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Peculiar babe gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the spunk
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The other evening I was watching a travel programme on TV featuring a short item on the joys of a narrow boat holiday on the UK canal system and it brought back vivid memories of a sunny July afternoon walking along the canal towpath near to fucking of a very filthy twat gap hardcore blowjob home.

It was only a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday and, having left school with very few qualifications, I was looking forward to starting as a trainee hairdresser at my Aunt's salon next month.

The brightly painted canal boats coming and going were a familiar sight and although I'd never actually been on one, I often wondered what they were like inside.

The towpath was a haven for couples walking their dogs, cycling, or just holding hands as they absorbed the atmosphere and tranquillity. It was an idyllic way to spend an afternoon and I was lost in my own little world plugged into my music player and occasionally throwing handfuls of bread scraps to the ducks and drakes that eagerly splashed around in an effort to devour every crumb.

As I walked down the path beside a flight of locks I came across a section of the canal where several boats were moored. I was enjoying my music and wasn't paying much attention but I couldn't help noticing one particular boat where a fit looking guy was sitting in a canvas chair on the rear deck soaking up the sun.

He looked really familiar but, in shorts, bare chested and wearing shades, I couldn't quite place him. It was only when he said "Hi Candice, how are you?" that I realised that it was Mr Davis, my former geography teacher from school but, dressed so casually, I hardly recognised him. "Is this boat yours?" I asked, "Yes it is Candice and it's my home too." "Wow." I said, "That is so cool." When I expressed an interest in the subject he invited me to step aboard so that he could show me around.

His boat was painted pale grey with black coach lines and was called 'DANCING QUEEN'. He guided me down the steps into the rear part of the boat where I noticed a couple of framed pictures of the Swedish my sexy feet are just what you need group 'ABBA' so I guess he was something of a fan.

Anyway, it was a good talking point because my mum was also a massive ABBA fan. He kicked off his sandals and I did the same.

He led me through a small lobby area to the main cabin, which was clean and bright with wood panelled walls and floors and everything looked immaculate. He clearly took great pride in his home and I just followed him through and admired everything as we went. We walked through a central cabin area where there was a curved shower enclosure and a neat looking toilet which, he showed how to use. As we moved forward through to the galley kitchen we sort of brushed and briefly pressed against each other several times in the confined space.

I didn't try to avoid it and neither did he and to be honest, I quite liked it. We sat for while on the soft cream leather couch making small talk and drinking cloudy lemonade that he'd poured into two very large wineglasses.

I was intrigued by his lifestyle and asked, "whereabouts do you sleep?" He stood up and walked to the far end of the salon where he pulled a cord and a set of pale cream voile curtains slowly parted to reveal a huge bed that filled the whole front area of the boat.

"I'm quite proud of this," He boasted. "I had it specially made. It's over 6 feet wide and nearly 7 feet from front to back." He pointed towards the far playgirl acquires her cunt pounded at last and proudly indicated how it followed the shape of the bow of the boat. It was beautifully set out with lots of pillows and cushions and looked really comfortable.

"It's just amazing" I said, "The person you share it with is very lucky." He sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "Ah well, that's the sad thing Candice, I live alone and currently have no-one to share it with." I felt a slight tingle within me, put down my drink and sat down next to him. I did no more than tilt my head and rested it on his shoulder but he took it as a signal and put his arm around me. I lifted my head and turned my face toward his.

We looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds and then he kissed me tenderly. Suddenly he pulled away as though he'd done something wrong but when I moved closer to him and offered him my tongue, he realised that I was willing to carry on.

"Touch my breast." I whispered. "Candice," he said, "I'm not sure this is a good idea." "We can talk later," I responded, "I just want you to touch me and I want to touch you." We began to kiss like true lovers and I felt his hand squeezing my breast over my shirt. I reached down to his groin and felt the bulge in his shorts. "Can I get it out?" I asked. He just smiled which, I took to be a 'yes' and I eased the waistband over his beautiful stiff cock.

I clenched my hand around it and started to pull up and down on it gently. I laid it against his tummy jade hot playing in jacuzzi hot boobs pussy ass noted that the tip reached beyond his navel. "It's lovely." I said. He started to say something about him being more than ten years older than I was but I just said "Shush." By now my shirt was completely unbuttoned and his soft hands were sensuously massaging my plump firm breasts.

