Wicked czech girl spreads her spread vagina to the extreme

Wicked czech girl spreads her spread vagina to the extreme
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Author's Notes: I implore you not to try this at home. Actually doing things like this *WILL* kill you! And, it's really, really messy. I almost didn't post this chapter because of the amount of violence Beth does to herself, but the last time, when I cut back on my original writings and left out a scene when Jake and Béla were at her cabin because I thought it was just 'too f--king gross', someone actually suggested the exact gory scene that I cut - which was 'why doesn't Jake just poke her full of holes and f.' Please try to remember this is a fantasy - albiet a dark one.

Enjoy. ~~~~~ They were exploring a munitions warehouse. The entire building was full of weapons; rockets, guns, all sorts of shells and explosive devices. Beth picked up a box with three 'S's and an 'infinity' design on it and dream-walked it into the image of their arborium.

There was getting to be quite a stockpile of small arms and other munitions in the depths of the great ship. Beth woke up in the arborium of the great ship, leaving Béla and Jake dreamwalking in the warehouse back on earth, and picked up the box she'd brought back with her.

It was a box of one hundred pencil-sized blasting caps. Blasting caps were Beth's favorite new toy. Kneeling on the ground next to the box, she started masturbating and imagining what she was the sexy newbie ebony lashay cant handle inch dick to do to herself in just a few more minutes.

It only took a few more minutes until she was trembling with her sexual need. She moved her hands away from between her legs, almost unable to stop at this point.

But the excitement she felt was more that just orgasmic completion this time. This time, she was going to do something to herself that she had only done to others before now. This had been one of her favorite methods of torture except, of course, for actual impalement. This was very simply done in those days - back in the fifteen century - requiring only a small amount of very expensive Arabian fire powder and a hollow reed.

She took one of the blasting caps and carefully inserted it inside her quivering, wet pussy. She almost orgasmed just from touching herself with the innocent looking tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated. Squeezing her legs together, she arched her back and nudged the little blasting cap with her mind.

The blasting cap detonated with the force of a shotgun shell, blowing soft, bloody tissue all over Beth's legs as it liquefied her cunt. The sensation was so intense that Beth couldn't even scream. She rolled around on the ground in such agony that she couldn't breathe, sqeezing blood, urine and half cooked pussy meat out between her legs. Then she was coming her orgasms flooding through her body more powerfully than the ones Béla had given her with the gun.

The regeneration of all that sensitive tissue was almost as orgasmic as its destruction had been.

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After many minutes, Beth lay on the ground, trembling and exhausted, but at least (momentarily) sated. Béla had been right; Beth's body was adapting to all this destruction.

The more harm she did, the more mutilation she forced on herself, the more she could take and the more she wanted. She rolled over on her side, her new tissue between her legs still tender and sensitive from its regeneration. Her horny, erotic imagination was madly working overtime, even though she felt exhausted by all the destruction she was doing to herself. She'd just blown up her cunt and now her whole body was tingling with sexual need.

She needed to blow herself up completely so she could regenerate completely. She realized, with that thought, that she probably wasn't thinking quite straight her vampiric arousal making her a little insane, perhaps, but she didn't care. The thought of blowing herself up excited her so much that she just lay helplessly trembling on the ground - her regenerated flesh too sensitive for her lucky young milf and big tit ass anal threesome street racers get more than they touchand her needs too powerful for her not to.

After all, It wasn't like she could actually die… As she held another blasting cap in her hand, she realized that she wanted it inside her and decided to swallow the thing. After forcing it down her throat, she nudged it with her mind, creating that tiny electrical impulse required to detonate it.

When it exploded inside her chest, rupturing her lungs and her breastbone, she came so hard she passed out. When she woke up, she didn't know how long she'd been unconscious. Her lungs felt fresh and newly regenerated. Beth wasn't horny, now, but she decided that next time she was really going to do it. Shove one blasting cap into each breast, one into her pussy and one deep into her ass, then fire them all off at the same time, certain that if she used that much internal fireworks, things would be pretty exciting.

Béla was lying nearby on the ground, evidently still dreamwalking with Jake. Beth decided to rejoin her sister and dreamwalked back to Earth. Attracted to the sound of gunfire, Beth found Jake was making holes in Béla again. Earlier, her being there had been somewhat awkward.

Jake wanted to be alone with Béla and he felt strange being asked to shoot holes in Beth. Beth actually wasn't interested in being fucked by a guy not Jake nor anyone else. She didn't understand that herself, since she loved the slippery feel of cum on her body, and positively craved penetration by any object she could think of that would fit up inside her (especially those lovely blasting caps).

Maybe it was because a penis simply didn't do that much… It promised so much more than it actually delivered, and what it delivered, most girls didn't want. Not wanting to disturb her sister's playtime with Jake, Beth returned to her body in the arborium and sat up in the grass.

Her body quivered from the sensations that Béla had radiated while her lover was murdering her, and she was feeling a little horny, again. Standing up, Beth walked over to their pilfered pile of destructive toys and looked around. Most of this stuff required someone to use it, and someone to use it on. Disappointed, she teleported into her quarters to get something to eat. The cooler had been restocked, so she teleported the whole thing down to the arborium and sat down in the grass with the cooler on one side of her and the box of blasting caps on the other.

She knew that healing the physical damage she planned to do to herself this time would require a lot of nutrition and she'd be starved when she woke up afterward.

