Pretty brunette teen girl gets drilled by stranger guy reality outdoor

Pretty brunette teen girl gets drilled by stranger guy reality outdoor
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Friend's note: I must apologize for not being clearer before. The man you all knew as Dark_Brother, is dead. I wish I could say that he died valiantly in a blaze of glory, but that is only partially true. A cowardly IED (roadside bomb) exploded outside our vehicle. I'm, sorry, this is hard to type, but my VA psych says I need to do this, in order to move beyond it.

He died in my arms, as we tried to patch up his wounds, and I lost my best friend that night. It was not in China as some have suspected.

For those that are complaining that I am ruining the story, I'm sorry. I'm staying true to his original plot, merely adding details, and changing tense (past vs. present). Before Dark_Brother's death, he'd told me about these stories, and complained that he'd never been able to properly complete them.

He asked me, that night, that when I got home, if I would complete them for him. He told me where his login information was stored, so I could access his account. This series was that important to him. So again, I'm sorry if you feel I'm going to ruin this, but I will honor one of his dying wishes. Author's note: This story consists of multiple chapters. Some chapters will contain subjects that some may find objectionable, such as violence, anal, and even incest.

You are here forewarned not to busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking into this series if any of these subjects bother/offend you. If you choose to complain about the themes presented within, you will be met with derision and scorn.

You have been warned/enticed. All characters are over eighteen, as I can't abide kiddy-porn, PERIOD! If this is suitable to your tastes, please enjoy my series, Bait and Switch.

============================== Chapter 03 White lights flashing across my shut eyes awaken me immediately. "He's awake," a harsh whisper sounds in my room, "quick, silence him!" A thick hand covers my mouth, and it's only then that I decide to try making noises.

More hands grab me, and hold me down, as the one with the flashlight comes closer to me, and turns the light so I can see his face.

It's Robbie. "Looks like it's payback time, dweeb." His eyes are cold in the beam coming off his flashlight, and in a panic I reach for his switches. His fist is faster, as it connects with my jaw, and I see stars.

* * * My jaw is the first thing I feel as I wake up. An odd moan sounds from somewhere, and it takes me a few moments to realize it's me. My mouth doesn't feel right, and I come to the conclusion that there is a gag between my teeth.

Keeping my eyes closed, I hope to fool them into thinking I'm still out, but my muffled moan has gave away the ruse. "Looks like our little nerd has come back to us," I hear Robbie's taunting voice come closer to me at the same time I feel his switches approaching.

"Looks like he needs a little encouragement to WAKE the fuck UP!" Robbie punctuates his words with a fist to my gut, a split second before I can adjust his switches. My eyes bulge, as all the air in me is forcefully expelled, and my stomach writhes in pain.

With my eyes now open, I can see that I'm in someone's unfinished basement, tied to a support beam, my arms behind me. "Good.

I'm glad to see you're back with us," Robbie's voice has grown menacingly cold. "We want to have a little talk with you." My eyes are still watering, and I'm trying to gather enough wits together so I can weaken him, when his next blow hits the side of my ribs. "Enough Robbie," I hear a sweet familiar voice, but it only sends a chill down my spine.

What is Gina doing here? "Enough? Enough!?" Robbie blusters. "It will be 'enough' when he's paid for what he did to you." I use the distraction to focus my thoughts, and flip his 'bladder' switch, and at the same time push on his 'weak' switch. I have to get out of mexicana se deja follar por el palomero. I can feel fear's fingers bizarre fucked-up porn 10 tube porn their way to my heart, and I try to push them away, and keep my focus.

Robbie turns his attention back to me, and there is no mistaking the malice in his eyes. "That won't work this time, freak." His punch this time strikes the other side of my ribcage. Thankfully he is weaker, though it still hurts, and even brings an embarrassing sob out of me. Have my switches failed me? I wonder through the pain that is wracking my body.

No, I can still feel the switches, and they HAVE moved. Looking through my pain filled eyes, I can see that his pants are still dry, but something seems odd about them. "Hit 'im again, Robbie. Make the lil freak pay." For the first time I realize that there are others around.

John Malcom, Brent Ratner, Philip Carson, Tony Hansen, and Derek Peterson (the one who had just spoken), are also witnessing my humiliation; all of them on the football team, and all Robbie's friends. "I want to hear him confess, first" one of them says, and the others agree. Robbie yanks the gag out of my mouth, and I work my jaw painfully, my face throbbing.

"Tell everyone what you did to my girlfriend. Tell them how you raped her, and MAYBE I'll go easy on you." Rape? I didn't RAPE her! I think. Looking to Gina, I see that she is looking at the floor, refusing to look at me. What has she told them? "I didn't—" Robbie's right hook catches my jaw, but it's too weak to do more than move my head, though it still hurts where he'd struck me originally.

"Don't lie to us, freak. Gina, come tell him what you told us." Robbie looks to his girlfriend, but she just continues to look at the floor, her shoulders shaking. Is she laughing at me? "Gina?" her boyfriend repeats. "Gina, tell them I didn't do it!" I plead, and I feel a switch move as I speak, but I can't tell what or where.

I remember her switches and I start moving the 'guilt' and 'concern' switches I'd make that first night, and am relieved to feel them move in the opposite direction I'd done then. I only hope she feels guilt for what Robbie is doing to me, and not for cheating on her boyfriend. "Come on, Gina. Confront your rapist. Spit in his face, and show him you're not afraid of him." Gina looks up at me, and drops her gaze back down again; but not before I see the tears staining her cheeks.

"I-I. ." Gina trails off. Two hands grab my head from behind, and turn my face towards her. The fingers dig into my cheeks and temples as their hands hold my head firmly. For a moment I debate on using my switches to stop this whole farce, but stop myself. I have to clear my name first. I'm no rapist, not now, not EVER! "Look, Gina, the dweeb is helpless. He can't hurt you," Derek's voice says right behind me, as Juicy cunt is gratified to the max push harder on Gina's 'guilt' switch.

"I can't," she finally blurts. "Man, you must've done a number on her, nerd," Derek says. "That's okay. . We'll do you amateur wife on real homemade doggystyle stockings worse, I promise." "No!" Gina yells, and every eye in the room turns to her. Robbie goes over to console her, but she shakes him off. "I lied," she confesses, tears streaming down her face.

"He didn't rape me." Her voice is tremulous, and she raunchy banging session with a hot teen her face in her hands as she sobs. "What are you saying?" Robbie asks; confusion painting his face. Gina looks at him then, and I can see anger in her red rimmed, tear stained eyes.

"I'm saying I fucked him, and enjoyed every minute of it," she spat. Everyone's jaws drop but mine and Gina's.

Robbie has a painful look on his face. "I seduced him, but felt guilty about it, so I lied to you. But I can't. . I can't let you do this to him. . Not when he's innocent." "Like hell he's innocent!" Surprisingly it's Derek who makes the exclamation, and not Robbie.

"He still screwed with your girlfriend, Robbie. I say we teach him a lesson, and make sure he never touches another man's girl again." I feel the man's fist hit my right kidney hard a moment after he releases my head, wracking my body with pain all over again. I'd like to say I took it like a man, but it HURT! "No, Derek." Robbie's voice is barely a whisper, and I'm not sure if I hear him right, through my agony fogged brain. "Untie him." He turns his back on Gina, and faces the rest of the room.

"It's one thing to beat up a rapist, but I won't hurt a man whose only crime is being seduced by this slut." "Robbie, I. ." Gina reaches for Robbie's shoulder, but he yanks it away from her. The large man walks up to me, and stares me in the face. I can see that he hates me still, but I have to give him some respect for his actions. He helps to untie me, and I turn to face the room. I know it's wrong, but I feel like I need to get revenge.

In a rage, I make two new switches in each man, and Gina. I flip the first, anger almost bursting from my pores, and watch as their eyes grow large, and their bodies become completely stiff and paralyzed. I walk up to Derek first, and have to look up at him, as Gina is the only one in the room shorter than me. I reach up with my right hand, and pinch the base of his neck where it meets with his shoulder.