He squeezed my nipples tenderly as I worked on his penis and then I noticed a small droplet of clear liquid oozing from the small hole at the tip. Almost instinctively I bent my head forward and licked it off. He gasped slightly and I realised how sensitive my touch had been. It was so easy and so natural just to take the tip of his cock into my mouth and the more I sucked on it the more I wanted. Soon I had as much of his manhood in my mouth as I could cope with and I realised that I could probably make him cum quite easily if I carried on but surely it was too soon.

I eased myself off the bed and stood in front of him asking him to undress me. He slipped my shirt off exposing my naked breasts and unzipped my shorts pulling them over my hips so that they dropped to the floor.

I stepped out of them and he tugged gently at my white lacy panties.

He did it really slowly so that he could savour the vision of my peachy blonde tuft of pubic hair emerging gradually before revealing my tantalising slit which, he bent forward and licked tenderly before sliding my panties off. He stepped out of his shorts and sat on the edge of the bed whilst I stood in front of him gently massaging his glorious cock. He was caressing my breasts and sucking my erect nipples and it felt wonderful but I was aching for him to turn his attention elsewhere so, after a few minutes, I took one of his hands and placed it on my tummy just below my navel.

I looked at him and spread my legs slightly so that he was in no doubt as to what I wanted him to do. Using the lightest of touches he brushed his hand over my pubic area and stroked my inner thighs before dragging his finger up and down my slit.

He knew where my clitoris was and how to tease it so that my vagina soon became wet. I'll never forget the sensation of his finger slipping inside me but by now of course, I'd reached the point where I wanted to go all the way with him so I asked him to lie down.

I crawled over the bed and lay on top of him where the feeling of his warm naked skin against mine was just magical.

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Soon we were kissing passionately and I could feel my legs parting as I worked myself into a position where I could guide the tip of his cock towards the opening of my waiting love hole. We both paused momentarily before allowing ourselves the joy of the deep and satisfying penetration and we both gasped as my body swallowed the full length of his cock in one smooth movement. I shifted my position so that I was straddling him and he could fondle my breasts.

I used my young supple body to make the most of the hot cock that I had inside me and although I wasn't experienced at fucking, I knew that I was enjoying it and was grunting softly with every thrust. I was massaging my clit with my finger and began to feel something welling up inside me. My noises became louder as I realised that I was on the verge of cumming and when I felt his cock explode inside me with a torrent of warm creamy cum I was just too far-gone to care.

With just a few more rubs of my clit, I squealed with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy crashed dad and associates daughter first time bailey brookes home alone me. As the intensity subsided I sank back down on him and he closed his arms around me.

We were panting breathlessly but after a few minutes I rolled off him and lay there with my legs apart just letting his juice trickle out of me. He leaned on one elbow, stroked my breast and said mockingly, "Candice Fullerton, you are a very naughty girl." I looked at him and said, "I have a confession to make Sir.

You're the first person who's ever fucked me and it was very nice." He looked completely shocked but I went on to explain that I came from a household where sex was not a taboo subject. My parents were swingers, my mother sold sex toys on a party plan basis, my sister bought me a dildo for my birthday and my brother let me watch him masturbate. All of us were comfortable walking around the house naked but I had the dream that my first experience of sexual intercourse with a man needed to be special and memorable.

"And was it?" He asked. I kissed him and said, "Having sex with you has been the best experience of my life and I really want you to fuck me again as soon as you can" He pulled the duvet over us and we comrades daughter fucks for money and pervert creampie family shares a bed up together talking, kissing and stroking each other.

We were naked, warm and I hadn't really let go of his cock all afternoon as we gathered ourselves for more pleasure. After about half an hour or so I detected he was becoming aroused and as I stroked his stiffening cock he kissed me and started to finger my pussy again. After a few minutes of petting he carefully laid me on my back. I closed my eyes, put my arms above my head and spread my legs as wide as I could.

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I enjoyed the feeling of his tongue licking my clit before sensing the tip of his cock pressing against my vulva and probing for a way into my warm juicy vagina. Gently, ever so gently he started to penetrate me and, because I was so wet, the full length of his cock slipped in smoothly and sweetly right up to the hilt.

"That just feels so amazing" I moaned as my sister is in bathroom with my bf name girl slowly started to fuck me with long slow strokes. I was making soft grunting noises as he gently thrust his cock in and out of my willing cunt.

Gradually he became more energetic and I could feel my tits wobbling to the quickening rhythm. Then he would slow down for a few strokes before speeding up again. A couple of times he pulled out and knelt down by my face so that I could suck him and enjoy the flavour of my own juices and every time he re-entered me I moaned with delight.

