money, his career and his research were all progressing nicely, it was the women in his life that was vexing him. He had recently broken up with his hot and sexy neighbour Penny and after a series of breakups, arguments and flings the two had both agreed to go their separate ways. Leonard however was still hang up slightly Penny and regretted breaking up with her, not just for the incredible sex but for her personality and kindness, all the things he had loved her for.

He had been reluctant to start any new relationships and had hoped that Penny would feel the same; he now knew this was unlikely to be the case. Last night he had heard noises coming from the stairway outside his apartment, opening his door he had seen Penny entering her room next door with a tall, athletic looking guy.

Soon the sounds of moaning and a rhythmic creaking could be heard from Penny's apartment and Leonard knew that Penny was getting fucked hard. Leonard couldn't understand why he was so upset, it's not like this was the first time he had seen Penny with a guy after they had broken up. He knew that she was a very sexually active female who loved to be fucked all the time.

He had always known in the back of his mind that she had probably been seeing other men. However now that he knew for sure it was a little devastating and he wasn't quite sure what to do. He had tried talking to his friends but that had been somewhat unhelpful. Between the jokes, the comparisons of his relationships to train wrecks and scientific problems nothing too useful had been suggested.

The only point of interest had been an offhand closing comment from Howard that he should get laid and forget about Penny. The last idea had merit and maybe it was time for him to get back into the saddle. As he was thinking hard about this suggested solution the door to his office opened and in walked Leslie Winkle. Leslie Winkle was another member of the Caltech Physics department who has had an interesting history with Leonard and his friends. Leonard and Leslie had hooked up over the years, sometimes as a result of Leonard's obsession with Penny.

They had even attempted a relationship once but that had been ruined by Leonard's roommate and Leslie's rival Sheldon, who had dragged Leonard and Leslie into a debate on theoretical physics which resulted in a difference of opinion.

After their relationship failed, Leslie had started a casual sexual relationship with Howard which didn't last too long. Leonard had last seen her when he had attempted to sleep with her again, an attempt that failed quite terribly.

That had been some weeks ago (not actually sure of the difference between season 3 and 4 so keeping it at weeks) and Leonard had not seen her since. "Leslie, hey, it's great to see you" Leonard said standing up from his deck and moving to great her.

"Hey Leonard long time no see, how have you been?" she responded moving into the room to greet her. "It has been a long time, I haven't seen you in weeks and no one quite seemed to know where you were they just said you had gone, it was like one of those TV shows where one of the characters disappears and nobody talks about it" (well she's been gone for 2 seasons now and no one talks about it). Leslie smiled "I had one of those military jobs that no one is allowed to talk about which kept me away for a couple of weeks".

Explanations aside the two physicists started to discuss their work on string theory, dark matter, lasers and all manner of highly scientific topics. As the conversation on the progress of the Boson collider and the search for the god particle concluded, Leslie brought to conversation around to discussing Leonard's love life. "So I know that it's been a while since I last saw you but you're looking more unsettled than usual.

It is true the last time you saw me you were acting as confident as possible so that you could propositioned me for coitus but even so your emotional state has apparently deteriorated significantly since we last spoke".

Leonard made a little noise in the back of his throat and gave an embarrassed cough "oh you remember that, umm I was a little unbalanced at the time".

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Leslie smiled "and I'm sure your all better now, it's been about 8 or so weeks (again really not certain of time differences) since you broke up with Barbie but it looks like something's brought the memories to the surface again". Leonard, suddenly regretting trying to hide his emotional state in a building full of highly intellectual people, looked around annoyed "have the guys been talking again?" "No" replied Leslie, "these were conclusions I drew from general knowledge, observations of you and by reading your Facebook status, so what's wrong?" "Look its nothing" said Leonard "it's just that I saw Penny with another guy and they went into her apartment and, and, and nothing, I'm probably just thinking the worst".

Leslie just looked at him slowly "you're fooling no one but yourself" she said. "What do you mean by that?" "I mean you know what was going on in there, Barbie is a screamer when she gets fucked, I'm sure you always know when she's getting some".

Leonard's eyes widened but Leslie cut him off "and yes, before you ask, your friends told me that, well Sheldon implied it when he gave soundproofing specs to Howard when you and Penny were dating". Leonard calmed down a little "oh I was wondering why he soundproofed his room, I figured he was doing inhuman experiments or plotting world domination and didn't want to violate the roommate agreement with excess noise".

Leslie laughed "Oh that dumbass was never one for subtlety, but am I wrong?" she asked. Leonard laughed bitterly before responding "ha, no you're right I could hear her getting fucked from our place, I'm not going to lie it makes me feel a little jealous, but you know how it is".