Simultaneously, I flip the second switch, and smile as he falls to the ground. To everyone else, it would look like I'd given him the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

A truly geeky revenge. I look to Robbie's other four friends, and can't bring myself to do anything to them. Sure they had helped kidnap me, but none of them had struck me, only watched.

I release their 'paralyze' switch, and tell them to go. To a man, they flee the small basement, beating each other out of their way, in their haste to escape from me. Turning back to Robbie, I feel my anger flare up again, until I see his eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and if that's true, Robbie is in hell. There is no fear in his eyes, only pain, and hurt, and betrayal. "Go," I say quietly (I feel that phantom switch move again), before I can change my mind, and release him too.

As he runs up the stairs after his friends, I notice that his pants seemed a little bulky around the waist, and think he must be wearing a diaper. No wonder his pants stayed dry. Finally it's just me, Gina, and a softly snoring Derek in the dim basement. I debate on giving Derek a few kicks, to pay him back for the kidney punch, but know that the fight is out of me, after seeing how broken Robbie has become.

Turning to Gina, I release her, and watch as she crumples to the floor, crying. "I'm so sorry," she sobs, burying her face once again in her hands. "I didn't think they would take it this far." "You're right, you didn't think. Get up," I demand, my voice as cold as the storm had been earlier today. She looks up at me, and I feel my anger rising again. This woman told them that I'd raped her. Sure I had used my switches to turn her on, and make her horny, but I don't have control of her mind!

I didn't force her to do anything. And for that, I'd been kidnapped, tied up, and beaten. Thankfully my name is clear now, though I wonder what the others will say of the aftermath.

"I said, get up!" As I speak, I finally find the phantom switch that's keeps moving without any effort from me. It's a switch in Gina; the one I'd used to make her wet every time I speak, but now it's working on its own, without my direct intervention.

Slowly Gina stands, and I try to be patient, but I'm still seething inside. "Nick, I'm so sorry—" "I don't want to hear it," I cut her off. "Right now, I'm in a lot of pain, and have no idea where I'm at. I need you to take me home." Oh, how it galls to tell her that, but I really have no clue where I am, and don't feel like trying to walk through the snow, until I find out. I'm just glad that I'd fallen asleep in my work clothes, shoes and all. "O-Okay. ." Gina stammers, and follows me up the stairs.

"I'll take you home. It's the least I can do." Damn straight, it's the least you can do, I think, but don't say.

The night air is frigid as I step outside, and follow her to her car. Every step hurts, and every breath is a chore, though the cold air seems to help, but none of that compares to the pain I'd suffered from overusing my ability. The drive home is thankfully short, and Gina continues to prattle on about how sorry she is, and how she will make it up to me.

I just close my eyes, and let her talk, wishing I could use switches on myself, if only to block the pain. When she pulls up to my apartment, I get out, and am surprised when she does too. "What are you doing?" I demand tiredly, still feeling that switch move inside her every time I talk. "You're hurt. I want to make sure you make it alright." I'm in too much pain, and too exhausted to argue, and truth be told, it helps to use her for a little support, as we walk up to my apartment.

I dig the keys out of my pocket, expecting her to leave then, but she follows me in. "Oh," I hear an exclamation as I walk into the lit dining room to find Dennis still awake, "what happened?" "A little misunderstanding," I say, sarcasm dripping like venom from my tone. "I tried to stop them," Dennis says earnestly, "but Derek held me down as they carried you out.

He told me not to call the police, or they'd come for me next." Dennis was a jock, sure, but I can't expect him to stand up to most of the football team. "And where were you?" I turn and glare at Gina. "I was brought into the basement after. ." She replies quietly. "Robbie said he had a surprise for me, and had me blindfolded. When he removed the blindfold, they already had you tied up, and you were still unconscious." I nod, too exhausted to care anymore.

Gina follows me to my room, and I wonder if she is karina white sex xxx pussymovies to help me do everything from now on. Serves her right, for the pain she caused, I think. "Go home, Gina. Your mom is probably worried about you. I can take care of myself." I can still feel that switch moving every time I speak, making her pussy wetter, and then turn back off when I stop.

I wonder briefly if I have accidentally trained her like one of Pavlov's dogs. She grabs her phone, and dials a number. "Mom, I'm at Nick's. (Pause) Yeah, the guy from the other night. (Pause) Okay, I will. Love you too, Mom." She hangs up and looks at me, worry deep in her eyes as she looks at me.

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"My mom will be fine. Let me help you, and then I'll go." Once again, all I can do is nod, as Gina helps me out of my shirt and pants. Part of me wonders what tale she might spin from this night, but I hope she has learned her lesson. She gasps as my shirt comes off, and lightly touches the two forming bruises that are already dark on my ribs. Her touch is light, but still makes me flinch. My pants are next, and they hit the floor, revealing my 'Armitage' (one of my favorite anime's) boxers.

For a second I wonder if she is going to follow me to the bathroom as blonde hottie fucks machine and gets orgasm, but thankfully she lets me do that in peace.

Once in the bathroom I take a look at myself, and shudder. The left side of my face is a massive bruise, complimenting the two on my ribs, and one over my right kidney.

When I return to my room, she has me lie on my stomach. "Just relax," she tells me. "Let me give you a massage. It'll help you sleep." Help with sleeping is the last thing I need, I'm so weary, but a free massage isn't something to pass up either. A small part of me still doesn't trust her, but I can feel her 'guilt' and 'concern' switches still fully on, without me applying pressure.

Also, knowing that Dennis is in the apartment helps. Don't get me wrong, I'm still angry with her, and she deserves to pay for her lie, but right now, I'm just too exhausted to do anything about it.

Her fingers work wonders on my back and shoulders, and thankfully wet pussy is ready for hot fuck avoids my right kidney, and the sides of my ribs where I'm bruised. As her fingers dig deeper, I can feel my muscles (such as they are), start to relax. Just as I'm about to fall asleep, she moves off me, and tells me to roll over. Obligingly, I do as I'm told, and give a low moan, as digs her thumbs into my feet.

Her digits drive into the underside, tops, and even between my toes, as she works my feet, and a small feeling of euphoria spreads across my body. "I've studied reflexology, and been told I give the best massages," she whispers, as she works up to my calves.

If she did this every night for a month, I think, she might actually begin to make it up to me. Her hands begin to work my thighs, and the feeling of contentment continues through my body. It isn't until she is working on the tops of my thighs, near my groin, that I realize I've grown sunny leone xxx wallpepar com at some point, and it is now poking well out of the top of my boxers.

Gina just ignores it, though I know she can't miss it. After finishing with my thighs, she straddles my legs, and starts working on my stomach and sides. The middle of my stomach is still tender from Robbie's first blow in the basement, but Gina's fingers seem to work magic into them. As her hands slowly work up to my chest, I notice that her body slides up, too, until she is sitting right on top of my rock-hard rod.

Her whole body is moving on top classic hardcore and mature redheads in showers xxx purse snatcher learns a lesbosss son me, and it's only making me hornier, instead of relaxing me.

"What are you doing?" I ask, feeling that switch inside her move again as I speak. Her hips are now moving with their own rhythm, sliding up and down my partially covered penis, as her hands work my neck.

I can sense that her 'horny' switch is fully tilted now. "Making recompense," she whispers dreamily. Horny as I now am, I'm even more wary. "Uh-huh. . And have it end like last time?" I don't even try to hide the edge to my voice. Gina sits fully upright, and grinds her denim covered crotch down on me, not even trying to hide what she is doing. "Dennis, are you still listening at the door?" She asks, turning her head towards the closed door.

I can see his shadow underneath it, and almost have to laugh. The big jock who can usually get any girl, is listening outside MY door. Thinking about the fact that he is a jock, I consider how happy I am that he plays basketball, and not football, else he would have likely been in that basement, too.

Dennis doesn't respond to Gina's question, but she continues as if he had. "I want to make it clear that everything I do in here tonight, I do of my own free will." She turns back to look at me, and I can see hunger in her hazel eyes now. "There, now you have a witness." Her hand snakes down, and starts gently rubbing the head of my cock. "You don't really want me to stop, do you? Goodness knows, THIS big fellah doesn't want me to stop." Her fingers wrap as far as they can around the head of my manhood, and gently squeezes.

