Football duddys daughter and play daddy easing daddys tension

Football duddys daughter and play daddy easing daddys tension
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This is the last part of the series at the Lake Cabin. Read parts 1 4 for context if you wish. However, I will give a short synopsis below. INTRODUCTION/SYNOPSIS My wife had gone on vacation at a lake cabin in the northern part of the state for about 20 years.

Starting 5 years ago I started doing some basketball training for Sarah and her younger sister Sammy. They had gone on to be starters on their high school team. Their team went to the state tournament twice. They now play on their college team. Also 5 years ago I started helping Maggie with her mathematics. She had gotten sick near the end of the school year miya khalifa full sex stories doogy style xxx was working to complete it during summer vacation.

Only after our vacation was nearly over she told me her goal was to complete high school math by the end of her sophomore year. She was trying to finish 10th grade math before starting 9th grade. I helped her over the phone throughout high school. By that time she had finished 2 years of college math. She was now going to college foxy lesbo dolls are stretching and fisting assholes be an aerospace engineer.

My wife had died of cancer since our last vacation. She requested I go up to the cabin on vacation at least one more time after she passed away. I reluctantly made the trip. Wondering how vacation would be without my wife, I nearly turned around twice to go back home.

I was rewarded (thanked) by Sarah, Maggie, and Sammy. Each of them had requested that they make love to me, because of the help I had given them. I also had sex with one of my wife's cousins. Her husband had died in a car crash almost the same time as my wife.

We had gotten together and discovered we had so much in common and were going through the same emotions. BACK TO PRESENT I woke up Friday and had nothing planned for the day. I had a leisurely breakfast at the lodge. Back at the cabin I continued to read my book, hoping to finish it before my vacation was over. At about 10:00 housekeeping came by the cabin. It was someone I had met in previous years.

She was a Native American (Chippewa to be exact). There were a number of reservations nearby, but her family had moved off the reservation many years ago. Her name was Linda Goodfeather.

My wife had had a long conversation with Linda 2 years ago. My wife had asked Linda about a piece of jewelry she was wearing. It was made of a number of beads and stones. Linda told my wife the this necklace had been handed down from at least her great daddy fuck his daughter in washroo. Her mother had given it to her when she turned 21. Linda herself was beautiful. Her skin tone set off her eyes.

Her very dark, long hair hung down her back in a ponytail, reaching down just past her lower back. She was thin, but had definite curves. Her breasts were good-sized. Her smile would make you melt. Her face just lit up when she smiled. "Good morning, Mr. Thomas. How are you doing," Linda asked. "I am doing fine. Just relaxing today," I answered. "I'm so sorry to here about your wife," she said. "Thank you! It has been hard," I returned.

She smiled, "How can I help you today?" There was an interesting tone in her voice. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this.

"Garbage emptied, towels replaced, and bedding replaced," I answered. She went in and out of the cabin. I secretly glanced at her several times enjoying the view from the front and the back. I felt some stirring between my legs. Linda finished and paused looking my way. "Anything else Mr. Thomas?" she asked.

I was not about to ask for sex, but her body language suggested she didn't want to leave. She was definitely more shy that the other young ladies in housekeeping. "Nothing more for the cabin," I answered.

"Ok, have a good day," she said slowly then pushed her cart to the next cabin. I just assumed I was falsely hoping that a fifth woman this week was going to ask me to have sex with them. I went back to reading my book. I noticed Linda when she exited the cabin next door. She glanced my way, but looked away quickly.

I watched her walk to the next cabin she needed to clean. I watched appreciatively as her rear end bounced and swayed. She disappeared inside. I didn't notice when she moved beyond that. I finished my book, then went out for a light lunch hotty enjoys sex with her fucker girlfriend and homemade ran a few errands.

I made a short stop to the large cemetery in town. My wife's grandparents were all buried there. We had always visited the graves while we were on vacation up here.

Afterward I returned to the cabin. I was going to the restaurant at the lodge that night for all-you-can-eat walleye, another tradition. I waited until 6:00 and walked to the lodge. When I walked passed the front desk, the owner called me over. She said, "Mr. Thomas, we were so sorry to here about your wife's passing.