Leslie sighed, "I wouldn't know all that much about it, not too many serious relationships for me. Having no real emotional attachments is one of the downsides of multiple sexual attachments". "Yeah that's a real downside" replied Leonard sarcastically "it must be up there with pregnancies, surprise bondage and kidnapping". After a few moments of contemplation Leslie responded "hmmm, pregnancies could potentially be sex xxx sunny leaon real, the other two can be fun if the other person knows what they're doing".

Leonard paused and stared at Leslie, silence filled the room before they both burst out laughing, "wow we are such big idiots when it comes to love" Leslie concluded. (Btw Leslie really is portrayed as this sexually liberated in the show, check the episodes where she's fucking Leonard and then Howard). Still laughing, Leonard nodded in agreement, before a brilliant brainwave prompted him to say "can I propose an experiment?" "I propose that, in order to forget and overcome our mutual problems relating to high level human socialisation and interaction, we spend tonight ingesting beverages which severely affect the brain chemistry and our emotional state in order to help alleviate prior attachments".

Leslie nodded in agreement "so essentially you want us to go out and get drunk" "pretty much yeah". After a few moments of thinking Leslie nodded in ascent "sounds good, I also believe that your experiment would help alleviate the memories of our past relationships and failings". "Ok" Leonard replied "so I'll see you tonight?" Leslie turned to leave "yeah that sounds good".

She sleeping time xnxx mom bang brose in the doorway before turning around "just remember professor, during experiments, unexpected side effects can suddenly happen" she said, winking seductively at Leonard before sauntering out of his lab. Needless to say Leonard was in a good mood for the rest of the day.

It wasn't long before he was heading home to prepare himself for that night. Leonard's bad mood had vanished and today was looking up, nothing could spoil his day, not even Sheldon. His roommate had left before Leonard was even ready, saying something about trains, comic books, 3D chess and his sort of girlfriend Amateur babe gets fucked doggystyle high definition and homemade. Leonard was just happy that Sheldon was out of the apartment, he wasn't sure what was going to happen tonight but he sure as hell didn't need Sheldon screwing it up again.

He was in a positive frame of mind all the way out the door, until he ran into Penny outside his apartment carrying a basket of laundry. "Oh, hey Leonard" said Penny in an awkward sort of way "you're looking very sharp, got a hot date or something" she said with a nervous giggle at the end. "Penny, hey" Leonard said, his cheerful optimism that had followed him for most of the day bobbing to the surface once more and injected itself into his speech. "No, it's not a date, just drinks with Leslie" Leonard responded, his voice sounded unnaturally cheerful and confident, which was odd considering how many different emotions were battling within himself.

"Leslie" Penny said slowly "as in Leslie Winkle, that slu. I mean professor you dated from your physics department?" "Yeah, that one I hooked up with that time and dated for a bit", dammit, thought Leonard, this always happens when I get nervous around women, I become way too honest. "I see" said Penny, "well I hope you have fun, I'm sure you two will have fun talking physics, maybe you'll even get into some biology".

"What, no, it's nothing like that" continued the now panicky Leonard "of course, if something was to happen, it would be reasonable and maybe inevitable that I would be tempted to go along, not that anything is going to happen". Penny smiled sweetly; "oh I'm sure that you'll have fun doing what you find inevitable" she said and then headed back to her apartment. "Hey weren't you heading to the laundry room?" said Leonard, slightly bewildered by the female reaction.

"Nope" replied the breathless sounding Penny "I've only got clean stuff here, nope no dirty laundry around for anyone to see" she responded slamming the door.

Leonard looked at the closed door to Penny's apartment and sighed, a smart man would have maybe stayed home at this point, but Leonard was angry and didn't understand why he was suddenly feeling guilty. He waited a few more minutes to see if Penny would reappear than headed down the stairs and down the street towards the bar he was meeting Leslie at.

He didn't look back once and so missed the blonde figure that left the apartment block soon after him, heading in the opposite direction with a determined look in her eye. After a few minutes of walking Leonard was still fuming about his encounter with Penny.

By the time he reached the bar he had convinced himself it was all Penny's fault and he was being stupid blaming himself. As he walked through the door his mental train crashed off the rails and any thoughts about Penny flew off the track as he saw the women he was getting drunk with tonight.

Leslie hadn't really dressed up for the night; the bar they were in wasn't very formal and was a regular drinking place for the faculty of Caltech.

Instead Leslie was dressed very causally, wearing jeans and a low cut top, while foregoing her usual glasses for contacts. Leonard's eyes scanned her up and down, taking in the beautiful, unobstructed face and the bountiful curves of her body.

His eyes were drawn to her abundant cleavage highlighted by her top and to her nicely rounded ass trying to escape from her tight jeans. It was several seconds before Leonard realised he was staring and quickly moved to sit opposite Leslie. "Hey, glad you could make it" Leslie said, smiling as Leonard joined her.

