African man and american girl

African man and american girl
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Inspired by a friend who WAS misbehaving.

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isn't that right dear heart? As you come back from your morning walk all sweaty and thinking of taking a quick shower and having a a hot secretary takes a big black penis rub you let your mind wonder and enter your room you feel something different, closing your door and no lights on the room is dark and very quiet. A warm breath caresses your ear and you tremble with fear and delight.

Hands grasp your shoulders and pull you back, back to your bed. You feel your clothes being removed from your body and instantly your pussy starts to get wet. Only one person would dare to come to you like this, only one man would have reason to be so quiet and so warming. A cloth goes around your mouth acting like a gag making your lips part so you can breathe a little easier.

Oh now you remember you had been bad and it is time for punishment. Your legs seem to open hoping for some contact to help you get release… No such luck a feather drags across your stomach and up between your breasts and around your breasts and up your neck to your ear.

Just as quickly a rough scrubbing sponge runs between your legs and up over your nipples and is gone. Now you are waiting patiently, you dare not speak for you may get more than you think, just at that moment a stroke that you have been expecting has you tremble a bit more and as it shakes your body a cold hard steel rod is pushed across your nipples. Instant hardness develops as the cold seems to excite you.

then nothing … no sounds … no touches . just you standing there naked and open waiting for something anything - EVERYTHING. What seems like hours has passed but in truth it is only a minute or 3 then a smack on your ass and a voice says "torture isn't it?" Just as quickly 4 more strikes across your ass followed by some well placed smacks on your wet pussy.

Now you understand the lengths he will go to, you understand what real torture is to you. "Do not move or make a sound your father and mother are right outside the door." You listen and hear feet walking past and a grumble or two and it is a good thing you are on holiday so they think you are sleeping late. Moisture runs down your legs as you want him so much and the scent of him next to you is making your head spin.

Your knees weaken as your pussy heats up but a smack on your pussy makes you jump and almost yelp. And the wetness continues to spread down the inside of each leg pooling at your feet.

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You want to be one with him but you want this to happen just as much. A finger swipes the juices from your pussy and rubs against your nose just as suddenly it slips inside you and returns but this time slips in your mouth for you to taste yourself and again runs under our nose… sniff and you are wondering if there will be more when the finger jams itself into your vagina and just about pops your cherry but not quite then it is gone.

Fingers grab your nipples like clamps and lift you up on your toes then drop you. Fingers clamp your clit and squeeze like a vise and release… this is repeated several times and then nothing again. Pain radiating from your abused parts but you love it and want more. Time seems to stand still and you realize you have had your eyes closed the whole time but you can't see anything in the dark.

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Time seems to stand still no sounds, no light no movement at all except your shaking body. Sounds from the other side of the door tell you your family is leaving and that you have been there for over an hour. an hour of pure torture, an hour of desire you never knew you could feel, and hour of wanting to say something anything just to hear your voice say his name.

To ask for more pain.

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To plead for release from your master. A cloth covers your eyes now and goes over your ears as well.

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No longer can you hear even the slightest breath even your own. Fingers return and grab your pussy hair and even with it being so wet you end up on your bed on your back.

Your legs are raised and you feel him the real him his cock brushing against your legs rubbing up to your pussy and over the lips.

then down and against your virgin ass hole so tight and innocent if he tries you would surely bleed. Up and down those wet lips again spreading them out further until it starts to slip inside… spreading your vagina like nothing before…your heart races as you realize that you are about to become a true woman.

He slips in until the head of his cock is against your maiden head- he stops. No movement at all just his cock inside you your muscles trying to pull him in but no he doesn't allow it… suddenly you think and try to raise your hips but no he knew you would try that… this is torture.

Suddenly he lunges full length inside you ripping your hymen making you a woman now HIS woman. Your legs wrap around him as he reaches your cervix… and stops. You slowly stretch out to accept him you slowly feel pleasure of his cock inside you and wish for him to move so you can enjoy more of him.

Your legs tighten your grip trying to get him deeper but no… a pinch on your clit and just hard fuck arabian girl anal sex arabic that you orgasm for the first time&hellip.

When you calm down you reach out with your hands and grasp him you want a kiss and he does but on your chin then pinches your nipples and starts to pound your pussy as hard as possible. The bed creaks and seems to be jumping as well, the room fills with the scent of sex.

His pelvis crushes against your clit and as you fast approach your orgasm so does his and he cums deep inside flooding your pussy and womb and you cum all over his cock… He collapses on top of you and breathing deeply removes your gag and bind fold.

Kisses rain from you on to him… tears of joy pour out of you and down your cheeks and neck.

Now you have experienced so many things have you learned your lesson dear heart?