Deciding quickly, I yell towards Dennis's shadow, "I hope you heard her, 'cause I'm gonna make her scream in ecstacy!" Hey, I might still be mad at her, but I'm not about to pass up a free screw. Gina giggles, and I compare it Shanna's giggle. Perhaps it's my current mood towards Gina, but I like Shanna's laugh more. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, she lifts it up over her head.

Underneath, she is wearing a white frilly bra that brings her ample bosom together to emphasize her cleavage.

"You just lie there and relax," she tells me, "I don't want you hurting yourself. Let me do all the work." She bends over, and lightly pecks my lips, before moving her mouth gently across my left cheek, to just behind my ear.

I reach behind her, amateur girlfriend anal group sex with facial easily unsnap her bra, as I feel her breath tickle the hairs at the nape of my neck. Gina softly nibbles her way down my neck, along my pecks, until she can bring my right nipple into her mouth.

I rather enjoy the sensation, as her tongue swirls around the areola, making it stand up tall and proud. I let out a small moan, and note that even that makes her 'wet pussy' switch move. I let out a louder moan, as a test, and feel the switch move even more. Gina also gives a slight shudder as I do, and I wonder just how much she is enjoying this.

Part of me doesn't want her to get any pleasure from it, but I've never been a selfish man. As her lips travel down my abdomen, I notice that my door has opened slightly, hot teen masturbates in the bathtub on cam Dennis is peeking through the small crack.

That's right, I think, watch as I get a piece of action from one of the hottest babes on campus. I really am going to have a witness to her willingness.

I forget all about Dennis watching us, when Gina's lips stretch around the head of my rod, and her tongue swirls around the ever sensitive rim. Another moan escapes me, and Gina begins to bob up and down, slowly taking more and more of me into her mouth.

I'm too big to fit down her throat, but she gives it a valiant effort, often gagging in her attempt. Soon my moans are nonstop, until she starts to really shudder, and I know she is cumming. Her head lifts, and she looks me in the eyes with a piercing look. "What is it about your cock that makes me cum so easily?" I can only shrug; glad she thinks it's my cock, and not me manipulating her through my switches.

Gina rolls onto her back, unsnaps her pants, and practically rips them off, before rolling back onto me. Licking my shaft from balls to tip, she keeps going up my body until her tongue is in my mouth. I can feel her vagina start to press against the tip of my penis, and moan into her mouth as her soaked pussy swallows the first couple inches.

"Oh, god! I forgot how big that thing is," she tells me, throwing her head and arching her back. At the same time, I notice Dennis slip quietly into the room. He already has his cock out, and is gently stroking it, as he watches this hot blonde woman slip further and further down my rod. Despite myself, I can't help but notice that he is well endowed as well, if not quite so well as I am.

My mind is taken from Dennis's presence as I hit bottom in Gina. She looks down between us, then back up to me, with a slightly pouting expression. "One day, I am going to get all of you in me," she promises, before slowly sliding back up, and then slamming down until I hit bottom again. I moan as she does this, and can feel her inner muscles tighten as I do.

Lifting her body up again, I can feel every inch of my wood slipping from her slick vagina. "God, I feel so empty after having you so deep. Ungh—" She cuts off, driving her booty down hard on me. I decide to give Dennis a bit of a show, and grab an ass cheek in each hand, spreading them, and giving my roommate a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Gina's tits are bouncing just inches above my face, and I lift my head up a bit, grunting at the slight pain in my abs as I do so, suckling one of them between my lips.

I let out a really loud moan, truly loving sucking on a great set of teats, and suddenly Gina is cumming hard on top of me. I start to thrust my hips, ignoring the pain in my stomach, pounding in and out of her, when an idea occurrs to me.

Slipping two of my fingers on my right hand down to where we are connected, I can feel her juices sloshing around my cock as I moan, making her orgasm last longer.

I try to shove my fingers in also, but she is too tight around the girth of my penis. I content myself with just rubbing my fingers around that area, till they are nice and slick from the juices that are pouring out. By this point Gina has come down from her orgasm, but she is still moaning loudly. I bring my two slick fingers up to her puckered asshole, and start rubbing against her sphincter.

She tenses immediately, and stops all her movements. "No! I'm not into that," she protests, and I can see fear in her eyes, but I give my loudest moan yet, while simultaneously mashing on her 'horny' switch, and slip one finger in to the first knuckle. It's enough to make her cum again, and I can feel her sphincter loosen then tighten around my finger. She remains still, other than her orgasmic shudders, while I continue pounding her from underneath. "Damn, that feels good, but no more," she says.

Ignoring her, I switch nipples, slip my second finger in, moan, and mash yousex fairy tales minka on monday nitro switch again, bringing her to yet another orgasm. I start to move my fingers in and out, as I move my hips up and down, and this time when her orgasm subsides, she is matching my pace. When I slip a third finger into her colon, she grabs my face away from her teat, and mashes her lips to mine as she cums once more, this time with no additional help from me, and I slip a fourth finger in.

"My God, what is it you do to me? I've never cum so much, so quickly, and with your fingers in my ass too. ." She looks hard at me for a moment, and then seems to come to a decision. "If I let you back there, will I be forgiven?

No one has ever been in my ass." I consider for a moment, but decide to be honest with her. "It will be a start, but it will take more than that, to repair the damage you caused." Her 'guilt' switch maxes out as I speak, but so too does her 'wet' switch.

She nods to me, with a solemn look, and gently lifts off me. I pull my fingers from her bum, as she pulls away. I notice for the first time, just how soaked I am down there from her juices. We won't need any lube, and I will need to change the sheets afterwards. I send a quick wink at Dennis, but his eyes are glued to Gina. Gina reaches down between us, gripping me at my base, and starts to rub the tip between her ass cheeks.

I sigh in anticipation of the feeling of sliding into her rectum, and watch as she shudders to the sound. I feel her gently press down, and feel pressure build against my cock, until suddenly there is a release, and I'm in her ass. "Hold on," she tells me breathlessly, slutty interracial milf trio in moving truck need to get used to this. You feel even bigger back there." Her chin is resting on her chest, eyes tightly closed, and her hand still holding my cock.

After a few seconds I feel her start to move carefully, taking me inside her colon, bit by tiny bit. I can feel every centimeter, as her sphincter, at a snail's pace, allows me passage. After almost two whole minutes have passed, I can't resist the temptation anymore, and moan loudly.

Gina's eyes fly open, and suddenly she is fully seated in my lap, shuddering and crying out in her own orgasm. For the first time ever, I'm fully sheathed inside a woman. The fact that it's her ass, and that she is one of the hottest woman in school isn't lost to me, and I start shooting my seed deep into her bowels.

For what seems like an eternity, I'm lost in my own bliss, as wave after wave of pure ecstasy crashes over my bruised body, smothering the pain and hurt I've suffered tonight, replacing it with utter bliss. When I finally start to come back to myself, I groan as my ribs, abs, back, and jaw bring their pained existence back to the front of my attention. The second thing I notice is that Gina is actually still shaking and shuddering atop me, her mouth mashed to mine, and her pussy making a puddle on my pelvis.

Gina rolls off me about the same time I see Dennis slip from my room. I'd completely forgotten about my roommate in my orgasmic bliss. "If I had known it would feel that good, I would have done that YEARS ago!" Gina exclaims, still trying to catch her breath. I roll over, and immediately fall asleep, ignoring her. * * * I wake to the soft strains of Aeris's Theme playing on my phone. What few hours of sleep I'd had, had been peaceful and dreamless, but way too short.

"Mmm, ten more minutes," a voice mumbles next to me, and I look over to find Gina, still naked, lying next to me. I more fall than stumble out of bed, as the memories of all that had happened last night crash through my tired brain. Had I really been kidnapped, beaten, and then afterwards fucked by Gina's ass? Looking down at my own naked form, I can easily see the bruises on both sides of my ribs and my stomach. Gina moans again, and as quietly as I can, I slip from my room.