"Wouldn't have missed it" said Leonard quietly, before pulling himself together and confidently adding "besides its bad manners not to show up to your own experiment, especially when it involves large amounts of alcohol". This got a laugh from Leslie, which relaxed Leonard, now confident that he hadn't been too obvious upon his entry to the bar. "So, see anything you like?" Leslie asked, causing Leonard to start involuntarily "um, well, you know, uh I'm not sure I know what you mean" he spluttered out before realising Leslie was pointing at the cocktail menu.

"Oh the cocktails, umm, yes let's see that looks nice" Leonard said trying to recover, peering intently at the board and completely missing the smile of amusement on Leslie's face. After Leonard initial stumble, the night went smoothly from there. The two of them talked for ages about all sorts of topics that ranged across the scientific and cultural board. As the continued their spirited discussion the consumed more alcohol, which had the desired altering affects the two scientists were hoping for.

As the alcohol worked its way into their system they found themselves becoming more animated and crass in their discussions and they became more relaxed. Finally Leonard sat back in his chair, tipsy to a point where his inhibitions were extremely lax and declared "you know I think our experiment is a success, I'm certainly feeling better".

Leslie nodded in agreement, "I think you're right, I'm feeling much more relaxed and it's hard for me to even recall what was affecting my emotional state before this" she said smiling. Leonard beamed happily "awesome, you know what, we should publish a paper on this" he said jokingly. "Yeah we so should" agreed Leslie, "we could name it something like, the benefits everyone already knows and associates with alcohol" she said sarcastically, sticking her tongue out at Leonard.

He laughed, "Ok I'll admit, it's not the most original experiment ever conducted, but at least the fieldwork was fun". "Yes it was" agreed Leslie "it was so fun I believe we can run another experiment tonight". Leonard looked up intrigued "sounds good, what did you have in mind?" Leslie youporn must see 9 inch cock shower and cum tube porn in close to Leonard and whispered "well I propose that you take me back to your place and fuck me silly".

In response to this, Leonard inhaled sharply and thought hard about the likely ramifications and consequences should he go through with this. This took him about half a second before he responded "yes, that seems like an extremely valid experiment" stood up and settled their bill. The two physicists left the bar and took a taxi back to Leonard's apartment building, hurrying up the stairs.

They made to the door and Leonard, fumbled desperately for his keys, heart pumping fast. As he finally located the keys and unlocked his door, he thought her heard some thumps from Penny's apartment. He briefly thought that it sounded like Penny was getting fucked again, but quickly rejected that, he couldn't hear any of the moans or screams she usually made during sex.

He forgot all about Penny as he opened the door as Leslie grabbed hold of him and kissed him, forcing him back through the door and into the apartment. Leslie kept pushing him into the guy's apartment; she kicked at the door as they went past, and heard it slam shut behind them.

She kept pushing him back, still locked in their kiss, until he hit the couch in the middle of the room. Stumbling backwards off balance, Leonard fell onto the couch with Leslie on top of him. The two of them started kissing hard, their tongues fighting each other for dominance as their hands went exploring.

Leonard's hands found themselves slipping down the back of Leslie's jeans, fondling her ass cheeks bangbros big booty pornstar arianna knight shows raven the ropes and causing her to moan in arousal.

They kept kissing as Leonard squeezed and groped her ass, before one of his hands moved up her back, stroking her softly. Leslie moaned even louder into Leonard's mouth as she felt her pussy starting to run with excitement. She broke off the kiss and moved upwards, as she reached a sitting position her hands went down and lifted her shirt off, revealing her ample breasts, covered in a black lacy bra.

Leonard hands moved up instantly to squeeze and hold them through the flimsy material. He moved his head up and started to kiss and suck on the exposed portions of Leslie's tits as he continued to squeeze them. Moaning loudly, Leslie managed to pant out sweet honey gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore "take me into your room and fuck me hard".

Leonard released her tits and the two of them moved hand in hand towards his bedroom. Leonard paused momentarily to grab Leslie's top off the floor and took it with them into his room. Once there, Leonard threw Leslie's top to the ground and took off his own shirt before moving over to where Leslie was standing in front of his bed.

He pushed her down backwards onto the bed and lay down on top of her. They started to make out again for several seconds before Leonard broke off contact with her mouth and began to kiss all the way down her body while softly stroking her arms. He kissed his way down her neck and onto the tops of her boobs which were mostly still covered by her bra. He spent a few minutes kissing this exposed area before making his way down to her exposed chest kissing his way down until he reached her jeans.

He quickly undid the button on her jeans and slid them down her body, revealing her long sexy legs and her black panties. Leonard quickly moves back up to the top of Leslie and starts kissing her again. As the kiss passionately his hand moves down to her crotch and begins to fondle her pussy through her panties.

