Adorable bitch is craving for fresh semen pornstar and hardcore

Adorable bitch is craving for fresh semen pornstar and hardcore
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I plunked down next to you on the couch as you played another one of your video games. I grabbed the game case off the table and glanced at the cover. "Seriously, this is like the stupidest one out of all of them." I told you. Your eyes were still focused on the screen; your face the look of sheer determination. "Yeah I bought it because I'm a faggot." You replied to me and I reluctantly agreed.

"Hey, get off it," I mumbled, "I'm really bored, ugh." I crawled closer to you and hid my head behind your shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, soon." I started kerala sex pine tihgt facking linger small kisses on your shoulder slowly making my way up to where your shirt reaches its neck line. I looked up to you and noticed you were starting to waver and slightly get distracted from your game.

I resumed placing slow gentle kisses up your neck till the edge of your jaw. Suddenly, I stopped and let my warm breath fan over your neck before taking one long lick from your neck to the bottom of your ear. I ran my hands down your chest and took your earlobe in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it.

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I felt you shiver and give off a slight groan but you caught yourself before you thought I could hear it. I chuckled and ran my hands up your thighs fiddling with your belt buckle. All of a sudden you pushed me and my hand away. "God damn it, I really need to pass this level. Please, later." I pouted and went up to our bedroom. I flopped hardcore sex action with these soccer players doggystyle and bestfriend on to the bed and stared at the ceiling brainstorming an idea.

I did a quick once-over in the mirror for a final check. My hair was down, falling behind my shoulders. My eyes lined black and my lips painted red, I looked down to my body where I wore a black corset, cinched at the waist pushing my breasts up.

I wore thigh-high black stockings with lace sewn to the top of it and two thin straps connected the corsets and stockings together. At the bottom of my stockings were a pair of thick black heels. As quietly as I could, I made my way back into the living room.

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I supressed an exasperated sigh as I saw your eyes still glued on to the screen, smashing the buttons on your controller vigorously. I slowly crept behind you and leaned on to the back of the couch. I placed both of my hands on your shoulders. You jumped and cursed loudly. "Shit," you chuckled nervously, "you scared me." I quietly giggled and kissed your neck. "Sorry babe," My voice was hoarse and my hands started to wander again, "Didn't mean to make you jump… And also, sorry for what I'm about to do." I snatched the TV remote and clicked it off.

You leaped out of your seat and spun around to face me your face contorted into anger at first but quickly changed.

Your mouth was open as if to say something but immediately stopped when you saw my little outfit. Your gaze hardened and you looked me up and down. I started to feel uncomfortable under your gaze. Was this a bad idea? I crossed my legs and stared down at my hands.

When I looked up again, you were right in front of me. You gently cupped my face in both of your hands while I longingly stared at your blue-green eyes. I stood on my toes and lightly brushed your lips with mine.

I pulled back and flicked my eyes to meet yours. Your eyes were filled with lust and you slammed your lips powerful schlong hammers wet twat hardcore creampie on mine.

Grabbing your shirt, I pressed myself closer into you, taking your mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. When you broke away from me, I was breathing hard.

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You picked me up by the hips and kissed my neck and collarbones while my legs wrapped around you. I moaned into your ear and ground my hips into you.

You took us to our bedroom and dropped me on my back. I leaned back on my elbows and watched you pull your shirt over your head and throwing it on the ground. You then crawled on the bed as I pulled you up, and you moved in and kissed me again, one of your legs in between mine.

Your hands slid down from my neck to the edge of the corset, slightly brushing my nipple causing me to moan in your mouth. I fumbled with your belt buckle and pulled it off before tossing it aside. I then quickly flipped us over so now I straddled you with my knees on either side of your body.

I bit your bottom lip then swooped my tongue inside your mouth, massaging it with mine. I moved my mouth down onto your neck licking and gently biting the skin whilst you grinded into me.

"Fuck," I whisper.

I moved down your body leisurely, trailing my tongue across your skin, my hair tickling you as I moved further down. Blonde beauties get a rock solid cock I reached your abdomen, I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick against you, earning a low groan at the bottom of your throat. I pushed your pants down and your hard, large cock sprang free. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oMFg) I carefully handled it in my right hand, looking up to your face which was watching me with the same face of determination you held earlier whilst playing your game.

I smiled coyly then flicked out my tongue to lick the head. Still remaining eye contact, I wrapped my lips around the top of your dick and covered the head, circling my tongue around and around.

I released you and gently dragged my lips down to the base of your shaft and then slowly trailed my tongue back up. You made a guttural noise and I took you inside my mouth going deeper and deeper as you silently cursed and moaned. "No, oh God, stop stop STOP," You pulled me back up so we were face to face, "I'm not going to be able to continue if you keep that up." I brought my lips down to yours again and you flipped us over whilst I wrapped one leg around you.

You completely untied my corset leaving my stockings and heels on, then proceeded to move down my body like I did. I moaned softly as you took one of my nipples into your mouth while fondling the other.

"Oh my god, please," I squirmed underneath your body, "I need you." "But-I-haven't-returned-the-favour," You spoke in between kisses, "Yet." "Later, please.

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Fuck me." You aimed your cock, to my ready pussy and softly kissed my lips before plunging into me. We both groaned loudly as you filled me up to the hilt, my legs wrapping tighter around your body. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." I mumble into your neck as you slowly start to pump yourself into my body. You grab my hips and pummel yourself into me over and over again. I tried to supress my moans but they turned into long wails, the pleasure inside me building. I rolled you over on your back, while we stayed connected.

I started to bounce on top of you, using one hand to tweak my breast and the other keeping myself balanced on the couch as you held on to my hips. Your breaths were becoming laboured and I slowed down our pace, grinding our bodies together, watching your dick slide inside and out of me. Suddenly, you got up taking me with you and pressed my back against blonde anal queen ass fuck amp creampie casting wall.

The wall felt cool against my skin in comparison of your hot body in front of me. You increased the pace, still keeping consistent rhythm while you licked the sheen of sweat that started to form on my chest. I felt the coil in my abdomen start to tighten.

"Ah, fuck. I'm cumming! I'm cumminnggggg." My vision exploded into hot white flashes, my body convulsing as the greatest pleasure took over my body while I tightened around you. A few seconds later your groans got louder and you finally exploded inside of me, leaving me with another shivering orgasm. I laid on your chest breathing hard, our skin damp. After a few minutes I felt your body relax completely and yOU WERE DEAD OH GOD I FUCKED YOU T O dEATH I HAVE TO GO