Dirty dreams of a sexy legal age teenager hardcore blowjob

Dirty dreams of a sexy legal age teenager hardcore blowjob
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We'd been married for about ten years when I discovered my wife's secret fantasy, she fantasized about being raped and in fact wanted to be raped. Of course I had a secret fantasy of my own, taking Meg to a swing party. About two months ago, I'd conspired with Rick, a maintenance worker at the facility to rape my wife. Everything went exactly as we planned, on the exotic babe fucked on balcony in cali we'd arranged, he 'raped' her right on our living room rug.

Although I expected her to tell me about being raped, Meg never said a word. Their sexual relationship grew, at the same time, my sex life with Meg got more intense. Rick and I had an agreement, he'd continue fucking Meg and than fill in all the details afterwards.

Everything was going great so far… Rick and his wife, Jill had an open marriage and enjoyed swinging.

My fantasy was to take Meg to a swing party, I'd discussed swinging with Meg, but she said no. Rick announced that he wanted to take Meg to a swing party, and we arranged to make it happen.

In a way I was kinda jealous, I wanted to be the one to introduce Meg to swinging. Meg knew she was going out with Rick Friday night but had no idea that he was taking her to her first swing party.

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Much less that I was in on it. Rick said since I'm fucking your wife, would you like to fuck my wife? I was surprised by the frankness of his questions, in part 'cause I hadn't given it any thought.

Rick and his wife, Jill, regularly attended swing parties or would swing individually, so to Rick there was nothing strange about the question. Before I could respond, Rick asked if Friday night worked for me, since Jill didn't have any plans Friday. I said that I'd love to meet Jill, it just so happens I'm available Friday night.

Rick was sure Jill would be fine with it, but wanted to check before giving me the go ahead. Next day at work, Rick said it was all set, just give Jill a call and you can work out the details with her for Friday night.

I called Jill that afternoon, it felt a bit awkward talking to her at first. Jill said lets keep it simple, we'd meet at her house and go from there, sounded like a plan to me. After Meg left the house to meet up with Rick, I showered and put on fresh clothes. On the drive to Jill's house, I wondered how Meg was doing. Jill greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss, saying she heard so much about me from Rick, than added and Meg as well… Jill is a good looking woman, sandy blond hair, just a little shorter and breasts a bit smaller than Meg's.

Definitely nice to look at. I think Jill sensed I was a little nervous, she took my hand and said we should just stay in tonight, let's have a little wine and cheese party of our own.

There was a mini bar in the corner of the room, I sat down on a bar stool. I watched while she got out a bottle of wine, poured us each a glass, then sliced some cheese. Have to admit, wine and cheese were the last things on russian slut jill aka toma mind, I was to busy focusing on the red sleeveless top she was wearing, that just covered her breasts from the top down and the bra she wasn't wearing.

When she bent over behind the bar, the lower part of her breasts were in view, nice top!! And than there were those tight white shorts that left little to the imagination. We moved to the love seat that was near by to get more comfortable, and we talked some.

Wasn't long before Jill stood up and said we're wastin' time, bent over, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a long passionate kiss, at the same time pulling me mother i would like to fuck adores fucking around a lot hardcore and blowjob.

It was like someone turned on a switch, we went from warming up to burning hot in a flash. She simply said follow me, I did, right to a king size bed. Needing no invitation, I unbuttoned the red top I liked so much and removed it, which revealed a pair of firm, round breasts, hard nipples that I couldn't wait to play with.

Her shorts were skin tight and hid nothing, still removing them gave me a trill. She wasn't kidding about not wasting time, she started unbuttoning my shirt right away, while I was removing my shirt, she went to work on my belt and zipper. Naked, we jumped in bed. I wasn't sure how to proceed, but knew Daisy and samantha enjoy a lesbian session just had to run my hands all over her body, so I did.

I saw some body oil on the night stand and thought this is gonna work out great! I had her roll over onto her stomach, poured oil on her back, positioned myself over her hips, and began giving her a shoulder and back massage.

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I made sure to 'let' my finger tips touch the sides of her breasts as I continued the massage, she squirmed and giggled some at my touch. I decided to move further down her body, poured more oil in my hands and began working on her calves.

As Jill sensed me moving up, he spread her legs and lifted her butt up some, giving me access to inner thighs, and a fantastic view of her pussy. Although she was giving me easy access, I avoided touching her pussy, hoping my near touches would drive her crazy, besides I was sure her ass-cheeks needed my attention&hellip.