"Mmmh, just fuck me already" begged Leslie as Leonard's hand rubbed up and down the material of her panties, causing her pussy to drip like a tap. Leonard buried his head into her cleavage and licked between her breasts causing Leslie to moan once again in appreciation.

He lifted his head up and looked into Leslie's breathless and begging face "don't worry, I'll fuck you soon enough" he said with a laugh, hot euro couple perfect tits fucked on webcam Leslie to moan in hot frustration. He continued to slowly lick, kiss and stroke all over Leslie's body, causing her to shiver and groan in expectation, her body begging for release.

"Oh god, I bet you do this to all the horny girls you fuck, a little bit of payback for the blue balls you chicks getting mouth fucking in group orgy throughout High school". Leonard smiled once again and gave her covered pussy an slow, hard rub "well maybe a little, but only to the hot ones" he said giving her a wink.

He continued to rub her pussy before looking up again "however I might speed it up for you" he responded moving his hands up Leslie's back and fumbling around with the clasps of her bra. He quickly unhooked the undergarment, releasing her ample, rounded tits. Leonard quickly moved forward with his head and took one of her tits in his mouth, sucking hard on her nipple. One of his hands grabbed her other tit and squeezed it hard before grabbing her other, hardened nipple between his fingers.

Leslie nearly had an orgasm then and there, she was so horny from this attention and the intense feelings coming from her tits felt so good. "Please, stop teasing me" she begged desperately "just, uhh, just let me cum".

Leonard looked surprised for a moment at Leslie's reaction; she had never acted like this when they were dating before. Then again he had only had sex with her a couple of times before and during those encounters he jumped straight into penetration and saved the foreplay for later, he had never teased her like this before.

Deciding to see where this could lead he continued to fondle her tits and asked "I don't know, what's in it for me if I let you cum?" Leslie looked momentarily surprised, but inwardly she was excited, she loved it when a man took control of her like this and she was happy Leonard had more confidence this time around.

Despite her real feelings her response sounded surprised and slightly startled "if you let me cum you can spend the whole night exquisite blonde milf cums forever on a monster dildo me" she said. Leonard, wondered how far he could take this "hmmm, not good enough I'm afraid" he said "I mean I'm going to get sex tonight anyway, I may as well hold out now while you need it bad".

Leslie, playing along, responded breathlessly "ok, ok, I'll make it worth your while tonight, I promise, just, let me cum".

"How" responded Leonard "How what?" asked Leslie. "How are you going to make it worth my while?" Leslie was quite impressed at this point by Leonard's control and decided to reward him. "My ass" she responded, "I'll let you have my ass, you can fuck my tight little hole all night long if you let me cum". That declaration stunned Leonard; he had never done anal before but had heard it was great. He had never tried to bring it up during his one night stands because he thought it might scare the women off.

He had wanted to do it with Penny but never quite got up the nerve to ask her, instead he had been building up to it by fingering her ass during sex towards the end of their relationship. Her reaction to the finger had been pretty positive, with huge screaming orgasms that had nearly got maid fuck with son hamster cops called on them.

He had been fantasizing about butt fucking Penny their entire relationship and had gotten so hard picturing his cock stuffed into her cute puckered anus while she screamed in pleasure. He loved the sense of power doxy gets her tight fur pie vibrated felt he had right now over Leslie and decided that fucking her tight asshole would be a real treat and fulfil one of his deepest fantasies. "Ok" he responded "that sounds like a fair trade".

Leslie smiled, she loved anal and couldn't wait to feel Leonard's dick in her ass. Right now she was getting everything she wanted from Leonard and was enjoying pulling the sexual strings without him noticing. Leonard moved down and peeled her soaked panties from her crotch, revealing a freshly shaven pussy which was dripping juices before his eyes.

He spread her legs with his hands and buried his face into her honey pot licking up and down her slit with vigour. Leonard's tongue buried itself within her tunnel before moving up to lash her clit. He felt Leslie's body arch and pleasure and she started to squeak softly as his tongue drank in her juices and caressed her folds and love button.

As he continued his oral assault, one of his hands moved down to his pants and undid the belt, button and zipper. As he felt Leslie's body responding, he knew she was getting close and calculated the optimum time to act.

He quickly stood and shook his pants off before tearing down his underwear revealing his erect and ready 7 inch cock. He pulled Leslie's body to the edge of the bed and rolled her legs up in the air, exposing her pussy. As Leslie grabbed her legs to hold them in that position, Leonard lined up his cock with her twat and pushed in hard, entering her with one stroke.

With a loud squeal, Leslie felt Leonard's cock penetrate deep inside her so quickly. The sheer pleasure and fullness of a cock suddenly appearing deep within her warm and waiting cunt caused Leslie to cum right then.

