Victoria valencia rides and fucks two aged cocks

Victoria valencia rides and fucks two aged cocks
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Cave Trap Part 1 Jack Simon's business trip to Manila had gone well.

His steamy porn action along japanese doll with two horny males new office was well staffed to administer the underwriting and collection aspects of his large insurance company. He rewarded himself by taking a flying boat to Okinawa to meet an old Navy buddy.

Craig was a lifer who had managed to stay in Okinawa for three years and he knew the area well. He took Jack scuba diving in places that tourists never saw; cave systems on small islands that were mostly untouched by the outside world.

Craig looked like a beach boy with his blond, curly hair and deep tan. And when not wearing his Commander's uniform, a string of small colorful shells went around his neck. He had married a Japanese girl named Miri who also loved diving.

Miri had typical Japanese dark eyes and shoulder length, shimmering black hair. Her petite body was also typical. Her trim legs were like a teenage model but her tits were very large for a small woman. The overall package was stunning. Her pretty round face was more than appealing to Jack. On their first cave dive he had helped put on her fins, and when he looked up at her smiling face he could easily imagine having sex with her.

It didn't seem to bother him that she was his friend's wife. If not for his tight elastic Speedos, his growing indication of admiration would have been obvious.

On their second day in the coral covered caves the weather changed quickly. But inside the long, narrow cave they were unaware of the dark approaching clouds.

The low light changed little in sun or shade and they were enjoying a long dive in the warm water. Craig's dive watch read 4:49 and he was beginning to get tired. He motioned to Jack and Miri to surface and they began to ascend from forty feet.

On the way up in the narrow space Jack rose slowly, but at his side Miri was kicking and rising faster. When her thin black bikini top snagged on his gear it pulled lose and came completely off. Jack instinctive reached down to his side and his hand went between her fantastic tits. Her left breast pressed into his hand and his thumb brushed her large areola and firm nipple. Still rising, Miri looked down as she passed Craig.

Their eyes met for a split second and then her naked tits were inches from his face.

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He took a good look. They were perky and perfectly shaped, he wanted to reach out and grab them, fuck her right then in the warm water.

His mouth opened a little and water seeped past the regulator. The bikini was sinking and Miri dove to retrieve it. Then there was a horrible crashing sound that could only have come from Craig's boat. Jack surfaced and for a moment the incident with Miri was secondary. "Craig what was that? He asked. little thai babe gets anal fucked anarchy fucking boat hit the rocks, where's Miri?

Craig sounded frantic. "Uh, she dropped something, went back down". "Stay with her" he said. Then he put his mask on and began the thirty yard swim to the mouth of the cave. Jack dove headlong; kicked hard and held his nose to equalize; found the trail of Miri's air bubbles. She was searching the sandy bottom of the cave and he stopped to hover ten feet above her.

Her glossy hair flowed back and forth as she searched in the rocks. He imagined her on top of him, her silky, black hair splayed across his abdomen as she rhythmically bobbed on his cock. He imagined her voice saying "I love your cock Jack". When she turned, her tits came into full view again. Jack's left hand reached into his waist band to ease the pressure and straighten his rapidly growing erection. Sex xxx vedesex stories com tip of his cock peeked uncomfortably out the top.

She was still searching; he lowered his suit just enough to massage the tip. She was facing the bottom again and he watched her ass as she slowly kicked. Something caught his eye. Miri's top was wedged in the rocks just a few feet away.

He could give it to her and watch her up close as she put it on. Or he could wait.

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It was a once in a lifetime situation, under different circumstances he might go down to her; force alm dirndl sex big tits 1 cock into her pussy from behind; massage her firm big tits. Whatever Craig was doing with the boat Jack knew he had time. He freed his rock hard penis and started jerking off. Miri would never find that top, she probably wouldn't look up. She turned again slowly and through the crystalline water he caught a nice side view of her left breast hanging free.

It was the most erotic experience of his life and he was going to enjoy bryan gozzling fucks lana rhoades tight anal to the fullest. He looked up, searching to make sure he was still alone with her. He was ready to cum and was pumping furiously. But he was losing buoyancy. When he turned again his fins were dangling three feet from Miri's facemask.

She looked up and saw him jerking off to her. Her eyes went wide, and as she lifted her head she rose a little and was close enough to see the eye in the head of his nine inch monster. She let out a soft but audible screech. It was the largest cock she'd ever seen.

Jack shuddered; he twisted his body to try to hide himself but only managed a quarter turn. He kicked to turn and rise away from her, but suddenly she reached around and pulled him down by his cock as if it were a handle. Her hand was warm and it felt wonderful, he pressed it to keep it there and a little cum squeezed out. As he sank further and touched bottom she pushed him so that his tank was against the rocks.

Suddenly he felt embarrassed and he put his hands over his engorged cock, but she pulled them away. He shook his head no. But she nodded up and down a few times. Then she pushed back and sank to her knees into the sand; then she put her hands under her tits and pressed them together.

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The message was more than obvious, it was the go ahead. She wanted to see him do it, she was offering herself to him. She wanted to watch him. For a second he thought 'what a slut she is', but that fact only made her more desirable.

It was a dream come true. There was no stopping now. Jack grunted over and over as he jerked off to Miri. She was amazing looking and he couldn't hold back another second.

His first shot of sperm spewed into the open water and drifted in the gentle current like smoke. Miri pulled herself to him and pulled the regulator from her mouth. He shot again as she engulfed his cock. Then he shot into her hot sucking mouth three more times. He held her head in place until she pulled away. Then she pulled herself up and took off his regulator.

Miri pressed her lips to him until he opened his mouth and they shared a warm salty kiss. But they needed air and the kiss was a short one. Miri's left leg was wedged between Jacks and he finished his cum by humping on her soft, warm leg. His arms pulled her closer; his dick pointed upward and was pushing ever closer to where it wanted to go. More come spewed onto her warm upper thigh.

Miri scooped the cum onto her fingers and worked them into her pussy. Jack was flabbergasted, and as hard as he had just cum he still felt the need to fuck her pretty busty teen receives cumshot on her tits big tits cunt. They rested only a few seconds, and as they kicked to the surface Craig and the boat seemed a world away. Then they heard the wind and rain.

"I have to find my bikini" Miri said as if nothing had happened. "Shhh be quiet. The echo.Miri, I'm sorry…" he started to say. "Oh bullshit, you've had your eyes on me this whole trip. I'm surprised you didn't feel me up when I fell in your lap yesterday". "I would never do that" Jack offered. "Yeah right Jack, I suppose you didn't want to cum in my mouth either…I can't believe you were masturbating to me in the water.

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What are you some kind of degenerate"? For a moment Jack thought there might be trouble but then a sheepish grin formed on Miri's lovely face.

Her eyes sparkled and her teeth shone like pearls and her tits looked sooo inviting as they floated in the clear water. It was easy to see why Craig had married her. It had gotten noticeably colder and they held each other for warmth and watched the cave entrance. "I'm no degenerate Miri, you have the best fucking tits I've ever seen, god I want to fuck you so much". "Stick around sailor, you may get your wish", she smiled. "See what's going on, I have to find my top." And before they had time to get their stories straight, Jack swam out to the waiting tempest.