I momentarily stopped, had her roll over and poured a thin bead of oil from the base of her neck to her pussy. Massaging her breasts was wonderful, but sucking on her nipples got her softly moaning for more. I'm sure working slowly own to her waiting pussy was as much a sexy milf sucks off her cocked patient on for her as it was for me.

As I worked my way down, I got between her legs, she ached her back, raising her butt of the bed.

The view was nothing short of spectacular. I worked the area around her pussy lips, but still avoided touching them. When I thought she'd scream if I made her wait any longer, I inserted several fingers into her already moist and ready pussy, worked them in an out, than started licking her up and down her slit, I no sooner got my tongue in her when she shuttered, I could feel and she her whole body tighten up as she climaxed.

She let her butt fall back to the bed and laid there a minute, recovering from one wild orgasm! Suddenly she shot up to a sitting position a playfully pounded on my chest, saying how could you! I through my hands in the air and just said "What". You know what you did, I had a hunch what she was gonna say, but said "no, tell me".

YOU teased me! Massaging all around my pussy, without touching it, you d r o v e me crazy! I smiled and told her good, that's what I wanted to do, she just wrapped arms around my neck, kissed me, and with a smile on her face said she loved it, don't do it again! I smiled back and said can I do it now. Jill just gave me that 'look'.

Sensing I better move on, I said that her's was the first shaved pussy I'd ever played with, how much I'd enjoyed the view and caressing her smooth pussy lips. Jill said I hope you like shaved pussy, Meg's will be shaved when she comes home, it's part of the group's initiation. Thinking to myself, I wonder how Meg is going to explain that… Jill said okay, it's my turn, lay down on your back. Jill picked up the oil and began massaging my chest, working her way down to my waiting and very hard cock.

As she mode down, she flipped her long sandy blond hair over the top of her head and dragged it back and forth over my chest, a completely new and exciting feeling for me. I half expected she'd tease me the way I'd done to her, but she didn't, she picked up my cock and began by licking the head of my cock, the length of it, and then put her whole mouth around me and started sucking and working my cock and balls with her hands.

I was on the verge of cumming when she suddenly stopped sucking and let go of me. With a silly grin on her face, said well how do you like it&hellip. With that Homemade arab wife xxx the greatest arab porn in the world laid on top of me, and said she was going to made me wait. In the position we were in, the tip of my cock was resting against her pussy, which was undoubtedly driving us both crazy. 'cause my "punishment" didn't last long, a minute or so.

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Jill sat up, reached down, took hold of my cock and guided it into her waiting wet pussy. She was in control, stroking my cock with her pussy. I loved the way her tit's bounced, as she picked up her rhythm the view was even better. She bent her body over some, letting me play and squeeze her tits.

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I tied holding out, was so tuned on, I just had to cum. She let herself fall onto my chest, with no other motion to distract me, I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my cock, trying to get every last oz of cum out of me.

Maybe it was just my new sex partner, of maybe it way me, but my senses seemed more alive than ever… We laid there a while, recovering. I ran my hands up and down her back and sides. I don't know where the time went, but it was already after midnight. Jill got up, pulled me up, and said it's time to clean our shelves up and for you to head home before Meg gets there. There was a large walk in shower in the bathroom, we showered together, not rushing at all, I washed all oils off her making sure I didn't miss any parts.

Jill was washing me at the same time, I started getting hard again, Jill said you'll have to wait 'til next time. Darn, I wanted more, but knew she was right&hellip. Once I was dressed, she walked me to the front door, where kissed like the lovers we were, Jill was still naked, and I wasn't so sure I wanted to leave.

Jill playfully pushed me out the door and said call soon. I told she could count on it, and walked out into the cool night air. The drive home changed form thoughts of Jill to thoughts of Meg, wonder how her first swing party went, and if I'd get home before her. I arrived home just before 2am and was happy to see Meg wasn't home yet.

Once inside the house, I quickly got myself ready for bed, got under the covers, and waited for Meg to arrive… Waiting, gave me time to relive my time with Jill… I must have drifted off to sleep, 'cause a little after 3am in the morning, I was hd pov horny brunette sucks fucks and gets a load on her face by noises down stairs, it was Meg just getting home&hellip.