Her passage tightened momentarily, massaging Leonard's penis while a small flood of pussy juice dripped out of her. Before she could even catch her breath, Leonard was thrusting into her hard and fast, causing her to gasp in surprise. Leonard was ramming into her hard like a steam train using her shoulders as leverage and she loved every minute of it. She was squealing and moaning like a banshee as he fucked her hard "oh god, OH God, fuck me Leonard, fuck me hard, fuck, fuck FUCCCKK".

He slowed his quick strokes and started slamming her hard and deep, causing her pussy to scream out in pleasure. He thrust into her in a slow rhythm that saw his cock go from tip deep to balls deep in a slow and pleasurable thrust.

"Oh yeah, just like that, just like that" Leslie moaned, "fuck that is so good". Leonard continued to thrust into this for a few more minutes before he felt the pressure in his balls growing. He started to thrust faster and faster into Leslie, his hands found her tits and he squeezed and kneaded them like there was no tomorrow.

Leslie's eye closed as Leonard picked up the pace and she felt her body responding once more. "Aw fuck I'm going to cum again" she shouted, one of her hands fell down to her clit and started to rub it hard and fast. With his cock still thrusting hard into Leslie, Leonard grunted in pleasure and moved his pelvis harder. "Fuck, I'm going to cum soon" he said to Leslie. Leslie was still rubbing her clit for all she was worth and was close to climaxing again "cum in me" she shouted "fill my pussy up".

Leonard obliged thrusting hard into her one more time he unleashed a large spurt of cum deep into her pussy, causing Leslie to scream in pleasure.

The feeling of cum flooding into her was more than she could bear and she came hard "FUCCCKKK, CUMMMING". Both of them collapsed onto the bed next to each other. Leonard pulled his deflating dick from Leslie's pussy and watched as a trickle of cum leaked out onto the bed.

They both lay panting on the bed as the came done from their respective orgasms. "Damn" Leslie breathed out heavily, "that was pretty amazing" agreed Leonard, smiling happily.

They lay there kissing for a few minutes, Leonard's hand moved down to Leslie's leaking snatch and started rubbing her clit again causing her to moan into Leonard's mouth again. As her pussy started to drip again, Leslie smiled inwardly and prepared herself for some anal fucking. They were interrupted by a loud creek from outside Leonard's open bedroom door.

The two of them separated quickly and looked around guiltily, neither wanted to be seen by Sheldon at this point. Both of them stared at the door and saw that nobody was there, only empty space.

They looked at each other eyebrows raised "did you hear that?" Leonard asked. Leslie got up and stuck her head outside the door, again no one was there "I can't see anyone" she responded. "Huh" replied Leonard "I swear it sounded like someone was out there, it must have been the building settling or something." Leslie was still looking out the door and was staring hard at the bathroom located at the end of the hall "yeah, must off been" she replied, her eyes still fixated on the bathroom.

Leonard, who still couldn't believe the luck he was having this night kept talking "I mean, thank god it wasn't Sheldon, can you imagine how annoying he would have been?" Leslie smiled and turned back into the bedroom "yeah he would have been pretty uptight about it, where is dumbass anyway?" she asked.

Leonard shrugged, "I don't know, I was getting ready for my hot date and wasn't really paying attention to him, I think he was going over to Amy's house". A look of surprise spread across Leslie's face "whose Amy?

Don't tell me dumbass is actually getting some". Leonard snorted and started laughing a little, "I doubt he's getting any, she's his girl-slash-friend, his is working very hard to just be friends, plus Sheldon is Sheldon, who knows what's going on in his head".

Leslie laughed at this, but though for a second "so what if he comes back, doesn't he usually have a fit if you have unexpected company over?" Leonard gave her an exaggerated eye roll, before jumping up and rummaging in one of his desk draws, pulling out a bright yellow sign. "What is that?" Leslie asked, staring at what looked like a road warning sign.

Leonard sighed "it's complicated let's just say it's a temporary visa for any naked females who want to visit my bedroom, this way Sheldon can't get pissy with me". "Need that sign a lot do you?" Leslie asked playfully.

"Hahaha, look it's a necessary evil and I had to fight really hard to get it put into the roommate agreement, cost me a lot of luxuries around this house, but I feel it's worth it".

He smiled at Leslie, hung the sign on the front of his door and closed it behind him, "now didn't you say something about your ass?" She smiled wickedly at Leonard and got down on all fours on his bed, turned and looked over her shoulder and spread her cheeks. "Oh Professor Hofstadter, I've been a bad girl" she said changing her voice slightly and acting like she was a student "I need an extension but all I have to trade for it is my tight little asshole, will that do?" Leonard's dick went instantly hard as he stared at Leslie's tight little brown eye and he gulped a little, "yep, that should do nicely" he said quietly, causing Leslie to giggle.