Images of Gina on top of me, my cock fully sank into her ass haunt my thoughts as I pour my cereal. "Some night, huh?" Dennis asks me as he walks out of his room, rubbing his eyes, and I realize I'm still not wearing any clothes. He looks as tired as I feel. "You look like shit, man." "Umm, yeah," I reply stupidly. "So tell me," the jock says solicitously, "can you still call yourself a geek if you fuck a chic like Gina in the ass?" For a few seconds I can only stare at Dennis after he asks me that.

Then the memory of him slipping out of my room slides into my mind, and I can't help but laugh. "Got any coffee?" A tousled and very sleepy Gina asks as she leaves my room. She has at least taken the time to get dressed first, unlike my continued nakedness.

Despite how I feel about what she'd put me through, and being all disheveled, I can't deny she is beautiful. Even with her hair in a mess, and tear streaks still staining her cheeks. "Yeah, I'll make some real quick," Dennis jumps up to do just that, like a faithful puppy. Gina sits down next to me, while she waits for her coffee, and gives me a small smirk when she notices I'm still naked.

"I hope you don't want me this is what happens when you don t satisfy your wife make it up to you anymore this morning. I don't think I'll be walking right for a week." She shifts a little in her seat, before adding, "Or sit comfortably." Embarrassed despite everything, and not wanting to talk and start turning her on, I quickly eat my breakfast, then escape to my room while Gina and Dennis talk.

I think about taking a shower, but don't want Gina to try joining me, so I just grab some wet wipes, and scrub myself clean that way. I also quickly rip my still wet sheets off my bed, and throw them in the laundry.

They smell strongly of our sex last night. Gina offers me a ride to campus, but a quick look outside shows that, while overcast, it isn't snowing, and I tell her I want to walk, so I can think. She nods, though she has a sad look in her eyes as I turn her down. The crisp cold air seems to cleanse some of the fog from my mind as I walk, and I really begin to wonder what is happening around me. Somehow some of Gina's switches have gone on autopilot, and I'm not sure how to explain that, xxx story kore ki vave than some sort of mental conditioning.

I also wonder just where my new abilities have come from, and even why me? Based on what Dennis has been telling me, I'm not the only one with new abilities, but the others seem to have very different abilities.

The walk is too short for me to sort everything out, and it doesn't help that I run into Brent Ratner, one of the guys in the basement last night, as soon as I walk into the science building. "Hey, Nick," he hails me, "Got a second? I wanted to talk to you real quick." He winces a little when cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies sees my face.

"Sure," I tell him, wishing he'd just leave me alone. "First of all, I really want to apologize about last night. We thought we are going to beat up a rapist, not someone who was seduced." I only nod, wondering if he is going somewhere, or if he is just rattling on. "Robbie is pretty torn up about it, but he wanted me to apologize for him too, if I saw you." We walk in silence for a bit before he starts talking again.

"Listen, there is a party this weekend at my place, and I want you to know you're invited. Should be pretty happening, and I know there will be lots of women there. Can I count you in?" "Sure," I tell him again, hoping he would leave me alone if I agreed. I know he is only asking me to keep my mouth shut. "Good! I'll email you the address. Bring a date if you want, just not Gina. I'd better get to class. . Oh, and one more thing.

." He hesitates, but I already know what is coming next. "Please don't tell anyone about last night, okay? It could get us all kicked off the football team." I'm right. But truth be told, I don't want them talking about it either.

I'd used my switches on everyone there, and I didn't want word to get out about that either. Every class is a torment, as it hurts to just breathe, or even sit. Bending over my books and taking notes is even a chore. I get quite a few odd looks from the massive bruise on my jaw, but no one says a word about it.

At lunch I'm surprised to have everyone but Robbie, Derek, and Gina appear next to me, as I sit and eat. I do notice Gina walk in, see me sitting with everybody else, and at that distance, I can see the sad look on her face.

Kitty jane gangbang in public with random guys

I get even more stares from people walking by, as it's odd for so many from the football team to be sitting next to a self-avowed geek. Brent keeps going on about the party this weekend, how it's going to be 'off the hook', and everybody else offers me their apologies. I just nod when it seems appropriate, and speak as little as possible. I'm still not feeling sociable, and I note that no one is willing to meet my eyes.

That is until I get to Prof. Frankens's class, and notice the low-cut blouse, and knee length skirt she's wearing. Normally I sit towards adorable teen honey in a casting scene back, but when I see her, I can't help but choose to sit closer to the front. Okay, so I sit in the front row.

I tell myself that it's only because I wanted to see if my switches have affected her the same way they did Gina, but I know better. Trust me, if you could see her, you'd be doing the same thing. Prof. Frankens eyes me as I sit down, and I sear she even gives me a small smile. I almost feel giddy, as I feel for her switches, and sense them still there. I wonder how long the switches can stay in someone, and if they can be removed.

Based on the last time I was in her class, I know One chap fucking in face hole striptease and hardcore can modify any switch I make, but I haven't tried removing any yet. As an experiment, I make a switch that will make the side of her right breast itch, and then flip it while she is lecturing today's lesson. I feel the switch move, and I hold it on for a bit.

I can see that she is getting a little frustrated, though she makes no move to scratch it. After a few minutes, she excuses herself to her office, and I can feel the switch shudder, and realize she must be scratching it. I let it turn off, and she comes out of her office shortly afterwards. I watch her for a few more minutes, and notice that she keeps glancing at me too. I can't be sure if it's just because she is lecturing though, and try to stunning brunette beauty veronica vice filmed fucking by her bf it.

I concentrate instead on removing the 'itch' switch I'd just made, but it won't move. I spend all class trying to get rid of it, but the only thing I can do is change where she itches when I flip it. Apparently, once a switch is made, it's permanent. The bell rings, announcing the end of class, and I stand up, both elated at my new discovery, and disappointed by my failure.

"Oh, Mr. Xavier, if you've got a moment, I'd like to talk to you about your last assignment." Prof. Frankens's voice halts me just before I walk out the door, and I turn to look at her.

Her cheeks seem slightly flushed, and her eyes seem to be fighting indecision, but she waves me back to her office. "What's up?" I ask, and am gratified to feel her 'wet pussy' switch move as I speak. Prof. Frankens has been conditioned as well, it seems. The older woman walks to her desk, rifles through some paperwork, and pulls out last week's assignment. She indicates a chair for me to sit in, while she sits on the edge of her desk, facing me.

I'm able to get a good look at her legs up to her thighs, and notice how smooth and unblemished they look. I'm curious if she works out to keep them that well toned. The professor clears her throat, and I realize I've been staring at her legs for too long.

Guiltily I look up at her, but she only smiles as she hands me the assignment. "It's pretty rare that anyone does so well in my class," she tells me. "The math I teach isn't easy for most students to grasp, but you seem to handle it with ease." Her eyes scrutinize me, and I feel like an experiment in a Petri-dish under a microscope. "In fact, normally you seem to pay very little attention in my class. . Until today." I gulp, and know she's right. Usually, I show up to class just for attendance, and to turn in assignments, but otherwise let my mind wonder, or admire her frame.

I study the book a week in advance, and rarely have any questions. But today I had given her my full attention, if not necessarily her lesson.

I don't know what I can say, but it probably isn't what I say next. "You look good today." As I pay her the compliment, I note that her 'wet pussy' switch flips on even more, and actually takes a few seconds before it lessens.

"Ahem, yes. . Well. . Thank you, Mr. Xavier, but that is highly inappropriate." She tries to put on a grave expression, but her eyes are sparkling as she talks. "The reason I asked you to stay is to ask if you'd ever thought about joining the math team. You're easily smart enough, and I think you would be an excellent addition.

I coach it every Wednesday night, and we would be spending a lot of time together. I mean, with the team of course." I can sense that she is growing more and more flustered the longer I'm in her office, and a quick check on her 'horny' switch proves informative.

I wonder if I can push her over the edge. I flip her 'nipple' switch, and also make her 'itch' switch affect her pussy, and flip it. Immediately I feel another switch move, and know her crotch is getting wetter as her 'horny' switch is slowly moving on its own.

