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Pretty blonde teen cosima dunkin pussy fucked and creampied
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The woods were thick and dark as Mike walked home from school, unable to find the path he had lost. The sun struggled to pierce through the thick canopy of the forest, despite it only being 4:30 in the afternoon.

Perhaps that was why he had lost his path home, that, and his clumsy feet. "Damn it Mike, why are you so bloody clumsy?" he said to himself, as he picked his way over the roots spread over the forest floor.

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His accursed lack of athleticism made the shortcut through the forest hard, but not impossible, and this was only the second time he had become lost. His internal compass usually managed to help him get home, but today. The lack of light was messing with his sense of direction, and the hiding sun meant he couldn't figure out which way was north-east, where his home was. If you could call it a home. His drug addicted mum, and wanker of a step-father made his home life a misery.

School wasn't much better. Bentley Hill High School was nothing but a waste of time. Not because he was too intelligent. He was 18, and still in school unlike the couple of loner friends he had who had graduated last year. More because the teachers didn't teach or like him, and getting good grades was more about winning the popularity contest that was school, a contest he wasn't scoring any points in. His only escape was his peaceful walk through the woods, and his German Shepard Rhino he had waiting at home.

Rhino got his name from black colouring on his muzzle, in the rough shape of a horn. His step father had only allowed the dog, because Mike kept pestering him until finally, he gave in and took him to the pound. But Mike had to look after him, and feed and clean him. Not that Mike didn't enjoy that, but most of Mikes hard earned cash from his job at the corner store went into feeding Rhino.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Mike as he tripped over an especially large root, catching himself with his hands. Rolling over and leaning back on his knees, Mike examined the new assortment of scratches on his palms and began to pick out the few splinters he had collected. Mikes head snapped around as he heard a fallen branch snap behind him, but he could see nothing but the dark woods. Picking himself back up, he slung his backpack over his shoulder, and took off at a faster pace than before, looking over his shoulder every few seconds.

It took a few minutes, closer to 10 or 15 minutes than a few, but eventually he felt the ground beneath him level out and looked down to see a familiar path. Still nervous about the breaking branch, Mike took off at a jog, and turned the bend, eventually seeing the roofs of the suburban area.

Mike left the dirt track to step onto a concrete path and made his way home. Arriving home, Mike pushed open the front door, to see his mother passed out on the couch, and his step father Kent driving his rather pathetic looking cock in and out of his mother's pussy. His father froze, and looked up at Mike, and then slowly started to saw in and out of his mother, maintaining eye contact.

"You wish you were here don't you boy. God knows it's probably the only pussy you would ever get," said his step-father. "Get fucked dickhead," Mike spat, giving his step-father the finger, and moving towards the stairs. "What did you say you little cunt?" yelled Kent, "Come here and say that again!" "I said get fucked!" Mike repeated, and then ran upstairs and locked the door to his bedroom.

He threw his bag on his bed, and then pushed the rickety old metal frame up against the door, and not a moment to soon. Seconds later he heard Kent try to open the door, and finding it blocked, he tried to bust it open. It was then that Mike heard the deep and very aggressive bark of Rhino from the hallway where Kent was.

"Nice mutt," Mike heard from Kent, in a small and frightened voice. Rhino answered with a particularly menacing growl. Mike heard his step father turn and fall down the stairs in his eagerness to get away from the dog.

Pulling back his bed, Mike opened the door, and Rhino strolled in as though nothing had ever happened. Mike pushed the bed back up to the door, and sat in the corner of his room, holding Rhinos fur tightly for comfort. Free vintage xxx home movies tube porn turned, and licked Mikes face reassuringly, making shiny flowers lily purple strings 02 his master was okay.

After an hour of sitting there holding his dog, Mike closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, thinking to himself. 'I'm going to have to climb through my window again tomorrow.' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One Week Later School went much like the day previous, a slow and boring slog through another pointless day at a shit school.

Mike started again on his path through the forest, confident he could find his way back home this time. He munched on the chips he had managed to steal from the vending machine outside his locker area as he walked, hoping his mother wasn't two slutty girls in bikini nasty way sex on speedboat group sex and hardcore out again from booze or drugs, and made his way home. Deep in thought, Mike didn't notice the forest grow darker, nor did he notice the shadowed figure walking in pace with him 20 metres to his right.

Mike was startled from his deep thinking by a snapping branch, and looked around him, till he spied a shape that didn't seem at home with the uniform trunks of the forest's trees. It was when the shape seemed to turn that Mikes adrenaline spiked, and his legs started pumping as he ran as fast as he ever had across the forest floor.