Leonard kneeled down behind Leslie and stared at her ass and licked his lips, running his hands along her curves. "You have been a bad girl" he said and lightly slapped her ass, causing her to yelp softly in pleasure.

His fingers traced their way down to her puckered rear entrance and rubbed it slowly. Leslie spread her cheeks a little wider, but turned back quickly as he ran his finger over it again "I've got some lube in my handbag, grab that first" she said. Leonard obliged and grabbed the small tube from out of her bag, where it was nestled between her glasses skinny teen small tits hardcore kinky birthday desires a small bottle of pills.

He took a large dollop and rubbed it into her crack, causing her to shiver slightly at the coolness of lube. He rubbed it in carefully before slowly inserting 1 finger into her back passage, causing Leslie to breathe in deeply and moan slightly as he withdrew it. He slowly finger fucked her ass for a minute, adding a second finger as he did, this caused Leslie's hands and feet to curl in pleasure, god she loved anal. She was breathing heavily at this point and felt her excitement building as the fingers were withdrawn and she could hear more lube spurting out of the tube.

However instead of entering her expectant ass, she felt his slippery cock glide into her slick pussy. "Just getting it nice and wet for you" he explained, thrusting into her several times before withdrawing and lining up his cock with her anus.

Leslie gripped the bed in expectation as she felt the thick head of Leonard's cock graze the outside of her well-greased ass. His dick slowly sweet ass lez fingers babe and anal into her, going in an inch my wife fantasises about others tube porn stopping, causing Leslie to squeak softly. He withdrew and slowly pushed back into her, this time feeling less resistance. He carefully pushed in further and further until he was balls deep inside Leslie's bowels.

Leslie was breathing heavily and gripping the bed hard "so full, so good" she gasped. Leonard slowly withdrew before pushing back in, causing a moan from Leslie. He pushed in and out again and then again, starting a slow pace that kept his dick deep inside Leslie's ass.

He picked up the pace and started to fuck her harder. "Fuck, that is good" she grunted "fuck my ass, fuck it harder" she screamed out. Leonard happily obliged slamming back into her hard and fast and then thrusting back in as fast and as many times as he could. Leslie was loving it "fuck was ass, fuck it, fuck, fuck, FUCK" she yelled as she was buggered hard and fast.

She could feel his dick going deep inside her and she loved the full feeling she was getting. Her hand reached down and found her clit and she rubbed it for all she was worth as Leonard continued his anal assault.

She could feel a deep and powerful orgasm building as the pleasure from her ass fucking continued. "I love it, fuck I love it" she screamed out, "faster, harder, fuck it harder, I love your dick in my ass". She could feel Leonard's dick starting to shiver inside her and she knew that they were both close to blowing.

Leonard's hand started slap her arse hard and she squealed from the pain, the shear sexual atmosphere was electric and innocent sweetie is geeting peed on and squirts wet hole entire situation was incredibly erotic for her. Leonard was grunting loudly at this point as the tight walls of Leslie's ass gripped his dick, "fuck, I'm going to cum" he said.

"Cum in my ass baby" Leslie begged "cum deep in my tight ass". Leonard was only too happy to oblige as his dick exploded in its tight surroundings as he thrust in as far as he could. Leslie screamed as she felt the torrent of cum squirt deep into her ass and she came hard from the sensation, her pussy squirting out a galleon of juice and her whole body shook from her core. Feeling drained and extremely happy, Leonard collapsed on top of the shaking Leslie; his dick flopped out of her ass, spent.

Both of them dropped onto the bed breathing hard from exertion and satisfaction. Leonard looked across at Leslie who was still shaking from the deep anal fucking "wow" he breathed "that was incredible, are you alright?" Leslie shook her head happily and then breathed in deeply, still shaking. "Wow is right" she agreed, "sorry about the shaking I get such intense orgasms from anal, it feels so great".

(Quick word to the female readers, if you haven't tried anal, think about it, a lot of women don't know what they're missing out on, it's not for everyone but you should try it at least once, you may be surprised. If you want me to show you how it's done my phone number is&hellip. :P). They both lay back on the bed for several minutes until Leslie noticed that both her holes were leaking cum. She quickly excused herself and made to go to the bathroom to clean herself up, but paused at the door, which was slightly ajar.

"Strange" she muttered, before she quickly opened the door and looked around the corridor, her nose flaring briefly. She walked into the bathroom she had been eyeing before and looked around intently. After kitchen drilling with amazing and horny milana scanning the room she cleaned herself up and made to leave the bathroom, just as the door to the apartment opened.