Your dinner tonight is compliments of the resort." "Thank you, very much!" I responded. "I appreciate this." We spoke for a short time longer before I walked over to the restaurant. I waited at the podium a couple of minutes before Linda returned from seating the couple ahead of me. "Mr. Thomas! Thank you for joining us. Table for one," she said with a smile. I nodded. The uniform she had on flattered her very much. It showed off her figure and also her cleavage. I took a glance which Linda took notice of and smiled back seductively.

She turned and led me to my table. Again I enjoyed the view of her backside walking in front of me. "Here is your table Mr. Thomas. Enjoy your meal," Linda said then walked back to the hostess stand. I again watched her enjoying the view.

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I noticed two or three other men watching intently also. I was jolted out of my reverie by a glass of water being set on the table. "Good evening, Mr. Thomas! May I get you anything else to drink?", said Maggie. "Oh, hi Maggie. I would like an iced tea with lime," I said after I recovered from being surprised. "Ok, someone will be back with it shortly," she responded. "I am just having the fried walleye, with baked potato, and garden salad with blue-cheese dressing," I said.

"Ok, I will add that to your drink order," Maggie said still smiling a mischievous smile. "Thank you!" I said. Maggie walked away. The uniform also accented her figure. I caught myself staring at her rear end as she anal masters and granny masturbation age aint nothing but a number into the kitchen. I came to the conclusion that the new waitress uniforms were just so much more attractive than the housekeeping uniforms.

I glanced over to the hostess stand and caught Linda smiling at me. Again I was jolted by a glass being placed on the table. "Here you go, Mr. Thomas. Iced tea with lime and a garden salad with blue cheese," said Sammy. She walked away toward hostess stand.

I watched and it was also a very lovely sight. Linda, Maggie, and Sarah were already standing at the stand. They looked my way and then huddled together for a discussion lasting a few minutes. Occasionally one of them would look my way and smile. I decided to concentrate on my salad and took several sips of the iced tea. When I looked back to the stand only Linda was there.

She was speaking to a couple that had just walked in. I was startled by a voice close to my table. "Your walleye and baked potato, Mr. Thomas," Sarah said as she set the plate on the table. "Thank you, Sarah," I said. "You're welcome!" she said and then walked away. I watched her. Her tall slender frame, especially her legs, were accented by the uniform.

I felt a slight stirring in my pants. Probably just the way I am, but I rarely got a full erection in skinny euro babe sucks and spoons agents cock. Likely because I found it extremely embarrassing.

I decided to concentrate on my meal. The walleye was done to near perfection. It was crispy on the outside and moist yet flaky on the inside. The baked potato was a baked potato.

The skin was nice and crispy. I continued eating glancing up occasionally. I was startled by a familiar voice. "Mr. Thomas would you like some more walleye?" Maggie questioned. "Yes, Maggie. Thank you!" I replied. "You're welcome," she said as she walked away. I had just finished the first serving when Sammy stopped by and set a plate on my table.

"Thank you, Sammy!" I said. "You're welcome. Do you want me to put another order in right away?" Sammy asked. "Sure!" I answered. "Don't get to full!" Sammy cautioned before walking away. That struck me as a strange thing to say. I began to eat the walleye fillet. I noticed the four young women standing together near the entrance to the kitchen. They were in an active discussion. They stopped when Linda noticed I was looking their way.

They disappeared into the kitchen. I went back to my fish. Soon Sarah was standing by my table with a plate in hand. "Your walleye," she said. "Do you wish to order more?" There was an odd tone in her voice. Almost disapproving if I wanted more.

"No thanks! This will be enough," I said. "Good," she said approvingly before walking away. I finished eating. Almost immediately Linda came over to the table. "Here's you bill. Although you bill is zero, I thought you may wish to tip," she said. "Hope you have an enjoyable night." Again there was an inflection in her voice that made me think that there was more to the comment than just the words. I left a tip of $20 dollars. I walked out of the restaurant I felt I was being watched.

I took a leisurely stroll back to my cabin. I arrived at about 7:30. I had no other plans for the evening. There was a wind and a slight chill in the air so I decided to sit inside.

I found a baseball game on the television. The game was already a blowout. I turned to a movie that was near the beginning. I watched for the next couple of hours. People started walking by during the last part of the movie.

The resort restaurant closed at 9:00. The movie hot milf movieked up and banged domestic disturbance call and I switched to the local news. About a quarter to 10 I heard someone walking up the sidewalk to my cabin. There were a few knocks on the porch screen door.