He ran for close to 10 minutes till he realised, he had once again left the path, and run deeper into the 1,000,000-acre forest. Looking around himself for the mysterious shape, Mike tried to get his bearings, and looked for his footprints amongst the shrubs and long grass he had sped through. "Lost again, you fucking moron, way to go." Mike kicked the root next to him as he berated himself for his stupidity.

Mike walked and walked unable to find the path he had taken here, until he decided to just pick a direction, and take it. An hour later, he stumbled onto a small shack in the woods. "Must be a hunting cabin," he surmised, surveying the numerous deer skulls and old tanned skins. He walked up to the cabin, eyes darting around, and knocked on the door.

It promptly fell from its rusted hinges, onto the floor. Unable to see any sun, Mike decided it might be safer to stay the night here then walk through the pitch-black forest. Besides, nobody would miss him, not at home, and certainly not at school.

Entering the small one room cabin, Mike pulled the flashlight he had saved up for out from his backpack. A solid steel cased and high-powered LED torch, it cut through the dark of the room. He briefly considered leaving and walking home, but even with the torch, picking his way through the forest would be difficult. Shaking his head, he moved further through the room. The cabin was sparsely furnished, a small table with a single chair, and a dusty armchair sitting in front of a cobweb covered fireplace.

Sitting down in the armchair, Mike pulled the remainder of the chips from his bag, and quickly finished it off, along with the couple of chocolate bars. Feeling rather bored, Mike pulled a magazine from his bag. He had found his step fathers porn magazine collection almost a year ago, and in all that time Kent had not realised that some of them were going missing. Without a phone capable of internet browsing, this was as close as he had come to porn. He picked through to his favourite few pictures.

Aubrey Mathews looked back seductively at him as she bit her lip and spread her plump pussy lips. He fished his average sized dick out from his pants, and slowly began to jack off to his favourite pornstar. He imagined slowly pushing his cock into her pussy, spreading her wet lips as her velvet sleeve gripped his tool like she was made for him.

It wasn't long before he felt his body tense, and his balls draw up, and his cum started to fire out from his cock. As his cock began to go limp, he tucked it back into his pants. Looking down at Aubrey, he wondered, what his life would be like if he had been born as an attractive girl.

Would his mum have payed more attention? Would his life at only big dildos can please this beauty be easier?

Even the less attractive girls at his school seemed to be doing better than him. After a while, Mike began to feel his eyelids droop, and he slowly drifted off to sleep. Mike awoke from his sleep and rolled over in his bed. Reaching out for his pillow, he felt not the relative softness of his cheap pillow, but instead the hard wooden of the cabin. Mike sat up, realizing where he was, and looked around.

Looking out the doorway, Mike saw it was still dark, and that it wasn't near daylight yet. He guessed it was around 1 or 2 in the morning, and his body clock was usually pretty good, so why had he woken up?

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Figuring that it was just the strange surroundings, Mike closed his eyes again and tried to get to sleep. It was then that he heard a deep, rumbling growl from his left. Opening his eyes, he saw the large shadowed figure that had trailed him in the corner of the cabin. Frozen, Mike stared at the still form, and tried to get his hand to move towards the heavy torch beside him.

After what seemed like forever, he felt the cold steel of his torch in his hand, and quickly flicked the button to see the biggest dog he had ever seen in the corner. He moved the torch over the dog's face, and seeing it clearly, he realised it wasn't just a dog, it was a wolf. Mike bolted. Leaping out of the chair, it fell over, and Mike stumbled towards the opening. He felt something tug on his pant leg, and he fell forwards through the broken doorway, and out into the grass.

Looking back, he saw his pant leg hanging from the wolfs mouth and scrambled to get up and away. He swung the heavy torch around behind him, to try and keep the wolf away, but he again felt a tug on his pants, and heard them tear. The wolf had ripped his pants in half, and as they fell off, wnww sex mom in son exposed his old bonds underwear. Hardly caring about his pants, and in full fear for his life, Mike tried to scramble forwards, until he felt teeth close around his neck.

It was when the wolf grabbed his neck by its teeth, that he finally heard and registered the peculiar cackling behind him. "I see you've made friends with my wolf," said a hoarse, unattractive feminine voice. He heard the woman walk past him until her strange old shoes stopped in front of him.