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Leslie quickly exited the bathroom and saw a confused looking Sheldon scanning the apartment. As she turned and headed towards Leonard's room she looked back and saw Sheldon staring at her bare ass as she walked away. She laughed a little and gave him a wink and blew him a kiss before entering Leonard's room and shutting the door.

After jumping onto the bed next to Leonard and giving him another deep kiss, she whispered "your dumbass roommate just came home, I figure 5 seconds before&hellip." Newest jav star super cute was a knock at the door followed by "Leonard and naked female, Leonard and naked female, Leonard and naked female" from Sheldon. Leonard groaned loudly, he didn't need this right now "what do you want Sheldon, I'm busy".

Sheldon responded in his neurotic tone "I understand you are currently engaged in activities related to coitus with a member of the opposite sex". "It's me dumbass, Leslie, you saw me in the hall, or were you too focused on my ass to look at my face" Leslie yelled out.

Leonard looked at her in surprise, he really didn't need this kind of complication right now, but had Sheldon really been looking at Leslie's ass. There was an awkward silence from the other side of the door which shocked Leonard even more; Sheldon was never speechless, what was going on? Sheldon eventually responded in angry indignity "I have no idea what you're talking about, to think that a mind as brilliant and advanced as mine would be attracted to a person with your inferior intelligence just because they had shed their clothes is preposterous".

Leslie winked at Leonard and mouthed the words "he wants me" to him, causing him to laugh out loud. "I'm glad you find this amusing Leonard because I'm very annoyed at the situation" responded Sheldon's sullen voice through the door. "What are you talking about?" asked Leonard, "I've followed your new roommate agreement to the letter, I put up the temporary visa, I haven't broken any official rules just your stupid personal views on who I should spend my time with". "While I may be personally opposed and disappointed in your choice of partner that is not why I'm talking to you right now" Sheldon said.

"No, I'm simply asking you not to leave the apartment door open anymore, I just walked home then and saw the door ajar, I thought all manner of thieves and burglars and possibly geologists may have invaded my sanctuary". Both lovers looked at each other in surprise "I thought we shut the door" Leonard whispered, "we did, I kicked it shut and heard it slam" replied Leslie.

Leonard turned towards the door and shouted "sorry about that, it mustn't have closed properly, our mistake". "Darn right it's your mistake, I shall be complaining to the roommate court tomorrow about this" replied Sheldon. Leonard groaned again and rolled his eyes towards Leslie, who was sitting there with a curious look on her face. "Sheldon" replied Leonard "how many times do I have to tell you that a hot lesbians fill up their huge fannys with milk and splatter it out where you are the judge and jury doesn't work for me, now I apologise but as I'm currently busy could we do this another time".

"Fine" replied Sheldon "I shall leave you to your fornication, but this is far from over" he said as he moved down the hall to his room, closing the door.

With a deep sigh Leonard turned to Leslie "see what I have to deal with here". Leslie nodded sympathetically, "the guy needs to relax and chill out, have you thought about finding him a girl and getting him laid". Leonard laughed hard "do you think that would work?" he asked jokingly.

Leslie nodded in agreement "well why not, it works for everyone else, why not him, and what is his deal sexually anyway".

Leonard laughed again "he doesn't have a deal really, he is in a sort of relationship with that Amy girl but he hates, human contact who knows what will happen when he finally has sex, maybe he'll mellow way out". Leslie laughed again "maybe" she said but then a thoughtful look passed over her eyes "maybe" she repeated.

"Anyway enough talk about Sheldon, we should probably talk about this" Leonard said. Leslie nodded in agreement "yeah we probably should, now that the initial horniness and alcohol has worn off".

"Precisely" said Leonard "and I think you should really define to me what this is, I mean I'm open to trying long term if you are, but I've misinterpreted what you've wanted before and I don't want to do that again". "I completely understand" said Leslie "I know my motives and my needs can be hard to read sometimes, so how about this for a proposal". Leslie sat and outlined her idea "we start building an emotional relationship of sorts and go one dates and stuff, but at the same time we aren't exclusive to each busty slut takes double dildo machine sex when it comes to sex".

Leonard thought for a second "hmmm, sounds promising, can you clarify the casual sex part though". "Of course, that is a significant part of this proposal and it is essential that we both fully understand it".

Leslie looked at Leonard and continued "during this relationship we have sex and we spend time together, like normal people, however I can't guarantee that I'm only going to have sex with you. I love sex, and I'm probably going to have casual flings whenever I feel like it" she explained.

Leonard looked interested and wondered where this was going "so this is what is going to happen" Leslie continued. "We can have sex with who ether we want during the relationship, guys, girls whatever but we don't get jealous of each other, if the relationship looks like it's going somewhere we can try to be exclusive or we could start having threesomes and group stuff whatever works I guess".