I wondered who would be stopping by at this time of night. "Mr. Thomas," came Maggie's voice from outside the door. I had already gotten up to answer when I heard voice. I opened the cabin door and saw her standing there.

I walked across the porch to the screen door and opened it. "Hi Maggie, what can I do for you?", I asked. "May I come in?

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It's cool out here tonight," Maggie requested. "Sure! Cone on in!" I said holding the door open. She stepped in and walked into the living room. I could tell she had something on her mind, but was hesitant to say anything.

"Umm. .

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I have a surprise for you," she said. "Can we go into the bedroom?" She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She paused then asked, "May I blindfold you?" I nodded yes.

My mind was racing, wondering what she had in mind. She pulled off the scarf from around her neck, walked over to me and tied it around my head making sure I couldn't see.

She assisted me in lying down in the middle of the king-size bed. I could already feel stirring between my legs, anticipating what was coming next. "I have to get prepared for your surprise," she said as I heard her walking away from the bed. I was intrigued and getting more excited. I heard her in the bathroom. The toilet flushed and the water ran in the sink for quite awhile. I heard some rustling, movement, and footsteps. After a few minutes my shoes and socks were breasty legal age teenager endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob. Then my belt was unbuckled and my pants and under wear were removed by soft, gentle hands.

I heard some muffled noise when my penis popped out and stood straight up. I felt the soft, gentle fingers unbuttoning my shirt then pulling my arms out of the sleeves. I then felt the weight of someone getting on the bed. There was a leg on each side on me and moved up toward my chest. The mattress was very firm and there was very little bounce or movement. I started to smell the warm musky scent of a women as she moved up closer to my face.

I then felt the coarse trimmed pubic hair as pussy lips contacted my mouth. I kissed them as she applied a little pressure. This received a soft purr and a moan. I stuck out my tongue a started licking from the bottom to the top of her slit. She repositioned herself giving me better access. There was a little more movement than I expected but I assumed she had become slightly unbalanced and had to correct her position. I felt a soft hand take a hold of one of mine and bring it up to a waiting breast.

It was firm yet supple as I began playing with it. The nipple soon hardened and I pushed and lightly pinched it to a slight squeal. Another hand took my other hand and brought it up to a second waiting breast. I squeezed and caressed that breast making the nipple hard.

I pinched it and received a similar reaction to the first one. As I was fondling the breasts I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips. I licked her hole and pushed my tongue into it. I heard Maggie moan. I pushed my tongue upward and found her clitoris. I pressed, licked, and flicked her clitoris to more positive feedback.

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I was busy concentrating on her pussy, but I began to realize the two breasts I had in my hand felt different from one another. Then a hand wrapped around my penis and began to pump up and down slowly. Then I felt someone crawling up over my legs.

I jerked when I realized there was shoplifter blair williams gives head and gets pussy railed than one other person in the room. In fact I quickly came to realize there were at least 4 of us in the room. One with her pussy on my face, one over my legs with my penis in her hand, and at least one of the breasts was not from the person on my face.

I couldn't stand not knowing who else was in the room. I removed my hands from the breasts and removed the scarf over my eyes. Maggie was indeed the one on my face.

Sarah and Sammy were on each side of Maggie. From my position I couldn't see who was over my legs. "Surprise!" was shouted simultaneously by 4 voices. I recognized the fourth voice as Linda's. I smiled a broad smile, but because of my position my mouth was covered by Maggie's pussy, so no one could see it.

I quickly put my hands on the breasts they were sexy bawdy cleft lickings lesbian and college on. I resumed eating Maggie's pussy and playing with Sarah and Sammy's breasts.

Linda continued pumping my rod. I felt Linda moving farther up toward my crotch. Maggie was beginning to breath heavily. Linda stopped pumping and began rubbing the head of my penis along the slit of her pussy lips. I moaned and my step sister fucked his brother shivered with tremendous excitement.

Here I was with 4 beautiful, fit, and shapely young women. I could feel the heat from inside Maggie increasing. Her breath became shorter and she began to fidget. Suddenly Linda impaled herself on my manhood. She was pleasantly tight and well lubricated. I paused and moaned again, before continuing to work on Maggie, Sarah, and Sammy. Linda began bouncing up and down, leaning to increase the friction on the top of my penis. I sensed that Maggie was getting close to her orgasm by her breathing coming in gasps and the increased intensity of her movement.

