Meiga gordinha de oacuteculos testando seus limitesbbwdp

Meiga gordinha de oacuteculos testando seus limitesbbwdp
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Dear diary. I know it has been a while since I have written you. I have to admit, I have missed you. all the secrets you and I share. You know so much, and yet I feel it is because I can confide in you that I push the limits of morality. To what end does this stop? Are you destined to find your way into the hands of those who would ruin me?

Or perhaps I am to go on in this fashion forever, going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. It really doesn't matter, does it? No matter the outcome, it is clear at this point, that I won't stop. I cant. Three years, Three long years, I have lingered in the mundane.

living in the predesigned image of sociaty. It felt like there was a part of me that longed to be released. I think this is why I could never bear the thought of letting go of you. I knew, that despite all my efforts, the house, cars, and wife, that I would never be part of society. Not without my book of dirty little secrets. Oh my dear, dear, Diary, I have such a nice one.

If you recall back into my teenage years, I would sneak into my older sisters room and touch her in her sleep. It has always. been a rush. To feel my heart beating out of my chest as my curious hands gingerly explored her flesh. I would come so hard, knowing that at any moment, she could wake up, and my world would come crashing down. Sweet memories. Nastasia is hot brunette babe gets her ass fucked hard by a black cock quaint place to be.

What I didn't tell you was in the room next to my big sisters, was that of my baby sister. she was only a toddler at the time so why make a fuss. Not to bore you with the details, but while you and I became road companions, and cunt, slayers, that little bitch, that used to color on all the walls, grew to be the perfect, pussy, for my return to you.

I got a horny red haired babe wants to fuck call from mom and dad saying that Alice was on a plane to L.A. to come see me. She said she didn't want another wasted summer. I being the dutiful son I am, so no point in arguing the inevitable. I am pleased I didn't either. Jess, went to pick her up from LAX, so I could finish my work. My wife can be sweat. I feel bad that, due to the unexpected arrival of my dear sister, I was not able to attend the shitty party her and her cackling friends put together.

I must digress, as time is limited. I was finishing, my presentation, when I heard her voice. She squealed and came flying into my arms. "big brothe! I hardly recognize you." Despite the smell of booze and the over-excitement, I was fucking ecstatic to have her body in my hands. she was so thin and young. tight skin that, looked as though the gods themselves created her complexion be pouring cream onto her. she had the cutest little summer dress, that gave hints of undergarments.

" have to get ready for the party, someone thought, it would be a good idea to give a minor alcohol, so she is a bit tossed." my wifes, anticlimactic tone ensured that she was not impressed. Alice and I sat and talked while Jess got ready to leave. Well, Alice talked, I ogled her body. Half an hour, maybe more seemed to fly by as I traced her lips with my gaze. I followed every curve of her body as she spoke passionately about some drunk shit I cared nothing about.

Finally, Jess came out in a rush, "I'm late, I have to go." I wished her luck, gave her a passionate kiss goodbye and locked the door behind her.

Alice at this point was Between passing out and still trying to talk. I wasted no time. My dick was out and I walked up behind the young girl who was sitting at my Dinning table and slid my hungry fingers down the front of her sleek little summer dress.

She Budged and murmured, but that was it. Her little breasts were so warm to touch. I could hardly contain my self. my hand Stoked wildly at my cock, and I came instantly on to the back of her dress.

This was the first time I've felt alive in years. My heart was a locomotive and my hands where shaking. I pulled out the chair she sat on just enough to open her legs and see If mom and dad did as well with this one as they did our older sister. It was magical. Her little pussy was so tight and clean.

I took no hesitation in Running my ravenous tongue up her slit. My cock was heard again as the taste of my little sisters pussy danced within my mouth. I had one hand stroking my hard cock, and the other was exploring her breasts.

She started to stir but I was pretty teen bonks so fine on camera far into it. I liked harder, and faster, pinching her sweet nipples in my fingers. This only made her stir more. by the time she awoke enough to realize that her brother was about to enter her, it was too late. She screamed a half groggy cry as the entire length of my posting monster drove its way inside her.

She was so wet and tight. I had no idea how long I was going to last. What made my experience so much more lustful, was watching her struggle with a half-drunk effort. between the feel of my cock pile driving my baby sister and the look in her eyes, I was bound to come. She had the saddest look of trust, lost. like the beautiful safe world, she had known was ripped apart by one vile act. She was defeated.

laying half out of my dining room chair, tears streaming down her flawless cheeks, sobbing as I fucked her harder, and harder. Just before I was going to cum, I wrapped my fingers around her neck and squeezed.

It didn't take long for her to come to life. Pinning her body to the chair gave me lovable schoolgirl gets teased and poked by her aged teacher leverage, and it was harder for her to move.

At this time my blood was pumping wildly throughout my body, she would struggle and it would feel good against my dick, but she was getting weaker, because I wasn't giving her any air, at all. I don't know what came over me. maybe I didn't care, maybe It was the power. no matter the reasoning, I tightened my grip as her eyes began to bulge out.

her ever weakening jerking movement where getting farther and farther apart, and it was in that beautiful moment. I pushed my self all the way in, I could feel her tiny little cervix reluctantly open up as I unleashed a flood inside the little bitch.

My orgasm was so big that I lost control of my legs and dropped, cum still spritzing out of mine. she fell backward out of the chair, and onto the floor.

It took a moment to recover.

I lay there looking at her limp body, wondering what I had done. If she was alive, I was fucked, and going to die, in prison. If she was dead, then I would fuck her in the ass, until my wife came home to find the loving loyal, husband, fucking his dead sister's ass, then I would probably end up dying in prison.

I stood on shaking legs, almost too weak to stand. I looked at Alice again, I thought I saw a shallow breath. My intention was to check and see if she was okay, but something caught my eye. Panic ripped through my heart as my gaze shot toward the door.

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She was standing there. For how long I didn't know, but Jess was standing there. Eyes wide, mouth agape.