"Hmm" said Leonard, "so what you're saying is that we keep having sex but at the same time I can fuck other chicks as well". Leslie laughed "wow what a surprise, you're focusing on the sex, that's what every girl wants to hear when the talk about relationships". "Sorry, sorry" Leonard apologised "but to be fair you were the one who granny norma comes back more horny than ever it up".

"Ok I'm in, I do want to give the emotional relationship a try, but I'm ok with having a polygamist sexual relationship" Leonard answered. Leslie smiled happily, "I'm glad to hear that, I know this might be slightly difficult for you but real exclusive relationships are hard for me, I promise that if this becomes serious then we change it".

Leonard leaned in and kissed her "guess we'll have to see, this will be interesting though". "Maybe just a little" smile Leslie "and who knows we could start having some fun with this, bang some bitches together". A look of serious consideration crossed over Leonard's face "hmm, could be interesting, I like how you implied I had some choice in that, I really doubt I could turn down a threesome with two hot sexy ladies". They both laughed at this then kissed again, "I'll work on it" Leslie said "I know a couple of women who I would love to watch you fuck".

She felt one of Leonard's hands reach down and stroke her clit, and she realised how wet she was. "Huh, all this talk of threesomes and casual sex has got me horny again, any chance of another fuck". Leonard looked down at her soaked snatch than down at his junk, "after that awesome anal fucking I just gave you I'm a little worn out, give me a few minutes maybe". "Hmm, way too long, I need dick now" she said, she scurried over to her bag and pulled out the small bottle of pills Leonard had noticed before.

"Pop one of these" she said throwing the pills at him "that should get you going". "What are these, Viagra?" "No, they're some natural stuff I found that works just well, it should get you nice and hard again for a bit, actually pop a couple, they're harmless and I did wear out that dick".

Leonard took 3 of the pills and felt the blood start pumping to his loins again. Leslie kneeled down in front of him and started to suck on his semi-hard on, licking the tip and engulfing the rest. Once she had got him hard again she pushed him on his back and straddled his thighs, feeling his rock hard dick probing the entrance to her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto his meat and felt it fill up her tight snatch.

She then rode him hard until she came with a shriek, her juices gushing everywhere. Leslie kept slamming her pussy down hard onto Leonard's cock, making him groan from the hot, wet and fast grip her cunt had on him. As he had already came hard twice tonight, he managed to last a lot longer and fucked her right into a second orgasm, causing her juices to soak along his cock. The explosion of heat and pressure that followed Leslie's second orgasm was too much for Leonard who felt himself ready to blow.

"Fuck, I'm going redhead wife autumn bodell makes herself cum with toys cum again" he warned Leslie, who was still coming down from heaven.

Her eyes opened quickly when she heard this and she jumped off his cock, "I want your cum in my mouth" she screamed, licking the tip of his dick before she slowly took as much of it as she could into her mouth. She sucked it for all she was worth, wanking on his shaft and was soon rewarded with a spurt of cum which hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly but kept Leonard's cock in her mouth, swallowing the other strings of cum that followed.

Leonard sat there panting as he shot his load into Leslie's warm mouth, before collapsing down onto the bed drained.

Leslie continued to suck on his still hard shaft, licking away the traces of cum that remained before removing the cock from her mouth. "Fuck" Leonard gasped, "You really do love sex". Leslie laughed then lay down next to Leonard breathing heavily, "Oh you have no idea" she responded, "stick with me and you could have a lot of fun".

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After a few minutes of lying there, Leslie could hear Leonard's breathing getting deeper and more rhythmic and she figured he was starting to fall asleep. She waited another ten minutes until she was sure he was out of it before she got up and made for the door. "Just going to clean up" she whispered softly behind her, just in case Leonard was still awake and exited his bedroom.

In the hallway her eyes focused on the door to Sheldon's room and a wicked idea formed in her mind and she slowly edged towards the door. She was so intent on that door that she completely missed Penny hiding in the bathroom. The blond haired stunner was wearing only a matching red bra and panties and standing behind the bathroom door, two of her fingers buried in her pussy as she fingered herself hard.

Interesting things were going to happen in Pasadena tonight, and soon four nerds and a harem of hot chick were going to be having more sex then they could handle. Stay tuned for more episodes of The Big Bang Theory Sex Chronicles. To see what Leslie has planned for Sheldon make sure to read chapter 2. If you're interested in reading about what sordid adventures Penny has been having make sure you catch chapter 3.

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I didn't really want to rewrite all my story plans out again, or the 5 pages I had already written of the next story. My current plan is sunny leone and daniel webber porn write the next chapter in this series and look at responses and comments; if positive I keep going with this for the moment. However if you guys aren't as happy with this series I'll go back to charming hot babe ashley fires is crazy for big cock Teen Titans series for a while, or I might alternate between series to keep fans of both happy.

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