I felt the pressure building up inside me. Then Maggie shrieked and her body shook and shuddered. Her thighs clamped around my ears. This caused me to explode inside Linda. Spurt after spurt coating her insides. Linda moaned and gripped me with her vaginal muscles and shivered uncontrollably as she coated my groin with her juices. Maggie stopped moving when her orgasm subsided and lifted her pussy from my mouth, before collapsing over onto the bed still trying to catch her breath.

This trapped my arm on the bed underneath her, after being pulled away from Sammy's breast. This allowed me to see Linda's naked body for the first time. Her breasts were wonderful, bouncing up and down a few feet away.

They were a bit larger than I had imagined, probably on the large side of a C-cup. Her skin that was normally covered with clothing was an excellent milk chocolate color with a slight red tint.

Her body had all the female curves. Her long black hair had been released from the ties she used for her ponytail and shrouded her sides and back down to her waist. Her face was frozen in ecstasy and contentment as she continued moving slowly up and down on my pole trying to extract what remaining pleasure she could.

When I began to soften I slipped out of her on one of her upward movements. "Ahhh," exited her lips and she lay over along the foot of the bed. "Would anyone like something to drink?" Sarah said as she moved back away from my hand on her breast. "Three of you need some time to recover." Everyone was given a bottle of water. Four of us took a glass of wine and Linda had some beer. We relaxed and finished our beverages.

During that time we chatted. "Our turn," said Sarah. Sarah and Sammy guided me back to the lying position in the center of the bed.

Maggie and Linda watched from chairs in the room. Sammy got up on my chest and moved to where Maggie had been during the first session. Her breasts, though not as large as either Maggie's or Linda's, were perfect in symmetry, position and shape. Her nipples were more prominent than those of the three other lady's nipples.

She has no blemishes or even freckles on her breasts. They were milky white with pink areolas and nipples. I was nearly hypnotized by them. I broke out of my "trance" when a soft, warm hand wrapped around my hardening manhood. I heard "mmm" exit from Sarah's lips. As she began methodically pumping, her sister Sammy lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I rewarded her by licking her pussy lips. They immediately began to swell and warm. "Oooo" came from Sammy's lips. She began rocking slightly encouraging me to continue.

I pressed my tongue into her slit. I was surprised how firm and tight her pussy lips were. I wanted to put use my hands on her breasts, but instead I used my fingers to spread her lips to give my tongue better, easier access. The scent of her juices was stronger than Maggie's, but tasted nearly identical. I licked the inside of her pussy lips, hot mom ava addam and boy son my tongue into her hole as I passed by.

I avoided her clit for now. Intending to use it to drive her over the top at the right time. Sammy's breathing changed. It was deeper and less consistent. I gasped when I felt Sarah's soft, moist lips go down around the head of my penis. Her hot breath brought it to full attention. She continued pumping up and down on the shaft, but at a slightly increased speed. She sucked as she swirled her tongue around every part of me that was in her mouth. I felt the pressure building inside me, but I was set on holding off until I got Sammy to her orgasm.

I pulled her lips apart and focused my attention on her clitoris. "Yes, God, Yes!" she exclaimed as my tongue circled and pressed her love button. I pushed a couple of my fingers inside her and again She reacted positively. Then Sarah removed her mouth from my rod. After some jostling I felt contact of warm most skin and then Sarah pushed down and I entered her. Slowly she push me in deeper moving up and horny bitch fucks her ass and pussy with big fat black dildo as she went.

I moaned loudly. "Don't stop!" Sammy implored. I hadn't realized that I had stopped pleasuring her. I intensified my efforts. Quickly Sammy's breathing changed. It became shorter and more rapid. Sarah had taken all of me inside her and began bouncing up and down. I wasn't going to last much longer with her intensity increasing. My whole body tensed. My mouth pushed into Sammy's pussy and my groin pushed up into Sarah. I exploded into Sarah, pumping what I had into her.

Sarah clamped around me, but continued moving up and down as her orgasm took over her body. Seconds later Sammy's thighs tightened around my head as she experienced her orgasm. Her body shook and shuddered for about a minute. Sarah's orgasm passed, but she continued impaling my pole into her. I remained hard and managed to catch my breath.

Sammy got off my face and laid on the bed beside me. I looked over and she smiled at me. "Thank you!" she mouthed to me. Sarah's vaginal muscles clamped around me again as her second orgasm enveloped her. She shivered, her eyes closed, her body leaned forward, and her head leaned back. She groaned and finally stopped pumping me. I reached up and put my hands on her breasts. She jumped at first contact, but then leaned into them.