I stand, looking her in the eye, daring her to make a move. "I think that's a great idea," I tell her, using my voice to stimulate her further. She starts to fidget on the edge of her desk, and I watch as she sucks her bottom lip between her teeth. I love the pensive look on her pretty face. I've almost got her, I think to myself. Prof. Frankens stands up, and I think, here it comes. . "Thank you Mr. Xavier. That will be all for now. Please lock the door on your way out." My mind mentally stumbles, and I blink a few times in confusion, unable to change mental gears quickly enough.

I've failed. . Again. . I do as she asked, and wonder where I'd gone wrong. As I walk away, I feel her 'itch' switch shudder, and smile inwardly as she scratches it. I hadn't necessarily failed; Prof. Frankens's will is just stronger than I'd thought. The snow is falling lightly as I walk home. Dennis is gone, but I find a letter from Gina on my pillow, and note that my room has been completely cleaned up.

Even all of my figurines on their shelves have been straightened, and the room looks good. I open the letter and shake my head as I read it. Nick, I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness, or even any level of acceptance. I'm sorry I can't seem to say these words in front of you. Somehow when I am with you, I lose all track of everything else. Please know that I truly regret what I've put you through, and will do WHATEVER it takes to make it up to you.

Even if it takes a lifetime. I know I have no right to ask anything of you, but I must ask one small thing. Please, whatever you do, don't shove me away. Gina I re-read the letter two more times, just to make sure I've read it right, and then wonder what I've created. Gina has gone from a woman that barely knows I exist, to being willing to be my slave, overnight.

It also dawns on me that I hadn't seen Gina in class. Checking my email, I see one from Shanna, explaining her absence as well. Apparently she had been too sore when she'd gotten up this morning, and decided to just get some rest. Glancing at the clock, I see I'm going to be late for work if I didn't hurry. I wonder if Shanna is working tonight, and as horny as I am small tits client aruna aghora pounded by her nasty masseur Prof.

Frankens's class, I'm looking forward to another crack at the brunette, hopefully this time in the light. I'm disappointed though, when I see we don't work together again until next week. I see she has Saturday off though, and think about inviting her to Brent's party.

I'm still not sure if I really want to go, but figure why not? With my ability, it could turn out to be rather fun. I call Shanna up on my first break, and she sounds pretty excited to go. That night when I get home, Dennis tells me that Gina had stopped by to see me, and told her I was at work.

I'm still horny, but don't feel up to the drama that might come with the beautiful blonde, so decide to just go to bed instead. As I lay trying to sleep, I realize that every time I've used my switches today, I'd done so headache free. Have I become stronger, gotten used to them, or what? Lights wake me tonight, and I begin thinking I'm cursed to never get a good night's sleep again. I roll onto my side and open my eyes, expecting to see Gina standing there, or maybe even Robbie, deciding to get revenge after all.

Instead, silhouetted against my window is a tall lithe form, with skinny arms, and eyes that are too large for its head. Its white wife black husband cries with pleasure skin seems to play oddly with the light. A hand lifts, short one finger, beckoning me to it. I note two small breasts topped with small nipples on its chest, and that it must be a female. Why is she naked I wonder, feeling the fear start growing in my gut.

All other thoughts flee, though, as she speaks, beckoning me. "You are the one. Come with me." ============================== Chapter 04 A sharp flash of light blinds me, and I find myself no longer in my room. I'm blind, is the first thing that fervent teen is gaping spread hole in close up and having orgasm through my head.

I must be mad, is the second, as my vision begins to clear, and my surroundings come into focus. Or rather, lack of surroundings. A faint bluish haze surrounds me, making it hard to distinguish where walls are, much less find a corner. The only indication that I'm not blind is the fact that I can see my hand as I wave them in front of me.

Standing up, I grope my way forward, until my hands run across a hard smooth surface. It's cool to the touch, and seems to vibrate with a gentle thrum. Using my foot, I find that the room doesn't come to a corner as most rooms do, but the floor curves up, until it becomes the wall. "Do not be alarmed," the same musical voice says behind me that I'd heard in my room. I spin around, only then realizing just how hard I'm breathing, as panic nearly overwhelms me.

Don't be alarmed? I want to scream, but my throat is closed. How am I not supposed to be alarmed, when some strange creature abducts me from my room? Some small part of me knows that panicking won't help, and after a few tense moments it wins out. The featureless blue-lit room seems to help me relax, and for the first time, I get a good look at this creature. She stands only a little shorter than me, the skin oddly pink in the blue light, large silvery eyes that seem to reflect what they are looking at rather than have a color of their own, and the pupils are slitted, like a cat's, only thicker.

Its arms are long compared to its thin body, and the hands are each short a finger. I realize it's female, and look again at the two small breasts on her chest. Light seems to reflect strangely about her body as a playful thing, and I realize she doesn't have any hair, anywhere. "Wh-who are you?" I ask, trying to keep my voice calm, but it comes out as almost a squeak. "Are you asking my name, or my species?" Her head tilts to the side in an inquisitive manner. When she speaks, her small mouth moves with a fluid grace.

Her voice sounds almost as though two people are speaking simultaneously. "As for my name, you may call me Lela. My true name cannot be pronounced with only one tongue and one set of vocal cords. Nor can my species name, though you will just call me an alien." "A-alien. . Right. ." Okay Nick, wake up now, you're having another nightmare. Anytime, now.

I pinch myself hard where my ribs are bruised, knowing that it will cause the most pain and wake me up. Well, it does, and it doesn't. It causes plenty of pain, but I find I'm still in this blue void of a room. "You're hurt," Lela exclaims, and suddenly I'm put in mind of Futurama. Her hands fly up in front of her, and I back up, suddenly wary. Her fingers appear to touch the air in front of her, and the next thing I know, I'm standing in a pool of greenish yellow light.

A tingling sensation travels across my limbs, and for a few seconds, my fear and trepidation are replaced with a sense of euphoric giddiness. The light vanishes as quickly as it appeared, and I feel like I've just had a great night's rest. I run my hands over my body, afraid she has somehow turned me into a creature like her, but I'm still human. At least, I appear human.

Something nags me though, and after some thought, 2 old men 80 age girl sex place it. Pulling up my shirt, I see that my bruises are gone, and my skin is unblemished. Even a scar I'd received from a peddle-bike accident is gone.

Lela has been watching me silently all through this. We look at each other for a moment, both studying the other. I wonder what she wants with me, and having no idea what is in her mind.

My only clue is her telling me that I'm the one. After a moment, I realize that she is almost as wary of me, as I am of her. "You say I'm the one. The one what?" I ask, almost afraid to hear the answer. The one for breakfast? The one for experimentation?

The one for tap dancing, anal probes, or skeet practise? I'm lost, and the fear that had been washed away moments before, starts to sink its insidious fingers back into me.

She considers me for a while, her head cocked to the side again. Just when I'm starting to think she isn't going to answer, she does. "Perhaps my speech was premature.

I hope you are the one, but as yet, I can't be certain." She pauses, and I think I'm going to rip my hair out in frustration at her lack of an answer. "You may be the one to save your planet." My knees give way beneath me, and the floor rushes up to smack me in the rear. Save my planet? How the bloody hell am I going to do that? Make a switch for global warming and turn it off?

HA! That would kill me, and I get a headache just thinking about it. "How does my planet need saving?" I end up asking, needing to say something, and afraid of where my imagination might take me if I don't get any answers. Her hands fly before her again.

Seconds later the room vanishes, and I let out a rather unmanly bisexual dad fucks son and daughter real incest tabotrailer park. Lights appear around me, small pinpricks, and I realize I'm looking at space, and can see a small nebula off to my right.

Her voice sounds from all around me, and I glance at her, noting her lips aren't moving. This is some kind of recording. "Please forgive me, if I have frightened you. It's hard for me to speak your language, but hopefully this recording will help explain your situation." My jaw nearly hits the floor as I consider what's going on around me. I'm in space, a dream come true for any geek, but I'm also facing an alien with unknown intentions.

"Centuries ago, our race reached for the stars, much as yours is starting to do now. We traveled far and wide, and as we traveled we learned.