He lowered himself down on me and kissed me passionately while fondling my left breast with his right hand. He sucked on my erect nipple and then, without withdrawing, he rolled us over so that I was now on top of him.

I managed to get my knees either side of his hips so that I was now straddling him. I sat up and put my hands on his chest. It was really easy to just rock backwards and forward in this position and he was so deep inside me that I'm sure I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my womb.

I leaned forward so that my tits were brushing against his face with every movement I made and just by turning his head slightly from left to right, he was able to suck my nipples in turn.

I felt his hands on my bum cheeks and then a finger teasing my crack. It found the opening it was searching for and he pushed it deep into my anal hole. I was getting really worked up now and my rocking movements just got faster and faster. I hadn't had an orgasm for a while so I thrust my right hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit more violently than I'd ever done before.

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I could feel something welling up inside that made me feel dizzy and then all of a sudden, my whole body convulsed into a mind-blowing orgasm. Wave after wave of ecstasy swamped me as every part of my body shuddered and trembled with the power of it.

It was both unbearable and fantastic at the same time and seemed to go on for ages but as it gradually subsided, I slumped onto him and lay there for a few minutes with my chest flattened against his. My heart was pounding and I was almost exhausted but he had cleverly kept the momentum going by very gently fucking my pussy with tiny movements back and forth. I stroked his hair and kissed him. My eyes had been watering due to the sheer intensity of my orgasm and it took me a second or two to fully focus.

I licked his face and said, "Now it's time for me to make you cum but I want to see it and taste it." He looked at me as I eased myself off his cock and moved back and to the left slightly so that I was straddling one of his thighs.

That way, I could rub my wet pussy on his leg as I pleasured him. I bent forward and sucked his cock so that I could enjoy the taste of my love juices and began to play with his cock. I squeezed it hard then gently, I used my whole hand for a few strokes and then just my thumb and forefinger.

I used long slow strokes and short fast ones but I soon got into a steady rhythm of up and down strokes whilst massaging his balls with my other hand. After a few minutes I could sense that he was close to a climax so I slowed the pace down gradually to just a gentle stroke every 2 or 3 seconds. When nothing happened for a while, I speeded up for a few strokes before slowing it right down again. This technique was clearly getting him close so I put my thumb and forefinger around the head of his cock and caressed it softly with a featherlight touch until a large creamy white droplet of cum oozed out.

I placed my open mouth over the tip and felt a delicious spurt hit the back of my throat followed by a pulsating stream of cum that flowed like lava from a volcano down his cock, over my fingers forming a sizeable puddle at the base of his shaft.

He groaned with pleasure as I bent forward to lick the last few droplets as they oozed out. I sucked his cum off my fingers and swallowed it and then dipped my fingers into the puddle.

I took a couple of sips and then offered my dripping fingers to Mr D who la peruana arrecha se exita mirando y se toca concha sucked them dry.

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I snuggled up to him and we pulled the king-size duvet over us and just lay there in silence. We had our arms around each other and kissed for ages. He gently fondled my soft pillowy breasts and I playfully caressed his cock and balls but in reality, we had already given each other every ounce of pleasure it was ever possible to give.

It was almost eight thirty when I told him asian pov hot slut sucks on cock I had to go. We were soon dressed and standing on the rear deck of 'DANCING QUEEN' and after one final kiss and a wave, I was on my way home.

When I walked through my front door I called out, "Hi Mum." She emerged from the kitchen and responded "Hi Candice, how was your day?" I replied, "Oh just walking, listening to my music and having hardcore sex all afternoon." She looked at me quizzically and asked, "Seriously?" I replied, "Seriously." She hugged me, told me she loved me, insisted that I tell her all about it later and then asked if I was hungry.

"A salad would be great please Mum," I replied. "I'm going upstairs to have a shower and freshen up." As the shower drenched me in pleasantly tepid water I reflected on the wonderful experience of that afternoon and it suddenly struck me that I hadn't even bothered to ask my former teacher his first name.

The entry in my diary for that day reads, 'Today I enjoyed educational activities with Mr Davis.' Hoping that we could spend more time together I returned a few days later to the spot where his boat had been moored but it wasn't there anymore. Perhaps he'd just moved away on a summer vacation or to seek new opportunities elsewhere but I was just grateful that I'd found the perfect man to guide me from adolescence to womanhood and I hoped that one day we would encounter each other again.

In the meantime, I needed to find new partners to help me enjoy my newly discovered appetite for sex.