She still felt the anxious excitement that receiving Béla's broadcast sensations had given her and squeezed her breasts hard with her hands.

That felt great, but it only made her want more sensation. She scratched her nails across her nipples and down the front of her torso, then started to masturbate, imagining what she was going to do to herself with the blasting caps.

Rubbing a finger against her hard little clit, she picked up a blasting cap with the other hand and pressed it against her soft breast.

Her breast was much too soft and her skin too flexible for her to force the damned little rod inside her breast. Anxious to get it inside her, she pushed harder.

The thin little device bent, then exploded. Not even realizing there was an awful sound coming out of her throat, Beth stared in awe at the remaining stub of her hand. Where are my fingers? A warm, wet feeling on her chest caused her to look down. Her left breast looked like someone had taken a big bite out of it and blood was running down her chest and stomach.

With eyes and mouth wide open, she japanese crying sex vedifree download herself bleed for amateur girlfriend deep throats pov in sex tape few seconds. Then the pain started. Her hand felt like it was on fire, as her left breast did. A second later, her pain-separation kicked in and flooded her whole body with sensation and she started to orgasm, hard.

Grabbing her pelvis with her good hand, Beth shook and gasped as several powerful orgasms raged through her body. She would have enjoyed them more, but she kept staring at her ruined hand. Surprisingly, her hand didn't hurt, now. As she continued to stare, her fingers were forming little nubs of raw meat and bone growing out of bloody mess of her hand.

'I'd better eat something,' she thought. 'This is going to take a lot of energy.' Opening the cooler with her sticky, but otherwise healthy right hand, she grabbed a peach and quickly ate it.

A meat pack proved impossible to open with one hand, so she was forced to find something else. After two more pieces of fruit, Beth looked at her hand, again. Her fingers seemed almost normal size and her skin was growing back. Relieved, Beth sighed deeply and lay back in the grass. After a few moments, she went to sleep. Her sleepy realization that she still hadn't blown herself up yet annoyed her almost enough to wake her back up.

When Beth did awaken, it was to the sound of someone eating. She cast around with her mind. It was her sister, of course.

'And who else would it be?' Staggering to her feet, Beth opened the cooler and pulled out several pieces of fruit and swallowed them without hardly chewing them enough to get the pieces down her throat. She felt desperately empty inside; completely drained of energy and strength.

'Good sex will do that to a girl…' Beth heard in her mind. Beth didn't bother to hide the image from her sister of what she had done to herself with the blasting caps she'd found. Béla stared at her foolish, brave little sister for several seconds before responding. "At least, when I was going through my 'self-mutilation' phase, I didn't swallow things that could explode…" Béla told her, not knowing how to react to her sister's completely insane concepts of song tbf movies full scxiy she considered 'sexual self-exploration'.

"You think that's weird, watch this!" Beth announced. "I've figured out how to handle these blasting caps so you don't lose any fingers! Watch this! I dreamed this up while I was asleep!" She knelt down on the ground, putting her hands behind her and thrusting her breasts out toward her sister. Her left breast giggled slightly by itself.

What looked like a small, round eraser was sticking right out of her nipple. She did the same thing to her right breast. "Teleportation!" Beth explained, grinning happily at her sister.

"No muss, no fuss! Now, watch…" A second later her right breast exploded, spattering both Beth and Béla with blood and gore. Then her left breast exploded. Beth cried out in orgasmic frenzy, pounding her fists against her pelvis. Blood freely ran down her ruined, bloody body and she radiated intense pain and orgasmic overload to her sister watching, staring in disbelief at her. Béla watched her sister's self-mutilation with awe.

Her pussy was quivering from the sensations that swept through Beth's body and into her own! She watched her sister spread her legs, then shove one of the blasting caps up inside her pussy. A few seconds later, a muffled thump announced the ruination of Beth's cunt.

Beth began bleeding from several ruptures in her lower belly and blood ran out between her legs. Béla was trembling with sexual excitement as she watched and felt the sensations her sister was broadcasting with her entire body as she destroyed herself one sexual organ at a time.

"My God!" Béla exclaimed. "Do another one!" "I have to wait… until… something heals," Beth grunted, barely able to breathe as she shook with another orgasm. "Teleport them inside you!" Béla cried excitedly in her frenzied lust to see her sister mutilate herself again.

Beth grinned, staring at her sister, stunned, but delighted that Béla loved watching her do this to herself. She teleported a blasting cap deep into her belly, then blew it up. There wasn't much physical evidence that anything had happened (that time), but the sensations Beth was experiencing were too incredibly intense to be ignored by either sister.

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She rolled back on the ground, holding her stomach with both hands, alternating between blasting caps and orgasms as one followed the other until she passed out from the pain and sensual overload.

It occurred Béla somewhere around her tenth orgasm that Beth could probably do this for days, so long as there was something to eat afterward. Needing something more that her fingers or the heel of her foot (which was what she often sat on so that her wrists didn't get sore from constant overuse); something that would give her enough power to override what her sister was generating with all those explosives inside her.

Looking around, Béla spotted a warning flare. Breaking it in half, she squatted down, pressing her electrified pussy against its smooth surface. She cried out as it ignited and flared brightly, scorching the skin off her labia and inner thighs. Béla held her position, screaming in agony as her inner thighs and the flesh between her legs melted away to the bone, having orgasm after orgasm until she passed out beside her unconscious, blood-soaked sister.