They felt so firm yet pliable. A few minutes later Sarah laid down on the other side of me. It was then I noticed Maggie and Linda were fingering themselves. They were both breathing heavily. I guess they had been watching intently and were very aroused. I went over to the chair where Linda was sitting I removed her hand from between her legs. She started to object until I licked her fingers tasting her love juice. It tasted different than that of the other women's. It had a faint taste of cinnamon or maybe ginger.

It was extraordinarily unique. I stevie shae cock milking a client to a cumshot learned that Linda enjoyed dishes and baked goods seasoned with fresh ground cinnamon and ginger root.

I didn't realize that this would pass through to her sweet nectar. I lowered my tongue to her pussy and replaced the action of her hand.

She moaned and let out a low growl. She pushed up to my mouth. I felt a surprise touch to the inside of my thighs. Maggie had gotten onto the floor and was sliding her legs between my legs and under the chair where Linda was sitting.

She took a hold of my rod which had hardened again. Her hand was coated with her juices and slid along my shaft easily. I had jerked and pushed my tongue firmly against Linda's clit. She moaned loudly again, so I kept up the firm pressure. When Maggie got to the right point she rubbed the head of my penis along her slick vaginal lips and then pushed up her pelvis and I entered her. I spread my knees to lower myself horny babe got her mouth filled with jizz I was more than halfway into her.

She began the thrust up and down until she was fully impaled. I took Linda's tremendous breasts in my hands. Linda groaned in pleasure. Then grunted and began flailing in the chair. Her contortions were wild, spontaneous, and uncontrolled.

Her whole body heaved and twisted. I had never seen a woman have cute legal age teenager beauty rides dick of lad a powerful reaction accompany her orgasm. When she settled down she pushed my head away. "Stop! Stop!" she said forcefully. Maggie had continued her pelvic thrusts and my arousal continued to increase. From the positions we were in it was like having sex doggie style. The top of my member was getting more stimulation than it had the two previous times.

I knew I was quickly being driven to my climax. I began moving in coordination with Maggie. "Yes! Yes! Keep going!" she encouraged me.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Maggie screamed. She tightened around my rod. She had stopped moving, but I kept up my thrusting while her orgasm continued.

Suddenly I exploded into her with one strong and a couple weak jets. I collapsed onto to Maggie's body and my head into Linda's lap. Linda lightly caressed and played with my hair as I caught my breath. Afterward I drank another bottle of water. Sarah and Sammy looked at each other. They nodded. "Mr. Thomas are you up to one more round with us?" Sarah asked. I honestly didn't know what I had left. When was a 40 year-old guy like me going to get another chance to have sex with two 20 year-old, beautiful, young women.

"I'm ready to give it my best," I answered. Sarah got up on the bed and rested her shoulders on the pillows with her head up against the wall she spread her legs and pulled up her knees inviting we to eat her pink shaved pussy.

I joined her on the bed on my hands and knees. I lowered myself to my elbows with my head between her toned thighs. I began ravishing her with my tongue and lips.

She quickly began moaning and pushing up into my face. I felt Sammy pushing my knees apart and sliding between them. I was still surprised when her mouth enveloped the head of my penis.

I thought she was putting her legs between mine. I felt my shaft again begin to get hard. She managed to get her arms up around my butt cheeks and use them to move my rod in and out of her mouth going deeper and deeper each time. If I hadn't steady cum a number of times earlier that evening I would not have lasted long. My tongue had easy access to the full length of Sarah's pussy. Occasionally I would flick my tongue up to her clitoris.

She would jump and the best word to describe it, squeak, each time. I managed to get one hand up on one of her breasts and found her nipple.

I caressed, pushed, and lightly pinched it, receiving various movements and vocalizations. All of these were positive, encouraging me to continue. After a good amount of time I switched hands and repeated the procedure to her other breast.

Sammy had continued working down below and had been using her hands and fingers on my balls to rub, caress, and gently roll them around. Suddenly she stopped and slipped out from between my legs. Just as suddenly I felt her pushing her legs between mine until I felt my penis rub along the trimmed hairs of her pussy.

She moved my penis along the length of her pussy with her hand pushing the head between her slick lips.

Each time it contacted her clit she jerked slightly and let out an "ooo". After several minutes she positioned me and pushed her pelvis up toward mine.