We colonized other planets, and were able to work within their ecosystems. We thought we were alone, as far as sentient beings were concerned, but we found others about two-hundred years after we first left our home soil. After that, we continued to find others at a much faster rate. We shared our knowledge with all we found." As the recording plays, the room changes, and I watch as other pink creatures like herself, but exquisite dick tasting free fucking video and hot women fucking male and female (and all naked), leave a small planet, and grow their influence.

It actually reminds me of Spore, the video game. I watch them meet interesting creatures, and learn from one another. "Almost every other sentient species we found descended from herbivores. They were peaceful and trusting. We assumed that intelligence could only stem from a diet consisting of plants" The room shows them eating various plants together.

"Then we came upon a primitive race that showed much promise for intelligence, but also seemed prone to violence." The aliens that now showed are small muscular things, red skinned, and covered with tufts of coarse black hair. They have tusks chubby asian tugging masseuse gives handjob bodysliding and sexmassage from their snouts, but they don't have pig noses.

Their noses are more akin to a horse's. "We studied this new race for years, before approaching them. They ate meat exclusively, but didn't eat their own kind. We hoped this meant that they could be friendly towards us, another sentient race, and in our innocence, we sealed our doom.

"They treated us well, till we shared what we know, and gave them our technology. They were quick to learn, and ever hungry for kiara mia is one sausage craving mommy. They began to develop their own technology from what we taught them, and too late, we saw their intent." Silence falls in the room, but my mind seems to supply the sound effects for the brutal imagery that now surrounds me.

This new race had taken the benevolent technology handed to them, and created weapons from it, attacking, and actually eating their teachers, before taking to space, and doing the same to other planets. The scene zooms out, and I watch as this new carnivorous race attacks and devours planet after planet. They were getting close to the home planet of the alien I'm with, and I realize I no longer fear this alien, but the red ones now utterly terrify me.

"They were approaching our home planet, and we thought all was lost. We know nothing of weapons. We don't know how to defend ourselves. Then one of our ships found a new planet, with creatures that are primitive to us, but further developed than the demons were when we first found them." The room zooms in on a planet that I immediately recognize as Earth. "This species descended from omnivores, and it's our hope that we can enlist you in our aid, but many are nervous.

We fear that you will do as the demons have, and attack us. So we waited, and we watch. "Somehow the demons have learned of your planet, and fearing that you might become a rival, turned their attention to you." The demon's ships change course, and are now headed for Earth. "It takes many of your solar revolutions to travel through space, and while our planet is now safe, yours is in peril.

We argued amongst ourselves whether to warn you, and risk you being another threat to us, or leave you as bait, while we move to other planets that the demons haven't found yet. "While ava rose carmen and ava sc european and creampie watched and studied you and argued amongst ourselves, we found a gene inside many of your race that lay dormant. When we activate this gene, the results vary.

Some gain abilities, others simply die. In a very few, nothing happens at all. "A plan was created, and decided upon. We will activate this gene in as many of you as possible, and if we find one of you that might be able to defend your planet, we would warn that one of your race's impending plight, and leave Earth's plight in their hands." The room returns back to the blue featureless mass it had been when I was first abducted, and I have to blink a few times to get accustomed to the brightness.

"After watching you during your last dark cycle—" It takes me a second to realize she means last night when I'd been kidnapped, "—I hoped that you might be that one. Despite the aggression that is projected on you, you used cunning and self control to turn the situation around." I also wonder if she'd kept watching after Gina had taken me back to my apartment. My throat goes dry, and it takes me a bit to work enough moisture back into it, in order to speak.

"But that was a small room, not an entire race! And besides, if I use my ability too much, I get pains that knock me out. I won't survive trying to change an entire race." Lela's head tilts to the side again before she speaks; this time fellows team fuck cute luscious chicks pornstar and hardcore lips move.

"It's like a muscle. When you work a new muscle it becomes sore, but the more you use it, the stronger it gets." "Muscles?" I nearly shout, exasperated. "Have you looked at me? I don't have a whole lot of muscles, and I can't use my ability on myself, to build any." She continues to look at me, and it dawns on me that the reason she keeps pausing is to form the words in my language so that I can understand her. "If it's muscles you need, I can help with that.

You have a choice: I can build you up immediately, but then you will be helpless for several days as your body recovers, or slowly over time, and you will be able to continue, though you might be fatigued at first," her dual-toned voice replies levelly. She can give me muscles immediately?

I almost opt for that. Who cares if I'm out of commission for a few days? Then I remember Brent's party, and think about Shanna and Gina. "How long till the demons get here, and how long if I take the slow route?" Again there is a pause before she answers. "It will take a couple weeks to take full effect, but you have half a solar cycle till the demons arrive to devour your planet and people." I think about how she keeps addressing them as demon's and can't argue with the logic behind it.

They definitely look like some demon from an anime series. The decision is simple. Take the slower route, and people hopefully won't think I'm some weird freak, or more of a freak, who suddenly grew muscular, and practice my ability more in the meantime. I have no clue how I'm going to stop an entire race from attacking and eating the human race, but at least I have six months to figure it out. Where is The Doctor, Captain Kirk (Picard was a pussy), or even Luke Skywalker when you need them?

I tell Lela my decision and she nods as her hands fly in front of her once again. It occurs to me that she is typing on a screen only she can see.

The light that surrounds me this time is white, and instead of feeling giddy or tingly, I feel very weak and tired. I wonder if this is how Robbie feels every time I use his 'weak' switch. While the light does its work, I study Lela some more, and can't help but notice how the light plays across her small breasts. I realize I'm getting hard looking at her, my lust never having been slated tonight, and a curious thought enters my mind.

I wonder what it would be like to have sex with her? The fact that she isn't human doesn't bother me as much as you'd think it would. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into doing sheep or horses, or anything like that, but with her pink skin, large eyes, beautiful busty babe ivy rose strips off and shows her huge tits for cash small breasts, she looks human enough and maybe even cute enough that I'm getting turned on, despite feeling blonde girl playing with her dildo on bathroom floor. Well, she says I need to practice my ability.

Why not try it on an alien, and see how it goes? I start with my standard switches: horny, wet pussy, and hard nipples. I can feel all three switches in her, and sigh in relief. I'd been half afraid that my switches would only work in humans. I apply my will to all three, and the latter two move, but the first one refuses to budge.

I can see her darker pink nipples harden, but can't tell if she is getting wetter, other than feeling the switch move. There has to be something about her species that is different from mine, I reason, but what? The white light vanishes before I can figure it out, and before I know it, I'm back in my room, a single word reverberating through my skull. Remember. My body feels like a lead weight, but I fear my mind is too active to allow me to sleep right then. I'm wrong.

The last thought to flit through my mind before exhaustion takes me is: Angels. I should call them angels. It only makes sense. * * * Aeris's theme gently wakes me up, and I realize I'd fallen asleep, despite myself. Thankfully it was a dreamless sleep, unless the whole abduction had been a dream. . I run to the bathroom, and check myself in the mirror.

No bruises. . It had all been real after all. Remembering Lela's promise about bulking up, I examine my body, but can't make out any differences. I run back to my room, grab my phone, and return to the mirror, taking a picture. If the change is too subtle, I might not be able to see it, but after a couple weeks, I can compare myself to this kristina rose all anal xxx, and see. "Hey, are you gonna be in there all day?" Dennis's voice sounds tired, coming from the other side of the door.

Opening the door, I try to slip past my roommate, but he stops me. "Holy shit! Your face! What happened to your face?!" His eyes scan my topless chest, and I know he is looking for my other bruises. "How did you recover so quickly?" I let out a short laugh before saying, "Dunno, maybe I'm part Wolverine." I can see he is confused, probably not understanding my comic book reference, but I don't care.

As exhausted as my body is, I'm in a grand mood. The mood lasts up until I finish pouring my cereal, and I remember the rest of what Lela had said. Terrible aliens, demons, are on their way to destroy and devour the human race. Finding my appetite has fled, I quickly dress, and leave the apartment for class. I decide to drive, not feeling strong enough to walk on this cold morning. The streets are only slightly snow packed after the storm the other day, and make it to the campus without any issues.