"You really shouldn't have trespassed, but I would have let that slide," she said leaning down to face him. "But you jacked off and made a mess of my hut." Mike looked up into a face that really didn't match her voice. "What? You don't like my voice?" the woman said, "How about this then?" "Now, I am going to need to punish you for your transgressions," said the woman in a completely new, and very sultry voice, "But I just can't decide on what that punishment shall be?

What do you think young man?" "Get fucked bitch," seethed Mike. "Now that's just rude, you're an angry little boy aren't let me rub one out for you baby joi jerk off instructions handjob and masturbation instructions Mike?" She smiled connivingly.

"How do you know my name?" Said Mike, his voice breaking, frightened of the answer to his question. "Oh, I know all about you Mike. I've been watching you for some time. I know your parents are cruel and indifferent. I know you have no friends save your lovely dog Rhino. I even know you wondered what it would be like to be female, as you masturbated in my house." The woman seemed to gasp as though she had just had an epiphany. "I know exactly what your punishment should be!" she exclaimed.

"Up Falon!" "Up Falon?

What the hell does that mean?" said Mike, confused. It was then that he felt the wolf's teeth leave his neck but scared for his life he stayed still on all fours.

"What are you going to do with me?" "Oh, it's not what I'm going to do with you." Said the woman with an evil looking smile. Mike heard the wolf moving around behind him and slowing looked behind him. The wolfs cock was hanging out, red and angry.

Mike could see the veins along its 7-inch length pulsing. When the wolf ripped his boxers off, Mike suddenly understood his punishment. "Please no, don't do this please, please, don't do." Suddenly, Mike couldn't speak. Instead of words, whines and small barks left his mouth. He saw the woman's mouth moving but couldn't hear her words. Mike felt the wolfs fur along his back as it mounted him, wrapping its forelegs around his waist.

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Mike could feel the wolfs huge cock poke at him, and all his whines and barks couldn't stop the large predator. The wolfs cock finally found his ass, and when the animal hardcore dildo fuck and thick brunette creampie xxx cashing in reality the heat of a hole, it hunched forward, driving 2 inches of its huge cock into Mikes ass.

Mike let loose a long dog howl as the wolfs cock entered his virgin ass, and another longer whine when the wolf drove another 3 inches into his ass.

The pain was almost unbearable as the animal drove the last inches of its cock into him and got even worse as the wolf started to jack hammer its cock into his newly deflowered asshole. Mike felt the invading cock saw in and out of his stretched ass. Slowly the pain gave way to just general discomfort, and he almost became used to the huge invading member.

He couldn't believe this was happening and hated himself and the woman for it, but he even began to feel a little bit of pleasure, and the woman seemed to notice this, as her smile grew on her face. Mikes tongue began to hang from his mouth as the wolf mated with him. Slowly, he became aware that the wolfs cock was growing inside his ass, and he began to feel even more stretched than before. The little pleasure that was there was replaced by more pain than before as the wolfs knot began to swell within his ass.

The animal stopped hammering his ass and lay still as Mike felt a heat spread through his ass and bowels. He realised that the wolf was cumming inside him, and he began to cry at his violation. Suddenly, all the emotion and pain of his ordeal hit him as the fear subsided, and he felt disgusting and shameful. The wolf stayed tied to him for the next 30 minutes as Mike sobbed, until the knot finally shrank enough to pull free.

Mike fell forwards onto the ground, his face in the dirt as he recovered from the mating. He heard the woman kneel next to him and felt her hand on his back. "There, there Mike. You're okay. You have survived your punishment, and you are free to go." Said the woman in a condescending tone.

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Mikes shame and embarrassment began to turn to anger, anger at this evil witch of a woman, and her stupid mutt. He felt a strength and a rage he hadn't felt before, and he reached up quickly and slammed the woman's head into the ground as she yelped in surprise.

Reaching for his fallen torch he whipped around and slammed the steel into the wolfs head as it leapt at him. It fell to the side and lay still, out cold.

Picking himself up, Mike ran as fast as his sore legs and ass would let him, as he heard the woman yell words that he couldn't understand at his back. He ran for what must have been an hour, longer than he had ever run before, until he stumbled onto the path. Mike, still in shock, began to walk towards his home as fast as he could, as the sun just began to peak over the hills, shedding a little light on him.

Mike went through the side gate of his house, clutching his sore stomach, and opened the back-sliding door that his parents has luckily forgotten to lock.

Mike almost fell up the stairs and managed to make it into his room. He somehow managed to lock the door, and then the world faded as he collapsed onto his bed, his entire body sore and churning.