I entered her and soon was halfway inside her. It felt so much like she was the perfect shape for my penis. I feeling was exquisite. Sarah started breathing in gasps. She pushed her pelvis into my face. I moved my mouth to her clitoris.

I sucked hard and pressed my tongue moving it across and around it as Sarah squealed. Her legs squeezed my head as she began bucking an shuddering. I continued my attention to her clit. For the next few minutes Sarah continued to squirm and gasp for breath. Finally she went limp panting. Down below I felt my ball sack begin to tighten and pressure began building. I moved in sync with Sammy and plunged as deep as possible into her. Her pussy so tight and just so perfect. I felt the pressure over my whole rod.

Sammy was grunting with each thrust. She picked up speed, holding her breath for 2 or 3 strokes, before exhaling rapidly and then suck in another breath. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Sammy said before she grunted and screamed. Her vaginal muscles quivered around my rod and then she grunted and pushed my knees up off the bed as her orgasm took over her body.

I wanted so much to cum inside her. Before her orgasm subsided. Then the pressure inside me released. The volume I shot into her was small, but the feeling that came over me was euphoric. I rolled off the side when I started to soften and lay there exhausted. I closed my eyes. I heard one of them go into the bathroom. When the toilet flushed Sarah got of the bed and walk toward the bathroom. I heard the water running in the sink just outside the bathroom.

Then there was some other rustling before the toilet flushed again. Sammy got off the bed and took her turned in the bathroom. Then I felt a pair of warm, soft, moist lips press against mine. I put my arms around whoever it was and enjoyed a long, passionate kiss. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest, but through fabric. I opened my eyes. It was Maggie, dressed and ready to leave.

"Thanks Mr. Thomas. You sure know how to thrown a party," Maggie said. "My parents are expecting me home. I hope to see you again next year." "Good bye, Maggie. You were wonderful," I said as she got off the bed and walked out the door. The toilet flushed the third time. Sarah got up on the bed and I received a passionate kiss from her. She had also gotten dressed.

"Thank you for everything," she said to me. "I'm looking forward to next year." Sarah climbed out of the bed and quickly Sammy replaced her. She hugged me tight as she kissed me. Then laid her head on my chest. "Your heart is still beating strong and fast," she said. "I've never had such intense orgasms. I wish I didn't have to leave, but our parents are expecting us home.

I hope you come up here next year!" As she gave me one last hug I felt Linda come up on the other side. However the feeling was different this was skin to skin contact. One of her breasts pushed into my upper arm and the other into my chest. I heard the cabin door close as Sarah and Sammy left. I put my arm around Linda and hugged her. Her head was on my shoulder and she tenderly kissed my cheek.

"Would you like some company for the remainder of the night?" she asked. "I live on my own with my sister. We share expenses." "Your company would be most welcome," I answer quickly. "I don't think I am up for any more sexual activity." She laughed, "I think you have performed above and beyond our expectations. I just want to kiss, cuddle, and spoon all night with a handsome, gentle man. It's been a very long time since I have spent the night in a man's bed." I turned my head and boobie blonde goes staright to anal sex hugged and kissed for a prolonged time.

She had a distinctive aroma an almost woodsy scent. When I smelled her hair it was definitely an odor of pine. She put her head on my shoulder and she snuggled in. I must have fallen asleep. When I next opened my eyes Linda had rolled on her side and was facing away from me. I don't know if she had encouraged me or I had done it myself but I was spooned against her back and legs with one arm over her and across her breasts. My penis had become semi-erect. Not close to hard, it was nestled along the crack in her butt and pointed down toward her knees.

I fell asleep again with a smile on my face. Several hours later I opened my eyes and found I had rolled over on my other side. Linda was now spooning on my back. Her breasts were pressed tightly between my shoulder blades. Her arm was over my waist and she was clutching my rod. I was warm with her touch and again was semi-erect but not hard. Her regular steady breathing let me know she was asleep. I again drifted off. The next time I opened my eyes the sun was up and I found myself alone in bed.

I looked around and didn't see her. Then I saw a note on the side table. It was from Linda. The note said, "Had to leave before you woke up.

Had a great evening and a great night! Hope to see you next good morning cumshot melissa moore begs for rough sex. With love! Linda." I spent the next couple of hours packing to leave. I kept thinking of next year. Of course I will be back.