I'm trying to figure out the best ways to exercise my ability, and make little switches here and there, some with people, some with inanimate objects, but I'm trying to stay inconspicuous, until I notice old Mrs. Polkins, the campus nurse. Fat, old, and ugly, she will be a great experiment in changing someone's nature.

Up until this point, all my switches have caused me almost no pain. I feel them, and they aren't as easy as that first day, but they are much more forgiving than the second day. I decide to go big with the nurse. Making a 'metabolism' switch, I flip it feeling some resistance, but it moves. I flip another switch to restore her hair color from gray to. . Well, to be honest, I really don't know what her natural color was, and think she might look good as a redhead.

I turn on the elasticity to her skin, hoping to get rid of her wrinkles, and even try to flip a switch to slow her aging. The last is the hardest of all to move, but I'm able to nudge it a little, before my head really starts to ache.

I will have to keep an eye on her, and see how things go over the next few weeks. With my head starting to pound, but a smile on my face, I head to my next class; only to find myself stumbling forward as someone pushes me from behind. "Think you're some hotshot, don't you," Derek Peterson calls out loudly, drawing a lot of attention to himself. I regain my balance, and spin around to confront the bully.

He stands there, laughing at me, with his hands on his hips, wearing his letterman's jacket. "Leave me alone, Derek.

I don't feel up to dealing with you right now." And I really don't. My head hurts, my body aches, and I don't want to draw too much attention to what I can do. "Ho! That's rich. YOU don't feel up to dealing with ME? Who do you think you are, dweeb?" Derek's voice grows louder as he spouts off, drawing more and more attention to us.

I can see that we're gaining quite the audience, but I don't want to make a huge spectacle, and after modifying Polkins, I don't think I'm up to much with my switches. I need a way out of this, but something that won't be too obviously me.

I spy my escape route on the wall behind Derek: a white handle (or switch), within a red box. I pull the fire alarm mentally, and feel my head give a mighty twinge of pain.

The resulting noise from the alarm makes my head hurt even worse, but by then, everyone is evacuating the hallway. I see Derek flee one way, so I stumble the other direction, and right into someone else. "You're going the wrong way," a familiar voice says, and I look up to see Shanna standing over me.

"The fire exit's that way," she pointed down the hallway in the direction everybody else has gone. I laugh weakly, my head throbbing from over using my ability. Shanna's smiling face quickly turns to one of concern, and I curse myself, as I consider how weak I must look to her right now. I got over zealous with my switches, and now I'm paying for it. "Are you okay?" I nodded that I am, "Yeah, just a horrible headache is all." "We need to get you off your feet." The attractive brunette looks around, before grabbing my hand and pulling me after her.

"Come on, we can go in here. I doubt this is a real fire anyway." "It's not," I mumble, without thinking. I follow her into the room, holding my pounding head with my free hand. The room is thankfully dark, and I can't help but remember the other night in the freezer with her. Has it really only been two nights ago? This room is light enough to see in, and much warmer however, and as my eyes adjust, I realize we are in one of the performance rooms.

There is stadium seating slanting down to a small stage. Shanna leads me to a seat in the front row, and has me sit. Her hands fuss at my head, and cheeks, and I realize she thinks I'm sick.

"It's just a headache, really," I try to assure her, and am surprised by the mischievous smile that crosses her face. "Just a headache, huh?" She places her hands on the armrests on either side of me, and leans in close, our noses almost touching.

"I know a cure for headaches." Before I can think to respond or act, she tilts her head, and mashes her lips to mine. My surprise quickly wears off, and I kiss her back. I don't know what her cure is, but if it starts with kissing, I'm willing to give it a try. Her tongue is darting in and out between my teeth, while her hands roam across my chest and stomach. She pulls away unexpectedly, and looks me in the eyes.

"There, how is your headache now?" I can't help but laugh a little at her attitude. Thinking about my head, I notice that the pain has lessened slightly, but isn't entirely gone.

"Don't stop now; I think you may be onto something with this cure." The smile that splits her lips and lights up her face is beautiful. Normally I think Gina is the better looking of the two, but right now, Shanna has her beat hands down. This time it's me doing the kissing, as I bring my hands up to her face, and pull her back down to me. She twists her body, and sits in my lap as her arms wrap around my neck, pulling us tighter into the kiss. I let my hands roam across her side, along her legs, and even tangle my fingers in her hair as our mouths attempt to become one.

Despite what had happened the other night, I'm still nervous about trying anything, especially considering we are still on campus. I'm not too worried about getting caught, as I don't think this auditorium is used too often, but then again, I'm not certain. Building up my courage, I place my left hand on her rear, and give a little squeeze.

She pulls away from the kiss, and I'm afraid I've gone too far. "Seems you're recovering pretty quickly." She stands up, leaving my lap feeling very empty, and starts walking towards the stage. She turns and sits on the edge, giving me a puzzled look. "Well, are you coming over here, or not?" I'd like to say I moved like The Flash, but I'm still too weary. At least the headache is going away. As I walk over to Shanna, I wonder that this woman is interested in me, and I've never had to use a switch on her.

"I think I am almost cured of this headache," I say, and enjoy her laugh as her arms once again wind around my neck and pull my lips back to hers.

My hands travel across her back, and I dig my finger under the hem of her shirt, till I'm touching bare skin. "Well, I think we'd better be thorough, just to be safe," she tells me with a pleasant gleam in her eyes. Her slender hands leave my neck, only to travel down my body, until she's fumbling with my pants. I pull back a little to give her the space she needs to undo them, and feel the cooler air pebble my flesh as my pants drop to the floor. Shanna's fingers grip my manhood tightly, making me moan into our kiss.

She seems to know just what to do, as her digits gently slid up and down the length of my hard shaft, using my pre-ejaculate to lubricate the head. My headache is completely gone now, and I bring my hands down to start undoing her pants. She lets me go, and grabs my hands. "Not right now," she whispers, then gently pushes me back, and hops off the stage. Falling to her knees, she looks my single eye in the eye, before bringing her lips to the tip.

Another moan escapes my throat, as her mouth stretches taught around the rim, and then pops past. She pulls back up, and dribbles some spit along my shaft, before swallowing my cock back into her mouth.

Her hands pump up and down my pole, while her tongue works the head. She really knows what she is doing, and I soon feel my orgasm coming on. "Shanna, I'm about. . To. . Ungh," I grunt as she picks up the pace of her hands, and sucks harder on the knob. It's too much, as I shoot string after string of my spunk into her devouring mouth. I have to lock my knees underneath me as I cum, and I notice she is looking up at me, that beautiful sparkle in her blue eyes and long lashes batting, as I unload my seed.

As soon as I'm done shooting my spunk, she pulls her head back, and opens her mouth to show me its contents. My ejaculate fills her mouth, swishing around her tongue, as she looks up at me, smiling devilishly. She gives a visible swallow, and audible gulp, then opens her mouth to show me that it's empty.

"You really are something," I tell her with admiration, "but what did I do to deserve you?" I know it's the wrong thing to say as soon as I say it, but dammit, I'm still recovering from that blowjob. I probably sound wimpy and needy now. "What did you do?" She looks at me puzzled.

"I've had a crush on you since the first day of class. I never imagined you would be this well endowed, though." She shakes her head, the brown strands of her hair flipping about. "No, I'm the lucky one here." Her mischievous smile returns. "But right now, I am so horny; I'm almost willing to try taking you right here and now." I looked down at my slightly wilted member not sure how well that will work.

"I am sure you will recover by the time we get to my place," she says, giving the tip of my penis a quick peck. Before I know what is happening, Shanna pulls up my pants, drags me out of the room, down the hall, and into the cold winter air. I happily follow her to her car, where she tosses me the keys. "You drive. I have some work to do." I hop into the driver's seat and her in the passenger's seat, before I realize I don't know where she lives.

She gives me quick directions, and thankfully they're easy to follow, for as soon as we get going, she leans over, pulls my slightly limp member out, and slips it back between her warm, wet lips. I have to concentrate hard on the road, but by the time we arrive at her place, I'm fully hard and horny again. We race up the steps, and she unlocks to door.

"My sister should be in class right now," she tells me, and I remember her telling me she has a twin. I wonder what it might be like to sleep with twins, and I feel my cock (confined for the nonce in my pants again) give a twitch.

I follow her to her room, and stop as soon as I enter. On her walls are posters of Naruto, and Bleach. On a shelf in the corner are Voltron figurines.

The mouse pad to her computer is an image of the tenth Doctor. I even notice some personal drawings of Link and the Triforce. But none of that surprises me more than the three different video game systems hooked up to a large flat screen TV. Shanna is a geek like me. Not only that, but she is the almost mythical hot female geek. "Are you going to stare at my room all day, or are you going to come over here and fuck me?" Her voice snaps me out of my daze, and I realize she'd already removed her shirt and bra.

I quickly undress, while she removes her pants. I go to her, kissing her lightly on the lips, before moving to her jaw and neck. As I kiss my way down to her chest, I lay her back on the bed, and crawl on top of her. Grabbing her right melon with my hand, I twiddle her nipple between my fingers, while I suck her other areola between my teeth.

She gasps at the attention, running her fingers through my hair. "I want you," she whispers to me, but I have other plans. Releasing her tit from my mouth, I kiss my way down her soft slender stomach, pausing for a moment to make out with her belly button, and enjoying the sound of her musical giggle.

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By the time I finally reach her prize, I can easily smell the arousal pouring from her. Another gasp escapes her as my tongue works circles between her inner and outer labia. She has a small bit of fuzz that has grown since the last time she'd shaved, but I just relish in the act of tasting her as I drive my tongue as deep as it will go.

Her legs mash against my ears, and her hands dig into my scalp as she experiences a throaty orgasm. I move my tongue up to her clit, and feel her twitch every time the tip of my tongue runs across it. Continuing to concentrate on her most sensitive point, I bring her to another orgasm, before she grabs my ears and painfully pulls me up to her.

"I want your cock in me, NOW," she demands, lust brimming in her eyes, before shoving her tongue as far down my throat as it will go. I know she can taste herself on my lips, and moan as I bring my cock to her entrance. It only takes a little pressure to pop the head into her sopping wet slit, and we both relish in the feeling of completeness. I slowly work my hips back and forth, gently entering her bit by bit, teasing her with each centimeter.

Meanwhile our tongues are fighting a battle for dominance, neither of us sure if we want to win or lose. Bringing my hands up to her large breasts, I tweak both her nipples, while her cunny sucks me in deeper and deeper. She feels just as tight as she was in the freezer a couple nights ago, but oh so much hotter. Her hands dig into my back, my neck, and my buttocks as I finally hit bottom in her, forcing her to gasp for air.

"I feel like you're going to split me in two with that thing. Don't stop, Nick. Fuck me HARD!" Obligingly, I pull out, all except for the head, and then slam back into her. Arching my back, I bring one of her teats to my lips, and suck hard as I pound her again and again. It doesn't take long before she is shuddering beneath me, her pussy rippling around my slickened cock for all it's worth. "Hold on," she tells me as soon as she catches her breath, pushing against my chest, and I pull out of her, "I want to be on top." Happily, I flip over, and let her climb on top of me.

She faces away from me, and I have a great view of her ass, as she lowers herself onto my rigid spike. She is able to take most of my length, before I hit bottom again, and then lift back up, and slam her delightful rear down again, grunting. My view is wonderful, as I watch her asshole rise, my shiny prick slowly leaving her juicy cunt, only to have her slam down hard again. I reach down, and grab a globe of each ass cheek in my hands, moaning with every movement.

The juxtaposition of her slow lifting, coupled with her quick violent thrusts would have had me blowing inside her already, if not for that great blowjob in the auditorium. On one of her powerful downward thrusts, I feel myself go even deeper, as something seems to strangle the head of my cock, and for the first time ever, I'm fully buried inside a woman's vagina.

Shanna lets out a shriek as she sits fully mom im a cock sucking whore guys at constrution site cumslut tube porn my lap, and for a second I'm terrified I've really hurt her. Her inner muscles are massaging my length, while that inside ring grips my pole almost painfully tightl "Oh, fuck, that's deep," she mewls, and from the sound of her voice, it's a good thing, rather than a bad one.

"Don't move for a second. I need to get used to this." I can't help myself, and feel my cock twitch inside her. "Oh, God, I'm cumming again!" She slut sucks strangers dick in public deepthroat blowjob, and I can feel her juices sloshing out around my prick, and dripping off my balls, as she shudders.

She collapses backwards onto me, and I wrap my arms around her torso, my right hand going to her left tit, and my left hand going to her clit. I pinch her nipple and clit at the same time, and begin gyrating my hips. "Hold on. ." She moans, "I need to. . Catch my.

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. . Oh, fuck. . Wait. . I really. . ungh. . I. . Ah!" I apply more pressure to her clit, start nibbling on the back of her neck, and her words change. "Oh fuck yes, right there! Damn, you're deep. Keep fucking me. Oh yessssssss!" As she drawls out her moan, I feel my own climax coming on, and pick up the pace of my movements. In just a few seconds, my body locks up hard, as I blow my second load deep into her.

"I can feel your hot cum up inside me. Oh, fuck, it's going to make me cum agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!" Our mutual climax seems to go on and on, till we're both panting and out of breath. Shanna rolls off of me, and gives me a quick peck and then slaps my chest. "Jerk!" she exclaims, smiling. "How dare you make me cum so much? Oh. ." Her eyes grow large, and before I have a chance to respond, she takes off running for the bathroom to clean up, her hand holding in the load of cum I'd just expelled.

I can barely move, overwhelmed by my own post-coital bliss, until I hear the front door open and close and Shanna's voice comes drifting in. "Shanna, I'm home. Some idiot set off the fire alarm today. I can't believe some people can still be so juvenile after high school." Quickly realizing that this must be Shanna's twin sister, I jump out of bed, and get dressed.

Cheating couple having vaginal and anal sex is dressed before me, and goes out to meet her sister. I soon follow, and from the look her sister gives me, she knows what we'd been up to. Shanna introduces me to her twin, Shannon, and looking at the two, I can't tell them apart. They both have the same brown hair, cut in the same fashion, the same eyes with amazingly long eyelashes, the same lips.

. I wondered if they feel the same in bed. . For only a second I'm tempted to use my switches on them and find out, but a sudden twinge between my eyes changes my mind. "Nick was just leaving," Shanna tells her twin, and shuffles me out the door. Outside in the cold, we kiss for a few minutes, holding each other tight, before she asks, "So what do you think of my headache cure?" "It worked better than you can know," I tell her, smiling. Some old man walks his dog by us, and from the way he smiles, I know we must look like a couple.

Thinking of that, I have to ask a oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy, though I'm almost afraid to do so. "So. . What are we, exactly?" I don't want to drop the childish terms of boyfriend/girlfriend, but don't want to act busty anissa kate prefers huge black cock a player either.

She smiles at me, and it eases my concerns. "Let's just say that we're REALLY good friends for now, and see where that goes. Besides, why put a label to this?" She gives me a quick peck on the lips. Somehow I'm a little let down that she doesn't want more from me, but then I think of Gina and Professor Frankens, and know that I will manage just fine.

She drives me back to the campus, where my car is, and we kiss for awhile longer, until we agree that we either need to stop, or screw again. I'm okay with the latter, but she tells me she is a bit sore, and doesn't think she can right then, but tomorrow after Brent's party, maybe we can again.

I keep my window rolled down as I drive back to my apartment, trying to cool off. When I walk in, Derek tells me that Gina had stopped by again, and I'm supposed to call her. I'm starting to think she is getting clingy, but she is also a good lay, so I call her up. Her mom answers, and then gets Gina on the line. "I miss you," she tells me. "Can I come over?" I debate for half a heartbeat, and then turn her down. I'm still horny after leaving Shanna, but it really isn't fair to transfer that to Gina, and besides, young though I am, I need some rest.

"Maybe tomorrow, I haven't slept well for days, and could really use some sleep." She sounds sad, but I let her go. I spend the rest of the evening playing games on my computer (trying not to think about what Lela told me about Earth's impending doom), before going to bed early. I wake at some time in the night, bathed in white light, Lela standing in front of me.